3 of the Most Powerful Words You Can Say to Yourself

Written by: Nick Ortner

anchor-to-birds“I forgive myself.”

Try saying these words out loud now (or silently to yourself if you don’t want your co-workers to think you’re a little nuts – LOL!)

“I forgive myself.”

How does it feel when you say that? What comes up? Does a specific memory or event come forward?

Or maybe just generalized anxiety about LIFE, about what has gone wrong, about what you’ve judged yourself about for way too long?

One of the most powerful parts of the Tapping process is the setup phrase, “Even though [fill in the blank with the problem], I love, accept, and forgive myself.”

There is such POWER in acknowledging how you feel… and loving, accepting, and forgiving yourself for it.

But it’s not always easy. I get it. There are layers upon layers of guilt and shame that have built up (consciously and unconsciously) for years.

It’s my belief that to truly transform your life, you have to peel those layers back, let go, and discover the bright, shining, abundant, joyful energy underneath it all.

To help you get started today, I’ve pulled out a short and powerful Tapping Meditation from our 2014 Tapping World Summit. It’s normally part of a $197 package, but it’s my gift for you today.

Listen to the Tapping Meditation to Support You in Forgiving Yourself below!

Get the Tapping Meditation Transcript Here

This is a general meditation to get you started, but as you tap, see if you can focus on one event, idea, memory, or belief for which you haven’t forgiven yourself.

Focus on it, give it a number on a 0-10 scale, and then check back in after these 10 minutes or so of Tapping.

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

How do you feel after listening to this Tapping Meditation? Did a specific memory come to mind? Perhaps a person whom you may have hurt in the past, or an unresolved event? Please leave me your comments below!

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35 Comments on this post

  1. Win Leblanc says:

    Thank you Jessica & Nick for
    Such a calming meditative forgiveness prayer & tapping gift. It is interesting how tapping seems to be releasing old thoughts of punishment & bringing a restorative vibration with the music, tapping & words which did slow down my heart & when it was time to place my hands there they had gravitated there naturally & lovingly. This helps me when sad memories & events from my past come up & guilt & sadness resurfaces. It truly helps to believe that it was never my fault or my doing when tragedy happens. Also remembering to let go of these thoughts, so it does not weigh me down. ?

  2. Christina Bak Bekhøi says:

    For 22 years I’ve punished myself, and lived with the shame of leaving my partner who was diagnozed with paranoid schizofrenic and manic depression. It’s a very long story, and it was not an easy decision. I’m normally a rational person, and if my best friend had been in the same situation, I would have given her the advice of forgiving herself. I don’t know why it’s sometimes so hard to forgive one self, when we would advice others in the same situation to do so. After listening to this meditation, which had a rather powerful effect on me, I think I might have hope of forgiving myself one day. So thank you so very much for opening my eyes and heart up.

    • Nick Ortner says:

      You’re so welcome, Christina. I have seen so many miracles with Tapping from people who thought there was no hope. I believe in you! 😀

  3. Barbara says:

    Thank you for the thoughtful gift of this Tapping meditation.

  4. Lel says:

    Thank you so much
    I needed this far more than I knew.. its beautiful. Yes we dont think we have a right to forgive ourselves. It made me cry… a release of it’s own. I came back to you to help me with pain..physical pain and that pain improved dramatically. This popped in my inbox at a low period. Thank you for what you do

  5. Marylyn Roh says:

    I always love all of Jessica’s meditations – however in this one – the music is too loud, and she seems to be talking very quietly – for anyone with hearing problems it would be difficult to hear at all. This meditation is especially meaningful. Everyone has to deal with guilt – this is a gentle way to be kind to one’s self. Thank you Nick for all you do for the World out there.

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Hi Marylyn. Thank you for your support. We are sorry you had an issue with the audio but we hope you will continue to use the meditation. There is a transcript available just under the audio link if that would work better for you. We wish you all the best. 🙂

  6. Pat Feinberg says:

    Your guidance is invaluable as I walk through the process of forgiving myself. I believe I am sabotaging myself every day for the past. I look forward to. A bright future as I let go of this subconscious unforgiveness towards myself. Thank you for the gifts you share.

  7. Anne G says:

    Thanks so much for this forgiveness tapping meditation. I wish I could tell you a specific event or person came up, but it didn’t. I’ll try again tomorrow. I did feel it was a relaxing meditation. Jessica, just wanted to let you know that 10 mins in (or so), you say, “below eye,” but meant below arm. It’s just something I noticed and thought you may want to know.
    Thanks again for the gift,

  8. Deborah L" says:

    Have been wanting to use this tapping meditation to fully forgive myself. Just wish I would have done it sooner! Thanks you Nick, Jessica & The Tapping Solution! Been tapping since 2014 and my life is so much brighter!

  9. Serena says:

    The tapping meditation was really good. I love listening to Jessica. The only thing is the background music was too loud and distracting and made it hard for me to hear and concentrate on the words. Keep up the good work. Thank you

  10. Ursula says:

    Nick and Jessica, blessings on all the wonderful work in helping humanity. I found this very helpful and calming. Thank you both so much. XX

  11. Fredericka Renshaw says:

    fabulous healing and the guided meditations are so powerful — knowing the right way to say things – makes all the difference — I feel like we get to the core issues that plague every one of us — Fantastic — and I thank you so much

  12. K. says:

    Thank you Nick and Jessica. Was berating myself for messing up my check book yet again somehow right for the holidays and was very depressed about it. This tapping meditation was right on time .

  13. Glaucia says:

    It was amazinging how this tapping meditation really brought me from a place of sorrow and despair to one of deep and compassionate forginess. During the meditation, one specific memory of my very early childhood came to mind and there, I could review clear and compassionately the past scene. Crying, and as the tapping process evolved, I’ve got a profound sense of understanding, love and relief. It was my first real experience with the tapping meditation and I am truly impressed and grateful for all that it brought me. Thank you dearly!

  14. Teresa Rocha says:

    I feel frankly better and of course, I have had memories of facts that deeply impressed me in the past and accompany me through life. Thank you

  15. Susie says:

    I feel like that was written just for me! It felt so real, so powerful, so perfect. Thank you so much.
    I have been trying to get well for nearly 30 years and feel so much past stuff has been stuck in me and blocked me. I am so ready to move on and yet seem to have ties on my ankles and a ceiling overhead so I am unable to fly. Tapping is proving to be so empowering. I am so grateful to you.

  16. martha geisler says:

    I am a widow now for 8 years. I am 66 years old and have the feeling ,there is no space in this
    world for me any longer. We had a lot of friends and gatherings now I sit alone at home,weekends
    are the worst.One may say my own fault,but I am not the person,who likes to go out alone,to the
    cinema,concerts etc. alone and most of my friends are in the same position as I am,but I miss a
    coherent partner.For me to find somebody in internet is no solution.Is there a special tapping to
    find new Love.I hope this does not sound like selfpitty.
    Love Martha

  17. martha geisler says:

    Thank you so much.I had tears in my eyes.It is a pleasure to listen to your soft and gentle voice.

  18. Anita says:

    Thank ou very much,Jessica, it rang so true. Thank you very much, it felt like a balm for the heart.

  19. Maureen Stocken says:

    Thankyou so much for this I have lots of bagge from the past I feel guilty for. I couldn’t speak out loud but whispered to myself is that acceptable Jessica it’s very relaxing thank you and Nick once again I have Nicks book and often go back to it to remind me how useful tapping is. Bless you both

  20. Elizabeth says:

    After doing the meditation I felt a deep stillness and I wanted to stay there. But also wanted to move on, and could not. I did it a second time and felt good enough to try out “Related Posts”. The one about the woman who felt “not chosen” really seemed relevant to me. After tapping all the way through that, I am now able to engage the day I am living. I can’t articulate how the pieces fit together, and I think that is important.

  21. Rita says:

    This gift it is a God’s gift for me today as I lost my elder son two weeks ago.And I needed to relax little bit at least and to forgive myself.As a wound in my heart still very row and still bleeding.I appreciate for all you do guys for this world. Thank you so much.Do not stop ever helping people please.Bless you.

  22. Deborah says:

    So…. after tapping this morning on a whole heap of issues, with plenty of yawns and tears, I hit the realisation that my current pain and “stuckness” was rooted in shame that I simply didn’t want to forgive myself for. I vented my remaining frustrations in to my journal, saying that I didn’t know how to get past this. For goodness sake, Universe, throw me some rope here! Give me a sign! What’s the next step?
    And voila, an email appears in my inbox an hour later asking me how I felt about forgiving myself….
    It’s a beautiful meditation, Jessica. If there were any phrases that didn’t resonate with my objectionable mind, they were instantly followed by the phrase that I wanted to use instead, or an even kinder one that I hadn’t considered. How do you do that? :o)
    Thank you!

  23. Sandra says:

    I never realized that I do no forgive myself. I did not realize that I resist forgiving myself. This is so cathartic. Thank you, thank you.

  24. Fran says:

    Your timing was amazing! Thank you! Two previous painful events popped up for me, so I went e through the process twice. I feel a shift. It feels like my body is trying to be ok without the guilt and
    shame. Thank you!

  25. Laura says:

    It brought out a lot of tears and in the end I felt cleansed. I’ve been experiencing depression and anxiety and I related it all to my past as this “tapping” brought out. I’ve been punishing myself. Thank you….

  26. Madeleine says:

    Thank you I did the meditation and felt great!

  27. Luba says:

    I often experience some sort of inner resistence when I begin tapping. The guided tapping erodes that resistence significantly. Thank you Jessica.

  28. Hassen Sabdia says:

    Thanks Nick. I really liked the transcript attached to the recording.

  29. Irena says:

    Just awesome, I needed it today. Thank you very much. It changes people’s lives. God bless ylou, Irena

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