Pain Relief

EFT to Clear Physical Pain

Written by: Nick Ortner

Many of you have been with us over the years through your participation in one of our Tapping World Summits.

But a lot of you may have just joined us or otherwise missed the Summits, which are always chock full of great content.

Because of that, I thought today I’d share my interview from the 2014 Summit – Dramatic Pain Relief with Tapping: The Miraculous Results and How You Too Can Use It Today to Get Relief.

If you’re in pain right now, or know someone who is, listen in on how to quickly manage or eliminate pain from trauma, injury, or surgery.

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Until next time….

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

Are you in physical pain? Have you had success using Tapping for pain? What did you learn from this interview and how can you apply it to your life today?

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  1. says:

    i really like alternative treatments since it truly is simple and does not have nasty side effects’

  2. Judy NuHavun says:

    My husband has a slipped rib. Just happend a couple days ago and is getting more painful by the minute. He screams everytime he moves and about an hour ago we both just broke down and wept. I thought of tapping but he is so out of his mind in pain, he just couldn’t say the words even if I did the tapping for him. I found your interview on tapping for pain from the 2014 Summit and listened to the whole thing. I opened a second browser and ordered your new book while you were still talking. I see people mentioning a 3 day event on tapping for pain. Can you tell me when and where that is? My husband is additionally in chronic pain from 4 back surgeries – with rods and screws etc. He is facing a 5th surgery later this year. I believe tapping can help him. He tries to use it but I don’t think he is saying/asking the right things.

  3. Hana says:

    I have found both your books very helpful, not only for myself but also for some of my elderly clients who are dealing with all kinds of pain from arthritis to Alzheimer’s/Dementia. Nick, there is that calmness and sincerity in your voice that makes one listen and take to heart everything you say! Thank you

  4. John Wilks says:

    May I add to what I said earlier.there is nothing more painful than change which is almost completely unexpected, something like a bereavement, frequent moves etc.This is frequently followed by feelings of almost ‘suffering in silence’. It is this unpreparedness, for which the tapping process has been most helpful, by creating a sense of calm and relaxation in my own case.

    My point being, that it is not merely physical pain, that can be helped, but that, resulting from limited emotional expression.

    May I also say that the research behind E.F.T. seems impressive, and hope that this will continue.

  5. JohnWilks says:

    The healing process of tapping must seem to lie in the way that it prepares me to deal with ‘run-away’ emotions. I become somehow more relaxed,as a result. Thank you!

  6. Gail Gidlow says:

    I started to look back at the origins of the problem, the original accident that left me with a broken shoulder and that this pain might just be related to this accident, even though it happened 15 years ago.

    I had never consciously thought I’d repressed my emotions at the time or that something could have come up recently that triggered a reaction, but now I wonder if this is possible?

    I will keep using this technique and I would like to thank you for your very inspiring work in helping us to heal ourselves and claim back our lives!

  7. candi browne says:

    Want to comment about the Summit & things that come up in my world.

    First I want to say how grateful I am that you are making this wonderful tapping technique available to the World for free. This is such a loving & compassionate life work all of you are doing. This, I know, is a great healing.
    I know that Nick & Jess are just the tip of the niceberg. So I say Thank You & Bless You All who are involved !!

    I feel lighter in my body & in my very being after this month of watching videos of interviews and tapping along.

    All this also helped me to come to some ‘realizations’ that I’ve been striving for for many years. A general ‘realization’ is that I have been ‘holding onto’ sorrow, anger & anxiety (to name a few) to ‘prove my point’ that ‘she/he/they did me wrong’. Holy Crow! I know I can ‘let go’ now! I am letting go.

    Just today listening to Carol Look’s interview about improving eye sight. She mentioned that the eye uses a huge amount of OXYGEN, as I remember her words. I tapped with the Workbook, but changed the words to add ” I hold fear & anxiety in my eyes.” Then I remembered the OXYGEN & needed to add “I hold fear & anxiety in my diaphragm.” Meaning – “tension in my diaphragm which keeps me from breathing deeply & fully & deprives my body the the OXYGEN needed to function properly in a healthy way”

    I know “Take a deep breath.” is a key to tapping, but I also know that tension in my diaphragm keeps me from breathing deeply even when I try. And with anxiety I know I simply ‘hold my breath’.

    In the past couple of years (will be 72 in April) I’ve begun occasionally to feel like I have a mild asthma (or what I understand the symptoms of asthma to be). A tightness in my chest & shortness of breath. I thought this was caused by anxiety. Now, after listening to all this insight about emotions causing ‘dis-ease’, I feel even more sure that my symptoms are emotionally based and can be released through tapping.

    Improving eyesight: The technique given by Donna Eden to cross arms over chest, entwine fingers, cross ankles – I have found also improves my eyesight. I have experienced this while out for a walk. I’m sure I look silly, but SO WHAT !!

    While in the midst of the Tapping Summit 2015 I chanced to pick up a book I’ve been meaning to read, THE FOUR AGREEMENTS, by Don Miguel Ruiz & I happened to turn to page 118 The Initiation of the Dead, Embracing the Angel of Death….killing the PARASITE (a many headed monster of negative emotions based on false beliefs & stories – the dream of the planet ) .and I was amazed at all the similarities of what Don Miguel says from his ancient wisdom-knowledge & what I’d been hearing in the tapping interviews.
    ie. Don Miguel : (in my words) Told by a doctor that one will die in a week: the angel of death brings teachings. Only one week (day) to be myself. “No longer am I going to run my life trying to please other people. No longer am I going to be afraid of what they think about me. I am going to be myself.” I love you (whoever that is) & I may die tomorrow – what makes me happy now is to let you know how much I love you. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t love me in return. page 120 “That is what is going to die in the initiation of death —the parasite. it is not easy to go for the initiation of death because the Judge and the Victim will fight with everything they have. They don’t want to die. And we feel we are the ones who are going to die, and we are afraid of this death. When we live in the dream of the planet, it is as if we are dead. Whoever survives the initiation of the dead receives the most wonderful gift: the resurrection – to be alive, to be ourselves again – to be like a child — to be wild and free, with wisdom instead of innocence. –heal our mind & run our own life. –happy forever and ever.
    page 122 The parasite wants us to carry the past with us and that makes it so heavy to be alive. When we try to live in the past, how can we enjoy the present? When we dream of the future, why must we carry the burden of the past? The angel of death takes the past away in order to make it possible for life to continue. ”

    I wasn’t sure how to say all that in my own words. Don Miguel offers excellent understanding and beautiful prayers, but as I see it The KEY that Don Miguel Ruiz may be missing is tapping. Tapping is the way to release.- & to kill the parasite.

    I am so thankful & so hopeful for the future for everyone with tapping as a ‘tool’, a technique to freedom.
    Thank you.
    candi *!*

  8. Suzanne says:

    This stuff works! I don’t know if I’m always doing it “right” but I know without a doubt that this is a tool that anyone and everyone should be using. I’ve been doing it on my own just from the videos I’ve seen and added my own twists to it and all I can say is, “This tool is a miracle!” Nick and Jessica are an absolute God-send. I want to keep learning more about it and how to continue using it properly. If you could direct me to practitioners in my area of Michigan, I would be eternally grateful. I share this stuff on fb all the time and hope you guys get on Tsu too! I just got on there and haven’t seen if you’re on there or not but what this is doing for people needs to be viral and free to anyone and everyone willing to use it.
    Thank you so much!!!!!!

  9. Rehel says:

    I was on line with the Arielle Ford’s “Soul Mate” event, when I heard your interview. I immediately bought your book & have been on your web site everyday. I find the hands on work with you & Jessica so helpful, along with your book is extremely powerful. It has brought me so much help with the body, mind & past experiences that I am moving forward faster than any other self help method. Thank you so much for your dedication to helping everyone that gets connected with you. I certainly do spread your word, and I look forward to everyday recieving your messages.

  10. Sandy says:

    Would love more on Tapping for Pain, thank you

  11. Jem says:

    Hi. I am in a similar situation to Johanna 14 Sept. I read the theory, totally believed, because of my psychic work, and then tried your tapping totally wanting it to work, totally in the moment of affirmation, but, sorry it did not. Earlier today I saw a pain specialist who suggested I looked you up. He was not totally convinced, but, did say people have stated it has helped them. So always open to new ideas, and especially since like Johanna my opiate medication is being cut to lower dose, which if I could be off totally would be best outcome; I decided to give you a try. As stated in my comment, your theory re cell memory of pain cannot be faulted for it is truth. Maybe I need you or Stacey to come to Qld Australia, show us your work, and ‘tap’ me because I am still willing to keep on trying new things. just wanted you to know it hasn’t worked as of yet. Acupuncture failed too. I have had several spinal surgeries, all botched, and lived with pain since 1997, but, earlier with cluster migraines. Thank-you though for thought and an alternative. Love to you.

  12. Rochelle says:

    Has anyone had success using Tapping to clear tinnitus/ringing in the ears? Any suggestions?Thanks 🙂

  13. Connie says:

    Just purchased book & bonuses this week. I realized by the hands of the angels who obviously guided & kept putting back in my focus till I really checked this whole tapping thing out. Dancer all my life too, now 63 and had to stop offering free classes as community giving, as very rural mining community with very little arts or much available. YES, on the few times I have done this by watching your videos and tapping. Much emotions each time just seem to come from nowhere by just one word. I have tried for years now to live through shoulder rotary cup issue; stopped offering dance in summer and have not continued since. It’s my service, joy and pure love-giving -receiving from children & parents for this opportunity. I have many injuries from a lifetime of dancing (my complete place of joy), body-building and very active lifestyle till now. I have been living on overcounter pain aids and struggle with high blood pressure (extremes low-high); now realizing the pain pills are causing even more high BP; now what do I do for all this pain. I have tried this as I said and always get relief sometimes like magic. The leg & hip pain constant throbbing, or just there in background always and realize from this video the use of pain pills just keep me from dealing with the issues. WOW a lifetime of therapy, dedicated to my own cleanup of all the baggage, really thought I had concurred all the abuse in my Mom’s lineage.
    I really am hoping to figure out how to download onto my MP3 player my bonuses, as where I live NO CELLS and internet like dial up and at least 300 miles round trip to small town; so don’t do facebook, twitter, text ect. Somehow feel drawn to connect all the dots & dedicated love to myself and pursue so many dreams still in the hopper. All in loving service for family, others than self—-no now learning the really meaning of self first than all others. I now I have this huge heart that wants so much to uplift & fill my energies with love spilling over to all those so lovingly put in my path. Just think of you and send lots of powerful gratefulness to all you give and do.

  14. Linda says:

    This is hands down the BEST interview and tapping process ever published. The amount and high quality of content contained in the interview with Stacy is astronomical. Fantastic healing! I am grateful.

  15. Kathy Hughes-Morris says:

    Hi Nick,

    At the recent Hay House event, I was very taken with your tapping presentation and have become a true believer in the mind/body connection. I have purchased your book, your Tapping Solution DVD and Jessica’s book on Weight loss as well. I would be very very interested in the 3 day live event to clear pain.

    I am 61 years old and have a very severe case of fibromyalgia that interferes with “living” on a regular basis. After 23 years of this, it has recently taken hold of my legs as well. Sometimes the pain is so debilitating that I don’t know how I will get through the rest of my life dealing with it.

    In addition, I have a new issue of a pulled achilles tendon that is causing terrible pain in my leg. Because I am walking “funny”, other muscles in my legs are “acting up” and sometimes I think my legs can’t hold me up any longer.

    I have my first grandchild on the way and want to play, run, and be vital with him/her. I am so anxious to be a part of an extended tapping seminar or a small group to finally get rid of all this pain once and for all. How can I be a part of such an enriching and wonderful experience? I live in Massachusetts and am willing to go to “where the healing is”.

    Many Thanks,
    Kathy Hughes-Morris

  16. Loretta says:

    Has anyone had good results with tapping for ringing in the ears?

  17. Yvette says:

    Yes please Nick, I think all of us would be very grateful and if you could help us with one one on FEAR, that would be very much appreciated. God bless you!.

  18. Jacqui LeValle says:

    Dear Rick,

    Thank you so much for re-airing this interview! I have been an avid fan of the World Tapping Summit, and have been tapping pretty regularly for about 2 years. But this has been one of my most powerful tapping experiences.
    I have had chronic pain since a car accident 25 years ago, plus 50 years of residual childhood injuries and trauma from abuse. I sobbed through the entire tapping session; and feel such a sense of release.
    And Yes! Yes! Yes! please do the three day event on clearing physical pain once and for all!

    Thank You So Very Much,
    Jacqui LeValle

  19. bozz says:

    any help with physical pain is really welcome and helpful .. ty for doing that. 3 days event would be really fantastic ..looking forward to all your help

  20. joanna says:

    I wish it would help…I am trying so many different alternative things…having had a pain pump placed inside of me and so many issues around it…the Dr being way to busy for my safety and those of others!! I can’t sit or travel so I wish you could come to me and i wish this would work…I have gone down 80% of extremely strong medicines in the pump in two weeks!! The days were hard…now I can barely move…back to using oral medicines and other things to try and make it through the day…doing Donna Edens work…melt method…deeper massaging…emotional work…I feel sad and scared that I can’t seem to make this go away and I was hit by a semi truck with three trailers of tires..and had issues before I was hit…The pain is physical…I can’t seem to grow discs…unimpinge nerves…and I have healed things in the past…nothing so pervasive…I want to…just like Thomas the Train as I taught my kids..”I know I can…not I think I can”!! so…for those who have had help…lucky you guys and I am happy for you

    Important for not all of them to be perfect I guess..but this is my reality and I practiced Positive Attitude when people thought it was weird…years ago at age 16!! And, in an energy class by 18…so I know I can, and don’t know what more to do other then to keep praying to life!!! And, starting to reach out rather then be alone with myself…when I had been so social…I want to sit and relax and I want to be able to go outside and go places…this here isn’t me…this is just…it

  21. sylvia resnick says:

    it is very strange and puzzling but each time I work with my EFT counselor or follow jessica’s instructions on morning tapping as i just did I get a subtle pain just above my left temple. is this a reaction or could it be the result of tapping on a specific point. whichever, it is very uncomfortable.

  22. Shaggy says:

    HEY! I m Suffering from this annoying ‘eye contact anxiety’ since 10yrs. It has made me a homesick guy! It forces me to avoid many social programs & functions! HOW CAN EFT HELP ME IN THIS?

  23. Bev Moss says:

    Hi .
    Please can i have the correct words on tapping for Heartburn. I suddenly developed heartburn for now about 3 weeks. Just stuck on what words to use.

  24. Kellye says:

    I would be interested in this!

  25. Amy Diamond- Brewer says:

    Thank you for the audio. I felt a big release and will keep tapping on it. I am interested in more info and audios on healing pain.

  26. Rochelle says:

    yes Nick and Jessica – I am VERY INTERESTED in a 3 day thing for tapping to heal pain. I have a worn spinal disc, some comprised discs, arthritis in the spine and NOW and injured HIP that no one could “pin point’ a specific diagnosis except an overuse sprain to the inner glute and hip muscles. This is all completely dominating my life. I just found this article and downloaded the articles and also the audio which I will be reading and listening to this weekend. I just started tapping again with your other free downloads and even in just 2 days it has already made a difference. I’m game – please – whatever you can do – I am willing to work it. I need my life back – A life – mobility.

  27. Brendan says:

    Hi Nick,
    Many thanks for your very educational material;I feel your 3 day Event would be of great benefit to all readers.
    Regards and Best Wishes to you and Jessica,
    Brendan (Ireland)

  28. Barbara Wooten says:

    Felt immediate relief! Will keep on tapping. thank you!! Thumbs up to a 3 day workshop on self healing.

  29. gary hincman says:

    i also have pain in my shoulder, bone on bone Would love to speak with anyone how has had success in healing this problem …


    760 809 5015

    San Diego CA

  30. Cristina says:

    My dear Mum has cancer and with every chemo, the pain in her bones gets worse. I would be so very grateful to have a recorded script she could use to tap through that specific kind of pain and dealing with all the stuff that comes along with being a cancer patient. Thank you very much, I have only been tapping for a couple of months after I read Nick’s book, but have already experienced life changing results. I am looking forward to Jessica’s book in May and Nick’s Pain Relief book in April 2015, I wish it was coming out sooner and would love it even more if it came with a CD with the recorded scripts to go through the tapping process. Thank you!

  31. Ingrid Bratberg says:

    I’ve just come across this segment on tapping for pain with Jessica and Stacey and am so grateful that I did. It is time to try tapping for real. I would also like to hear about the 3 day live tapping for pain if that is still happening.

    Thank you,

  32. gary hincman says:

    Just wondering about the picture you have for pain, ( a shoulder joint )

    That is my exact problem. do you have a script for the rotator cup degeneration ?



    760 809 5015

  33. bernadette says:

    Thank you Stacey and Jessica ,I am still learning ,loved that one on pain also
    would be very interested in the 3 day event >

  34. Patty Underdown says:

    I would love to do a 3 day event with you Nick. I am so amazed at the benefits I am experiencing. Many thanks to you and Jessica.

  35. Sorcha Bray says:

    If you do the three day event on eliminating physical pain please let me know.

  36. Sylvia Resnick says:

    very interested in a 3 day pain relief series if it focuses on tapping, nothing else. I do not want to delve into the psychological reasons for my pain, just tell me how to use tapping to ease it.

  37. Linda I Franklin says:

    Yesterday I followed the Tapping with Stacie. The pain in my shoulder “popped” away this morning. I am AMAZED. And so , today , i am working on another site which has trauma and pain. I am not giving details, but I wanted to express … this is truely brilliance…..
    Thank you

  38. Gaie Ellis says:

    This was very generous and helpful;I could feel blocks lifting and am encouraged to use the process on may aspects small and large to support physical and emotional healing.
    Awesome. I am very grateful. Thankyou

  39. Chris Reynolds says:

    I have had a persistent pain in my back and radiates down my leg for almost 8 years which is not there all of the time, at first I thought it was Sciatica and when it persisted I tapped for emotional issues which I thought may be related to it. I am an EFT Practitioner and it has at times made me doubt my skills in EFT although I have success with clients. I have tapped for anything that has come to mind. I had an operation many years ago and thought it may be trauma still being held in my leg. I had added weight for my height and I know this wont help the pain. I’ve worked with other practitioners but it is difficult as the pain in not there at the time.

    An event like this may throw more light on where I may go with this so I’d really appreciated it.

  40. Patricia says:


  41. Loretta Fenske says:

    Thankyou for all the vital information on tapping etc. it is life changing.

  42. Phillip says:

    I have read a lot of comments but no one has said what it does for them. Please respond. Phil

  43. zalie says:

    my 59-year-old friend has sickle cell anemia. on a recent visit, she was experiencing acute lower-back pain and so i tapped with her (she repeated after me). at the end of a single round, she was pain-free. i have given her a copy of your book, but she is not up to reading it or doing the workbook exercises. it would be wonderful if you did a special pain tape to which she could listen!

  44. rolando cortes says:

    me gustaría que los vídeos fueran en español
    los que recibo tienen la posibilidad de ver la escritura solo en inglés
    ¿le pueden agregar español también?
    Gracias, sé que se puede. Un abrazo.

  45. John M says:

    A three day event on pain would change many lives. The amazing thing about EFT is NOT the miraculous results achieved by one person or another using EFT; it’s the fact that amazing results are so common.

    I have a rare genetic bone disease that has damaged all of my long bones (arms, legs). My doctors tell me that the condition of my bones most closely resembles end-stage metastatic bone cancer. I’ve been on the strongest pain meds available, which only ever knocked the edge off the pain.

    A couple months ago I tried EFT for my bone pain, a bit doubtful that it would work for me. After 45 minutes tapping on the pain, and on anger and a variety of negative emotions stored in my body, my bone pain faded, and then went away. The underlying bone damage is still there, but the pain is now almost absent. I’m now close to being off of pain meds entirely. I do a “refresher” tapping occasionally for a couple minutes if the pain starts to creep back.

  46. Marion says:

    Hi Nick,

    A 3-day event to clear physical pain would be fantastic!!
    I have had some success clearing away physical pain, mainly for others rather than for myself, though!

    Love all your work!Thanks for what you do!!
    Bless you!

  47. Birgit says:

    I am on rehab after a hip replacement surgery 2 years ago. Although I did all the training very carefully, I sufferd from constant sharp pain in my back. After the tapping on the fear of death, the feelings of sadness, anger, being betrayed that pain is completely gone – there is just a sensation of weakness, fragility, exhaustion,… Thanks so much for the brillant tapping sequence,…

  48. Birgit says:

    I am on rehab after a hip replacement surgery 2 years ago. Although I did all the training very carefully, I sufferd from constant sharp pain in my back. After the tapping on the fear of death, the feelings of sadness, anger, being betrayed that pain is completely gone – there is just a sensation of weakness, fragility, exhaustion,… Thanks so much for the brillant tapping sequence,…

  49. barbara fry says:

    Thanks you for this sample of the process. I find it difficult to retain the pharse “I deeply and completely love and accept myself”…maybe that comes with practice.

    I did my version of tapping after printing off 2 or 3 pages of directions off the computer. My topic is brain fog. I felt I had a lighter in spirit on some days. I think working with someone would help me with the process. Any suggestions – I live in the Denver CO area.

  50. Elvira del valle says:

    my mate and me practice tapping for the last two years, It has not only help us overcome stress, but I cancel an operation on my left shoulder front an accident, Because I was able to control the pain tapping I decided to wait and Im already totally heal, Very happy that we found this method that continuing helping us,Blessings

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