Doctor’s Take on Tapping for Chronic Stress

Written by: Nick Ortner

Chronic stress affects every area of our lives.

If you currently have a financial struggle, I know stress is playing a role in it (because I’ve been there).

If you’re trying to lose weight, stress is scientifically proven to cause more weight gain so addressing it is crucial.

If you have a relationship challenge, Tapping on the stress related to it will help significantly.

Whatever you’re looking to improve, addressing the stress around it with Tapping is step #1.

Here’s a video interview that I conducted with my favorite doctor in the world… a guy who I listen to any time I get a chance to hear him speak.

He’s been on the Dr. Oz show, Larry King, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The View, The Katie Couric Show… you name it, and he’s probably been on it.

I’m also lucky enough to say that he’s my personal doctor.

In this interview with Dr. Mark Hyman, he really hits on the importance of removing unnecessary stress from our lives, and how much he loves using Tapping to achieving it.

Beyond chronic stress, here are some of the other things Dr. Hyman discusses in the video:

• How childhood trauma affects our health (He shares a story of a client with whom he was struggling to get results, and who he actually referred to me so that I could work with her using Tapping. The results you’ll hear about are very powerful!)

• A fascinating monkey study that shows the importance of love, meaning and connection with others in our lives

• The importance of both eastern and western medicine and how to know who to see when you’re having a health challenge

And much more!

Hopefully by now you’ve seen just how powerful Tapping can be.

But for today, make sure to watch the above video. 🙂

Until next time…

Take care, and keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

Nick is the CEO and founder of The Tapping Solution

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  1. Bzoe says:

    A friend introduced me to Tapping and now I have put into my daily routine. Recently diagnosed with CVS (Cyclic vomiting syndrome) I have been through every test known to the Universe (so it seems) without any clue to a cause.All my blood chemistries were normal!! After 7 months of this wretching on nearly a daily basis, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea lasting nearly 6 hours per session, symptoms have subsided, but reared their ugly head just recently. I don’t know where to begin, but figured that tapping would certainly be a start. Start to unravel a deeper cause than just intestinal upset. I eat really well, no junk or artificial foods..So we’ll see, and even functional docs here don’t quite get what I’m doing I hope to find some guidance in this healing technique. I’ve just turned 77 years old,live alone and manage my own home, swim 3-4 times a week,am a working mixed-media artist, and pretty plugged into my community where who I am is acknowledged. Any tips would be useful, as I’m on my own with this one. All I know how to do at this time is plug into my intention and pray that I can go deeper and discover a path to a calm gut. This gut CVS just started a year ago,but makes me think has this been building up?Thanks

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Hi Bzoe! I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through. While I can’t provide specific advice, it does sound like there may be some deep emotional (maybe subconscious) aspect to what you are experiencing. Perhaps this tapping meditation will steer you in the right direction: Healing Your Gut: Extended Session – The Tapping Solution App. I’d also suggest working with an EFT practitioner who may be able to guide you in a more focused and personal manner. Big hugs to you!

  2. Mary says:

    I have multiple personalities and after spending 25 years in various forms of talk therapy my immune system took a dump. I couldn’t eat I was allergic to everything inside and outside so my body stepped up to heal in me what years of focusing on what happened in traditional therapy did to me. I was unable to eat so I went with it and let my body fast for three weeks. I could only drink one kind of water Ice Mountain and oddly Sprite. I detoxed my clothes to organic, my house of emps, I meditated for an hour a day, and went to bed with the sun and got up with the sun. I started with brown rice and slowly came back online. I do yoga, tai ghi Schwann, ride bike and started a card playing group for women who had been abandoned by the mental health system that meets 7 days a week for at a local deli. I stopped focusing on what happened. With tapping I can acknowledge and reframe my life experiences. Traditional therapy and even reparenting therapy does not necessarily put a foundation under their clients and after dredging up the past I’ve seen people leave in worse shape than going in myself included. I know what it takes to get well and the foundation I have put under my selves is strong so that I can help others easily. Tapping is one of the tools I use to reframe an issue . I am now using my childhood survival tool of reinventing myself to reinvent my life. Everything and I mean everything can be reframed by tapping. The healing that results is very empowering! Thanks tappers!

  3. Shari Streit says:

    Great interview! Thanks! I have been going to a Naturopath for years and believe finding the root cause and holistic Healing is the answer for wellness! Exciting to hear Dr. Hyman say he is helping Doctors to think differently!!

  4. Arlene Samiano says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the videos, i’m learning a lot, how useful the Tapping was.I really need that cause of my stressful life due to my work and at the same time as a mother.But my problem is i don’t have enough time to do it , i’m tired and easily fall asleep. I’m so interested trying to do the Tapping but whenever i begin or listen your video sometimes, i did’t noticed i already fall asleep.But anyhow i’m so grateful that i-ve always included in sending me some emails.Thank you so very much and God Bless!!!

  5. Lynette says:

    How effective is. Tapping for children with enuresis please? (Bed wetting)

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Hi Lynette. Tapping could definitely help. The more you are able to release children’s stress, the better they will feel. Depending on the age of the child, you may find Alex Ortner’s new book for children helpful in order to teach them tapping: Children are fairly intuitive and tend to learn tapping pretty quickly so they can probably lead you to what they need to tap on to help them feel better. We wish you all the best! 🙂

  6. Mary says:

    Thank you for sharing.All is one!!seeing the connections within the body leads on to seeing the universal oneness

  7. Lois Hughes says:

    Great interview. Knowing and doing can be difficult to combine. Tapping is a start for me. Even when no words seem appropriate, it helps with a moment of focus. Thanks for keeping me on your list!

  8. Del says:

    Great interview. Functional Medicine is not only the future but really the medicine of the present moment. I have not used tapping in a while but I’m going to revisit this and put it into my tool box of keeping me healthy and well. Thank you.

  9. Alli says:

    thanks Nick and Mark.
    That was really encouraging and helpful.
    I’ve had CFS for 27 years and finding a way through is something I want so badly.
    EFT is certainly something that has already helped me so much!

    Thanks so much for all your work Nick and Mark 🙂
    So deeply appreciated!

  10. Char Sandberg says:

    Really appreciate the video clips and read and follow Dr Hymans work. As a psychotherapist and a systems thinker I’m fascinated by tapping and want to learn more. What do you recommend?

    Char Sandberg

  11. Elaine Walsh says:

    I’m so excited that functional medicine is coming about as it certainly needs too,also with tapping, it releases fear around being sick.

  12. Joe says:

    It’s so great to see EFT being recognised and integrated into main stream medicine.
    I look forward to the time when such treatments are available and recommended by every medical surgery.

  13. Nillan says:

    Wonderfull!! The way to describe how the difference in east and western medicine is and the very specific way to describe and build an understanding of a new look at this. What I love is the idea to use all the ltools and dont use so much opinions on good or bad but use them together or at different situations. Also the way to really persuade how the cells communicate in the body, how connected and how we misuse our bodies by not care for basic needs, motion, real food and
    how to relax.

  14. ruth says:

    Thank you for having told me about and introduced me to tapping. I appreciate your work.
    I wish you a great, helathy and successful, blissful year.

  15. Cristina says:

    Wonderful video, Nick, it warms my heart to hear that functional medicine will be mainstream in a few years, I wish it was sooner and I am grateful for you and Dr. Hyman for making this information accessible and for pointing out that tapping can be practiced by oneself! You are the real deal, thank you!

  16. Dinesh Sharma says:

    Thank you Nick Ortner for the very inspirational and enlightening video and personally I was much pleased with result of tapping for chronic stress conditions,I am encouraged and inspire to feel that Tapping can improve my thinking process also

  17. Shirley says:

    Reading the “Tapping Solution”…..also tapping daily! I was introduced to tapping many years ago & I have shared and know it works! Thanks for the videos!

  18. Dipak Patel says:


  19. savitri says:

    Excellent. Finally the shift is happening, Slowly but surely….
    Thank You.

  20. sabah says:

    it is amazing i respect him most of us has been tierd with his childhood .what amazing gift you give us

  21. herbert says:

    I do believe that the Eastern world view of looking at how human function without medication is very promising and Tapping is on the cutting edge of the healing process. That”s is also Good New!

  22. Sandy lange says:

    I loved the introduction on functional medicine. I hope there is a part two that goes into what other modalities does he use. Specific types of food? Acupuncture? Massage? Other Eastern interventions? Most importantly where can we go to find a functional doctor? Thank you so much for the information! Namaste

  23. Sue Appleberry says:

    I really enjoyed this . . . especially as I have chronic fatigue, the aftermath of chemotherapy, etc., etc., stress and back pain / adjustment problems.

    What gifts you give us.

  24. Kerrie says:

    I have had much dis-ease in my body for many years which includes headaches, neck pain and migraines. Almost 2 months ago this pain started and didn’t leave my body until 3 day’s ago when i saw an EFT practitioner. Alot of old emotional ‘stuff’ came up and there is more to do but the release i feel is freeing. I have watched many of your videos Nick and they help and inspire me to regain my life. A HUGE thank you to you for sharing your time, wisdom and your Big Heart. You have made a difference in my life!!

  25. savitha says:

    Hi Nick,

    I’m fairly new to tapping and i would like to share that my experience with tapping was very effective and helpful.

    This video was with Dr. Hyman is such a refreshing and inspiring one for all who believe that our current health care is incomplete or inefffective at time.

    Thanks for everything Nick. My hearty wishes .


  26. Miriam Plantt says:

    Love the term “diabesity”

  27. MARIJA says:

    THANK YOU FOR ALL NIK you share with us. ALL THE BEST

  28. MaLa says:

    AMAZING DISCLOSURE. I am always frustrated when I ask the doctors what the cause could be and they give evasive answers – like it could be this bug or that bacteria. Some will admit that stress plays a part in what ails my body, but none can recommend a treatment other than to see a psychiatrist, which is not always helpful, as they follow their studied rules and recommendations which are often geared toward the success of the system, rather than the successful treatment of the patient. Thanks for sharing this very informative videa.

  29. Alisa Kage says:

    Thanks, Nick for sharing your interview with Dr. Hyman. My interest was piqued as soon as “Chronic Fatigue ” was mentioned, since I had been diagno
    sed and living with it for the past 23 years.

    It is heart warming and I am grateful to know that there are more doctors out there who can see the bigger picture and take life-style and preventative measures much more seriously. I had studied and practiced Chinese Med. to heal myself with only a limited amount of success but it sure gave me some understanding and tools to help myself and others. I’ve also tried tapping for my fatigue and anxiety.. I feel positive about doing it, though I don’t yet have the experience that the tapping relieved any of my symptoms.

    Thank you all the same for your dedication and generosity to bring this tool to help and bring hope to so many people!

    Gratitude and Namasté,
    Vancouver Island, B.C.

  30. viji hashim says:

    loved the video and Dr Hyman’s comments. Both of you are doing a great job….

  31. jeanne says:

    I was very thrilled to see you have as a Quest Dr. Hyman who lives in the Berkshires , which is where I live heard alot about him even would like to see him , but I heard he is very hard to get an appointment with him. so Im going to try to use your tapping more religiously for anxiety and depression to see if it helps me. thank you for having him.
    thank you so much you guys are great.

  32. Annie says:

    Thank you Nick for being so generous and for this important video. I’ve all your tapping and meditation audios saved so I can llisten to them anytime. Tapping has certainly changed me inside out (plus journaling) and shift my outlook. I find myself wanting a better quality of life and using your videos to tap on my health issues.

  33. Ernesto Lopez says:

    Hi Nick
    I bought and read his book The Tapping Solution I`m looking for
    video that you anounce in it , I want you to send me your video

    Best Regards


  34. Tina says:

    Fascinating. Layers, sometimes so many of them need removing before the core issue can be dealt with………eventually though, it reveals itself through talking.

  35. jean says:

    very ,very enlightening. Thank you..

  36. Bashir says:

    Thank you for availing this valuable stuff. It is good to know that there are some guys working very had to make a marriage between the western and eastern medical system , for the benefit of the whole humanity .


    This is excellent
    eat fresh food
    moving body
    reset nervous system USING TAPPING

  38. barbE says:

    Just watched the video of Nick and Dr. Hyman. When it comes to gratitude, you two are high on the list. Thanks for caring and sharing.

  39. Jane Montecalvo says:

    I just finished listening to Nick Ortner and Dr Mark Hyman and am so pleased to hear that
    someone is giving credit to both eastern and western medicine. Having worked in the health
    care field for the past nearly 50 years, I was not impressed with the amount of meds Patients were given when at times, not needed, Dr. Hyman is correct when he states that some medication is necessary for certain diseases and discomforts…. Also, Vicodin seems to be
    suggested after so many local procedures such as tooth removal etc. , . Patients are under
    the impression that they should take these harsh medications due to their Drs.’ insistence.
    I hope this is just the beginning to ” look at the big picture re: medicine. Thankyou,
    Jane Montecalvo

  40. Rosie Buchan says:

    This video was most interesting -I am delighted to hear that Dr Hyman has embraced tapping as an alternative to conventional medicine. I have been pleading with some medical personnel here to do the same. This is because I feel absolutely sure that this will help me and others – with a history of multiple problems-rather than labelling us as ‘Psychosomatic’! If anyone out there can help me to understand how PTSD can be labelled somatic/as somatostatin -then I would be very grateful.

  41. evelyn says:

    This was a very enlightening discussion for me who has worked as a nurse for about forty years.Of course I have been socialized according to the medical model and over the most recent years have realized that there are other ways of healing.
    I have started tapping and using Herbs as well. Would love to become a Tapping coach,but do not know how to begin.
    I am truly impressed with a physician who is open minded and open hearted enough to embrace alternate paths to healing. If I lived in the States,I would want you to be my MD.

  42. yvonne says:

    so good to hear such great advise i so love tapping and listning to the things you all talk about

  43. Fran Carroll says:

    I enjoyed your presentation with Dr. Hyman. It reminded me how much I want to follow his advice as well as yours and to be healthy and happy.

  44. Vera Cerávolo says:

    I’m from Brazil and I’m gratefull you share with us this wonderfull interview. Thank you.

  45. William says:

    Good stuff, I recommend the tapping solution to many
    people when ever possible to those who are interested
    in learning about change for improvement in their lives.

    Thanks William

  46. Bev says:

    So happy to see this kind of doctor to long in coming.

  47. Cherie Rife Smylie says:

    Right on … I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis with 60% of my lungs covered in benign tumors nearly 30 years ago and decided 60 mg of Prednisone for 6 months wasn’t going to allow me to be pregnant before 40 years of age (I was approaching that age), so I began my treatment with a classical acupuncturist and within 8 months of treatment, he released me and told me to go get pregnant and I became pregnant within the next month…I have a 26 1/2 year old daughter who is the light of my life! I am facing some anxiety disorders and now I am beginning “tapping” for the solution…I trust as I get more regular with my practice, I will find my peace. Actually, I have weaned off my Effexor nearly two years ago after being on them for 7+ years and hoping I can become whole and healthy again, as I have a myriad of health challenge to manage, hopefully without adding medications to the picture. Thanks for getting the word out on Tapping. Cherie 🙂

  48. Patricia Ross says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this video. Everything Dr. Hyman speaks about is true. I know this from my own experience with adrenal burnout caused by chronic stress. To heal myself I had to do a ‘total mind, body and spirit makeover’ using many different alternative therapies including tapping. I now spend my time doing East Indian Head Massage and speaking to groups about the devastating effects of chronic stress and how alternative therapies can help to manage and alleviate stress. It seems rather odd to say that ‘adrenal burnout’ saved my life but it’s true. I am grateful for what it has taught me and the direction my life has taken because of it. Many blessings to you!!

  49. Pauline says:

    This makes absolute sense and I love that you are keeping in touch with us all, offering these great insights. I watch all the videos you send but was really sad that I was unable to access the Food Revolution summit. In your Tapping Summit you gave us an alternative link in case we had problems connecting, which worked very well. I just wish you could have done the same for the Food Revolution Summit. Is there any chance I could still access it?

  50. Anne says:

    Between you and Jimmy Twyman (ACIM), and Dr. Mercola, I’m alive and well. Last month I could barely walk up the stairs with a baseball sized tumor in my lungs. 5 days of radiation and 2 weeks of desperation (oh so sick, oh so letting it all go) and I got back on the tapping wagon. Now I’m playing tennis with my grandson, biking with a friend-I can’t believe it- and here I am. HEALTHY AND JOYFUL.

    Love you guys

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