Hitting Rock Bottom: Video

Written by: Nick Ortner

We have all experienced those moments in life where we felt completely overwhelmed emotionally. So much so that it brings a level of deep, gut-wrenching pain. If you’ve experienced this “rock bottom” emotion you can picture that moment.

Maybe it was finding out that a family member was sick, or maybe it was a really tough breakup, or perhaps a moment where you were just taken over by the stress of a really tough financial situation.

Sometimes those moments can make you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, and as painful as they can be, the reality is that those moments can very healing for us and can allow us to move forward in a positive way.

My sister Jessica recently sat down in front of the camera and had a talk with Sonia Ricotti, author of the book “Unsinkable,” where Sonia discussed what to do when you hit these overwhelming moments and feel like you’ve hit rock bottom.

Sonia is known for her insights on how to bounce back stronger than ever from seemingly insurmountable situations, and in this video, she discusses that.

Just press play below to watch this video now:

Unsinkable with Sonia Ricotti

Sonia talks on this subject because she’s been through tough situations herself. She shares one of those difficult moments where she found herself in tears at around 5 minutes.

I hope this video helps you understand that no matter how low you may feel, you can always bounce back. 🙂

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

What was your “Aha” moment? Comment below to have a chance to win a free copy of Sonia’s book!

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  1. Marie says:

    I have listened to Sonia for years, and I value her sharing her experiences, knowledge, successful businesses generously and many times at no cost through her webinars.

  2. Katleen says:

    Step away from the closed door and new doors will appear… reframe the situation and surrender to ‘what IS’ … these are my aha-moments

  3. Ena says:

    My aha moment was accepting that I am currently not where I want to be, but I am now doing all I can to be where I do want to be

  4. Resistance says:

    It really resonated with me when Sonia talked about resistance being like staring at a closed, locked door. I have a tendency to want everything to make sense. So I go over and over it in my mind, looking at the situation from all angles. Telling the story over and over, to myself and others. I never looked at this as resistance before. Ah Ha!

  5. Katherine Jarrell says:

    Thank you so much Sonia and Jessica! This was timely for me as I woke up early today ruminating about a dynamic with a coworker. This has given me clarity on how to approach the situation with less emotion/ ‘justified resentment’ and more willingness to acknowledge that my perspective is just that…my perspective. I am grateful, thank you.

  6. Quilla says:

    Thank you so much for fully explaining this concept Sonia and Jessica. It is so simple and I have many things going on in my life to use it on!

  7. Tej Gaytan Legorreta says:

    It was so perfect for me to listen to Sonia today, to let go of the depression about arguing with my sister and wanting to change that patern. I keep “tapping” I cried, surrendered about it, and finally it released and I feel so much better! Thank you Sonia, Jessica.

  8. Nancy says:

    Sonia just helped to remind me that I cannot control my children’s lives…so I am going to surrender and let inspiration come to me as to my best role in this.

    Ah…it’s like the smell of a fresh, spring rain…cleansing and comfy!

    Thank you!

  9. Arlene Hogan says:

    my story is so much worse than the actual problem..Maybe it isn’t really a problem at all….thanks for the video..

  10. Ron Mc. says:

    Very enlightening. I’ve learned to let all the negative things go. They’re in the past I cna’t do anything about them now!

  11. Ann Britton says:

    Earlier this week, I realised that I have spent the last 14 years not enjoying my life because I was “recovering” from an abusive marriage, and an unhappy childhood. BUT I used to be happy! What happened? Somehow I lost the fun… Now, I am looking for a job I WANT, not one that just pays the bills (that is such a miserable place to be!). If I lose my house because I can’t afford the mortgage, I won’t be thrilled but I will still have a wonderful life, amazing friends, gorgeous kids and live in a beautiful part of the world. I am feeling much happier, and because of tapping, able to cope with the stressful moments much more calmly and realistically.
    Truly – “Aha!”
    Thanks for the chat, Sonia – hope your dad maintains good health for many years to come! And Jessica – you are such a gorgeous girl!

  12. rita says:

    When I came to the realization that I could not fix others.I could fix me only. So while praying and tapping for me,I included thoes family members and friends in my prayers and meditations.

  13. Rosemary says:

    I love listening and kearning
    I find this information invaluable
    Tapping and this awareness Sonia was talking about is a wonderful way to transform energy!!!

  14. Manuel Medina says:

    Have been dealing with the lack of employment, the loss of unemployment benefits which has put me in a bind wi the rent I owe! Watching the video has allowed me to accept it and release it. Have been stressed because of this situation. Having watched the video now have the insight that I CAN and WILL OVERCOME THIS! Thank You.

  15. leda says:

    Wonderful interview. thank you!

  16. Claudia says:

    I am out of job. I’m getting older and I think I won’t find a good job. I realized I need to let go my fears, accept my situation an find If I come up with some solutions…..


  17. Sylvie says:

    To accept where I am financially (in debt), my relationship with my children , my step children Andy bf cause so much has been happening that I have been resisting what it and resenting whT was not! I’m angry and trying to let go of the anger. 45 y old and I was hoping i would be in a better place! I forgot about what resistance does! Thank you for reminding me.

  18. Nicole says:

    Great interview, thanks for that. The truth that we need to remember so simply explained!

  19. Jen Ahrens says:

    I am still learning how to accept and to let go. This video and the training to come is helping me so much already! It does help to reinforce all that I have been learning lately.

  20. Janet DiTroia says:

    Loved this interview, Sonia was wonderful, on target and so enlightening. Such simple things we can do to help ourselves reach that wonderful state of peace and clarify. I am grateful for this info as it continues to pour clear water into the grape juice of life….so we can all see much more clearly
    Love. Light and Peace………………

  21. Moraina Hochman says:

    my aha moment was realizing I must accept my illness instead of fighting it, judging myself and measuring my life and my identity by how my body reacts to stress! Thank you for the closed door metaphor,

  22. Maria says:

    My ‘moment’ or clue-in reference point was the mention of an ‘in between’ (what comes in between the actual event and my reaction to the event) which, in my opinion, links up beautifully with Tapping in order to figure out exactly what that in between is! That is huge for me because i tend to get ‘stuck’ in my perception or filter which is in fact the ‘in between’ where i become my own worst enemy and tend to marinate in it until i finally realize that i am stuck and not moving towards any type of resolution…..this tends to be followed up with frustration and procrastination and paralysis. Thank you Sonia and Jessica for your precious input and for what i think is definitely a complementary partnership!!

  23. Pam says:

    Hmmmm….my aha moment – it’s all a story and we can shift that story. Beautiful message. Thank you.

  24. Deana says:

    My aha moment was realizing that it’s my choice to feel up or down, positive or negative, and that the down and negative are the poor choice! I’ve recently decided to quit having gripe sessions with my coworkers and now I see why!

  25. Marilyn Mileham says:

    At last someone explained Surrender!
    Thank you! I get it!
    It is what it is . Not right or wrong it just is!!!!
    I am not giving up or holding a white flag of surrender to an
    Enemy! Just seeing it as it is and labeling it

  26. Orice says:

    I so needed the reminder to stop knocking on that closed door. My partner notified me almost three months ago that our relationship was over, but I have been standing in front of that closed door and feeling a whole host of negative feelings since. Now is the time to accept what is and move on. Thank you for this video.

  27. L Bunning says:

    My AhA moment came with th explanation of The closed door…I was sitting ruminating about difficulties in my life, it was so timely that I laughed out loud.

  28. Pattie says:

    Wpw, my aha moment came when Sonia spoke about resistance and not accepting is like staring at a closed door actually a locked door and you’re not going anywhere. You’re butted up against the door stuck saying ” this shouldn’t be happening, why has this happened to me”. That’s me and my story, my dad died when I was 3, I’m now 56 and still not accepting it and thinking how my life would have been different had it not happened. I mean what good has that done all these years and yet I still feel the loss, I’m still at that locked door and for 53 years have watched All those open doors of opportunity that have been all around me all these years float away while I stand at that closed door. I went through pre-mature menopause at age 18 and found out I could not have any children. Another closed door. However I did become a mother when I adopted my beautiful son at age 35, but I still remained at that closed door, I held onto the grief, I don’t let anything go, I even hold onto other people’s sadness……., I just realized something, my husband is always reminding me that I leave all the doors open around the house, the cabinet door, bathroom drawers etc maybe that was my guardian angel telling me it’s time to move on and I never realized that until just now. I think that’s going to be my tapping target , thank you

  29. Linda says:

    My relatationship has broken down after 31 years and 2 daughters. We are all feeling a lot of pain urlt I am taking on everybodies pain as I constantly asking how they are and reading something into every word uttered and every look in case they are being brave and hiding their true feelings. My aha moment is to step back, look into tbe light and just let things be instead of trying to control things and Sonia really struck a cord when she said about the mind chatter, I am always filling in the gaps and making up stories and putting myself under such stress I feel I am heading for a breakdown but to the outside world I look great. I must accept the situation and allow the clouds to lift and find that clarity to move on. Tapping helps immensely and I thank you for showing the way to heal. God bless all you angels out there showing us lost souls the

  30. Shadi says:

    My Aha moment about a particularly painful emotional dilemma didn’t come in a Big AHA moment but rather in little Aha seconds. The disbelief that caused my emotional pain had many layers. As the layers peeled in their own time my Ahas led me to more delightful clarity. Exactly what tapping does. It was a tough tough journey to begin with but with each phase that surfaced and healed emotional pain got lighter and lighter. Thank you Universe, thank you God, thank you good beautiful people who with their hard work and knowledge have become tools to help others.

  31. Muriel says:

    Hi jessica & Sonia (I love your voice Jess ! it really soothes me and is clear to understand (-: )
    I loved this interview ! and it was POWERFUL ! : I had to spend the morning on the phone trying to sort some paperwork out which ment ringing an “authority” on the subject. I’ve always been scared of “authorities , that ranges from bank managers to customs officers and anything in a uniform. This morning, after my never ending calls I listened to your video, thenI went to lie down and ended up tapping. What came up for me was the realisation that the first time I’d had to deal with “authorities” was when I was 17 and had to apply for my US visa as I was French and at that point in France. I’d always had a green card when I grew up in NYC that my mum renewed, but this time, it was up to me, and cause I had not understood, I arrived at the embassy to be told that my green card had elapsed by 3 days and that that was it. I’d lost it !! This morning I realised I was carrying that grief and resentment since then, (I’m now 64 ! and so I understood why I was always so scared to get it wrong ! and WOW does that feel good to let go of ! and to accept my part in this play that is my life !!! Thank YOU both !!!!! xxxMuriel

  32. Mary says:

    Good life philosophy!

  33. Looking for healing says:

    Beautiful video and well said in easy and simple terms for anyone to grasp. My aha moment was last night talking with my mother. I have had a difficult time accepting who she is. Her actions and words have caused many “painful stories” to come flooding back, and in return, it ends up as negative energy towards her. When I finally realized she is who she is and accepted it, a great weight was lifted off my shoulders and heart. Instead of anger, love came flooding out. This short video alone, has taught me to be more forgiving and to accept what is beyond my control to change. I have many other areas in my life where this needs to happen, but what a great start to healing! Thank you for sharing all that you did.

  34. Karen says:

    Yes this is where I am! I’m discovering I’ve shut down my emotions for so long dealing with all this stuff I’m having a hard time turning them back on to truly get into this stuff so I can release it. But I had a good frustration tapping session last night. Gotta keep it up. There must be doors for me somewhere, need the right way to look at them.

  35. Great interview says:

    I went on a blind date and was rejected. Now I am thinking I am too old and will never find the right person. After this interview , I realize this is not really true because I never really looked for the right person. I felt I was not ready. Now I know I am. I can actively look for someone & friends will not feel the need to set me up. He was a gentleman beaking it off. It could have been worse. There are things for me to do that never seemed possible before.

  36. Brian says:

    That moment was surrender and acceptance, it reminded me of how when we see our lives are not where we want them, how we are resisting, I have been hearing “Surrender, trust, accept” over and over and definitely struggle with clarity in my life, things are changing so fast for me! It gives me another piece of the puzzle of what those words mean and the key to the clarity I need, the path has always been there, just screened by foliage!

  37. dillon ayer says:

    The locked door statement in relation to resistance. And the fact that there are open doors all around 🙂

  38. Meenakshi says:

    My aha moment was when sonia said that move away from locked door and you will see so many open doors around you

  39. mary dinkel says:

    My AHA moment was I relive some fearful moments………….triggers get the fear activated……..but what I feared never came to fruition. I can change the way I look at that fear today. Maybe it served some purpose to protect me when I was a child but I am bigger than that fear and I don’t have to keep reliving.

  40. BarbRupp says:

    I loved Sonia’s simple solution, why do I fret and worry instead of releasing, so i am going to try making a practice out of this! We have been looking and praying for a home to be moved to our property, as our is too old and is falling apart not worth fixing) I have been frustrated etc wanting a home that I am comfortable inviting guests…so am going to release this, be grateful and know the details will come together! thank-you Barb

  41. Kay Baumgartner says:

    Just this afternoon, about three hours before I watched your video, Sonia Ricotta (! — I know you’ve heard that about a squillion times since kindergarten), I was having to face calling the power company to try to avert the shut-off that they’d notified me would come tomorrow (the day before my birthday!). I’d been ostrich-like in my fear and avoidance, and (clearly) had waited till the last possible minute to deal with this. I’d bought Jessica’s book on weight loss a couple of months ago, and had been tapping (intermittently, I admit) for a few months before that. So I had the tools and the knowledge. But, aside from the fear and pride issues, I realized I was in resistance to my circumstances. Having known nothing but a comfortable middle-class existence, I was downsized in 2009, and have had long-term difficulty finding any kind of living-wage job ever since. I’ve been (internally) living in the world where my smarts and warmth and creativity and work ethic would produce a great job for me if I looked hard enough. Been working on spiritual development for the last several months in order to change my outlook, and EFT and the Ortners have been so helpful in that quest (when I’ve let them!). I’m adding you to the gratitude list now, Sonia. Acceptance, surrender, release, gratitude; a joyous sense of adventure, and receptivity to what comes next; asking the universe how I can serve my fellow humans; these (and qigong!) are the hallmarks of the new life I’m creating for myself. Thank you all for adding to the sum total of good in the world! Love, Kay

  42. Alicia says:

    Great video, perfect timing. Thanks for the advice! It’s so simple, but sometimes, you just have to hear someone say it and put it into context for you to really incorporate it into your own life. Thanks again 🙂

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