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Written by: Nick Ortner

CaseStudy.V2What happens when we give children a chance to develop emotionally and mentally, as well as academically, within the school environment? Traditionally viewed as places of learning, the biggest challenges students face often have little to do with the curriculum. Instead, factors like test anxiety, classroom dynamics, social pressures, as well as bullying, issues at home, and in some cases, trauma, can have the largest impact on how students perform.

Eager to support students in managing their emotional well-being, The Tapping Solution Foundation designed a short, simple program that would be easy for schools to incorporate into their packed schedules. The Foundation then offered that program to Pacific Grove Middle School in Pacific Grove, CA, curious to see what kind of impact it would have.

Tapping for Students

Before the school rolled the program out to students, teachers completed a training session in tapping. During that training, school staff and teachers were taught how to tap, as well as how tapping impacts the body, relieving stress by lowering cortisol levels in the body.

Once the teachers were trained, the only change to school routines was at the start of each school day, when the 11 and 12-year old students came together for homeroom. Instead of jumping directly into the day’s announcements, teachers began each morning’s homeroom with a six-minute group tapping meditation.

During that time, teachers, students, and staff did tapping on releasing stress and anxiety and then ended by tapping on setting positive intentions for kindness, gratitude, and achieving specific academic goals that day.

Immediate Results

Within the first two weeks of this daily practice, student social and test anxiety went down, test scores improved, and behavioral issues among students decreased. Teachers, students, and staff also noticed those special needs children began self-regulating better. Bullying also went down as cooperation and productivity went up.

Before long, these tapping meditations had had such an effect on the students, teachers, and staff that tapping became a central part of the classroom culture. When a student was having a bad day, it was common for another student to suggest that the entire class pause to tap with that student. Similarly, students started suggesting they all tap together when a teacher had a bad day.

As a result, students are continuing to perform better on all levels – academically, socially, and emotionally. Relationships within and beyond the classroom have also dramatically improved. It’s been a huge shift, all from just six minutes of tapping per day.

Thanks to the overwhelming success of the program in Pacific Grove, it has since expanded and is active in schools in Hawaii, New York State, Connecticut, and beyond.

To learn more about the work we’re doing in schools and elsewhere, visit website here.

Nick is the CEO and founder of The Tapping Solution

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  1. Karen says:

    I had read this on a FB post and there was a picture book suggested – something about 2 animals, one of which is a gorilla – if you know what I’m talking about can you give the title again?!

  2. MKI says:

    Do I get to share this using your URL on my blog? I’d love for schools and teachers to be equipped with this tool so kids will have exposure coming from the school environment. Would be so much better if kids can address emotions ASAP rather than waiting for them to resurface many decades later!

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