What’s Possible for 2012? What if…

Written by: Nick Ortner

For the past several years, Jessica has put together a f.r.e.e. audio called “What If…” that has been a huge hit.

It’s an amazing way to use tapping to start the New Year, in a guided, easy way that only takes a few minutes (15 min. max)

Did I mention it’s free and our gift to you? 🙂

Take just a few minutes now, you’ll be glad you did…

Please make sure to comment on the blog after you go through this powerful audio.

Right Click and “Save” Here to Download This Audio

Until next time…

Keep tapping!

Nick Ortner

Nick Ortner

P.S. What if 2012 was your best year ever…

What if making your dreams come true was a lot easier than you thought…

What if you knew that you had all the resources inside you to make it happen…

What if you’re smarter than you’ve ever been told…

What if you have a great gift to give to the world…

What if something amazing was just about to happen…

Tap and create it by listening to the audio above.



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162 Comments on this post

  1. Caroline says:

    I love this meditation … please will you add it to the app so that it’s always easily accessible. (You don’t even need to 2020’ise it ?)

  2. Martina Frank says:

    I can only follow my prewriter! Thank you so much for this gift, for all these possibilities and the light that comes through! Yes, you are a gift for the world! a very happy and fulfilled 2020 for you!!!

  3. Sharon says:

    This is really lovely! Thank you SO much! Even though we’re now half way through 2015, it is STILL so relevant. If you need to refresh, restart, re-focus, we can do that at anytime.

    Thanks again x

  4. Ajitha says:

    Excellent and very effective suggestions. I am sure i’ll be more efficient this year.

  5. joyce says:

    Lovely audio. Jessica has a lovely and assuring voice. Thank you all for what you are so generously sharing to make this a better world for all.

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  7. David says:

    I am so grateful that you post these! I’m curious though if you can post the transcript so we can do this even when we’re offline. Is that something you’re able to do?

  8. Janette says:

    What a lovely idea to clear the field for the growth of our own “untapped” potentials & what a generous new years gift,
    Thank you Jessica & Nick

  9. betty says:

    i loved the tapping, music, but as i was tapping, after a few min, i felt dizzy,kind of sick to my stomach, is that normal? had a lot of stuff?

  10. Stuart says:

    Where did all that wonderful energy and love come from – it just filled me up!

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