An update on The Tapping Solution Foundation from Newtown, CT

Written by: Nick Ortner

I wanted to send you a short video update that I recorded a few weeks ago with just one of the many miracles that we’ve seen take place here in Newtown, CT.

In the video you’ll hear me talk about the remarkable connection that has been built between J.T Lewis., who lost his younger brother Jesse Lewis in the Sandy Hook School shooting, and the Project Light ambassadors, who survived the genocide in Rwanda.  Several months ago the ambassadors helped J.T. to better understand the trauma that he went through and helped him, with Tapping, to heal.  In this video, you’ll get to see how J.T. has done something life-changing to help the ambassadors in Rwanda.

Get your tissues handy because this is special, touching, hope-filled and much more:

I hope this video touches you as much as the experience has touched me.

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

The Tapping Solution Foundation

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Did you enjoy the video? What do you think of the work being done by The Tapping Solution Foundation? I know that Dr. Lori Leyden, all of the amazing foundation volunteers, J.T., as well as all of us here at the Tapping Solution would love to hear your feedback and words of encouragement. Please leave us your thoughts below. 

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37 Comments on this post

  1. Johnnie Cianfrani says:

    Thank you so much for your time in writing this post.

  2. Hilary Hoye says:

    Thank you Nick and everyone on the team at ‘The Tapping Solution. None of this amazing healing could take place without you all. What an amazing team of people you have – what you achieve is remarkable and moves me to tears. We seem to live in such troubled times and it’s heartening to know that you are there to help when support and healing are needed. Bless you all for the brilliant work you do and the way you share information on line that can be so easily accessed by individuals in need. I have benefitted so much from staying connected to you. I wish you all a very peaceful and joyous Christmas.


  3. Autumn says:

    Taking a step back here, I’m wanting to connect to the bigger picture of your actions Nick. There is something so deeply powerful and of spirit in the way you function and communicate. For the first time ever I am not flinching at a person in the public eye who is ‘making money’ for whatever reasons. It is so obviously from your heart. Un-jaded, honest, loving and, it feels, of Source Energy/God. I don’t say this only because you are clearly being of great service to the healing and freedom of others as shown in this clip. It’s also that you yourself have overcome your own issues, shame and fear around being seen by many and making money too. And, on this level, not only are you helping those you are so obviously helping, but you are also helping people like me, sat at home in London, full of fear and old beliefs about living, being seen, making money and making a difference . I thank you from my heart for your own journey and courage. I thank you for the incredible difference you are making around the world – Rwanda, USA and even here, in London, England with little old me and others like me who want to come out of our own cages of fear, old beliefs, lack and ill health. For your courage, honesty and example, I salute you. xxx

  4. Marcia says says:

    Heartfelt thanks to you Nick, Dr Lori and the team for such a tremendous job.You know I consider you all very blessed by God who has given you the talents,inspirations and capability to reach out to these people.May you continue to find the strength and love to help others.


  5. Name (required) says:

    Heartfelt thanks to you Nick Dr Lori and the team for such a tremendous job.You know I consider you all very blessed by God who has given you the talents,inspiration and capability to reach to these people.May you continue to find the strength and love to help others.


  6. Catherine Garneski says:

    Your short video touched my heart. I am grateful that people that have had tramatic experiences can be helped by other people.Many people do not have this support. How can we get help if we need it from you.??

  7. Herman from the Netherlands says:

    Dear Nick,
    Good wishes from Europe and our friends all over the world

  8. Thordis Malmquist says:

    I am still hesitating in “trusting” you because I have not gotten any answer about your faith in God, I see you, Nick, so kind and embracing man talking about “some spirit or higher being” with a strange doubtful smile or a grin, but I still do not get the impression that you could in any way be humble enough to admit that there is a God, higher and bigger than anything. So please be honest for once, and tell me right out, is God as a creator and a saviour anywhere in this whole concept?
    I just want to know, because Jesus said, in Matthew 7:16 “By their fruit you will recocnize them” I see beautyfull “fruits” but I see/hear no one give thanks to God.? Tapping is surely a very interesting and wonderfull technic but I again want to know if God in Heaven is totally cept in the silence ? will you answer me, if you do not I will take it as an answer in it self, that you do not want to include faith in God in this. You can answer me personally or openly, just please don´t ignore me. No answer means this is not a “good fruit” to me. I am not a fanatic but I want the truth in all things. May God bless you.
    With love
    I want to ad : Luke, 12:8. ” I tell you, whoever ackowledges me before men, the Son of Man will also ackowledge him before the angels of God…..” (and so on)

  9. Thank you for all the wonderful work you & your family and Lori are doing in Newtown and Rwanda and all over the world. It is truly inspiring. says:

    I am so moved by the wonderful humanitarian work that Lori, you and your family are doing to help heal the world. My heartfelt thanks for all that you share and for your hard work. Many blessings to you all

  10. Nancy Lynam says:

    Wow, Nick. I could easily see the emotion within you as you told us of J.T.’s healing. Your ability to help others heal is such a blessing. And while I know this isn’t about you,I do see you as a ‘tool’ of Grace for those who need it…(which is all of us at one time or another)!!

  11. Dana says:

    I was deeply touched by the news in this video. It’s too bad stories like this aren’t told by more mainstream news outlets. No wonder there is so much helplessness and hopelessness in the air.
    People don’t know how much love, hope, healing and goodness still abounds in the world.

    Personally, I am facing a crisis that is stretching me to my limit. I only can dream that it will be
    overcome. I tap, and I tap, and I tap and I tap some more, yet still I am tortured by horrible dread
    and constant fear that assaults me as soon as I awaken. Nothing like this has ever happened
    to me before in my life, not even when my firstborn died…but, I was much, much younger then
    and had another child to raise so I somehow slogged through it all.

    If those children in Rwanda and J. T. in Newtown can find healing, perhaps I can have some bit
    of hope I can overcome my challenges.

    Thank you for all you do.

  12. stacey says:

    Thankyou for shareing.:-) xxx

  13. Jenny Braun says:

    Nick, you are doing awesome work and I pray that God may bless you always!

  14. Wendy Grant says:

    Thank you Nick, for the very heartwarming update on Rwanda-Newton. Your updates are powerful reminders of how much Love there actually is in the world. Thank you
    Dr. Lori Leyden!


  15. Patti says:

    My daughter was a first responder on Dec. 14th.
    She in my opinion as her mother, is a very strong
    and caring individual. However, when I bring up the issue of
    that day her facial expression changes. I am not sure if
    she would be open to tapping. I am trying to do the next
    best thing. I searched and found a video that Jessica
    did on surrogate tapping. Thank you so much for
    sharing this technique with all of us.

  16. Kyah says:

    Tears of joy — thank you so much for this message.

  17. Barbara Barstad says:

    Dear Nick,
    Your heart and soul came right out of that camera and touched the heart and soul of us all. What a special moment!
    You are such a blessing!
    Love is the great healer,

  18. Mary Adshead says:

    Excellent So good that tapping can help people even in extremely difficult situations. Well done, Thank you, God bless you

  19. Eileen McGinnis says:

    Nick, We are all lucky to have you. Your good heart and compassion shine through. Thank you for teaching us to heal.

  20. Christine Osborne says:

    Keep up the good work tapping, thank you for your compassion.What often seems like an impossible task can happen if we are brave enough – I know this to be true. However, it is so easy to slip back into fear and perhaps harder to stay strong; so any method which can help us, especially one that works on and around the energy system in our bodies is worth a try.

    Love and Light is a sentiment used a lot and can cease to become as important as it sounds, but this comment comes with the fullest and most powerful meaning.

    Love and Light to you all.

  21. Indra Nilaweera says:

    Dear Nick Ortner, Thank you for sending the video. As you have said it is very touching and inspiring. I am dying to attend one of the seminars that you hold but unfortunately living in another country it is not possible. If so called bad people in this world follow The Tapping Foundation principles to be better persons, to live well I am sure all your efforts will be well rewarded.

  22. Louise Belland says:

    Thanks for the beautiful work you do for the less fortunate. EFT works and I have been doing it for all kinds of aches and stress etc. It does work! Glad to be a part of the tapping family.

  23. Alexi says:

    Thank you Nick for sharing such a heart felt story. God bless you for your work!

  24. ethelsigne says:

    THANKS for stepping up… Healing only occurs when there is recognition of the other as the self no matter what culture,religion,system each belongs to….difficult concept AND MUCH NEEDED for things to evolve……. SEED IT NOW

  25. Stuart Finlay says:

    Hi Nick

    You are so right! The deeper healing comes from somewhere out there. I’ve been tapping against a brick wall for yrs and getting nowhere till several recent events conspired to open my heart again after it being closed for 40yrs

    I am a gereral medical practitioner in Cairns, N.Queensland, Australia and hand out free Tapping DVD’s to patients in need. I haven’t yet done that in that with Indigenous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients in whom there is a great need for healing.

    You have just given me a great idea!

    Best regards and thank you


  26. Tony says:

    Not sure how you got through this video without bawling but I cried enough tears of joy and gratitude for both of us. Blessings to everyone involved.

  27. Alida Wijenberg says:

    Thank you so much for this up-date.
    It touch my heart very deeply. So inspiring end uplifting to know we are able to help each other.

  28. Norma says:

    I was indeed very moved listening to Nick describe the changes in JT’s life and how this creates such a circle of healing. I don’t (yet) tap myself but I wholeheartedly believe in the positive effects of it because of my own experiences with acupunctuur and acupressure. Keep up the wonderful work!

  29. Erika Stallybrass says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us. It touched me deeply, also because when I was young me and my family spent three years in the Congo, we also went to Ruanda and later we had more than three years in Ethiopia. Africa is dear to our hearts and it’s good to get confirmation that we all can connect to heal.

  30. Murray says:

    Hey nick have you ever heard of prayer you know praying to GOD!try it You will discover that prayer and tapping are an unbeatable combination.Jesus has never let me down!

  31. Linda Wright says:

    Thank you very much for the heartfelt video. It is such a burst of sunshine to hear what is being done in Rwanda and Newtown. I do love the news you send out because it is so positive and inspiring. God has shown you your gifts and you have been a good servant as you share them. I feel like I know you and Jessica and in that knowing I can feel comforted by the work you are doing. God bless and keep you.

  32. Wenche says:

    When everyone hold an open mind and look for the good everywhere, it benefits everyone. the short saying: “what goes around, comes around.’ also, you seed what you reap. the idea is , spread what you would like to come to you.
    So glad that JT had the opportunity to have this experience. spread the word, everyone.

  33. Mona says:

    Thank you Nick.. This seems like (this little guiding light of mine..i am going to let it shine)… God Bless !!!

  34. Molly Lord says:

    Oh Nick. No words for this. Just a full heart. I’m a friend of Peter Yarrow’s and he’s been keeping me informed of the healing work happening in Newtown through music. I’ve heard, and was relieved to know, you’ve been doing your work there as well, and think the two combined are magic. Peter’s coming out to Colorado in September to experience my TUNED-IN workshop, which uniquely folds Music, Mind, Archetypes, and The Hero’s Journey into a healing, heart opening experience. When the time is right, Peter and I will offer it to the healing alchemy you two have already put into motion in Newtown. I hope to meet you then. Much appreciation for your genius.

  35. Marsha Gildin says:

    Thank you, Nick, for the update of the beautiful, deep, transformative healing work that has embraced the lives of our Rwandan ambassadors and our beloveds of Newtown. Thank you for including us in the heart driven generosity of the work. Thank you, Lori. Thank you, Jessica. Thank you, loving world community. Marsha

  36. Stewart says:

    I’ve just seen Deepak Chopra talking to Oprah, and telling her a story when he became a monk for a year not to long ago. The monk, (younger than him) ask how he (Deepak) felt asking for food in the town everyday. Deepak said his feet hurt, (not being used to walking bare foot.) The young monk told Deepak, be aware of the foot that is not touching the ground more than the one that is while you are stepping. The light that comes from the dark is beautiful. One day as we all get into higher consciousness, we won’t need the dark to see the light. But for now it is so. Now that I go through my transformation, I see purpose in my life. Like the family at The Tapping Solution and it’s foundation, and the many wonderful people helping others around our world, we try to be aware of the foot that is not touching the ground more than the one that is while we step through life. Many Blessings to you Nick, the Tapping Solution family, your foundation and all the people involved showing us this way, this light.

  37. Samina says:

    Very profound and effective video. Thank you for sharing the details .
    I have been practicing EFT tapping for a couple of years . It seems like that one has to make tapping(together with our prayers) just an integral part of our lives so that just how you are making a difference in people lives, that together we can make a difference in individuals and our universe as a whole, and make it a better place of future generations to come. I know we can heal , we experience it in out tapping group every Wednesday in The woodlands ,Texas .
    Keep up the good work and keep sharing the experiences !

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