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10 Mantras to Power You Up for a Great Day

Written by: Nick Ortner

Using EFT for the Fear of Public Speaking and the Fear of Flying
A few weeks back, my friend and fellow Hay House author Meggan Watterson approached me to help her with her fear of public speaking. Meggan and I are sharing the stage in just a few months in San Jose, at the ... Read More
What’s Possible for 2012? What if…
For the past several years, Jessica has put together a f.r.e.e. audio called “What If…” that has been a huge hit. It’s an amazing way to use tapping to start the New Year, in a guided, ... Read More
Weight Loss
The Real Deal About Food, Stress, Tapping and more…
Oh…food, food, food, food, food… What’s happened to you dear food? What happened to the joy in food? What happened to eating meals in peace? What happened to feeling grateful, nourished, warmed, ... Read More
The Top 5 Mistakes People Make with EFT Tapping
I often do interviews talking about The Tapping Solution App and Tapping in general, and one of the ideas I share is how Tapping takes 5 minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. (This principle can be applied... Read More
Deep, Restful Sleep
Sleep. It should be easy right? You’re tired, time to go to bed, sleep… But all too often, the restless mind, the anxious thoughts, the stress gets in the way of deep, restful sleep. Various studies ... Read More
A Magical Weekend of Tapping for Pain Relief, Food Cravings, and Much More…
I had the honor of spending the weekend at Omega, in beautiful Rhinebeck, NY, with my friends Kris Carr and Elena Brower. You might know Kris from her film, Crazy Sexy Cancer and best-selling books, ... Read More
Jack Canfield’s REAL Secrets…
Jessica just finished recording a video interview with Jack Canfield that you’re going to love.  Jack, of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Secret fame, shares: -How to identify what’s blocking you from ... Read More
Tapping Tip: Justifying My Existence…
There’s a PERVASIVE cultural drive out there, one that I find myself caught up in way too often: the need to justify my existence by my work, accomplishments, ambition, etc. I’m sure I’m the ... Read More
Deconstructing a Goal, Vision, or Dream for Maximum Results (with Tapping)
This process was originally shared live on stage during the Mind Mastery World Summit in San Diego, CA. This process involves having a general understanding of the Tapping protocols. If you’re new to Tapping,... Read More
Behind the Scenes of “The Tapping Solution”
. The following video is a “Behind the Scenes” look at the making of the documentary film, “The Tapping Solution” Recorded live in front of 220 people at The Tapping Experience event on ... Read More
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