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10 Mantras to Power You Up for a Great Day

Written by: Nick Ortner

Can you not complain for 24 hours?
Do you consider yourself a complainer? Do you feel like you’re somebody who complains a lot, or do you feel you make a conscious effort not to? And I’m talking about all forms of complaining: Do ... Read More
What is possible? (Video with Bruce Lipton)
The other day I shared a story about how, while on stage in Australia, I helped a woman named Stephanie who couldn’t speak because of seizures she had had a few weeks back, and how I was able to help her ... Read More
Pain Relief
I Was Stunned And So Was the Audience… (Tapping for Seizures)
Whenever I speak publicly and demonstrate EFT Tapping with a live audience, I usually start by showing how to use Tapping for pain relief – not only because there’s always (unfortunately) people in... Read More
What Mindfulness Meditation and EFT Tapping Have in Common
Not so long ago, the healing arts of the Eastern world were still pretty new to us here in the West. Yoga, meditation, acupuncture, tai chi – these ancient sciences of the body and mind were met with awe and ... Read More
An update on The Tapping Solution Foundation from Newtown, CT
I wanted to send you a short video update that I recorded a few weeks ago with just one of the many miracles that we’ve seen take place here in Newtown, CT. In the video you’ll hear me talk about the ... Read More
Do You Procrastinate?
Do you procrastinate? If so, do you know why? And do you know what it’s REALLY costing you? Wayne Gretzky, the greatest hockey player of all time, said, “Procrastination is one of the most common ... Read More
Lissa Rankin Mind Over Medicine
Jessica recently sat down with NY Times best-selling author of “Mind Over Medicine,” Dr. Lissa Rankin, to talk about some revolutionary approaches to healing our bodies. In this short video ... Read More
The Long Term Effects of Stress – A 10 Year Study Reveals the Dangers
We all feel stress at some point. That’s to be expected. In our hectic modern world, how could you not? It’s just something we have to deal with. But that’s just the thing: do you actually deal with the ... Read More
Happy Mothers Day
Happy Mothers Day! We have a special (and funny) treat for all of you. In honor of Mothers Day, Jessica hit the streets of New York City to ask an interesting question… “What is the best advice your ... Read More
Parents, Kids, & Teenagers
Study Drugs? How EFT Can Help You Focus Better Than Any Pill
Do you ever struggle to focus? If you’re like most people in our fast-paced world, you probably do. Apparently, people in classrooms and office buildings across the country have been taking more and more... Read More
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