How Stress Limits You in THREE Major Ways

Written by: Nick Ortner

We often wear stress as a badge of honor in our modern culture. But really it’s an underlying issue that negatively impacts so many different areas in our lives. In this post, I’ll show you how stress is limiting you in THREE major ways.

#1 – Stress may be causing you physical pain

When you feel stress, your body tenses up. Your facial muscles tighten. Your breathing becomes more shallow. Over time, this ends up causing chronic stress and with it often comes… chronic pain.

To get a better sense of how this works, imagine holding a tight fist (you can even try it right now). If you hold it for 20 seconds and release, no big deal. But if you trying holding it for an hour, your hand will likely be in so much pain you’ll struggle to open it.

That’s what happens with stress in the body. The longer you hold it, the more your body tightens and the more pain you feel. The good news is, Tapping has been scientifically proven to stop the stress response, allowing the mind and body to relax and go into a state of healing.

Just think about that fist releasing. Once it relaxes, it gets the chance to loosen up and the body will naturally heal it, allowing it to move normally again. If you’re feeling pain in your body and want to start the tapping meditation on releasing anxiety in The Tapping Solution App, go here to do that now.

#2 – Stress may be limiting your ability to think clearly and make good decisions (Yikes!)

Whenever you’re feeling stress, the amygdala in your brain fires. The amygdala is the brain’s fear center.

Whenever you are feeling stressed, the “flight, fight or freeze” response is triggered, alerting other parts of the brain and body that it senses danger.

This is a very old mechanism in the brain that has kept us safe from our most primitive years. (Just think of a caveman being chased by a tiger and you’ll get the sense of how life-saving it has been for us!)

The challenge is that today, whenever our fight, flight, or freeze response is triggered, the prefrontal cortex, which is the more modern part of our brain that is responsible for logic, reason, and decision making, is limited.

An example of this is when you think of one of the most common fears people have… speaking in public!

Very often when people speak in public, they tense up as their fight, flight, or freeze response fires. Then they’re unable to remember what to say because their prefrontal cortex is literally going offline.

So ANY stress that you feel, limits your brain’s ability to think, remember, and make decisions. The more stressed you feel, and the more often you feel it, the more limited your thinking is.

The good news is that with Tapping… you can release the stress and bring the prefrontal cortex back online.

So essentially the more you tap, the more you release stress… and the better you think.

Not a bad idea right? If you want to jump to the anxiety meditation now and get cracking on making yourself smarter, go here. 🙂

#3 – Stress may be limiting your ability to create the life you want

Remember how I mentioned above about the fight, flight, or freeze response?

When triggered, how safe do you think you feel?

If you’re not sure, try to think back to a time when a friend or family member jumped out at you from behind a corner and scared you.

Think about the worst time that this happened. Can you remember? What did you do after that? You likely tiptoed around every corner worried that it would happen again. And you probably didn’t trust that person again for a while… lol!

The same happens when we feel stress in our lives. It limits our ability to feel safe and to move forward.

If you feel stressed thinking about speaking up at work, how likely are you to do it? If you feel stress thinking about asking somebody out, how likely are you to do it? If you feel stress when you think about people seeing you try to work out at a gym, how likely are you to do it?

Not likely on all those things.

When we release stress by tapping, we end up feeling safer to do the things in our lives that we know are going to propel us forward in creating a life we love.

If you’re ready to tap to release stress so that you can have more courage to create the life that you want, go here to tap along with the Releasing Anxiety meditation.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you made it all the way down here in this blog post without going to the Tapping Meditation… thank you! I love that you’re not only interested in Tapping but also WHY and HOW Tapping helps.

But now… it’s your turn to tap!

It’s your turn to FEEL the difference for yourself. Just go here to tap into the app on Releasing Anxiety.

You don’t even need to take my word for it. Let’s just look at the results…

As you’ll see in the app, if you haven’t tried it yet, users rate their anxiety level before and after the Tapping Meditation. And based on hundreds of thousands of sessions thus far… anxiety is released by an average of 40% during the 9-minute session.

Want to see how much it goes down for you? Click on the image below to get started…

Download The Tapping Solution App today!

If you’re on your desktop computer or laptop, you can listen to the Releasing Anxiety tapping meditation below:


Remember, the process of tapping while speaking or thinking through the challenge you’re facing has been shown to literally “turn off” the amygdala.

It disrupts the stress response and allows rewiring in the brain synapses for a more appropriate emotional response.

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

How did this tapping meditation work for you? Comment Below!

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4 Comments on this post

  1. DEB says:

    Feel so much calmer thanks so much

  2. Ursula says:

    Thank you Nick for this wonderful article. Stress (or better anxiety) is a huge factor in my life right now. I’m glad I do have your app already and the tappings on anxiety there are very, very effective. I recomend them for everybody! Thank you for all you do!

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