Pain Relief

Release the Anger You’re Holding

Written by: Nick Ortner

That anger that you’re holding isn’t helping you.

It could be affecting your body, mind, and spirit in dramatic ways.

Take 10 minutes to watch as I tap with a lovely lady in Australia on the anger in her body and how it relates to her knee pain. If there’s something or someone you’re angry at, tap along and let it go now:

This tapping will be especially helpful for you if…

  • Have pain in your body
  • Any part of you feels like a failure and you’ve been beating yourself up
  • You’re not taking the time to acknowledge your progress and success
  • You’re not fully claiming your own power!


Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

P.S. Share this with someone who is in pain or might be angry and not letting it go. Your thoughtfulness in thinking of them for just 10 seconds might just change their life! 🙂

If you were able to release anger in this process, share your breakthrough below!

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29 Comments on this post

  1. Jessica Wong says:

    I was feeling this intense rage and anger and even to the point of like setting off a time bomb…am grateful my Angels lead me to this clip and i followed with the tapping right away, and instantly these horrific negative feelings were released!!!

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Great guidance indeed, Jessica! We have quite a few resources on anger that you can find using the search bar at the top of the page. I’m so glad it helped. 🙂

  2. Bratati Dey says:

    It felt wonderful. I have a lot of pent up anger and a whole lot of other issues and tapping actually helps.
    But often times i dont know what to say during tapping. Can you help me there? Is there a way by which i can learn directly from any of your assistants here in India?

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Hi Bratati! For emotions like anger, you can literally say out loud what you are already thinking while tapping through the points. What or who are you angry at? Why does it make you angry? Is it indignation, resentment, righteousness, judgement? Answer these types of questions for yourself out loud and tap while doing it. 🙂

  3. Carolyn says:

    I am new to tapping. My sister introduced to it. And when I do tapping o feel very relieved.

  4. Celia says:

    I write to acknowlege and speak about my progress and success, to date. It is one of the things you advise in your video after the tapping session with the Australian woman. No one except my partner has any idea of my personal journey with respect to a ‘diagnosis’ of cancer that I received 21/2 yrs. ago. With a history of phenomenal health, receiving a ‘diagnosis’ in which one is told unempathetically that they might have a year to live, I know well the truth of your words when you say: When we feel that we can’t heal ourselves…it is debilitating.” For some time I felt the pain of that debilitation. In my search to find who and what I needed to deal with my healing and to regain life, I discovered your tapping book and I began to work on my own with it as best as I was able. At this time I write simply to claim my own progress and success. A further thought: At a particularly low point in my process I was working with :The tapping exercise: Working with your pain free future. Do I even have a future was a big question. I found it particularly delightful when in my visualization, I saw my feet moving across a stage. When I looked up, I was walking straight toward you. Why? Because I wanted to present you with a personal copy of my own book which strongly endorses you and all those who work with so many people whose lives I know will be changed for the better, as a result of tapping. I am one of them.
    Thanking you and sending you my best wishes for your continued well-being and health…..Celia

  5. yvonne says:

    this helps so much with pain thats been with me some time,thanks ever so much.

  6. Susan Krill says:

    Nick, your intuition is remarkable. You tune into the person you are working with and say the exact words, with feelings, that the person needs to hear to release the emotions.
    I cried right along with her and found a shift in my anger holding also.
    Thank you for sharing this video and thank you for all of your wonderful hard work.

  7. Karl-Erik Lassenius says:

    Hit the nail squarely on the thumb! Will be back son reporting on result, but it really addresses some importanmt health and wellbeing issues that I have right now.

  8. Penny says:

    BRAVO Nick!!!

  9. V says:

    This was interesting. What if way down they want to hang on to whatever the issue is?

  10. Linda says:

    Its nice to tap and release some tension and anger. I must of yawned about 6 times. I love tapping along with Nick because I always get some kind of shift.

  11. Sarina says:

    Dear Nick, I have long been a fan of yours after discovering The Tapping Solution at a David Wolfe seminar in America (I’m in the UK). I have tapped along at a 2010 Online Seminar, bought your books and DVD and try to educate my clients (I’m an addiction therapist) on this technique, which I absolutely love. It is so fast, effective and easy to self administer. This latest demonstration about stored anger was amazing. I personally got lot from it and know that for my clients this old toxic anger is a huge problem. Addicts sometimes have extremely low self esteem which is difficult to shift. It seems to stick if that’s the right word onto the mind and soul and sometimes results in relapses. I was so pleased to see the lady in the video discover the route from pain to anger to low self esteem, and then find solutions to this. Its exciting. So many thanks for this demonstration, for sharing your work so freely and helping so many. I am a very grateful recipient of your help. x

  12. jeanette says:

    I felt like my anger was better afterthe first tapping. Very grateful my friend referred me to tapping. I have sent this info to my friends. Thank you. GOD Bless You.

  13. tracy fox says:

    Wow! burst into tears during the “I feel like a failure” tapping and had a huge release. But will be doing that one again.. : ) Thanks

  14. Sonia Skou says:

    Deeply grateful. Got right on the spot with me, for the first time I really noticed what an immense tool tapping is for working health issues. I’ve been holding so much anger all over these years and torturing myself with pain, and just when I’d almost given up hope, in comes Nick Ortner’s mail with THE ULTIMATE issue to tap along with. Love you Nick!!! God bless thy soul and spirit

  15. Sandra Mills says:

    This video came at the right time. I have pain in my hips all the time, but more especially walking and lying down. I never realised it could be anger with my daughter, but this helped enormously and I shall continue. I sometimes forget to tap, thanks for the reminder Nick. Brilliant.

  16. Marisela Mendoza says:

    Yes!!!!! Like the lady @ this video said,after releasing some of her pain , I just love all your tapping videos yo send me ! I really apprecciate it your awesome Nick Ortner ,keep tapping & teaching people to tapp it really works & it really helps … Im your #1 FAN Thanks again ! GOD BLess You & Your family 😉

  17. Amitabha says:

    I was happy enough & enjoyed the video very much. Many thanks as Urself demonstrated he procedure. If U continue in this way, so many doctors have been & will be annoyed on U & Ur team. Let them be annoyed, which will be a great fun. —- Many thanks from Amitabha

  18. Hisashi Wakabayashi says:

    Thank you, Nick Ortner. This video is very helpful. I believe tapping is very simple and very quick technique to shift pain and anger.

  19. Hilja Bergin says:

    It appeared to me like this lady became more beautiful, physically, as she released the pain and anger. Her inner beauty was hidden by the anger and once she let that go her beauty glowed through her smile,

  20. Eloisa Robledo says:

    Bless you NIck!
    Thank you for being such wonderful companion of life through our email by providing us with Tapping!
    I did have a shift from an 8 to a 1 in a middle-back-right-sided pain. There was anger there.

  21. Janet Hatch says:

    First I want to say Thank You to Nick Ortner for this amazing video – the anger has been journey that even for me is not normal – I try not to be angry at anyone, and this past 6 months the anger has come out full force for me – and with this tapping video – my pain is no longer – I know I still have some more tapping to do and I am grateful to YOU for this program, for being able to take your course and this is something I work at as things come out – sometimes one doesn’t know all of the layers of the onion until one starts working at all that created this in the first place. So Thank You and yes, I will keep tapping, tapping, tapping. Thank You One like myself, I had and have to get to the core before the smaller layers peel away – pretty AWESOME.

  22. Jean says:

    Nick, you are so present with the people you are working with and show so much genuine compassion, it is really easy to relate to what you are doing. Keep up the great job!

  23. Lisa says:

    I tapped along and when she mentioned feeling like a failure, tears instantly poured out. I haven’t been able to earn an income in 8 years despite my best efforts of trying to find local work, starting my own business(es) and doing some freelancing. I’ve done tons of probono work specifically in life/job coaching (ironic, right?) with great success but even though I do everything I suggest for finding work and attracting paying clients, those things aren’t working for me! Bizarre.

    As a result, we haven’t been able to afford a lot of basic necessities to maintain ourselves and our home (threadbare clothes, no garden, no much-needed new roof, not even a sofa) and I feel that I failed in providing valuable life experiences (and what could have been wonderful memories of doing fun things together) with our son (now in college). I’ve tapped on this before and it does help momentarily and for a few days. Helps me persist. Looks like I need to continue tapping on it, though. Thanks for the reminder!

  24. Maniko says:

    the simple ways even a child can do as play and receive instant results. no more pills needed. wonderful how we just need to perform giving our self loving attention. But why shouldn’t it be since ” We Are The Spark Of The Divine” & Know Thyself & this wonderful vehicle we live in .

  25. Lori says:

    Tapping is powerful stuff. I love getting to the underlying emotion, situation, etc. and being able to talk and tap through it to get to the point of acceptance. And relief.

  26. Diane C Williams says:

    When Wayne Dyer, who has been my mentor in my own mind for 20 plus years, said he thought what you were doing was so effective I have be waiting so see the process demonstrated. As of today I am a Believer and I will plan on being a raving fan from this point forward. “Keep on, keeping on” isn’t just the champion of the struggle. It can be continued once you have arrived and discovered your calling. I love what you have done with and for The Sandy Hook Community. Aloha, Diane C

  27. Dell Evett says:

    I watched the video on anger and while tapping along with Nick.. I had all these abandonment issues. and TEARS come flowing.. My Dad left when I was four and left me with an very physically and mentally ill mother who beat me down at ever opportunity.. and made every effort to steal my dreams. “Don’t count you chickens before they hatch” was one of her favorite quotes.. I have overcome a lot of this destructive influence.. I have accomplished a lot of my goals.. but until this day… I STILL have problems trusting men. I am 68 and “somewhat” in a relationship.. but I keep unconsciously pushing him away… unfortunately… he does the same thing.. I love this man.. and I know he loves me… I just need to heal these fears and false beliefs.. I also have “protective weight”…. I KNOW what it is.. I just don’t KNOW “yet” how to let it go.. I have both your book and Jessica’s books.. and I LOVE the fact that you are so willing to share so much in your emails.. God Bless You. Dell Evett

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