Happy Holidays (and Newtown, CT Update)

Written by: Nick Ortner

Happy Holidays!

I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season. As a newlywed, I’ve been spending it with my wife’s family and it’s been great. I am blessed that my “new” family is just as wonderful as my “old” family! 🙂

I’m wishing you peace and love-filled holiday season and a very happy New Year! We have some great stuff coming up in the New Year, all designed to help you live your best life, so stay tuned for that.


Newtown, CT Update

If you saw my last blog post, you know that I live in Newtown, CT and have spent the past week and a half mobilizing an effort to help the community heal from the recent tragedy. (If you missed my original blog post, you can see it here:

The great news is that our efforts are already making a difference. Dr. Lori Leyden is making great progress, already working with people directly affected by the tragedy and establishing a process to help even more people. With your help, we raised another $40,000 beyond the initial $30,000 we contributed to fund this project, so THANK YOU!

When Dr. Leyden landed last week, we filmed a short video from Sandy Hook with her. It’s moving and powerful and you can watch it here (and make sure to listen to the peace, love and light meditation below the video also):


Press Play Below to Listen to the Tapping Meditation for Love Peace and Light

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner


P.S. – We’re continuing our fundraising efforts for this project, so if it speaks to you, you can support it here:

I want to acknowledge all the individuals who have supported so far. My friend Louise Hay was incredibly generous in sending us a $10,000 check and for that, we are grateful! Look out for a video from Louise and me on January 14th to kick off the 5th annual Tapping World Summit! 🙂


“Based on my clinical experience and my reading of the research literature, EFT is the treatment of choice for rapid intervention in traumatic situations like Newtown that trigger overwhelming emotions in individuals and groups. Its use can prevent the future development of full-blown PTSD by empowering people to develop control over their own nervous systems.”

– Eric Leskowitz, MD from the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School

Please share your comments on the video and meditation below.

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21 Comments on this post

  1. Suzy Frank says:

    What a wonderful thing you are doing for the community of Newton and all that you touch! I feel hopeful that your genuine and generous love and support will help comfort the broken hearts. I also jsut love Jessica’s peace and love tapping meditation. She has such a wonderful energy in her voice and words and I enjoy all her videos. Is there any way that meditation can be downloaded so we don’t have to open up the e-mail each time we want to listen to it. It would wondeful if there was a way to have it on my ipod. Thank you so much for all you do!
    With much love and gratitude…Suzy

  2. Ingrid says:

    Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us so we can all heal together. I love the Love Peace and Light meditation. It has been a great help to me in my own personal recovery from trauma. I can say honestly it really works allowing you to feel more grounded, less afraid and more hopeful. I highly recommend it. Thank you!
    Love & Big Hugs

  3. Jackie Reid says:

    May God bless all of the families with true love and light.

  4. Jemila Shadiyah Bey says:

    Yes, I found the video inspiring and Jessica’s Tapping meditation prayer for Love Peace & Light a Godsend. I boolmarked the page to repeat this experience. Thank you!

  5. Lauren Darges says:

    Well done! Thank you for not rushing into to “fix” but really showing up with presence. Great meditation, Jessica. Well done!

  6. carmen clemente says:

    thank you jessica, everyone is in my prayers, im sick right now but icansendmy love and prayers, thank you for your work God Bless you.

  7. Becky says:


    Thank you to you and Dr. Leyden for providing us with the video and the tapping meditation. I’m so grateful that I found tapping through you and Nick. I appreciate the giving and thoughtful spirit I feel from both of you. So many of us feel helpless from such a distance to assist all those in Newtown, but you have given us the opportunity to make a substantial difference. Bless you and your family and those professionals you ask to join you in helping to heal Newtown. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  8. Gillian says:

    Thank you!
    God Bless you All for doing this, such Love and Hope x

  9. Donna Van Duyn says:

    Nick & Jessica & Tapping Solution Staff – thank you for the work you are doing in Newton. The images at the end of this video are very beautiful. The words written by the people and displayed for the community are healing. They were a perfect complement to Jessica’s meditation. The words to the meditation were powerful in their simplicity. The meditation carries the words/images of two beautiful writings: The Lord Michael Prayer and the Native American prayer “I Walk in Beauty”. Jessica, your voice is soothing and the music angelic. What is the name of the music you used, please? Thank you again for the lovework you are doing. Many Blessings to you all.

  10. Milca Fortier says:

    Thank you Jessica and Dr. Leyden for the miracle you create in my heart in bringing such joy and peace to the world around you.

  11. danielle says:

    Jessica I am so very proud of YOU and your family!! My heart is wrapping endless love and light around this beautiful planet. I am so grateful to tapping and how helpful it has been in my life. Keep shining your lights and happiest of holidays to you all…

  12. Hymie says:

    Wonderful to see how people respond to the tragedy that life brings. It is so important to contemplate such scenes as they appear in our lives.Praying for all those who perished has been very moving. The newspapers here in England had photos of all those lost.Their photos lie in my Bible and I pray each day for all of them.The generosity of people is also amazing.There’s an old saying in my native land, “God never closes a door without opening a window.” All the good work being done now in the aftermath is the window being opened.
    I feel a deep gratitude to be a tiny speck in this awesome picture.
    Bless you all and Thank you. Hymie.

  13. vicki wellen says:

    Nick and Jenny, the video was great and the meditation was so beautiful, too. It brought tears to my eyes. I will definitely keep tapping!

  14. Trish says:

    Thank you!
    Jessica your recording IS amazing!
    God Bless you all!
    Happy 2013!

  15. Linda says:

    Hi there, I wish you all the best in your efforts to help those in Newtown. It truly is a sad situation but feels even more heartbreaking because it involves children.

    I have already contributed but was having a look at the post on your progress and meeting with Lori and used Jessica’s meditation, which was very calming. I already have this but thought it appropriate to use ‘in the moment’ after watching the video, so thank you.

    By the way, I daresay that you have no control over what attaches itself to your video once you upload it but wondered if you realised that the 4 utube videos that appear on the screen after your video all relate to war, weapons with one even being about making weapons. That is according to the titles – I didn’t look at any so cannot be sure but thought how unfortunate that these are here at this particular time…

    anyway, thanks again for all your efforts and I look forward to hearing further updates.

    cheers, Linda

  16. Bill Jensen says:

    Well done! I totally commend you for all that you are doing for the residents of Newtown.

  17. Janet Gregory says:

    When Nick wrote his letter last week and arrived in my email, I had no idea he and his family were from the Newton area. Nick’s letter touched me deeply and profoundly and prompted me to make a donation. I have been doing EFT since 2001 and find it to be an amazing tool ( and a way of life now ). This video Jessica, is one of great passion and of love and I will Pray that those from Newton to far across the miles will find comfort in learning and doing the Tapping Solution. There is no way to bring comfort peace, light and healing to anyone – if we do NOT first take care of ourselves or as a nation. This video as I said, touched me profoundly to the core of my soul. I hope that EFT becomes world wide known because it truly works and surely does help bring about a sense of inner peace, at least for me it does. The generosity of the Ortner family and Louise Hay and so many others who have donated – is the personification of Love, Peace and Light. May those in Newton know how they are loved and supported and have not been abandoned. One sign that I saw that struck me that say “Our hearts are broken but our spirit is strong” speaks volumes. Thank you so much! May God Bless you all! – Janet –

  18. Monique says:

    Jessica is such a great woman

  19. Robert E. Poston III says:

    Thank you for the video on how Newton, CT is coping with healing via Tapping. It is an excellent way to recover from a traumatic event. Thanks for your outstanding contribution to a community in need.

    Furthermore, thank you for sharing the Tapping Meditation for Love, Peace, and Light. It is truly beautiful.

  20. Georgene DeWald says:

    I am so happy to know that the tapping community has stepped in and given everyone who wants it a choice to choose love, peace and light. All the opposite choices only lead down the same path that shooter took to resolve his deeply felt pain and negative emotions. Out of every situation more people can learn to turn to peace, love and light. Thank you isn’t enough for what you are doing for the world. Blessings abound for you and all the world.

  21. Susan Beebe says:

    Thank you Jessica and Dr. Leyden; this video was beautiful done and a great reminder of how important it is to first take care of ourselves before we can begin to care for others. Reminds me of the safety message when traveling by air, first put your mask on before even your own child. Your work is much appreciated and The Tapping Solution has forever changed my life in very positive ways.
    God Bless and Much Love, Susan

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