Make Yourself Happy With One Thing

Written by: Nick Ortner

Have you ever heard the phrase “Money can’t buy you happiness”?

Well, new research is in fact showing that it actually can make you happy… but only if you spend it in a certain way. I think you’ll find this fascinating.

Check out this short Ted talk where Michael Norton describes the research and how it could help make YOU happy during this holiday season, just by doing one important thing:

Project Light: From Rwanda to Newtown – A Journey of Hope, Healing, and Possibility

If you’ve been with us for a little while, you might know about the work we’ve been supporting in Rwanda for the past several years, helping genocide survivors through the use of Tapping.

You might also know that I live in Newtown, Connecticut, the site of the Sandy Hook school shootings, and started The Tapping Solution Foundation in order to provide stress and trauma relief to the local community.

david-feinstein-quoteThe work we’ve been doing on the ground here has been profound, extremely well received, and effective!

And some of the many miracles that have happened, not only here in Newtown but around the world, are simply breathtaking.

Especially the powerful connection between Rwanda and Newtown, the levels of healing that have occurred, and the possibilities for the future.

To show you the power of Tapping in transforming ourselves and the world, we’re showing a powerful documentary film for free entitled:

Project Light: From Rwanda to Newtown – A Journey of Hope, Healing, and Possibility

I think this film will help show you what’s possible in your life when you use Tapping…


Here’s why I think it’s so important for you to view this movie, and I urge you to share it with everyone you know:

It will give you profound hope about humanity and its potential for the future.

If you’ve faced any trauma in your life, big or small, it will explain much of what its effect has been, and how you can heal it.

It guarantees laughter and tears, sometimes at the same time! 🙂

Through the Tapping Solution Foundation, we’re also fundraising during the holidays.

If you donate any amount of money (even a dollar!) I’ll gift you a $97 package of 10 Tapping Meditations!


100% of your donation will be used to fund Trauma Relief and Resiliency Projects, helping to expand our reach and impact to as many people in need as possible.

Your tax-deductible donation will help us continue our work by promoting the healing effects of EFT Tapping to those in need around the world.

Give the gift of hope and healing this holiday season!

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

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9 Comments on this post

  1. Kristine Rampone says:

    Beautiful video and cause, it felt so good to be able to help

  2. JeanG says:

    This is a very interesting talk and quite thought-provoking.
    I wonder if you considered the fact that (outside of your experiment) you can only spend money on other people if you have enough/can afford to do so. So in essence you are already ‘comfortable’/happy? Money can by happiness for other people, as long as you are not so poor that you can’t afford to share. BTW if we ever won a large amount of money we would share it amongst our family and with our favourite charities.

  3. Donna says:

    Thank you so much for posting this video: Money Can’t Buy Happiness. I have wanted to donate for a long time, but couldn’t find a “right cause”, there are so many. Also, most of them need so much money that my little contribution would be meaningless.
    I have now found and I am thrilled. It will be a regular, and very doable, thing for me.
    Thanks again

  4. Cynthia Miller says:

    This interesting. I have all of my life been intrigued and interested with medicinal herbs and technics from the east. Much Appreciation for opening the door of this relm. I want to lestn more for myself and Others.

  5. Ilsa Joki Dawson says:

    What a wonderful video that gives hope to all people, no matter what! Seeing the encouraging results brings joy to the recipients and the viewers. Thank you for sharing!

  6. margarita says:

    Not that we didn’t know that seing beyond your own needs it’s the only way to be happy, but it’s very well put indeed!!

  7. Barbra Hickey says:

    Wonderful video Nick. and, what a delicious Christmas gift to be able to see it. The giving seemed to continue through the film. When it got to school children raising enough funds to send Rwandan children to college!!! I was crying with joy and gratitude. Thank you.

  8. pat bell says:

    The video on Rwanda broke my heart and at the same time filled it with joy. To see the heart and soul of those who gave, those who healed, and those who then gave back confirmed once more the beauty of the human soul. The joy with which they gave and the joy with which they received are so telling. This is what we are here for–whether it is a kind word and a smile to someone who needs it right then, or multiple trips to Africa to heal the wounds of genocide. Thank you for sharing this–and to all who give of their love. How can we not have faith in life with examples like these. We may not understand why “terrible” things happen, but we know what a difference kindness and appreciation makes.

  9. Pat says:

    It is the joy you feel after giving to someone really in need. The amount really does not matter.

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