Adventures in Happiness Podcast

with Jessica Ortner

New York Times Best Selling Author Jessica Ortner take you on a journey to explore strategies and ideas to help you feel your best. Life is an adventure, and it would be boring if it was always perfect and predictable! Jessica shares how to find your bliss within all of life’s complexities.

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Episode 58

Enjoying the Dazzle in this Messy Magnificent Life with Geneen Roth

How can we find excitement in the middle of our messy life? Let's be honest, so much of our life can become monotonous and not so glamorous. Why is it t... Tune in!
Episode 57

Finding Your Way When Life Feels Stuck

Learning how to approach moments in life when you're feeling stuck can be the key to finding peace and happiness within yourself. In this podcast with th... Tune in!
Episode 56

What You Don’t Know About Depression, with Jessica Ortner and Dr. Kelly Brogan

We’ve been told a story about depression – that you are born with a chemical imbalance that requires lifelong medication. Get ready for some myth-busting... Tune in!
Episode 55

Jessica Ortner Interviews Iyanla Vanzant

There are some interviews that reach so far into our hearts and awaken our souls that they just become timeless works of art. This is one of them! In thi... Tune in!
Episode 54

Using Moon Cycles to Understand and Expand your Creativity And Productivity with Latham Thomas

We live in this fast-paced world where we often believe that to get the most out of life we have to be productive 100% of the time; this is far from the ... Tune in!
Episode 53

The Courage to Be True To Yourself with Jorge Cruise

“Be True to Yourself” is a simple phrase that we often hear, but living this phrase can be life’s biggest challenge. In a world that's constantly t... Tune in!
Episode 52

The Five Elements: Wisdom from the World's Oldest Personality Type System with Dondi Dahlin

The five elements originated in ancient Chinese medicine over 2,000 years ago--when scholars theorized that the universe is composed of five forces: wate... Tune in!
Episode 51

Creating Boundaries and Speaking up with Danielle Laporte

In an attempt to be tolerant and giving we can lose ourselves. Learn how your quest to keep the peace may be keeping you stuck. Tune in!
Episode 50

The Science of Succeeding with People With Vanessa Van Edwards

Learning how to improve your networking skills, understand what people are thinking and enhance your unique social strengths! click for more info ... Tune in!
Episode 49

Clearing Negative Energy with Jean Haner

We are taking spring cleaning to a whole new level! Many of us have had the experience of walking into a room and just “feeling off." Past arguments, o... Tune in!

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