Weight Loss

The Real Deal About Food, Stress, Tapping and more…

Written by: Nick Ortner

Oh…food, food, food, food, food…

What’s happened to you dear food? What happened to the joy in food? What happened to eating meals in peace?

What happened to feeling grateful, nourished, warmed, happy… and more.

Our old friend, provider, sustainer, base of life…

Our memories, our families, our heritage… food… has turned into…


Cravings, weight gain, toxins… do I eat this? Don’t eat that! I feel guilty about eating this… so much stress…

When did food… forgive my French, become such a pain in the ass? On so many levels!

Well, there are two factors at play here, and we’re going to do some tapping to help significantly with one of them.

The first factor is the reality of our current food landscape: Stuff in a box.

This is a subject that books have been written about, it’s got so many complexities, that I’m only going to touch upon it here; but we are truly, deeply disconnected from our food. Once we as a culture started processing, packaging, freezing, and shipping our food, things changed in a dramatic way.

The nutritional content of “regular” food just isn’t there anymore and most of the stuff we’re eating either barely qualifies as food or is outright harmful. So I’m not going to take the approach that all you have to do is “tap”, feel good about your food, and everything will be fine. Can you transform a McDonald’s cheeseburger into something that is good for you with an elevated consciousness, positive thoughts, and a high vibration?

I absolutely think you can… but it’s a HECK of a lot of work! And most of us aren’t there, so the McDonald’s cheeseburger ends up being just that, a cheeseburger.

family preparing dinnerWe’re much better off starting with the good stuff, the fresh stuff, out of the garden, from the local farm, organic, full of nutrients and life force. Then it can actually help us, not be a burden on our system.

Ok, so the food itself needs to improve, but the information is out there to help you make that happen. But for most people, that’s not the big sticking point in getting healthy and nourished.

The big sticking point is that we’ve heard so many different theories. We’ve been told, “Eat this!” by one person and the next person says, “Don’t eat that!”, that our heads simply SPIN!

A meal is no longer a meal, it’s packed full of confusion, fear, guilt, stress, and more. And whatever you’re actually eating is nothing compared to the poison pill of negative emotions and stress that you’re swallowing. Heavy stuff!

So let’s start with easing that burden a bit with some tapping…


(By the way, if you read this article and don’t do this tapping right now, you’re wasting your time. 🙂 I don’t mean to be harsh, but the difference between this system of thinking is we’re actually DOING something to change right now, instead of exploring it intellectually. I don’t want you to walk away “knowing” more about food and our experience with it, I want you to walk away “being” different around food and YOUR experience with it – so TAP!)

If you’re not familiar with the tapping points, you can see them here.

It’s always important to measure our progress with EFT, so we know where we are and where we’re going, and even though these tapping statements are a bit more “global”, try this to measure it:

Say out loud: I am relaxed, at peace, and full of joy regarding the food I put in my body.

On a 0-10 scale, how true does that feel? 10 being 100% true, 0 being not true at all. Give it a number, it doesn’t have to be exact or perfect, and write it down.

Now let’s getting tapping!

Karate Chop: Even though I’m really stressed out about what I should and shouldn’t be eating, I deeply and completely accept myself
Karate Chop: Even though I can’t stop worrying about what’s “good for me” and “bad for me” I deeply and completely accept myself
Karate Chop: Even though I’ve heard too many different things about food, I’m overwhelmed and don’t know what to do.I choose to relax now

Eyebrow: All this stress around food
Side of the Eye: Should I eat this?
Under the Eye: I can’t eat that!
Under Nose: This is good for me
Under Mouth: That’s bad for me
Collarbone: Or is it?
Under Arm: I just don’t know what to eat
Top of the Head: So stressed out about eating

Eyebrow: I’ve read so many different things
Side of the Eye: Everyone seems to disagree on what to eat!
Under the Eye: I’m confused, scared and stressed about food
Under Nose: All this stress around food
Under Mouth: Releasing all this stress around food
Collarbone: All of this anxiety around food
Under Arm: I shouldn’t eat this
Top of the Head: I shouldn’t eat that

Eyebrow: Should, shouldn’t, should, shouldn’t
Side of the Eye: So much confusion
Under the Eye: Such a burden
Under Nose: So much anxiety
Under Mouth: So much stress
Collarbone: All around food
Under Arm: This stress around food
Top of the Head: Releasing all this stress around food

Let’s do some positive tapping (if you’re still feeling strongly negative, or if other things have come up, tap on those specifically before moving on to the positive).

Eyebrow: I choose to relax around food now
Side of the Eye: I choose to feel safe around food now
Under the Eye Food is safe
Under Nose: I am safe
Under Mouth: I am at peace and easily choose the foods the best nourish me
Collarbone: I relax around food, enjoying every bite I eat, regardless of what it is
Under Arm: Once I choose to eat something, I relax and release any guilt, fear or anxiety around it
Top of the Head: I choose to relax around food

Eyebrow: My body knows exactly what it wants and needs
Side of the Eye: I attract all the right information to help me choose the best food for me
Under the Eye: Food is safe
Under Nose: I am safe
Under Mouth: I choose to relax now
Collarbone: I let go of any fear, guilt or anxiety around food
Under Arm: Letting it go
Top of the Head: Letting it all go

Take a deep breath… and let it go.

How ya feeling? Let’s check in.

Say out loud: I am relaxed, at peace, and full of joy regarding the food I put in my body.

How true does that feel? Did the number go up? What else came up when you were doing the tapping? Remember, when we’re doing “global” tapping like this, we really want to pay attention to “specific” things that come up for us. I can’t instruct you to tap on a specific experience you’ve had because I don’t know what they are!

But you do; so as anything pops up, tap on it and release it. The more specific we get, the more the global tapping will “stick”.

And as a bonus, I’m also including one of the Tapping App Meditations to assist you even further.

Getting Back on Track

That’s it for now, just a couple of quick rounds to ease the burden a bit, release some stress and help you get more clear around food.

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

Share your experience with the above tapping. What came up? How did you feel before as compared to after the tapping? What insights, breakthroughs, or ideas did you have?

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181 Comments on this post

  1. Angela Lucas says:

    Thank you Nick. I have struggled with my relationship to food for a long time – and tried nearly every diet there is. I had given up. I have tapped today as above and many aspects came up which I will continue tapping on. I am registered to do your 7 week abundance course as I intuitively feel that somehow there is a deep connection. Almost like a fear of not having enough food or money down the track…..
    I have dabbled in EFT for a while now but I am really appreciating the structure and support you are providing.
    Thank you again Nick and your team who answered me promptly when trying to register for your course.

    • Nick Ortner says:

      That’s great to hear, Angela! We’re so glad to have you in the course and be a part of the community. 😀

  2. Sandy says:

    Food reactions for 2 years and have found no solution. I tap all the time, before I eat, after I eat. I do possitive affirmations and meditation. Can’t seem to get to the core issues. I have paid for expensive tapping coaching, but they haven’t helped. I tap constantly that I am safe and my world is safe. I never trust myself being by myself. Lots of anxiety! !!Da! Can’t hold a job so live on social security, with a disabled husband. What do you suggest?

  3. Cheryl says:

    Don’t feel so bad about the bowl of ice cream I ate about half an hour ago!
    Enjoyed every mouthful, too !

  4. Kathy says:

    Just wanted to say thank you. I Just started and have trouble being consistent. I Their has been some improvement around stress. Lost 2 of my adult children 4 years ago and used that sad information and I didn’t eat as much that day. I’m never sure about the wording and if I’m doing it right when I use something that isn’t from you are your sister. Anyway thanks for the words and tapping.

  5. Elaine M. says:

    Another wonderful tapping script which I’ll be sharing with my friends when we go out to eat. Thank you so much!

  6. Malathie says:

    This is a great article. People are confused about food. Fat, sugar, salt- how much or not at all? One article contradicts the other. We seriously have to Tap!

  7. Paul says:


    This was absolutely huge for me. I get negative physical and mental reactions from eating food, and even taking vitamins. Tapping on it just now gave me some major relief and I look forward to clearing it out some more.

    Enormous thanks.


  8. janet says:

    While tapping, I never realized being safe was a part of anxiety. Some of my overeating is from my frustration regarding lymphedema and a chance life style because of it. I realized that I was turning to food for comfort. A past pattern that hopefully with tapping will be a thing of the past. Here’s hoping!
    I also discovered being self care rather than always the doer can be productive also.
    Thank you!
    Sr. JANET

  9. luz says:

    Hi Nick,
    thanks for the book, I am reading and I aply everything, it is amazing .
    I am in a particular situation, to sell my house and the to buy other to move the city to change my life. It is stressfull situation, and my body reaction was with AN ALLERGY. It is itching my body , it is terrible. I never suffer of allergies. No food allergies. I don’t sure what is the cause. Days beforewhen i was catting the grass I was a bee stings and I felt bad and start to itch a lot for many days.
    I was tapping many time a refress me one moment and continue, tap for release stress, tap for allergy food (in this way), and nothing. can you help me, please?
    I will appreciate it. I live in Canada.

  10. Darlene says:

    I really liked the tapping around the stress of knowing what or what not to eat. I felt better after I did the tapping.

  11. Chakora McKenna says:

    Wow – I’ve been intendiing to do the tapping in this post since November! And finally came back and did it! I’ve been veg/organic since teenhood, and the more I ‘ve gotten into raw food and superfoods I’ve been more and more judgemental to myself when I go for a sandwich, especially a trice yearly grilled cheese (horror, but so fine!), or baguette dowsed in olive oil, or a dessert made with eggs. Even a coffee with org. half and half has me chiding myself, and I don’t sucumb to any of these things that often. So I did the tapping and will continue with it because it opened my heart chakra right away and filled me with a sweet sense of utter gratitude about my life and the luscious bounty and high-vibration foods available to us. Tapping’s another way to continue to experience and realize that our lives are more about what we intend, believe, and FEEL, than the actual things in it – after all , certain advanced yogis might just drink battery acid to prove it’s all a matter of perspective!

  12. Jim Mercado says:

    Wow; this tapping session on weight loss made me feel great.. I am an emotional eater, and I just felt a great feeling of release after tapping. I will continue tapping for guilt release and food anxiety every time I feel stressed around food. Thanks Nick

  13. Jeanne says:

    Thank you Nick! Very helpful. Would definately be interested in a three day event this spring – please do it!

  14. Troy Vayanos says:

    Thanks for sharing this great information Nick. Some really practically and straight forward techniques that can be used by anyone.


  15. Zandria says:

    Food (and wine) are an issue because, for me, they represent the Good Life / the Sweet Life (la dolce vita), which is what I really want my life to become. And both food & wine are historically key components to living well, a social indicator of prosperity, and mood altering in a positive way (i.e., mellowing out in order to open up to enjoying relationships with people).
    The main negative emotional component for me is GUILT — that I’m hurting my body, deteriorating my physical health, sugar negatively affecting my eyesight, midriff fat accumulates that’s hard to release/lose, etc ad nauseum.
    I really suspect that virtually ALL Americans have food issues — emotional eating is rampant perhaps because fast food/ processed food has disconnected us from our own body and from INTERACTING WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Humans are social animals, and we are starving for connection, full-fillment, and true satisfaction.
    Thank you for this beginning. It’s a HUGE issue in this culture (and we’ve been spreading the roots of this “evil” all around the world……).

  16. Teresa says:

    That was so wonderful. My Dad just past away and tapping help me. Thanks for sharing

  17. Janet says:

    Thank you for sharing these tapping technuiques with us. You have helped me a lot.

  18. Jen says:

    I have a very good friend in a coma, and i try to do some tapping on it but i do not know what to say exactly!
    Would you please give me some tips?
    Thank you

  19. Julie Kelly says:

    Thank you for this script. I have many, many food intolerances and sensitivities. I am afraid to eat most foods. I am afraid they will be toxic to my body. Yet, when I have something stressful happen where I feel I have made a bad mistake or am feeling major confusion in a relationship, I run to anything to eat that is on my “bad” list and binge on it/them which feels good for the moment and causes pain in my body for several days. Grassfed beef and organic peas are about my only safe foods to eat with pleasure and no painful consequences. Thank you again for this basic script to work with. I am grateful.

  20. Lauren Tripp says:

    ps: You are in CT? Do you have a schedule of tapping dates? I would love to attend a one-day tapping event if you are giving one! thanks!

  21. Lauren Tripp says:

    I used this tapping today when I was in Trader Joe’s here in CT and saw pappermint bark and a gourmand chocolate ‘stack’. I tried to do it inconspicuously, but it worked! I didn’t buy either of the items and found myself thinking I absolutely wasn’t ‘in love’ anymore with either item! You do a great job!

  22. Elizabeth Stratton says:

    HI, I just did the “Food Tapping.” I loved it and think it really hit the spot, but a strange thing happened. My feet started really uncomfortable and prickly. Would this have anything to do with the food reference in the Tapping? Thanks for this tapping experience again. E

  23. annamarie says:

    Thanks for the tapping sequence. I was just putting a half a slice of pizza in my mouth for lunch when I stopped and did the tapping. I feel better about it, no guilt. I eat healthy but have put on some weight in the last few years. I was just listening to a video on the HCG protocol and wondering if I should do it. It seems successful but restrictive. One has to be fully committed to it. I’m not sure I’m there yet and maybe should be considering tapping as a first solution.

  24. Visma says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I appreciate the words to get
    me started. It works wonderfully.


  25. Tina says:

    This was an interesting tapping session for me, as I have a severe gluten intolerance. For me the fear around food is more about the effects of getting accidentally ‘glutened’ not about how much I eat, I am not sure I’ll ever feel ‘safe’ with food but it would be great if you could include food sensitivities and allergies in the tapping seminar. P.S I did get the bit about my body knowing what to eat, maybe I need to work on that.

  26. hoyt says:

    Hello Nick
    I though that was very good,I would love to have something on Food and diet.

  27. Marypat Lee says:

    Wow Nick! Leave it to you to address a topic that is bugging us and we don’t even know it! You hit the nail on the head once again with your wonderful insight and love for tapping it in to reality. Thanks so much for never fearing to follow your intuition and openly discuss REAL issues. Gotta love that about you!
    Always a fan,

  28. jan says:

    Hi Nick. I was working on the fig bars when I was reading your tapping. stopped, tapped. Did not need more fig bars. I am not young, not any heavier then for the last many years, just most of the muscle is gone. someone elsse mentioned issues with the colon. Me too. will keep tapping and reading your messages. thanks for all your care and concerns for all of us. Jan PS do you know of any paarasite that would cause vision loss? three men were discussing their loss and one said his was found to be caused by a parasite. He is on a special spice oil regiem and claims his own stem cells are working to repair the optic nerve damage. Any information you might know about such would be appreciated. One of the men who is now legally blind is my husband. stroke in the eye only, with immediate (just hours) blindness in that eye.

  29. Brenda says:

    I wish I would have read the message sooner…I just read it and food has been an issue fro me since early childhood…As an toddler I used to take my baby sister’s bottle and drink it…my step-father would try to get me to chew my food…I was prone to swallowing whole and only partially chewing. Food was used as punishment…we were sent to bed with out dinner. I would sneak food in the middle of the night. I was diagnosed as an over eater in grade school and put on diets before second grade or third grade. There is a lot of shame and imbarrassment around food for me and my weight. I have retrickted my food, binged, used laxatives and dieuretics as well as diet pills , and just about every diet known to man and excessive exercise. I would love to find a balance and be healthy.

  30. Bonnie says:

    Thank you for this specific tapping on fear of food. I have diabetes and my fear of food has grown every time I have a high blood glucose reading! I am beginning to do this tapping before each meal. I know my blood glucose levels will become lower. Once again, thank you!

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