The 5 Benefits of “Niksen”

Written by: Nick Ortner

There’s a Dutch concept I recently learned about called niksen, which means “doing nothing.”

This practice of niksen is about as simple as it sounds.

You aren’t asked to do anything, not even to practice mindfulness or to stay present. You are simply asked to have no plan in that moment other than to just be… and do nothing.

Now, if the idea of being idle, and just sitting and doing absolutely nothing is a bit daunting – I get it. 😉

We’ve been conditioned to feel like we need to be doing something all of the time. Even on our time off, we always seem to be doing something.

We might catch up on to-dos or chores, plan fun activities for the weekend, scroll through social media during our lunch break, read, knit, cook, or watch TV on our downtime in the evenings.

We almost never do nothing. On purpose. With intention. Not achieving anything or being productive in any way…

But doing nothing isn’t really doing nothing… It’s actually a really powerful practice that can have tremendous benefits in our lives.

The 5 Benefits of Niksen

Here Are 5 Simple Benefits of “Niksen”

  1. Doing nothing is giving yourself a break. It’s letting yourself know that it is okay, and safe, to stop. That all will be well even if you aren’t running a million miles a minute.
  2. It’s a chance to be in the here and now, and to learn to sit with whatever might come up, even if it is uncomfortable.
  3. It’s a reminder that you are in control – that you have autonomy over your life and the choices you make. You aren’t stuck on a hamster wheel.
  4. It’s an opportunity to let your mind wander into creative, imaginative states.
  5. It’s a practice of self-care to help you recover from stress and prevent burnout.

Today, are you willing to try something new, and challenge yourself to be idle for just 5-10 minutes?

You might choose to just look out a window. Or when you are waiting for the coffee to brew, you might simply sit at the table and do nothing. Or you might go outside, sit on a bench, and just be there.

Try it out! And if it feels daunting, it probably means you need it even more! 😌 You can also start with just 1-2 minutes and build from there!

Who would have thought that the hardest thing for most of us to do these days is…nothing. Lol!

Wishing you a wonderful day full of things and full of nothings. 😉

Until next time…

Keep Tapping! (or doing nothing!)

Nick Ortner

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Did you give the practice of “niksen” a try? How did you feel? Comment below!

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