Wayne Dyer Woke Me Up This Morning

Written by: Nick Ortner

Rumi quoteI’m pretty sure Wayne Dyer woke me up at 5 a.m. this morning.

The last couple of months, with a newborn in the house, it’s been our daughter June waking me up, but today was different. Two days after Wayne’s passing, I feel his influence in my life more strongly than I ever have before.

So as I found myself stirring at 5 a.m., I could hear Wayne’s voice, quoting Rumi:

“The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you

Don’t go back to sleep!

You must ask for what you really want.

Don’t go back to sleep!

People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch,

The door is round and open

Don’t go back to sleep!”

After a bit of silent protesting (but Wayne, sleep is precious these days…5am?), I listened to the message and got up. And now I sit here joining you.

And I sit here joining you in another of Wayne’s beloved practices: Writing. Wayne penned all his books by hand, writing them out on yellow sheets of paper, a practice which while incredible and admirable, I will politely decline to partake of this morning. The results of that would be illegible handwriting that never saw the light of day, and a left hand smudged with ink. 🙂

But in honor of Wayne, I wake at dawn

(it’s actually pitch black out right now, overshot it a bit… oops), and I write.

I thought all day yesterday about how Wayne would want to be remembered, and while I can’t say for sure, I’m quite certain that he would want nothing more than but for us to commune once again with his millions of wise words. He would want us to love more deeply, to give more freely, to forgive more fully.

So yesterday I loaded my iPod back up with all the amazing lectures of his that I’ve heard again and again and again and asked, “What do you have to share with me today Wayne?

I was struck as I listened to him yesterday and this morning, that this is a man, who in his passing, TRULY lives on. We often say that about those we love, and it’s true, they live on in our memories, in our hearts, and with Wayne, he lives on in the legacy of thinking he left behind.

So today, as you go about your day, I invite you to practice just one of the things he often talked about:

Making Conscious Contact

This idea can mean different things to different people. It can be religious, or secular. It can be profound or it can be simple. Sit with your eyes closed for 30 seconds at a traffic light as you commute to work (as Wayne joked, there’s always someone behind you kind enough to let you know the light has turned- lol!)

So today- Make Conscious Contact.

Find one moment, or ten, where you pause, breathe, and connect to the deepest part of who you are. Personally, when I do this I pay attention to, and wait for that moment of “connection”.

It feels like something is syncing up like there’s a greater awareness, breathing slows down, perhaps you feel a tingle in your spine, perhaps some love in your heart. It’s a moment when you know you are closer to the divine, to your true nature than you were the moment before.

Even now, as you’re reading this, you have the opportunity, don’t let it pass, to take even 10 seconds to make conscious contact.
Do it. For yourself. For your family. Do it for the world.

And of course, do it for Wayne. 😉

Much love!


P.S. Share with me below, what does making conscious contact mean to you? Did you actually do it just now? 🙂 What happened?

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  1. Aron says:

    Thank-you Nick for that precious Rumi poem and that timely reminder to connect within.
    I did it right away and felt my heart fill with gratitude. I have been listening to Wayne Dyers 101Ways To Transform your Life. Even though we can no longer see Waynes physical form , he is in each and every one of our hearts. Hurray! How very blessed we are ……..

  2. Dorita deLemos Down says:

    Rising early in the morning is not only because your baby girl cries for her daddy or that
    Wayne Dyer is speaking with you. Early morning rise is also the opportunity to learn about yourself and the many thoughts you may have and which are the ones you are going to work on that day. My morning starts at 6:00am, when bright and cherry I am ready to face this day. Today something strange happened!. I have been looking for another dog because my ShiTzu died on July 9th of heart failure. I have been grieving every since and wanting to replace him with another beautiful and sweet animal companion. This morning I made a couple of phone calls of new addresses I had obtained and found nothing. Then the phone rang, it was a lady to whom I had spoken, who told me of a senior ShiTzu ready for adoption at the home of someone she knows. She gave me the particulars and I proceeded to send out a request in the form of an e-mail and now await for the phone call which will tell me this older four legged creature will join the older me. I have placed my faith in the Almighty to help me find another companion because together we can help so many people in this world. I have had two lovable creatures and I want to make it an even three before I pass into a stage where I can no longer care for an animal. But that still has a while to go. Do help by adding your positive thoughts to mine and I shall let you know when and how it happens.

    I am grateful to you Nick, for your wonderful thoughts and words expressing those thoughts, to Wayne Dyer for what his words have taught me and made my life better because I am no longer afraid, thanks to him, I learned to say “NO” something very difficult for someone like me. But now it works and continues to work. I love the world, I love people and I love ShiTzus, isn’t it wonderful?

  3. Carmen Dennis says:

    Conscious contact can be a silent remembering of those you have loved and those who love you. It is connecting with a long lost friend, a sibling, a stranger or yourself; for the thing or entity that made me possible lives within me and when I connect with me all things are clear and all is forgiven and all is loved.

  4. Carolyn Lancaster says:

    I closed my eyes, folded my hands over my heart, and turned toward my office window. As I became quiet, I knew I was indeed going within. A sadness came over me, or was it just an awaremess…

    Wayne is indeed ready to meet us, especially now.

  5. wendy says:

    Dear Nick Thank you and Dr Dyer for reminding me to be still especially right now as I am going through a very challenging ttime in my life. I feel honoured and good to be part of this family Nick. Thank you for all you do I look forward to your messages. Love wendy x

  6. Lisa says:

    For me, it is when I take a moment to pause in my distracted focused day and in thanks, realize that I am so guided in love by the Great Presence that is here for me every breathing second of this life of mine! It is in the wave of shiver that crosses my shoulders as I thank my loving guides for thier comfort, inspiration, clarity and even a peek into (a feeling of) the joyful future awaiting me, at times.

  7. Mary says:

    I took a big breath, looked out the window and saw the abundance of trees and leaves on this property…purifying the air for me to breathe. And I am grateful.

  8. Tina Story says:

    It only takes a few seconds. Close your eyes, look into your heart and see Light radiating out and just say, Thank You.

  9. Debra Nelson says:

    Hi Nick!! Yes, I took a few minutes and connected with my conscious self by taking deep breaths and just listening to complete silence…….well maybe a few windchimes were tinkling in the background. I think everyone in the world should just listen to windchimes on a daily basis and maybe the world would change for the better.

  10. Linda Varos says:

    Yes! I do this every morning before my feet hit the floor, I sit on beside and connect with expanding my soul outward to let my light shine each day. I connect with the Divine.
    Yes! I did this as you suggested and Yes! That rising, tingling, expanding energy has filled me in this moment. Thank you, Nick; and Thank you, Wayne for contacting Nick on our behalf.
    We are still listening… <3

  11. jannie says:

    Nick, your tribute to Wayne brought tears in my eyes. Again, you touched my heart and my mind with your wisdom, your deep connection to the Spirit. Conscious contact: what a great way to stop the mind to be busy, just to stop and go down to our heart. This is what I did and thank you very much, Nick for this simple practice, thank you very much to keep me reminded of all the benefits I get from the tapping. You are a precious being in this time of the spiritual awakening.

  12. Karen says:

    I did it just after reading this and inhaled deeply. I felt relaxed and calm, which was lovely. Thank you for sharing this x

  13. Jill says:

    Hi Nick,

    Thank you for this inspiring email. Ah, God I was shocked as everyone about Dr. Dyer’s passing. I loved most of his books not all. His PBS specials and videos really inspired me. Your writing and his reminds me I must make a daily practice of spending time sitting, meditating, being with Source energy.

    Again Thank YOU Nick, I love that you wrote this today. Smiles, Hugs, and great appreciation for all that you do. I hope my finances will improve so that I can buy some of your items in the future. God bless you and Jessica

  14. Dolores says:

    I become aware of a deeper connection to all that is. i know without a doubt that the I am in me knows all. I read the book YOUR ERRONEOUS ZONES in 1976 and my love affair with life began. I have bought more books by Wayne Dyer than all the spiritual teachers I have had. I was fortunate to attend a seminar at McGill Univeristy in the early ’90 when Wayne gave a seminar. I was blessed to be in his presence.
    I formed a group here in Montreal where I share universal truth and i thank Wayne for all that he has shared over the years. My life long romance continues.
    Dolores( Montreal)
    p.s. I already bought the book on Tapping years ago. Do NOT SEND THE DOWNLOAD OF THE CHAPTER AS I HAVE ALREADY BOUGHT THE BOOK.

  15. Janet says:

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for reminding me to take a 10 second break, I just took a breath and I felt the peace and have a new calmness about me. I also loved listening to Dr. Dyer and have many of his books and CD’s and DVD’s.

  16. Sue says:

    When I read that Wayne had moved to non-physical my first feeling was one of glee. I could feel his glee and his freedom in the feeling of non-physical. Then I felt the big blow of him not being on the physical plane. He has changed my life as well as my daughter and so many friends. I have learned to be present, to be forgiving, to be free in this life. His influence continues on and on and on. Thank you for the beautiful post.

  17. Alice Frankel says:

    We watched the movie, The Shine, last night and are very glad we did…opens many doors to life. After only a few minutes watching I could feel the peace of it. Thank you for sending the link and the page.

  18. Sue Webster says:

    Thank you Nick and Wayne, both of you have been and will continue to be – inspiring the reveal of my soul’s purpose, here in this lifetime. I recently put out my first e book called, ”Connect to your Tower of Strength”. Had it not been for Wayne’s encouragement and Nick’s tapping technique to help me release the deep rooted barriers, the reveal of who I am – in presence – Now, would not be known to me. I ask Arch angel Gabriel for guidance when I write and now I can ask Wayne for help as well. I know he will be with me because I feel divine presence in my heart and hear his words.

  19. valerie says:

    Thanks ! Whenever I awake in the middle of the night I always think of that quote. I awoke at 535a this morning with a dream. As I pulled open the nightstand door to get my journal and pen, it was stuck. So I reached in the back of the drawer and there was a paper stuck in the back. I pulled it out .It was the paper I printed on New Years Day of Wayne’s blog for 2015. I thought well, I guess I need to read this. “Planning what you will do months ahead is not living in the moment “and it was something I needed to hear. I bought Wayne’s book in 1976. I have every either book or in later yrs. tapes /cd’s . I have them in my studio and sometimes music is what I play , sometimes its Wayne. His words have helped me over the years. My grandson (4) even recognizes his voice! So Wayne will live on in his writings and words of wisdom for many years to come.

  20. Linda Kettner says:

    Something truly terrible happened the past few days that caused me to not be able to find my usual route in toward G-d at my center. My daughter and I were looking for her beloved cat, a favorite and quirky character that brought her whole neighborhood into warm relationship, who had gone missing. After hopeful looking, talking with lots of lovely people, following a few false leads, and even meeting some disadvantaged children who had lost their own kitten (which she took them to the Humane Society and helped them find), she was putting up posters describing Tux and her red collar and half-amputated tail, when she came home for a few minutes and found that, in her absence, Tux’s red collar had been left on the sidewalk in front of her house. It felt sinister and threatening and no one has been able to come up with a plausible answer that is not creepy. (She found on a cat alert page that there are known cases in her neighborhood of people relocating or harming cats.) More alarming, how did whoever did this know where she lived? She’s been having some hard times and this cat brought her so much joy and comfort, not to mention mentoring her other, more emotionally wounded, cat. Lots of tears and even fears for my daughter’s safety, and I was up half the night with violent imagery whirling through my head and unable to find the anchor of holiness that I can usually at least catch by a thread. This morning, perusing the contents of your email, my heart is finally opening again and feeling washed with faith and love–the pain and darkness are still easy to find, but not running the show anymore, as the sunshine is becoming visible once again. My own pain (hers is for her kitty, mine is for her!), has rendered me but a poor support in her time of grief, but now I’m at least turned back in the direction of truth. Thank you.

  21. Judy says:

    You know what hit me most of all the Wayne stuff? When he admitted years ago he jacked up an intervention with his daughter. Under the advice of ” tough love” and all that crap. I’ll never forget him talking about that. And THAT my friends is a message for this world. Addicts don’t need tough love…. Trust me they already hate themselves enough at that point. They need in fact, the opposite. To be shown their worth.

    Xoxo Wayne

  22. M.Metcalf. says:

    Nick, your expression of love for Wayne Dyer is very important as I feel your tribute to him online is a way for the public to express themselves around his transition. Thank you for providing the opportunity to do so. You are a wonderful person.

  23. Victoria says:

    I closed my eyes and turned inward, and heard “that’s it…that’s all you ever have to do…that is enough…you are enough just in this moment.” Beautiful.

  24. Joyce says:

    The connection made my heart fill with Love.
    I came to realize from listening to your conversation with Wayne that you posted here a few days ago that he made his transition on the same date (Aug 30th) that he had his experience at his father’s grave..41 years ago!
    You have lovingly shared your memories of Wayne. Thank you, Nick.

  25. Nancy Griffis says:

    Yes, I did as you suggested…..conscious contact, a place of pristine peace felt deep within my heart – an oasis, my oasis. Thank you.

  26. dragica says:

    Oh, I am so sad to hear that there won’t be any more mail from Wayne. He will be with Rumi, and I won’t hear them at that hour. I usually sleep until 8 or 9 without waking. And if I do wake I go back to sleep and then I usually have a dream. I shall pay even more attention now to these dreams because I just decided that those are the secrets coming from the breezes.
    Conscious contact to me means being present to what IS now. Turning off the autopilot.
    Thank you Nick for generosity. Happy fatherhood too.
    And the biggest THANK you you can imagine for providing a way to share without the Facebook.

  27. Pauline says:

    I tried straight after reading your message and my eyes filled with tears and I felt like someone had given me a hug! Truly beautiful!

  28. Heather says:

    I did the 10 second “connection” while sitting at my desk at work. To me it is connecting with God and allowing Him to instill grace, patience and love in my heart. And the word love immediately brings all of my wonderful grandchildren to my heart and soul!!!

  29. Sherron lewis says:

    It means to breathe into one’s self the very breath of life. It means to exist. To experience the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. It is to be still and find and know the God who gives one movement and Being. It is the meaning for one’s life, purpose and existence. It provides strength to continue giving life to others who do not know their reason for Being. It redirects an individual to thoughts of life and not dread, apathy and depression. Can I get an “Amen”?

  30. Teresa C. says:

    Thank you Nick – I can feel Wayne through your wonderful words. I think he woke me up too this morning as it was 5:30 (thankful for that 30 extra minutes), and so I sat in bed facing the window where the light started to break through and meditated. I usually do so after my shower, but was inspired to do so then (albeit it a brief one as the cats started lurking about – feeding time). I will, though, do so again throughout the day. I work at home so have the opportunity to do so, instead of my usual, “No, but I really should be doing this…” when I should just take a few moments to “breathe.”

  31. judy says:

    I was inspired to make Conscious Contact at the time I awoke and read your message. I felt the Love of Spirit/God Consciousness around me immediately. I next felt my Mom’s contact assuring me that I had always “helped” her and especially so during the time of her serious illness (right before passing in May 2015). This was a great comfort to me as many questions still remain surrounding her last days.
    Thank you Nick, and Wayne, for my morning “wake up.” A little later, I was again inspired that those who recently passed – and were “very aware” – are helping those on this side by continuing their inspirations to us. It is up to us to be open to their loving contacts.

  32. Ang says:

    Thanks Nick. The pain in my tummy stopped. I have it every day. I lost my dog last week. My baby left for college this week. Wayne died in between. The message I realize as I write this is clear.
    Thanks again.

  33. Barbara Heffel says:

    The first recognizable shift was relaxation of the body. It became a receptacle rather than just a mass of physical buzzing energy. A receptacle for something fine, eternal, and more real than my ordinary experience. The “breath of God” infuses at moments such as this. Just maybe, with as much conscious contact as I can remember to make, I can breathe some of God back into the world, transforming myself for Life and Love.

    Thank-you for this offering.

  34. Nancy Irvine says:

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful words of Rumi. I did take a moment…and felt a lovely sense of peacefulness flowing through me. While Wayne Dyer was someone I did not know personally, I felt that he was a personal friend, always there to gently help me along. He was a bright light in this world.

  35. Val says:

    I fell asleep to his movie “The Shift” last night. I awoke at 5:00 a.m. to one of his lectures. I went back to sleep. Ty for the reminder, when it happens tomorrow I will not go back to sleep.

  36. Patricia Magoffin says:

    Yes, I actually did and I took a breath and I could feel all my teachers around me and Wayne right here with us–can’t cry about it, can only smile and smile deeply when I think of how much fuller my life has been with him here and now not here, but here still.

  37. A. Hetland says:

    Thank you Nick – so glad Wayne woke you this morning. I did a few visualizations to bring loving healing light into myself. I haven’t taken the time to do this in too long…caught up in my busy life. Great reminder.

  38. Marilyn says:

    Thank you for this, Nick. I loved to listen to Wayne’s lectures, and love his books, too. Conscious contact for me always means longing to feel God’s presence and to hear His voice. It can happen in an instant at times, like today. I can know that I am loved beyond my comprehension of what love really is and that I am safe now and forever.

  39. Ingrid says:

    I was never a follower of Dr Dyer but his books were a staple in my family home and discussions about his phylosophies were absorbed through osmosis. Through all the coutless emails that came into my promotion inbox overnight, I chose yours Nick with that headline about Dr Dyer waking you up. I guess he had some people he still wanted to touch and he knew you had a way to get him to these people. Me being one of them. I started watching the film Shift. Hey it was free and I love “homemade” movies as well as wanting to see what all the “Shift” was about so why not I thought. Interesting cast as well. Littlw did I know I would be a babbling brook 15 minutes into this hidden gem.
    Dr Dyer shared his phylosophy amidst the storylines of characters that suffered the ills of life. He offers the spiritual cure for their force against nature which certainly moved me. It felt like I was watching myself as I have tried so hard to “make my life happen” whereas his phylosophy is based in letting go so counter intuitive to those that are raised in goal setting and achievement as the gold standard to a happy life.
    Nick thank you for your post today and for allowing us to watch the Shift. Thank you for being the medium for Dr Dyer to get to teach me. I would possibly have missed this valuable lesson. Thank you very much.

  40. Jean says:

    Making contact is to my like checking in with my soul! I felt calm and relaxed and there was a sense if knowing !

  41. Edna Trujillo Martin says:

    Thank you, Nick, for sharing so much comfort this morning with me. Wayne influenced us in the most prolific way. This beautiful man, your good friend, has opened his heart and soul to me. His work continues in the most epic way. We will sit open and receptive. My thoughts, prayers and condolences to his family, to you and his extended family of friends. Edna

  42. linda says:

    Concious Contact: As I find myself 2 yrs younger than Wayne, I have come to realize “understanding” is all in my head …. Concious Contact to me is feeling … aware feeling .. (apparently at a lack of word here) … wow have to go an work on this, the heart knows the mind doesn’t have a clue…it’s best guess is only what has happened and this is something new in this experience .. thanks for the ponderance …

  43. Deborah Scalcione says:

    Good morning Nick,

    Conscious contact means being in contact with Source. I sat in front of my sewing machine (I’m at work ), closed my eyes and started breathing. After a few seconds, I saw an image of my mother and father smiling at me. They looked young again and very happy. It was nice to see them! Thanks so much!


  44. Rena says:

    Really loved what you wrote,Nick. I, too, woke at 5a.m. today, so your thoughts turned into words really resonated. Wayne Dyer…in honor and in memory.
    Thanks for sharing

  45. Eleanor myron says:

    Just took a morning walk in the beautiful sunshine with Rumi,s breezes of dawn as a beautiful meditation. I thought of Wayne Dyer and how he has touched my life,he made everything so personal it was like the loss of a good friend. He took living in the moment to a whole other level! We will miss him but we will remember him in the gathering breezes. Thanks to you Nick for all your wonderful posts.

  46. Joan says:

    As I read your thoughts, tears came to my eyes, realizing how impacted I was the times I sat and listened to Wayne Dyer over so many years. I wasn’t a deep and profound student; I didn’t study all of his writings– though I told myself many times I wanted to. But every time I caught one of his lectures, he left me thinking more deeply, feeling more intensely–always more aware. So, yes–I stopped to make conscious contact…. a feeling of peace, a chill up my spine, and more tears for the blessing of Wayne Dyer in our lives.

  47. Dena Elbracht says:

    I am sitting at work in an environment that isn’t very quiet. But consciously breathing slowly in and out, I feel peace, and calm. I am aware that my day becomes what I make it. Today I choose to be more aware, and more at peace. So thanks for the reminder, Nick–and as for Wayne, “You go Wayne Dyer, you go! You have prepared well for the next steps in your incredible journey.”

  48. Laurie says:

    Thank you. Apparently we both needed this today.

  49. Nancy says:

    Good morning Nick! We are all so connected, just not always ‘tuned in to receive’! I see Wayne and that smiley face of his sitting amongst all the other ‘life graduates’ and understanding the ‘why’ of it all. Some people live more deeply than others, and perhaps their essence stays more compact rather than scattered. Wayne made a tremendous impact on many people and will continue to do so despite the fact that he has moved on to another level. Bless you for being such a good friend.

  50. Nan says:

    I often wake up and start thinking about everything I need to do,forgot to do, and want to do.Today is different — After getting your message ,I decided to just close my eyes and concentrate on what’s really important . Tears came up and I’m not sure why ,but I know some unfinished business is lurking in the sub conscience. I will try to let my thoughts flow freely and write them as they come up . I often find writing them in poetry is a great release. Sometimes they are really good & I surprise myself. Thanks for all of your insight and sharing it a wonderful gift to give the world.

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