This might help with fear…

Written by: Jessica Ortner

I created this meditation because frankly, I needed it! I woke up the morning after of the attacks on Paris and suddenly felt the weight of the news fall upon me. I lay in bed, feeling worried and heart broken.

And then it dawned on me; a terrorist’s goal is to create terror. I won’t be part of it. I won’t let them have that power over me.

From Paris to Lebanon, we’ve been hearing the stories of these tragedies. This probably won’t be the last time, but we have to make a decision around how we react.

For 5 years I looked out of my apartment window to see the new World Trade Center being built, and every day I had to make a choice. I could look out my window, and be reminded of the horror…

I could look out my window and feel worry and grief, or I could look out my window and remember the strength of the human spirit, the way people came together, and all the blessings I have in my life because of the liberties I have.

So as we now get bombarded by news of terrorist attacks or any tragedy, we have a choice to make. What will we focus on?

It’s natural to have moments of fear, but fear is a bad friend to have when it’s time to make important decisions. Let love be your driving force, not fear.

So I’ll continue to come back to this tapping meditation whenever I need to be reminded of that, and I hope you will too.

I rebel against terrorism by releasing my terror and feeling joy and gratitude for the life I have. Are you with me?

If so, I hope you use and share this tapping meditation.

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What was your experience with this Tapping Meditation? Comment below!

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58 Comments on this post

  1. Rose says:

    Thank you. I need any help I can get.

  2. Rose says:

    Thank you. Right now, am feeling calm, an emotion I seldom ever feel.

  3. Siouxi says:

    Thank you for this awesome meditation and tapping solution, you and Nick are a wonderful inspiration to us all.
    I feel lighter since doing this and can feel my fear shift.
    May we all be part of World Peace or at the vey least – learn to love others as we would wish to be loved ourselves.
    Many Blessings,
    Siouxi ♡♡♡

  4. Anne Geenen says:

    Dear Jessica,

    Beautiful and powerful meditatioen! Thank you so much!
    It is great to be reminded of what we really are….and feel more confident again.
    You spread a beautiful light and remind us tappers to do the same!!


  5. Greg McLaughlin says:

    Thank You Jessica
    Thank You Nick.

  6. Janet Withem ortiz says:

    Jessica and Nick,

    Your tapping messages are so calming. Jessica, your words after Paris were so heartfelt and touched my soul and the hearts of many tappers I am sure. May Paris shine!

    Have a blissful day and capture it…own it…show up for it! As you always do…

    To the “light” within each of us…may we tap when it’s dim.


  7. Debra Wingfield says:

    Thank you for this wonderful meditation. Your words resonated with me for all those I advocate for daily who encounter terrorism in their intimate partner relationships. This will be a meditation I share with them as they move forward with their lives and leave these terrorists behind. Terrorism within the home is the enemy that has to be stopped to eliminate terrorism globally.

  8. Ann Thomas says:

    Beautiful, thank you Jessica.

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