The Tapping Foundation Update

Written by: Nick Ortner

You might have heard me mention that Jessica is donating 100% of her royalties for the first 5,000 copies of her book to The Tapping Solution Foundation.

In case you’re not aware of what the Foundation does, I thought I’d share a moving audio interview from our 6th annual Tapping World Summit, with the director of the Foundation, Dr. Lori Leyden.

You can hear it here:

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Or for a quick version, watch the 5-minute video below:

And if you’d like to pick up a copy of Jessica’s new book, you can do so here:

Until next time…

Keep Tapping! (and changing the world)

Nick Ortner
P.S.  A few months back my brother Alex shared a short story while we were chatting on Skype, and I kept it because it made my heart swell.

Here’s the conversation (Malakai is Alex’s 5-year-old son.)

[2/26/14, 8:36:37 PM] Alex Ortner: I said to Malakai today in the car…
[2/26/14, 8:36:55 PM] Alex Ortner: “I’m really proud that Ms. Carroll said that you’re really good at helping other kids.”
[2/26/14, 8:36:59 PM] Alex Ortner: And he said…
[2/26/14, 8:37:07 PM] Alex Ortner: “Like The Tapping Solution?”

Don’t you love it?!?  🙂

P.P.S.  I asked Dr. Leyden for the most recent breakthroughs that are taking place in the Foundation; here’s what she shared with me:


Thanks to our amazing volunteers, our commitment to provide community-based trauma relief and resiliency services here in Newtown continues, although there is still much work to be done.  Oftentimes, people who experience life traumas (haven’t we all?) prior to and subsequent to the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy find it more and more difficult to cope.

Many who have not sought somatic relief therapies such as EFT/Tapping are now experiencing Complex PTSD. We see a number of educators, students, and parents treated for anxiety and depression, while their PTSD remains undiagnosed.

Meanwhile, in just one to two sessions we are able to provide a level of relief that people have been unable to experience with traditional therapy.

As evidence of our growing acceptance in the community, we have just received a significant grant from the Newtown Sandy Hook Community Foundation which will allow us to educate the public and professionals about the effects of PTSD and appropriate treatments, as well as mentor licensed mental health professionals in EFT/Tapping for Trauma Mastery.

Other Foundation activities:

– One of our most exciting projects is our “EFT in the Classroom” program – see the video here:

You’ll be hearing more about this project in the coming weeks. If you are interested EFT/Tapping for schools in your community stay-tuned for our supporting materials.

– Dr. Leyden is currently mentoring a number of people using EFT in disaster relief around the world, including those in her home town responding to the University of Santa Barbara shooting tragedy.

– Dr. Leyden was also privileged to address physicians at the UC Davis “Integrative Health for Pain Management” Conference this past April, marking an important step forward in bringing EFT/Tapping into mainstream medicine.

– The Foundation is currently developing a pilot program with HealthCorps, Dr. Oz’s health and wellness initiative that has reached 66,000 high school students across the country.

– Huge thanks and gratitude to Margaret Lynch and her Ignite conference attendees who raised $34,000 for the Foundation.

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