What I Learned From a Ceramic Frog

Written by: Nick Ortner

Cling to your imperfections quote 2My paintbrush hung in the air…

It had all been fairly easy so far, though I had been taking it slow.

But now…

This part really looked challenging.

And I could feel this internal pressure to get it right, to not mess up, because once my paintbrush landed on the frog, the color would stand for all time.

Little did I know that in those seconds, I was actually facing a choice that had more profound implications than just the painting of a ceramic frog.

Where would my paintbrush land, and why did it matter so much?

When I took over Hay House’s Facebook page last week in a LIVE session, I answered these questions, and then took everyone through a Tapping Meditation.

Watch it below!


And here are some behind-the-scenes photos of my frog painting. 🙂

Painting a Ceramic Frog

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

Have you ever felt the need to be perfect? Where do you think it comes from? Share your comments below!

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11 Comments on this post

  1. Craig says:

    I can’t thank you enough for the help… I am not having the results I wish for, but I feel that this is truly
    a positive way for me to find my life’s purpose. I just retired and am feeling very insecure about the future. It’s a combination of worrying about my health (witch is pretty good right now) finances that will keep me secure for the rest of my life and just getting old and near the end of life. Despite the drudgery of a job, at least I had financial security.
    Thanks again for the free help…
    God bless you!!!

  2. Diane says:

    the frog is wonderful. Why should you follow “the perfect model” and “color within the lines”?? Throw those lines overboard! 😉
    being creative means using YOUR OWN imagination, and LEAVE the stereotypes!

    A frog with blue hands and feet and a slightly ‘imperfect’ – but sponaneous- eye is just so charming. It stimulates your imagination. It could be a magical frog, a sorcerer, or … I don’t know what! But so much nicer than a so called “perfectly colored frog” …


  3. Jo says:

    From 8–3 feeling lighter more space and movement like bubbly or sparking happy cells. And yes, stronger too. Thanks?

  4. Carminda says:

    South Africa

  5. Dee Dee says:


  6. Hilary says:

    Nick I love your work, your humour, the fact that you bare your soul to us all – and we all reap the benefits. Looking forward to the new Hay House Summit. You memtioned that you felt tapping was reaching a ‘tipping point’. You have such a huge following and I marvel at the amount of energy that must be being released when we all tap together. So powerful – we WILL heal the world one step at a time on a personal and global level.

    Thank you for all you do at The Tapping Solution.


  7. Michael says:

    Does it matter which tapping sequence. Wish something easy the words are also important
    Am from Cambridge UK so many are too brilliant!!?here !!!

  8. Carol says:

    I’m from the sunny cool town of Duluth, MN. Just returned from 4 mo in Hawaii but always kept up with your tapping while there. Really appreciate your e-mails. God Bless on what you do. Carol

  9. Ruth says:

    I have been realizing for some time that perfectionism is blocking me and then the body gets tens especially the shoulders. After the tapping right now I felt so much more space in my upper body und this soace was filled with light! Thank you. Nick. I’ll do it again whenever perfectionism creeps up my spine! <3

  10. Marci Rule says:

    Thank you so much Nick! I’m a perfectionist in everything I do, which I believed started at a very young age. I do feel like it is who I am. I actually am an artist & paint realism in oils. I’ve been told to try to paint what I feel & haven’t even attempted this since I want it to look like something I can be proud of! I know there are no “right” ways to do this. I’m sure there are many underlying reasons why I feel this way so I have tried the tapping & it really changes the feeling of heaviness & tightness into feeling more calm & at peace with the outcome. Also going through a divorce, trying to sell my home & having anxiety about finding the best place to live! With that thought in mind this morning, I went from an 8 with anxiety to a 5 and feel hopeful & more at peace again. I look forward to looking deeper into The Tapping Solution & want to thank you again for putting this information out there for everyone to learn. Have a fantastic weekend!! Marci Rule

  11. jan Murphy says:

    Painting , gardening , and everything I guess

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