Pain Relief

Watch Maggie Tap Away Her Pain in Minutes

Written by: Nick Ortner

Imagine being a flight attendant and having a passenger purposely trip you when you were walking down the aisle because he was upset at you for something…

And having that fall be so hard that it forced you to quit doing the job you always wanted to do because of the long-term physical pain.

That’s what happened to Maggie, who you’ll see in the video below.

Maggie always loved to fly. For her, being a flight attendant was her dream job. Now, she deals with constant pain from her fall, frustration that she can’t work doing what she loves, and anger towards the person who purposely tripped her.

But could she release her pain? Could she use EFT Tapping for it? Is it possible to release the pain, frustration, and anger?

Maggie was brave enough to join me on stage a few years ago when I was speaking in Washington, D.C. at a Hay House event. With just a few minutes of Tapping, she was able to release her physical pain in a way she hadn’t done since that injurious day.

I’d like to show you that video footage today.

As you watch the video, ask yourself, “If Tapping could help her this much in just 10 minutes, what could it do for me? What things could Tapping help me to release and let go of that would allow me to move forward in a way I’d never been able to do before?”

Nobody likes to live in pain. But the good news is, you don’t have to.

If pain relief is something you’re longing to experience, then join us for the Pain Relief World Summit to discover how you too can be pain-free.

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

Pain Relief World Summit

What was your experience watching this video? Share your comments below!

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52 Comments on this post

  1. Gil says:

    It’s always a huge pleasure to watch to listen to read the work of Nick and Jess and Alex too and also to appreciate the work of the team who helps them to realize this mission of healing by tapping.
    I did the tapping at the same time and I also receive a relief in my back beacause I had a discal hernia when I was 19 years old… and with the tapping I can feel some letting go of my anger and my deception.( now I’m 50) I felt the emotion of this woman and I find her spontaneity and authenticity very touching. As always I feel so well with the Ortner family and so grateful even if I live and follow you from Paris in France … Thank you Nick… I said a couple of time that you are important for me for,now, several years of tapping world summits, Tapping insider club, tapping App… and one more time I want to share it to express. Thank you and congratulations!!!

  2. Pat Boyer says:

    This was very heartwarming. Thanks Nick.

  3. Jan Greig says:

    I have terrible pain with shingles I’m going to try this. Thank you Nick. I have your book I need to read it again.

  4. Wendy says:

    Nic is amazing. Tapping works no matter what has happened. It’s so easy and constructive for all to use.

  5. Lynnette says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I was abused as a child, and this is the only thing that has helped me release the trauma. Before tapping, when I recalled an incident I would re-live the emotions I felt – but since tapping on it, I can recall the event without emotionally re-living it.

    I had been through years of therapy, and forgiven my parents, but the emotions would come back from time to time (when memories were triggered). Now I’m free to remember without triggering my emotions. Thank you!

  6. Garrick Carpenter says:

    I`m sure many people felt empowered and elated watching your Gift as I did.
    Love and Best Wishes to you and yours. xx

  7. Kimberly says:

    Had goosebumps and mystical tears. Thank you for sharing this video with us!

  8. kattalina says:

    Hi. THis is the second or maybe third time I am seeing this clip. today I had an amazing insight about something in my life that has been hindering me to the max. the statement ” it’s safe to forgive him” in the video was the bonus trigger for me. i am going to do some tapping today on this. THIS IS HUGE. SO thankful for watching this video again!

  9. Igna says:

    My dearest Nick I love you so much because you are amazing and very soon I am going to begin using tapping to help and relieve a lot of people because it works. Thank you for sharing this with me and you are very blessed. I want to wish you a very happy and blessed 2016 and may all your dreams come true. A warm embrace and love, light and peace to you.

  10. Tracy says:

    As I watched I beagan to cry.It was powerful because of her bravery to let go of her pain and emotions so she could move forward to greater happiness.Her mind and body have held her captive for a long time.Now she knows she can live a better life.

  11. Karren Allen says:

    LOVE all your video’s. I know that tapping has worked for me in all circumstances.

    However, I would enjoy your video’s much more if I could hear them more clearly. Is there anything you can do to increase the volume on your video’s?

    Keep up the good work Nick.

    Karren Allen

  12. Margaret Garner says:

    Wow, they all are pretty easy techniques. i’ll try them out . Right now I am consulting progressive spine and sport centre ( ) for my lower back pain which i have been suffering from past 5-6 years ( it comes and goes). They are providing me Physical therapy treatment. it gets painful at times and i have to consume pain killers at times but doctors said it would be pain in the beginning because of the stiffness in muscles due to sitting for long hours. Regular physiotherapy is must to alleviate the pain completely.

  13. LILY BABIC says:

    MY “GILTY” I HAVE FELT(pain in neck) HAS GONE.

  14. Jean says:

    I know enuf about Tapping (been with you for a long time) to know that Maggie’s pain would be gone…and she was so grateful. I have had much success with EFT and now want to introduce it to my partner, and hopefully he will accept it. I use Tapping whenever something occurs that I want to change, be it physical or mental. It Works, and I’m so grateful – I wish I could hug you too!!

  15. Nava says:

    Thank You for such unloosening of trapped concept/pain.

  16. Penny says:

    I love, love, love this video! Sometimes people get stuck on “well I have this, or well I have that” and it’s refreshing to hear you speak on those “concrete ideas” and take the power out of the ailments and vanish them into choice. Great sense of humor too! 🙂 Thank you!

  17. jack matthews says:

    I must be a wimp or something. I did the tapping and repeated everything with you and watched her whenever she was in the video. I became so involved I felt like it was touching me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I would say it brought tears to my eyes but that would be a lie. It made me cry. What’s up with that. I’ve been listening to you online although not much and I’ve read a few things online written by you and others. My overall feeling was this is just (bs) another one of the activities and gimmicks with a new name. Then I saw this video today and here I am just about to sign up for you 7 weeks of sessions (whatever that means) and I can ill afford it. I am 81 years young and I have a lot of issues to deal with. Wimpy or not I am going to try it. Anything that can touch me like that in such a short video must be a profitable thing for me to invest my time and money in. jem

  18. SU says:

    Me gustaría mucho que puedan traducir los vídeos al Español. Compré el libro, es muy bueno, pero no pude participar de la Cumbre de EFT, pues mi Ingles no es suficiente para entender todo.

    I´d like if you can translated the videos to Spanish . I bought the book in Spanish, is very good, but I could not participate in the Summit of EFT, because my English is not enough to understand

    Gretting from Chile.

  19. Su says:

    Me gustaria mucho que pudiesen traducir los videos al español
    i’d like if you can translate videos on Spanish please. I been watching it, but it very difficult understand when your native language is other.
    Gregting from Chile to you all.

  20. Deronda D says:

    I have been fighting eczema 2 1/2 years. I thought I had it licked, so when it came back, I was disappointed and resigned to several weeks of pain and itching (not to mention being made ugly by the swelling and redness on my face). I have done tapping for this situation a few times and brought the pain, swelling, & redness down from an 8 to a 2. I’m looking forward to the summit.

  21. aida ferrarone Name (required) says:

    This presentation was a RECONFIRMATION that tapping works and helps remove or at least reduce pain.
    It is a powerful tool.

  22. Christine says:

    While tapping along, I felt a great relieve when thinking about the pain I carried in my heart for decades about the discrimination I experienced in my family just for being a girl. I will keep tapping as I don’t want this feeling to ever return to my life.

    Thank you!!!

  23. Sue says:

    Nick, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this video! I have had chronic pain since 1997, 16 surgeries & so much pain in my life, so much abuse. I want to thank you so very much for sharing this experience with me. I only wish that I could attented one of your seminars on tapping, unfortunately I live in South Dakota, and not to many people come here to do what you do. I have been diagnosed with so many things I will have 2 but this on my bucket list! Thank you again sue tennyson

  24. Nestor Bedoya says:

    I practice Tapping since 5 years ago. I want to learn more about it, but i have difficult because the idiom. Is possible to get a spanish version of the book ?

  25. abiya says:

    After watching this video I was MORE inspired to tap away. I have a stone in my kidney and have been to 5 doctors before I was correctly diagnosed with this. I have read your book and watched your DVD very recently. My son bought them for me as my birthday gift!! I am on medication but am determined to get rid of this stone without surgery.

    My problem is if I am saying the right words but I am still plodding on.

    Wish me luck! I want to be your success story too.

    PS I live in Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies. I would like to come and learn to tap professionally. Can you please let me know when your next course is starting and where it is. Miami is my nearest entry to the USA.

  26. Geraldine Cook says:

    Awesome. I have Parkinson. It doesn’t do much for that but it has helped my
    fluttering eye. Also, pain in my feet. Thank you so much. Geraldine

  27. Feeney says:

    I am relatively knew to this. Although I have some trepidation, I am starting to work with it. I desperately want this to work I am also starting to work with EMDR therapy. My worry though is with the Physical aspect of this. I want so much for my daughter who has had hip re-construction done 3 years ago and her hips are constantly hurting, to work with this as well but convincing her is something else. I don’t know if I can. She is 30 years old and a nursing student.

    I believe, like anything else, you have to work with it in order to achieve results
    Thank you
    God Bless

  28. Kim D says:

    Just learning this. I have a lot of baggage. Hope tapping can get through all my Crap.
    Pain relief will be welcome.

  29. Stuart Clarke says:

    I thought it was a great exercise, in fact, I can see how it could easily be modified or incorporated to fit any other issue of physical pain. I fully intend to do so the next time pain strikes me.

  30. Margot Huff says:

    I’ve had back pain for over 10 years. It especially hurts on the mornings after I’ve gotten more than 5 hours of sleep, which was this morning. The pain was an 8 throughout the middle of my back, even after taking my pain medication. I tapped along with the video using my issues, and at the end of the video, (on a 1-10 scale) the pain on the left side was at 0 and the right side was at 4. This is amazing stuff!!!

  31. savitri says:

    Hi Nick
    That demonstration was really eye opening. I would love to come to a class on tapping but I live in England so if you do come to England do send me an email. Wish you all the blessings in your programme of teaching.
    Best wishes

  32. John says:

    Awesome, this is all very encourageing

  33. Belinda Rachman, Esq. says:

    I have been an insomniac most of my life. I wish I could tap that away!!!!!! I wouldn’t know what to say. What are the words?

  34. Gail Richardson says:

    I also tap along when I watch the videos. So glad the tapping helped Maggie and will continue to help – who knows, maybe she can fly again in the future! However, I also sincerely wish that the man who purposely tripped her will find out he caused serious injuries and ended a career, feels remorse, and is prompted by it to be a better person with better behavior!

  35. cheryl says:

    hi,i am liveing in south africa and would like learn more so i can help others.There is no one in natal sa.Please could you help me. Thanking you cheryl

  36. david says:

    Hi Nick, I have been following you around the globe via email. I have yet to read all the literiture and the 20 CD’s I bought. I do need to carry on and heal myself first then to spread the word and use tapping to help others. Things are falling into place in my mind, planning for the years ahead. I passed you’re message to a loose friend, she intimated that there is so much in her past that she cannot deal with life, and suffers from huge migrains. I haven’t been able to catch up to find if she has used tapping, but will do in the near future. Keep up the good work. Regards David Jackson.

  37. Rudo says:

    I take tablets for anxiety and depression. Can tapping help and what statements do I use.I am so impressed that so many people say it works and wonder for myself.Thank you in advance for your reply

  38. Elizabeth says:

    Just excellent….loved it

  39. Christine HowaRD says:

    I feel emotional, just from watching – awed because it shows how much our minds control us. And it raises questions within me around grief. My youngest daughter committed suicide 13 years ago, & most times now I feel that I have dealt really well with it – being strong for my family & so on. However I wonder just how much that deep seated grief is affecting my life now.
    Perhaps it is something I could be tapping on….
    Thank you for sharing.

  40. Frank says:

    Bravo Nick !!!

  41. Lisa Hamaker says:

    Thanks you Maggie for your courage. Keep it up. You have helped me tremendously too.

  42. snezana says:

    Certain religions, their teachings, occupy a specific geographical area, and contact with the desired is only through Hay House radio. Thank you.

  43. Silvana Pavat says:

    Thankyou I Appreciate the movie I’m “Tapping”! I’m a senior and I remember “Reflexology” Those ritual come and go, we forget about but I’m glad to resume the principle, and resolve or release the tension psychologicaly instead of a pill with side effects. Silvana.

  44. joseph mangion says:

    dear nick

    I have been folowing and reading all youd e mails

    I have your book on tapping and I read it and do the

    tapping recently i had surgery on my r wrist and a lot

    of pain i used the tapping on the pain area and gess

    what the pain for a while but i keep tapping along

    i am 76 years young and very happy with the tapping

    regards JOSEPH GOD BLESS

  45. Mary Beth York says:

    Can she be any more adorable! I said a prayer for her and you know God has her back (literally!). Hope she has a miraculous healing.

  46. Hilda Fuentes says:

    When I started to watch the video I had back pain at the level of 10. I made the tapping as you was giving the instruction to the lady and at the end the pain was gone. I will keep doing tapping for my leg too. Thanks and lot of blessings.

  47. Darkemeralds says:

    Borrowed benefits galore watching this wonderful short session!

  48. Elizabeth Huntley says:

    i really enjoyed this video..and know she will get better as you teach her…that her pain is just a state in her mind…bless you for being given the a way…for people to be heal…and know that they do not ..have to accept things that has come into there…life..that would change it for the worse…love it…i know i will hear..she is back to doing her job…thanks for sharing…this was a blessing to watch…and also learning more about tapping…amen…thanks for sharing…God bless…smile

  49. Becky Bell says:

    Thanks Nick for all your encouragement..We are truly benefiting from tapping to relieve financial insecurity and frustration. It is a simple but yet powerful tool to free negative emotions.

  50. Claire G. says:

    Very cool. I tapped along and adjusted the wording for someone who embarrassed and bullied me just last week. Will do more tapping now… 🙂

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