Tapping-MoviePerhaps the greatest power in Tapping comes from releasing events from the past.

If we have experiences that haven’t fully healed, that we haven’t let go of, the reality is, they ARE affecting us on a daily basis, often unconsciously.

Has something happened to you in the past, that when you think about the event, it still holds an emotional charge?

Perhaps a broken heart that still aches? Difficult financial events that you can’t seem to let go of? Did you do something that you can’t seem to forgive yourself or others for?  

One of the fastest ways to let go of these past events is to use “The Movie Technique”.   So if today, you want to feel a little lighter, let go of a little more, find that energy and joy again, then I have a free Tapping Meditation for you.

This meditation is designed as a companion to my new book, The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief, but even if you’re NOT in pain, you’ll find the meditation applies to letting go of any event from the past.

“Letting Go Of The Past” Audio Tapping Meditation

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What came up for you during this tapping meditation – Share your experience and insights below!





Are you dealing with any physical pain issues?

Check out this video called “How To Tap For Pain Relief”:

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