Tapping and the Diagnosis of Cancer

Written by: Nick Ortner

One of the questions I get most often is something to the effect of, “Does tapping cure X?” where you can replace “X” with cancer, fibromyalgia, IBS, and virtually any other disease you can think of. My standard is always this:

Tapping itself doesn’t “cure” anything.

Tapping – this emotional work, letting go, forgiving, stopping self-criticism, clearing old traumas – HELPS the body heal. The body knows how to heal itself and when we get out of the way, it often does just that. One of the most challenging parts of any physical “disease” is the emotional component, the stress, the self-criticism, and how they affect the body.

Watch as I tap with Deirdre on the diagnosis of cancer, on self-criticism, courage, and much more. We had some good laughs, and please excuse the “slightly” foul language; it’s used for a purpose as you’ll see!

At about 13 minutes in, it gets pretty intense. Watch closely as just one phrase brings up so much. In just a few minutes, you can see the transformation happening right before your eyes.

Even if you’re not dealing with a physical challenge, you’ll find this especially helpful if:

  • You’re frustrated because you “know” all this stuff but aren’t getting the results you want
  • You have a habit of criticizing yourself
  • You’re not giving yourself enough credit for your courage, perseverance and will

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37 Comments on this post

  1. Eva says:

    I just tapped along with this and my goodness, a river of tears came flowing down! I have had suicidal thoughts for so long and just didn’t really know why and suddenly, through this tapping it was so true: “I am not good enough and therefore do not deserve to live”. Wow! This tapping has been exactly what I have been asking for without knowing. I AM COURAGEOUS will be on the top of my list of who I am- from now on! Thank you thank you thank you!!

  2. Mary Simmons says:

    This is one of the best videos on tapping that I have seen, it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Deirdre and Nick.

  3. Laura Long, Certified Pro EFT Practitioner says:

    Just viewed this video today after writing a article on the emotions of a cancer diagnosis, and preventative emotional clearing. I found the skill of Nick combined with the open, insightful willingness of Deirdre to be the perfect formula for clearing some core issues intertwined with her well-being. Some times we can see what might be in the way, but still don’t know how to clear it. That’s the beauty of Tapping is we don’t have to have all the answers to start. It will all unfold it self. I encourage those wishing they could clear the core issues keeping them from total well-being to tap with a group, a friend, or a professional….someone who can ask the questions as Nick did to bring out what might get tangled up without some one to compassionately help to unfold the feelings.

  4. Tseleng says:

    I have always known my worth, intrinsically that is,but have let others expectations of me take precedence. I have allowed my courage to be dominated by societal acceptance. thank you Nick for this. I needed this and I commend Deidre for her courage as she has inspired me to own mine and my worthiness of all things good and pleasant.

  5. Lydia says:

    That was THE MOST POWERFUL video/blog from The Tapping Solution I’ve seen. And even though I’ve been trying to heal financial issues, I realise now that the core of these isn’t money or lack of money/consciousness but that I am critical and judgemental…. of myself. So how could I ever deserve to have money when I am so critical and judgemental of myself?! Thank you Nick and than you Deirdre. You are couragious (and I am beautiful ;))

  6. Samantha Mcphee says:

    Thank you Deidre and Nick, I also was diagnosed with cancer just over a year ago. Although I chose to have the big 3. I have decided against hormone therapy. I have had an amazing journey and learnt so much but it has been very hard too. I very much relate to your statement that it has been the best year and the worst year. I also am very courageous and strong and the video helped me to see that. I have new found respect for myself and I continue to tapp to work on other things that come up.

  7. Samantha Mcphee says:

    Thanks Deidre and Nick,
    I too have had cancer and

  8. Ruby Jones says:

    Fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing this video!

  9. Marie says:

    Very good video thank you, its just a pity the sound is so bad especially when the lady is talking

  10. Andrea says:

    Thank you Nick and Deidre!!! I share many elements of Deidre’s story and it was wonderful to see the outcome of such a kind, helpful and inspiring session. Nick’s kindness and Deidre’s COURAGE. Thank you. XA

  11. Lisa says:

    Wow….that is sooo beautiful! You get better all the time, Nick, adapting quickly to your clients. Deidra Thank you for your courage! I chose to be courageous to be myself this year and it is terrifying and wonderful all at once. Blessings to you all

  12. ashley says:

    Aren’t we all stubborn when it comes to letting go of anything? It is the human condition to attach to things, whether they be material items, people, habits, or emotions…somehow attachment gives one a false sense of security, just like a baby and it’s blankie! Tapping really is a great method for DEtaching…

  13. Jan S says:

    Wow. Intense. Inspiring.

    After tapping carefully for 5 months, of late I’ve felt really stuck at a very deep and central place. This courageous session clearly demonstrates a way through, with love and forgiveness, and renews my hope.

    Thanks to every one in the session.

  14. Trish says:

    Was very uplifting! Really. didn’t understand what tapping is.

  15. Holly Feray says:

    I am now affable and courageous.

  16. linda graham says:

    After listening to her I know that my problem is being self critical. She is courageous. I will tap on it. Thank you so much.

  17. Saundra Harris says:

    Thank you soooooooooo much Nick I’ve found my new name (accepted) Yea!!!

  18. Philip says:

    Beautifully courageous you, Deirdre ~ Shine On ~ <3

  19. diane, inspecteur, montreal, canada says:

    Hi, i juste whant to thank you, for your wisdom, and your kindness, every times i whatch one of your video, you are touching my heart and i cry… and then i know i am one step closer to free myself from my mind…
    One day i will attend live one of your session live and i will thank you in person, but meanwhile, “keep up the wonderful work you’re doing

  20. Patricia K. Folliard says:

    I want to thank Deirdre for sharing her session with me. With you, she addressed an issue that I’ve been dealing with. I was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago today and just happened to open your session with her. Deirdre, I struggled along with you at almost the same pace. I too have been experiencing this vague ‘something’, and your session helped me to open a door. I related strongly to being so good helping others to do the very thing I’ve been struggling with. I know what to do, and even How to do it, but I find it is often easier to do for others what is hard to do for myself. I’m just beginning to explore the Tapping technique and have to say that I’m convinced that it truly is a way to unlock our power for healing. So you were my gift today. I’m alive, cancer free and so very grateful!

  21. Jennifer Stamm says:

    What a JOY to see two of my favorite Tappers in the world sharing and healing- and I would not be surprised if Deirdre gives Nick a session one of these days- you are BOTH Courageous and Authentic and I love you. Deirdre, Precious Irish Sister, I did not know about the cancer, but I had a sense that you had overcome something “really huge” and were/are living your life with full Honesty, Courage and Integrity minute to minute… and that has inspired me and made me love you so much! Above all, your courage to keep” doing your own work” -in front of the whole world- gives ME permission (and responsibility) to keep doing mine until I can share my own EFT gifts with all the people I want to. Bless you and Please Remember Who You Are- COURAGEOUS INDEED!!! Jenny

  22. leesa says:

    this was an an amazing inspiring video which moved me to tears, and at the same time cleared some of my own limiting beleifs. before the lady got to the courageous part i was thinking how much courage she had to be so open and truthful, she was a true blessing to me !!! thankyou and sending her healing light and love leesa xx

  23. Bill Dovel RN, Pro EFT Master Practitioner says:

    A great tapping video. We are all fellow travelers. What a great time to be alive, where we can tap and change our old programming. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Melanie Knapp says:

    After watching the tapping today I feel a bit more proud of myself. After an experience of shifting and changing that I became ashamed and frustrated with…. I think it is healing and positive to see other people confront issues. I can see how brave they are. It’s not always the right words that are said but sometimes it truly is. I am really enjoying watching the courage involved. Thanks.

  25. Sweet Simple Healing says:

    Courage has been a significant feeling for me to move forward from stuckness. When I remembered all the Tarzan movies, and the elephants that always came to his rescue and forged through the jungle with great fortitude, I believe I discovered my animal guide. The more I found out about the elephants, I more I loved them and resonated with them. I have several meaningful images of them and I feel the vibe of courage pulsating thru me when I see them. You have great strength and courage and you always know what to do – even when it means getting on stage with Nick!! Congratulations!

  26. Linda Collins Thomas says:

    Beautifully done! The group energy is also so very supportive of change and openness to healing. Near the end of this video when Nick is patiently encouraging Deirdre to say she is courageous, he shows that her refusal to admit it and acknowledge it is becoming frustrating to him, playfully using the word stubborn.

    I was feeling the same frustration. In “real life” it is hard to continually support these habits in our loved ones, friends and sometimes our clients without running out of gas.

    Lots of life started showing up in Deirdre when she began to explore the possibility that being a “bitch” can bring liveliness and happiness even, not just lead to “judgment.” As practitioners we can also be our full selves and not just what we think is our healer-selves. There’s health in loving all of our feelings! How we want to be seen and how we really feel need to get together and talk more. This is the real lesson I got from this brief session. Thank you. Linda

  27. Shirley says:

    Know matter how many people have wrestled with health conditions
    or emotions or life…..It takes courage to get up each morning and
    go through ***OUR*** day.
    Thank you Nick and pretty, COURAGEOUS, Irish lady!

  28. Laurel says:

    I love tapping along with you and the participants, it brings up deep issues for me as well and I always feel better afterwards.

    I thank Deirdre for her Courage in sharing her fears on stage that day.

    I am grateful to those who are open to sharing with others, we all go through similar feelings daily and having a group to tap with ‘Live or via video” is a gift and blessing.

  29. Carmen Severino says:

    I am living right now with the “fear” of a cancer diagnosis. I am so stressed out in my life while living in a situation I cannot control that I think I am “giving myself cancer” in order to “get even” with the people who have put me in this situation. This video has helped me a lot….

  30. Simon says:

    Thank Nick and Deirdre. Wow that really hit a cord with me…. I had 5 operations on the same spot on my chest to remove a malignant cancer. Same side my Mum had a mastectomy. She was 38 and I was 40. I have always thought there is something to that….. The 3rd op I felt the surgeon cutting into me. Not so nice. At one of my annual checkups with oncology I remember having a huge argument as I was adamant I had only gone under the knife 3 times. The oncology Dr was very patient showing me admission slips, my signatures, specialist/plastic surgeon reports etc from my hospital records before I admitted I actually had 5 ops. Somehow I had blocked out 2 of the operations. Go figure! The thing that came up for me as I was tapping along while watching the video is if I get successful again will I get cancer again. Clearly something I need to work on. I’m 55 now and feel this is key to what’s held me back for to many years….. Apologies for the rave. Just thought sharing might help someone else. I have never been good at asking for help so this is me being courageous…. I would appreciate some help with clearing this please.

  31. Carol says:

    OMG,! I was so touched watching this video and my heart goes out to this very courageous lady fighting for her life. I am a survivor myself and I related to this so much I was reduced to tears as I was tapping along her. Thank you Nick for sharing, for bringing humour into into how we take ourselves so seriously. I just felt the love for you and for Diedre so strong I needed to share. Thank you and Hay House for your wonderful workshops

  32. Helen Coyne says:

    EFT and the process used has an amazing transforming effect. I intend to share this resource with many. Thank you.
    EFT Practitioner and Life Coach

  33. Paula says:

    Thank you for this! Even though my story is different, my truth was painfully revealed as I tapped along with you. As healers, it is often difficult to address our own weaknesses.

  34. Ben says:

    It could have been me sitting there, nay, IT WAS ME sitting there! Thank you so much. Bless you all!

  35. Julia says:

    When I watched this & it got to that ‘special’ moment where she had to acknowledge & accept to herself that she had been so courageous & brave, I cried from the depths & accepted my own bravery & courage. This was an amazing release for me. Thank you. Amazing Nick. I am brave. I am courageous.

  36. Deirdre Maguire says:

    am that Deirdre ! and My experience with Nick was a testimony to the Universal Truth of Divine Right Order. So many who find ourselves in the world of personal development, healing arts ,science of transformation (however you choose to describe it ),while passionately pursuing the heights of conscience awareness for others,can often times pay the price of personal negligence by slipping into the trance of “Otherated “care . Focussing on the problems of others can be a very sophisticated way of denying our own need for personal healing .How much easier to hide in introspective isolation than expose the vulnerable aspect of the fearful mind ? I am a very successful FasterEFT Master Practitioner and I travel the world helping people transform their lives . I am very good at what I do because I needed to help myself .However, my very successful reputation rests on this one abiding passion – to be my own first client , to rest in congruency of personal transformation first and foremost and to be as authentic as I can . It may not always be easy but it is always worth it. This was one such occasion . Thank you Nick Ortner. I hope we meet again soon

  37. Debbie says:

    Thank you Nick and Deirdre! I have this too. Do amazing courageous things, but downplay it. I think partially because being courageous means to step out of your comfort zone often and to make BIG mistakes and then you are fodder for criticism. But dang, I gotta explore that even more. I had the same emotional reaction as Deirdre to saying I am courageous. Not sure where it comes from, though. Not being noticed for it maybe?

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