What is possible? (Video with Bruce Lipton)

Written by: Nick Ortner

The other day I shared a story about how, while on stage in Australia, I helped a woman named Stephanie who couldn’t speak because of seizures she had had a few weeks back, and how I was able to help her to speak for the first time since the seizures, by tapping with her.

It was an incident that once again stretched my thinking and had me asking, “What is truly possible?”

I think the very question of, “What is possible?” is one that we should all constantly be asking ourselves. Because the truth is that we all limit ourselves, on both a conscious and more importantly a subconscious level, more than we could ever imagine.

For a long time, nobody thought they could run a 4-minute mile, and then Roger Bannister did. For a long time, nobody thought we’d be able to fly, and then the Wright Brothers did. And if you had asked me before the event in Australia whether Tapping could help somebody who hadn’t spoken in weeks to speak again, I would have said maybe, but would have had my reservations. But today, after working with Stephanie, I of course know it is possible.

The process of “personal transformation” and “personal growth” is largely a process of rewriting what we believe is possible in our own lives, with regards to our finances, our health, our relationships, and so much more.

I want to share a video with you today that I first shared during our 2011 Tapping World Summit, and which I think is one of the most eye-opening videos I’ve ever seen on the subject of “What is possible?” It’s a video that I could watch over and over again. And when we first released it in 2011, it had a HUGE response.

The video is with Dr. Bruce Lipton. The information that he shares about the reality of how our conscious and subconscious minds work is incredibly powerful. You can see it here:

Click Here to Watch This Video On YouTube

Now take a moment and ask yourself… What is possible in my life? Where do I have false subconscious beliefs that are limiting me, and which I could release?

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  1. yojemo says:

    Yeh Bruce. EFT + Bruce Lipton’s information and personality = PURE GOLD!
    thank you Nick!

  2. Vanetta Dehghani says:

    Thank you a lot for your time in writing this article.

  3. Ramadhan says:

    HI thanks for your messgae. No there’s no specific reason for using my right hand, I do sometimes changes hands intermittently. I’ve heard research has been done on this,? and it doesn’t matter which side you tap or which hand, it still stimluates the meridian. So just go with what feels comfortable.Nikki

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