EFT Tapping for Sleep: Could This Be the Breakthrough Solution to Your Sleep Problems?

Written by: Nick Ortner

EFT Tapping for sleep could just be the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

Are you one of the one in three people in the United States who report not getting enough sleep every day? Or perhaps you’re part of the estimated 50 to 70 million people grappling with an ongoing sleep disorder?[1,2]

The struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed is real. And it’s also an issue that we can’t afford to ignore!

According to the CDC, sleep deprivation affects both our mental and physical health. It can impact our focus, productivity, memory, and decision-making skills, and it can also lead to increased risk for chronic health conditions. Sleep issues make it hard to get through the day, and they can also affect our health in the long run.[3]

The bottom line is that sleep is important. 

We all know we need good sleep. But the trouble is, we don’t always know how to get it! Luckily, that is where EFT Tapping for sleep comes into play.

In this post, we’ll cover:

What is EFT Tapping?

Jessica Ortner doing EFT Tapping for sleep with a night sky background with moon and stars

Tapping, otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), is grounded in the principles of both modern psychology and traditional Chinese medicine.

The technique involves using your fingertips to tap on specific meridian points of the body. Tapping on these acupoints, which we call EFT Tapping points, helps to release strong emotions, reduce stress, and induce relaxation in both brain and body. It is simple and effective, it’s all natural, and the best part is you can do Tapping by yourself (from the comfort of your own home, without any fancy gadgets or supplements)!

Curious to learn more about how Tapping works? Check out our Tapping 101 guide to EFT Tapping to get all your questions answered, including how to Tap, where to Tap, and more.

How does EFT Tapping for sleep work?

Woman sleeping in bed with head on pillow, getting a good night's sleep

Tapping for sleep works by inducing a state of relaxation and calm in mind and body.

When we are stressed, anxious, or overloaded with thoughts, our body is in a state of “fight or flight,” making it difficult to sleep. Tapping helps to switch off the “fight or flight” response and activate the “rest and digest” response, which prepares our bodies for sleep.

Research has shown that EFT Tapping can decrease activity in the amygdala, the part of your brain responsible for controlling fear and stress responses (“fight or flight”). It even reduces cortisol, the stress hormone.[4,5]

All of this makes Tapping a great tool for sleep. By helping your brain and your entire body to calm down and relax in a very real way, it puts you into a state of being where sleep can come easily. 

When done regularly before bedtime, Tapping can help you create a healthy sleep routine and signal to your body that it’s time to wind down and prepare for a restful slumber.

Tapping can also be beneficial for sleep when used at any time of day. When you use Tapping throughout the day to address stress and release strong emotions, you set yourself up for better sleep later on when it’s finally time for your head to hit the pillow. 

*Want to learn more? You can read all about the links between stress and sleep and the science behind Tapping for sleep here.*

Tapping really is one of the best ways I know to improve sleep quality.

But don’t just take my word for it! There are thousands of people who have used Tapping themselves to finally change their sleep patterns for the better.

Real-life stories of sleep transformation

Woman sitting on bed stretching arms, waking up after sleeping well

Tapping has been shown to help people fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up more refreshed.

I have heard thousands of real-life stories over the years from people who have first-hand experience with the transformative power of EFT for insomnia and sleep issues.

Take, for example, Joanne. Joanne had trouble sleeping for years, and she had tried every herbal remedy and natural sleep aid on the planet with mixed results. She started our Sleep Challenge Tapping meditations and was amazed by the difference. She says, “I figured, what the hell – I have nothing to lose. Well, the miraculous truth is that I am sleeping much, much better. And for me, this is huge. Each day when I do the tapping, my body relaxes a little more… I am seeing real progress with this… This tapping series has made a life-changing difference for me.

Jane noticed significant improvements in her sleep patterns after just three days of Tapping, saying, “Oh my goodness. The difference to my energy after the three days of sleep tapping. I can see from my fitness tracker my sleep is improved.” 

She goes on to explain, “This morning I had to be up at 5:45 for work. Normally that would mean a poor night’s sleep and difficulty getting up. Not today. Slept soundly until my alarm.”

And then there’s Vanessa. Vanessa had narcolepsy and chronic sleep issues for years. But Tapping finally turned things around for her. You can hear Vanessa herself explain the transformation in this video.

Want to become a great sleeper, just like Joanne, Jane, Vanessa, and the thousands of others who have found relief with Tapping for sleep issues and insomnia?

Then it’s time to try Tapping! You can learn more about how to Tap here, or you can check out our The Tapping Solution App: your one stop shop for all things Tapping!

Using The Tapping Solution App for sleep support

Hand holding phone with The Tapping Solution App, doing EFT Tapping for sleep meditation to quiet racing mind

We created The Tapping Solution App to help people like you; people who have been feeling stuck with issues like sleep for years, who have tried everything, and just want relief. 

We want you to know that there is a tool that does help. One that has been proven by the research and that is backed by thousands of real-life success stories. So we created an app that walks you through the process and makes Tapping into restful sleep as easy as possible.

Sleep issues are one of the top reasons people use The Tapping Solution App. In the app, we’ll teach you how to Tap, and how to use this tool to get the best sleep of your life.

You’ll be guided through the process every step of the way, and you can get started tonight!

Here’s what one of our users, Wendy, has to say about the app:
I can’t tell you for how many years I would lay awake with a busy mind. Since using this app for a few weeks, I can now crawl in bed and be sleeping in just a few minutes.

Tapping meditations for sleep

The Tapping Solution App not only guides you through the process of Tapping, but it also provides a variety of guided Tapping meditations specifically designed to promote healthy sleep. 

Whether your mind is racing, or you’re simply finding it hard to wind down, we’ve got a meditation for you! 

Here are some of the meditations you can choose from in our Sleep Support Category:

This is just a small sampling of the more than 500 meditations in our library, which cover everything from anxiety, to pain relief, to financial abundance, to gratitude. Explore all of this and more in the app now!

Ready to try EFT for sleep?

Hand holding phone with The Tapping Solution App, showing EFT Tapping for sleep meditations

If you’ve tried all the alternative sleep therapies and holistic sleep solutions out there and still need help, then you’ve got to try EFT Tapping for sleep!

Sleep is a key pillar of health and wellbeing, and Tapping could be the first step in reclaiming the quality sleep you deserve.

So join the ranks of those who have found solace in the gentle rhythms of Tapping, and start your journey towards restful nights and energetic days right now. 

Ready to get started? Tonight’s the perfect night to try something new! Learn the basics of Tapping now, or hop on over to the app and we’ll walk you through the whole process to help you sleep like a baby tonight. 

Wishing you sweet dreams!

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

P.S. Want to make the most of The Tapping Solution app for sleep? We share all our favorite tips and tricks to help you sleep better with EFT here.

Woman sitting on ground holding phone showing The Tapping Solution App - how to use EFT for sleep


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