What is Tapping and How Does it Work?

Written by: Nick Ortner

Learn the Basics of Tapping

Tapping is a combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology that works to physically alter your brain, energy system, and body all at once.

The practice consists of tapping with your fingertips on specific meridian points while talking through traumatic memories and a wide range of emotions.

As Dr. Dawson Church says, “Acupoint tapping sends signals directly to the stress centers of the mid-brain, not mediated by the frontal lobes (the thinking part, active in talk therapy).” Because EFT simultaneously accesses stress on physical and emotional levels, he adds, “EFT gives you the best of both worlds, body, and mind, like getting a massage during a psychotherapy session.”

In fact, it’s EFT’s ability to access the amygdala, an almond-shaped part of your brain that initiates your body’s negative reaction to fear, a process we often refer to as the “fight or flight” response, that makes it so powerful.

It’s estimated that 10 million people worldwide have used tapping. What’s so exciting is how incredibly quick it alleviates issues like depression, anxiety, and insomnia, as well as severe PTSD, physical pain, even illness.

How to Use Tapping

The basic technique requires you to focus on the negative emotion at hand: a fear or anxiety, a bad memory, an unresolved problem, or anything that’s bothering you. While maintaining your mental focus on this issue, use your fingertips to tap 5-7 times each on 12 of the body’s meridian points (see the video below).

Tapping on these meridian points – while concentrating on accepting and resolving the negative emotion – will access your body’s energy, restoring it to a balanced state.

You may be wondering about these meridians. Put simply, energy circulates through your body along a specific network of channels. You can tap into this energy at any point along with the system.

Tapping is simple and painless. Anyone can learn it. And you can apply it to yourself, whenever you want, wherever you are. It’s less expensive and less time-consuming than traditional therapies. Use it with specific emotional intent towards your own unique life challenges and experiences.

Most importantly, it gives you the power to heal yourself, putting control over your destiny back into your own hands.

Additional Resources

There is now a lot of information on the science and research behind Tapping that you can read.

Through our Tapping Solution Foundation, we have been able to administer Tapping for trauma relief as well. Tapping has been successfully used for stress and trauma relief with survivors of the genocide in Rwanda as well as war veterans with PTSD.

Watch this short instructional video, originally filmed for our 2011 Tapping World Summit, which was attended by over 350,000 people online, to learn where the Tapping points are.

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

Nick is the CEO and founder of The Tapping Solution

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7 Comments on this post

  1. helena says:

    Hello Mr.Nick,
    ..even if I know “something” how my body “talks”- I experience sth “different”-just starting the very first time-and each of meridian spot was very painful and my side of palm got bruises
    When I get to the bad my heart was beating much stronger that usually/could not sleep/..AUTOIMMUNE DISORDER???..but I love to….fight:):):)and never give up…

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Hi Helena! You definitely sound like a fighter. I’d suggest tapping more gently on the meridian points to see if that helps. If not, you can also imagine tapping on the points as well. 🙂

  2. Emily says:

    Hi I’ve been tapping for a couple of days now as I have a hamstring injury that just won’t get better. Now it has actually got worse! Is this normal ? To get worse first?

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Hi Emily! It is possible, but usually not as a result of the tapping itself. Anger, frustration, and all such emotions can help contribute to an injury in a detrimental way. Also, if there are emotions that are “trapped” in your hamstring, they may all just be piled up, waiting to be released. You may wish to watch this video to help guide you with your tapping. 🙂

  3. Victoria says:

    How did you learn about tapping and how effective has it been in your own life?

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Hi Victoria! I’ve been studying self-help material for a long time and EFT was something that I came across years ago. I used it on a stiff neck one morning and instantly it went away. From that point on, I knew there was something big here, so I’ve successfully applied it to every area of my life thereafter with terrific results. 🙂

      I talk a lot about my own personal story with Tapping in my book.

  4. Mudde rovin says:

    I love to use this to see mi heart its pumping faster what’s the problem

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Over 2 Million Tapping Meditations Played in Our App!
Get Instant Access to our "Releasing Anxiety" and "Sleep Support: Quiet The Racing Mind" Tapping meditations.