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10 Mantras to Power You Up for a Great Day

Written by: Nick Ortner

Bits and Pieces!
I hope you’re having a wonderful week.  We’ve had a ton of snowfall here in Connecticut, which makes for perfect book writing weather! I’ve been working on my next book, The Tapping Solution for Pain ... Read More
Our Vets, My Congressman Friend Tim Ryan and Why We Need You!
If I showed you the picture to the right, would you think to yourself…”That’s obviously a congressman meditating”? Of course not…but it is! 🙂 In the past year, through my ... Read More
Lissa Rankin, M.D. PBS Special – A Must Watch!
If you’re a Downton Abbey fan, as my wife and I are, you’re probably waiting with bated breath for Season 4 (though neither of us were happy about the end of last season…haha!). If you have ... Read More
Cheryl Richardson Shares The #1 Thing That Keeps You From Getting Results
I have a number of fun things to share today, including a quick update on our Tapping Solution Foundation which includes spending a few hours with my new friend (but long time mentor) Tony Robbins! 🙂 Before ... Read More
In Memory of Roger Callahan – Discoverer of the Tapping Process
I was saddened to learn last week that Roger Callahan, who discovered the tapping process and the breakthrough combination of physical tapping and modern psychology, passed away at the age of 88. Roger, over ... Read More
Pain Relief
Have You Ever Felt Like You Didn’t Fit In?
Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit in? Or that you weren’t enough? Maybe you felt rejected by your mother, father, or other family member, by friends or even by complete strangers, and felt the ... Read More
Jessica Ortner’s Stress Relief Audios – Free Download
One of the most powerful aspects of Tapping is that it works so quickly in reducing stress levels. Within minutes of Tapping, it’s easy to go from feeling overwhelmed with stress to suddenly feeling calm ... Read More
Why Your Stress Might Be Physically Harmful to Your Children
You probably don’t need to be told that stress isn’t good for you, but there’s a good chance you don’t know just how bad it really is. Worse yet, you might not realize just how much of an impact your ... Read More
Pain Relief
Watch Maggie Tap Away Her Pain in Minutes
Imagine being a flight attendant and having a passenger purposely trip you when you were walking down the aisle because he was upset at you for something… And having that fall be so hard that it forced ... Read More
Money: A Love Story
I was recently interviewed by my friend Kate Northrup to discuss my personal money story, as part of the release of her new book “Money: A Love Story.” Kate’s new book is a real breakthrough ... Read More
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