Pain Relief

EFT Tapping for Pain Relief

Written by: Nick Ortner

Did you know that our emotions play a huge role in physical pain in our bodies?

Our emotions also play a huge role in physical pain in our bodies. Would you like some help in releasing both the overwhelm and frustration, as well as the actual physical pain? Learn how you can use EFT Tapping for pain relief today!

Note: This video was recorded during my first book launch which included only 1 chapter on pain relief.  To learn about my new book entirely dedicated to Tapping for pain relief click here!

We want everyone to have that same opportunity to experience lasting pain relief, so we’ve created a new pain relief home study course for you called:

The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief

What did you enjoy or learn from watching this video? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Nabwonya says:

    I am grateful that I found your site and I have been able to give the tapping a go. I had floods of thoughts in my head as I did my first tapping but like you said everything that came to my mind was blocking my pain from going away. I’m just wondering what to do if you are angry at so many people does it mean that you are going to tap for every individual on the same day or wait till ll another day? Just need to clarify that as I’m new at tapping. Thank you for all the information and I have enjoyed the session already and hope to continue tapping till my chronic illness of arthritis goes away hopefully soon. Thank you and God bless you abundantly. Nabwonya

  2. Jose says:

    I have successfully used tapping on 2 severe back pain. Also I have used it to help my students overcome fear of speaking in my language class. Thanks a lot.

  3. Anneliese says:

    dear Nick,i am really glad my daughter Ulrike introduced me to the tapping solution I am tapping every day. there came plenty of issues up , what I had longer forgotten.
    I feel much happier und healthier ever sins . Also I bought all your books and taps thru Ulrike as I cant by over internet. thank you for all your help you give worldwide to help people with pain and health issues. I am 80 years 0f age an still learning

    thank you so much Anneliese.

  4. Vitina montalto says:

    i did the tapping for pain relief last week while watching your video. That night i slept right through with out being woken up by the pain in my shouder .it was amazing it has been six months since i haven t slept with out pain. i now have been doing the tapping very often for pain relief and lately have been able to sleep on my side for short amouints of time with out pain. i still can’t move my shouder as much as i would like too.but have no dought that it will happen. i am so glad l have taken the first step. Thank you so much for this gift you have shared and for bringing sunshine back into my life..i have ordered the set ot Tapping Solution Revolutionary System for Stress Free Living and i will be getting “the Tapping For pain Relief ” book for mothers day

  5. Marylyn Roh says:

    Yeah – I’m a bit weary of back pain, scoliosis, disk disease. I can still walk around like a kid – but doing simple chores leaves me useless with pain. about a 7.
    Nick! can’t wait to get my book! Good luck with sales – it will be a winner for sure!

  6. Jan says:

    So I started with a pain level at 8, after one round of tapping it went to a 5, after the second round it is at a 3. In less than 5 minutes I felt relief. I always use this video because it is quick. Thank you so much.

  7. Dr. Chris almas says:

    I am a chiropractor and I’m not the kind of doctor that believes that invisible factors cause 100% of injuries which will go away woth an adjustment. Rather, I am more on the science side. This tapping I have been experimenting with and it’s definatelying a tool worth sharing. Patients always ask what can I do to control this pain at home. After a patoent asked me that question I started to look outside the Bbox and i found this…

    I would be interested in working with you to further grow this information in our communities. I’m excited to do some research on this and publish… maybe we can work together.

  8. donna newberry says:

    I feel I have found the most wonderful treasure. Nick, this is an incredibly workable solution to any issue anyone experiences during their lifetime. The ease in which it takes just blew me away. I was in heaven. Years and years of pain, from surgeries, and more, and now, finally, an attainable goal. For Tapping to become a daily routine, would be my ultimate happiness. How do we thank YOU for this knowledge Nick. All the best to you and your family. The world thanks YOU.

  9. Jacqueline Lent says:

    Thank you for ushering in this phenomenal mind/body technique. I am writing because I believe I could be EFT’s next poster child as it has provided me ‘the Miracle’ I was praying for & as such I am living proof that it works!

    Having suffered with chronic pain since I was a toddler, (am now 70) I have searched most all Eastern & Western modalities for healing including 4 spine fusions, limitless pain management procedures, narcotics, (body can’t tolerate them) nerve ablations, chiropractic, acupuncture & Tibetan healers.

    For the past several years I have spent 99.9% confined to bed as nothing was working. Feeling abandoned by all my doctors (Neurologists, Surgeons, Rheumatologists, Psychiatrists & Pain Management who went as far as their speciality would allow) I was led to the Chief of Pain Management at Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC. where I hoped for a miracle treatment.

    His diagnosis, after ‘re-performing’, a sort of ‘checking it twice’ procedures, was that there was nothing more to be done! As luck would have it he had recently returned from a national conference on PTSD. Hence, he advised me to see a Hypnotherapist to pursue this avenue.

    Long story short & as recent as one month ago, I was introduced to EFT. It was ‘the Miracle’ that
    I believed would happen but didn’t expect to find in this form. I am truly grateful for your work as I have not had any pain medicine during this time. Of course, I still get pain but I have learned how to
    clear it. I now spend 95% of my time enjoying life & my 8 grandchildren.

    Sincerely, Jackie Lent
    South Salem, NY

  10. Sandy Fintel says:

    I did the tapping for the pain relief, with the lady with the rejecting Father. I have (had) the same issue. The energy was VERY strong. I said the F.You with zest many times. The next day I had no energy and cried all day. Thought it was about something unrelated to the tapping. Now I know it was the tapping. The next day I had a burning in the bra spot, under my left arm. By nighttime, it was the size of a baseball plus another half. Bright red, burning. I put cornstarch on it, and it is fine today. I’m a Reike Master, so I know how healing sometimes manifests itself. What a blessing. Thank you Nick. I will be doing more tapping for other issues.
    With Gratitude,
    Sandy Fintel

  11. margret says:

    couple days ago I did have a pain in my knee, it was kind of annoying. I didn’t know where to place my leg what to do with it I start topping I topped topped and topped and all of the sudden I felt tingling going from my arms all the way down it got to my knee then went back to my arms then back to my knee it repeated 3 times and then went down to my leg and the pain stopped I do not feel my kneed till today it does not hurt.Thank you Nick❤❤❤❤

  12. MARTHA ARCHER says:


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