Tapping Meditation – From Overwhelm to Calm

Written by: Nick Ortner

Here’s a free short tapping meditation titled, “From Overwhelm to Calm”.

Use it whenever life feels like it’s a little too much for you, when you’re overwhelmed by a specific topic or issue, or any other time you’re struggling. If you find it helpful, please comment and let me know below. Also, let me know other topics you could use tapping meditations on! (And to share with your friends!)


This Tapping Meditation is my gift to you. It’s free to listen to on this page. If you’d like to download it so you can listen on your iPod, iPhone, or other mobile device, just click the  button below.

Download the Audio

If you’re new to tapping here is our short “How to Tap” video that walks you through the tapping points and gives you a good refresher on Tapping. Enjoy!


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What did this meditation bring up for you? What did you release? Comment below!

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  1. Erica Steiner says:

    Thanks so much Nick. Last week I moved from Eastern USA to the midwest to help care for my parents. I missed my friends, the place I lived, familiar roads and stores. So I stuffed my life full. I didn’t let myself have 1 quiet moment. Tonight was the breaking point. I decided that I was tired of holding it all in and acting okay. So I decided to listen to a tapping session. I feel so much calmer. I was at maybe a 9 before I started and and feel like I’m down to a 3. No maybe I will be able to relax for once. And learn to enjoy the things in this new area. Thanks so much again!

  2. MARILYN says:

    After a difficult month of December, 2017, I find myself depressed and overwhelmed.
    I did the above tapping exercise and at the conclusion, I am much calmer. Thank you for the tools to help me help myself.

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