Release Your Anxiety with Tapping

Written by: Nick Ortner

Do you know what it feels like to live without anxiety? I mean to be truly free from all doubts and worries and live in a blissful state of the present moment?

It can be a tough thing to do, because there is just SO much that’s “out there” to stress over. But it can be achieved with practice and, of course, Tapping!

The other day I jumped on Facebook Live to offer a free tap-along on releasing anxiety. Take a few minutes to watch and tap with me!

Here’s a direct link to the video on Facebook

The Tapping Solution App

Tapping has been scientifically proven to lower anxiety by sending a calming signal to the parts of the brain that control the stress response in our bodies.

In The Tapping Solution App, we have lots of different Tapping Meditations that specifically address anxiety on a wide range of topics.

The App is free to download, with FREE meditations available to immediately listen to from each category.

What’s also great about the App, is that you have access to over a hundred (and growing!) meditations right in the palm of your hand, so you can use them “in the moment” when a specific situation pops up.

Download The Tapping Solution App today!

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

Have you used Tapping or any of The Tapping Solution App meditations to release anxiety? Comment below!

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