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Have You Ever Felt Like You Didn’t Fit In?

Written by: Nick Ortner

Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit in? Or that you weren’t enough?

Maybe you felt rejected by your mother, father, or other family member, by friends or even by complete strangers, and felt the hurt of that deep inside?

If so, (and if not, I may be writing this post to a being from another planet!) I want to share an extremely moving and powerful video with you that was filmed during one of our Tapping Experience live events. In this video, you’ll get to watch and tap along as I work with Joanne on stage.

Joanne, like all of the other participants, came to get relief from physical pain. But as you’ll see in the video, whenever we tap on any issue, whether it be physical pain, weight, finances, relationships, or anything else, the core of the issues tend to go much deeper than just one topic.

Before you watch the video, I have two warnings for you:

#1 – This video is very moving, so have a tissue box ready. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house at the event during this, especially with what happens at the end. I won’t spoil what happens – you’ll want to see this for yourself.

#2 – I know that some people are offended by strong language. There is one point in the clip where both Joanne and I swear, not just for the sake of it, but with a very specific purpose as you’ll see. I just thought I would warn you so that you are prepared and not offended (and in case kids are in the room!). 🙂

Click on the video below to watch now. And after you watch, please leave your comments of support for Joanne and what insights you gained from watching this. She was extremely courageous for getting up on stage and sharing her story. I hope that her courage inspires you as well.

If you’d like some relief from pain (both physical and emotional) then I highly recommend you check out our Tapping Solution App!

With over 150 meditations to choose from across 15 different categories (and counting!), there’s something in there for everyone. 🙂

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

Please leave your comments of support for Joanne and what insights you gained from watching this video below.

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271 Comments on this post

  1. Valerie Savvenas says:

    This was great, and some of us didn’t get to be around our father growing up. Maybe it is easier not to have the bad memories but I cope with the large hole in my heart/soul often. This did help a lot….thank you.

    • Nick Ortner says:

      I am so glad it helped Valerie. I hope you will keep on tapping on that hole in your heart/soul so you can find some peace. Wishing you all the best! xo

  2. Donna Powers says:

    You do know how to dance Nick! Watching you gently lead Joanne who was so vulnerable and receptive as a woman, allowed me to see/know how it is possible to be safe with a man…whether a stranger, a leader, a father, brother, uncle, grandfather or son. Joanne…what you so courageously shared was that it is safe for a woman to be angry and still be loved. Thank you both for this dance of intimacy.

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Thank you so much Donna. It is actually my brother Alex who was lucky enough to dance with Joanne. It was great to watch! We are so happy this video is helping you. Wishing you all the best. xo

  3. Rebecca says:

    This was so beautiful to watch. I am so proud of Joanne. I could visibly see a difference in Joanne from the time she went on stage vs. the last bit where she was sharing her experience. Just beautiful.
    I tapped along with Joanne, and was surprised by what came up for me personally; I am very grateful I decided to read and watch this this morning!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Prudy England says:

    That was a very moving experience tapping with Joanne. As she goes forward, I wish her God’s strength and love.

  5. Mary says:

    This is amazing! It is so wonderful to have you and your wonderful family out there in our muddled world helping. Thank you for all you do.

  6. Asita says:

    Thank You for sharing your story…….
    Tapped along with you. Felt a little relief.
    God Bless You?

  7. Margo Jamieson says:

    She was so beautiful as she became lost in the dancing – gliding across the stage, confident and sure. Lovely to watch. Masterful tapping demonstration by Nick. Inspiring to view. Thank you.

  8. Geraldine Barrett says:

    It was so emotional to watch the process. I know some of those feelings for myself and see a lot of this in my practice.
    I am so glad you had the courage to go through the whole process to experience the wonderful freedom you displayed.
    You are a wonderful therapist NIck. Keep up the good work and allowing the rest of us to see what release a person in bondage can have,
    Keep dancing ,my dear . That was beautiful.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for raising your hand, for sharing your heart and your pain with all of us and now with me. I was especially moved by your desire to be chosen as a woman, as you put it ‘not to lead’. I got viscerally that for you that means being chosen for being you – for being not just for doing. While I watched the video I was touched by your words but it wasn’t until you and Nick began speaking of anger that I began to tap along. I couldn’t not tap. I was made aware of my own anger and sense of injustice that I have buried all my life behind my competence, behind my decision to “lead” in most parts of my life too.
    Thank you so much for your sharing – your courage to speak – even from your pinky toe ?And thanks for letting us see your beauty too.
    With love,

  10. Sue Mersch says:

    Thank you. This was amazing. Joanne, thank you for your courage. Nick and Alex, thank you for your gift. I cried and tapped along — my father was abusive and I was able to release a lot. Feel softer.

    • Nick Ortner says:

      You’re welcome Sue. I am so happy to hear what you have been able to release. Keep on tapping. You are doing great. Sending you big hugs! xo

  11. Luisa says:

    Powerful, we all can go beyond our limitig believes and discover a new and more real me. Wonderful Joanne, you are transforming your life, go ahead!

  12. Anne says:

    Thank you so very much Nick Ortner!! Thank you Joanne for giving in to Nick and your daughter. I have seen this video awhile back, and tapped along at that time, with much releasing. Last week I tapped on some similar hidden anger of my own, with uncustomary (for me) language, swearing up a storm. I was surprised there was so much buried anger, as I had previously tapped away, fear and sadness around that issue. I realized last week that anger does not rest on top of sorrow, ready to collapse when the sorrow is removed. I tapped along with this video again today, and realized there was more emotional charge (around my same old issue) hanging on deep inside. Maybe the sorrow wasn’t released when I previously thought. Words don’t express how grateful I am to you and tapping. I tap nearly every day. I tell people about it, and sometimes tap with them, whenever the opportunity presents itself. My deepest gratitude!

    • Nick Ortner says:

      I am so happy to hear that you were able to tap along again and go deeper to release more Anne. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for spreading the word about tapping. That is wonderful! 🙂

  13. Dorothea says:

    Thanks, Nick. Another instance of your bounteous healing abilities. Used it for my own sadness issues from the relationship between my adopted, aunt, godmother mother and myself. Delighted to see the resolution to forgiveness.

    And thanks, also to our ‘stand-in’ – Joanne. Humble and thoughtful are you. DM

  14. Deborah Scalcione says:

    Joanne, you’re brave, beautiful, and so worth it! Continued blessings to you!

  15. Linda says:

    I cried my eyes out. A totally heart-opening experience. Thank you.

  16. Connie Freeman says:

    This was so amazing. What a blessing and a gift your work is too all of us. I can’t wait to share this with friends. Thank you so very much.

  17. Shelly Ryan says:

    Rejection, physical and emotional abuse by parents, or just their fumbling and ignorance of how to parent or just be there for their children, is all too common in many, if not most, cultures. I experienced both physical and emotional abuse as a child. But beyond our childhoods, this video demonstrates that just about everyone has experienced mistreatment at some point in their lives. Tapping is a powerful way to deal with and release the bad feelings,no matter how long they have been in our psyches. Good for Joanne for going through this catharsis with us all and demonstrating the healing that is possible. Finally, Nick’s brother is obviously a very kind and sensitive person. AND, as a long time ballroom dancer, I want to dance with him too! LOL! Thank you, Nick and your family for making this world a better and more compassionate place.

  18. Tricia says:

    Nick … I am so grateful for this session. Thank you Joanne! Because of your courage to sit in the chair & your willingness to go deep, I was able to release old anger & old hurt. I tapped along, substituting words that made it tapping medicine for me personally. I wept, I swore & I let it go. In this moment, I feel peace in every part of my body. Holding a vision of you dancing!

  19. Karine says:

    Wonderful ! You are a very nice dancer too !

  20. Sue Coppard says:

    Congratulations Joanne, you can only go forward from this point. How exciting….
    Well done, that took a lot of courage.
    Here’s to your future –

  21. Joan says:

    You are so brave Joanne!I am so happy he picked you! It makes me feel I can get unstuck from my husband dying and leaving me and all the anger and hurt I feel. I have watched this video before but I am feeling I need all the help I can get right now to feel like I have a life & I belong somewhere. Thanks again for sharing your issue in your life that caused you so much pain. Good luck & keep on tapping!

  22. Maureen says:

    She was amazingly brave. Beautiful. I’m sending to my daughter who is struggling on so many levels

  23. Michelle says:

    Thank u for sharing this emotional healing – wonderful tapping !

  24. sophia says:

    Wonderful to see Joanne release this pain and perfect loving dance at the end. Wishing you many, many, more dances! Your feminine spirit shone through.

  25. Anna Ickowitz says:

    So moving and what a beautiful brave woman Joanne is. I cried was touched with the whole piece of work Nick did with Joanne and Alex and Joanne dancing was so fluid and full of love. It remind me of my issue with my Dad which I have been working on for a long time. Just did tapping last week for my issues which was very helpful. Thank you Joanne thank you Nick and thank you Alex. A true gift.

  26. Eleanor says:

    Joanne you’re a brave, articulate and beautiful lady. Big love going forward in your brace new world x

  27. Hege Elisabeth Marstein says:

    You are one brave woman. It was so nice to watch you work through this issue, and to watch you dance at the end. So powerful!

  28. Ingrid says:

    Dearest Nick! This is GREAT work and heartfelt inspiration. Thank you for sharing this! My heart ❤️ opened wide for everybody present. Yes heartbreaking pain and rightful anger was sitting in this memory and RELEASED! Waouh!
    Dear LADY! Joanne! You were so courageous and you are LOVELY!! Be happy!? Ingrid E

  29. margot hubbard says:

    what a beautiful experience for her and for me. Joanne – you are very brave

  30. Karin Klopp says:

    Aaaah, can Alex pick me????
    Wonderful! Touching! Encouraging!
    When you asked your brother to come on stage, I remembered Jessica`s Video (how is she doing by the way? Touched me a lot, too)) and and got a clue what might come (breathtaking). Don`t have words to express what and how much was going on inside. When the music started – on top even Tango – tears were running, running…
    So brave, Joanne, you topped “Dirty Dancing”, thank you. Thank you, Nick, thank you, Alex. Blessings

  31. Vien says:

    OMG! This horrible feeling of your alone but only to learn YOU ARE NOT. Weird today and always, I was thinking how good for nothing I am; how rejected I have been since nursery days till now, how different I am and don’t fit into many things as I think and act outside rule books, don’t act,think or speak ‘soft’ like a woman I have been told many times yet I am a female…So many issues and insecurities thrown at my mind daily. Still I fight back, sometimes out of anger which no one understands or I brood negative thoughts and hate myself even more. Thanks for little interventions and sharing as this. It goes a long way to bring back life in the lifeless.

  32. Atalu says:

    Hi Nick thank you so much for this video. I am new to this tapping solution. I did a seven weeks programme on financial and personal fulfilment with you and Jess, and just finished this week and I am going to continue tapping and I know I am going to improve my life. The tools you gave me is incredible. This video is particularly resonating me because, I was abandoned by my biological father soon my mother conceived me. He did not want me to block his new life with a new woman. My mother was not good enough to marry him. I am in my 40’s now and I am almost forgiven him. However I do feel that my whole life was tinted with negative feelings towards my father. I don’t have the same strong negative feelings towards my dad right now as Joanne but with this video it did move me a bit as I tapping along. I still have anxiety and frustration around the community where I was brought up. My family was almost ostracised by the community as in those days and still is without the father role in the family is frown upon. I am no longer living in the same community as I was a child which is much better. Nick and Joanne thank you so much for sharing this video.

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