What if he hadn’t made that mistake?

Written by: Nick Ortner

This past Saturday, I had something simply extraordinary happen to me.

On a beautiful, crisp September morning, I was walking in New York city on my way to speak at the Hay House Writer’s Workshop. Reid Tracy, a dear friend and the President of Hay House was to my right, and his friend Charlie to my left.

About two blocks away from the Javits center, Reid made a mistake, telling us to take a right…

And that simple mistake…made something really astounding happen.

Now, before I tell you what happened, a little context to this story. The walk from our hotel to the Javits center is a straight shot down 11th Avenue. Not a single turn, about 10 blocks south and you hit the Javits Center, a huge building that you just can’t miss.

On top of that, I’ve probably walked this same route a good ten times over the past couple of years, staying at the same hotel and speaking in the same place. Reid, who said we needed to turn right, has likely done it 20 to 30 times.

So what he did, and the fact that I followed him, made NO sense. We walked halfway down the block, and I could see the water on the Hudson and said, “Reid, this isn’t the right way. Don’t we just keep going straight?” He quickly agreed and was surprised with himself that he had turned right, but we got back on the main avenue and quickly forgot about it.

It wasn’t more than 20 seconds of walking when a lady ran up to us, “Are you Reid Tracy?” she said. “Yes,” he quickly answered. “Are you Nick Ortner?” she said as she looked at me. “Sure am,” I replied. She introduced herself, “My name is Hannah and I was just watching the tribute to Wayne Dyer last night and saw both of you on there! Oh my god…I can’t believe you’re here right now…” she continued.

Now, at this point, I thought it was someone going to the workshop, because we were just one block away from the Javits center. Being recognized at a workshop you’re running isn’t that surprising! Haha!

But what she said next floored me, “I live down that street,” she said as she pointed down the street we had mistakenly gone down, “and I saw you turn down the street, thought I recognized you, and then have been chasing you for half a block to see if it was really you!”

And then it got even crazier…

“Nick,” she said as she stared into my eyes. “You literally saved my life. Five years ago, I was online reading about how to drink anti-freeze in order to kill myself. I had heard it was an easy way to go, and I was done with life. Somehow, I stumbled on to one of your tapping videos, started tapping right there, in that moment, and felt a tremendous sense of relief. I tapped ALL night long and for the next couple of days. It transformed my life, gave me hope again and in the past five years, everything has changed.”

She went on to tell us about the amazing work she’s doing now, helping others heal, using sound healing, tapping and more. We chatted for a few more minutes, gave each other a big hug, and we parted ways.

Charlie, Reid’s friend who was joining us on the walk down said shortly after, “Wow…is this a regular thing that happens to you guys???”

We laughed and began talking about how bizarre it was that we took that right turn, because if we hadn’t made that “mistake” none of that would have happened. I’m still processing the beauty and magic of that experience, and all of its implications.

But here are my quick take-aways from it for you:

1. There are no accidents. Why did we take a right? Why did we make that simple, silly mistake? Why that block and not the block before or after? Clearly, something beyond us was happening here, to set up this magical occasion.

2. You never know who you’re helping with your good work. What I get to do on a daily basis is a blessing 1,000 times over. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share this life-changing technique with the world, to help others heal. The fact that somehow, something I did made such a profound difference in Hannah’s life, literally saving it, is beyond me. And truly, it is beyond me, because it wasn’t ME that did this, it was HER. She found her way to healing her deepest wounds, I was just there offering a helping hand. Remember, every good deed you do in the world has a profound ripple effect, one that we don’t always get to experience the way I didon Saturday.

3. Our lives can be magical, if we allow them to be so. Reason and logic can certainly serve us, they’re important and shouldn’t be simply discarded. But boy, do I love magical living and thinking! Life is fun when we allow, notice and embrace the synchronicity, thechance encounters, the small signs and guideposts along the way. Allow the magic into your life!

Comment: What does this story bring up in you? Do YOU believe in synchronicity?

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  1. Gizachew G. says:

    Yes! … I believe in synchronicity. Sometimes we messed up the pattern through excessive logic. But REMEMBER!! … our body is made up of so many cells, tissues & organs. These are living with us often times unnoticed … FUNNY!! … though we are living by their generosity & devoted services day & night. Each breath … is there to serve us for our survival, to sense the World beyond our logic & preferences. That is why we are living … since they are doing our assignments if at all.

    So YES!! … the WORLD had never been & will never be dictated by our genius. We are much involved in disrupting the health patterns of LIFE. Thanks to the SUPER synchronizer … the invisible energy of life … we are still living. The bottom line …. better to trust the MAGIC of LIFE.

    With appreciation to Nicky’s contribution.

  2. Venus Vassar says:

    Amazing . I do believe….It took a long time to allow my conscious understanding to make the shift…….I was conditioned to believe that this kind of belief was satanic. Hay house Authors , Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and Caroline Myss, to name a few have actually saved my life. Over the last 15 year the Universe has delivered their books in magical-mystical ways across my path. I have also noticed that many of the so called “mistaken” circumstances I have found myself in turned out to be the exact happening I needed to get me to my higher self. Still on my journey with many needs but I know I am right where I need to be for my teachers to arrive.. I am profoundly grateful for my Hay House Community.

  3. Liz says:

    Hi, I most certainly do believe in the wonderful synchronicities. I feel they are a pat on the back from upstairs for doing a good job…I loved reading that little story and not quite sure why I did as I just haven’t had any breakthroughs with tapping and rarely read your emails….sorry. I did pay a professional for 6sessions but felt no different. After watching The Tapping Solution II totally see that it works but really can’t understand why it doesn’t work on me..

    Good Luck with the fantastic work you do..

    Liz xx

  4. Kate says:

    Absolutely I believe in synchronicity. I find it happens when you are in a more ‘open’ place in your thinking. Things start to happen. There is more of a flow and connection between people, events, wants and desires. Being touched by the positive experiences in life, big or small is so life enhancing. Allowing yourself to be on the receiving end of other’s appreciation for what you do is so important too. We so often ‘bat’ away a compliment or thanks when what we should be doing is embracing it, as Nick has done. It feeds our souls and encourages us to continue on positive path of helping and nurturing each other.

  5. Ronnie Frankel says:

    This shows how things evolve the way they are supposed to. Every day I understand more and wake up happy to be here in the moment. I love hearing what you have to say. It always gives me hope.

    Warm regards from me to you.

  6. Glenna says:

    I believe there are no accidents and coincidences as well as accidents can bring us greater awareness. I enjoyed your comments as I enjoy all of your posts and book. I purchased your book “The Tapping Solution” when it first came out and bought another for my children. Tapping is very powerful, (I studied with Gary Craig) but I prefer the shortened method you use. I have taught many of my friends and it is particularly powerful for lowering blood pressure. One of my friends brought hers down 50 points! It probably saved her from a stroke. She thought it was really weird at first but is now a firm believer.

    Thank you Nick and thank Jessica since I follow her posts also.


  7. TeresaE says:

    Thank you for sharing this Nick.

    My soul is so much happier living in gratitude and looking for confirmations of magic, tapping was a part of my path and thanks for that!

    The more I learn, the more I realize, there are many paths to God, and God gives us many, many, beautiful paths in this world. Being aware, grateful and enjoying them is our only requirement.

    Peace and love to all.

  8. JoanPD says:

    Synchronicity is so very natural these days.

  9. Peggy says:

    Absolutely! I believe God is always working for our good in ways we see and in ways we don’t see. Sometimes it is through us and sometimes it is in spite of us. Praise to you Father, lover of our souls.

  10. Pauline Sonboleh says:

    Just received the book tapping solutions. Can,t wait to read it I am an 86 year old senior and very spiritual. You call it synchronicity some call it coincidence, in reality it is all G-D,s doing. He controls the world. Pauline Sonboleh

  11. Dorothea says:

    I ‘happened’ to read this day’s repeat of your “What if . . .” story, today, when I’d had a lengthy conversation with my oldest son about turmoil he and his family are dealing with presently. As I read through the story, I knew I had (have!) to forward it to him. Tears and chills and gratitude to you for being who you are, sharing as you do. DM

  12. Kay Collett says:

    Oh, I definitely believe in synchronicity. And when it happens, I always feel a little lift of pleasure because my life is running the way it should (like a car on ‘Full’!). I always read your posts, you sound like such a nice person.

  13. Rachael Fleet says:

    Was feeling pretty low this evening…have barely begun to get into tapping &’have not got it down yet (simple as it is) , and am struggling as are my three daughters & schizophrenic grandson (age 37) & I do realize that my thoughts create my world, but this last eclipse has profoundly shaken my
    matrices, so this beautiful story could not have been more timely for me. Especially the thought
    that the woman had energetically brought it into being….

  14. Carol says:

    Amazing! I like to think of it as the Holy Spirit’s urgings! I’ve learned to follow those urges even in the grocery store. When I don’t, I find that I am soon out of something that I should have gotten, had I followed the urge! We’re made in the image of God, and must learn to stay attuned or in tune!

  15. Rebecca says:

    Yes, I believe! Recently, I heard the news report about the murder of a female college student at UCLA. So tragic & I keep thinking about her and what was happening in her life and how family members will be grieving this loss. Today I felt drawn to turn the car radio on which I don’t do all the time & the station was interviewing a reporter about this story…at the same moment I look at a car driving past me and saw a UCLA MOM bumper sticker on the car. I was no where near Los Angeles.
    I will be praying for her mom and know in my soul it will make a difference…
    P.S. Your daughter is adorable & thank you for your service:)

  16. Nancy says:

    I do believe in synchronicity and find your experience inspiring. Thank you!

  17. Dr. Suzanne Lerner says:

    Thanks Nick. this story came at the perfect timing…I just met a woman named “Serendipity” and she had this lyric tattoo’d on her arm:
    “don’t waste your hate.
    Rather gather and create
    Be of service, be a sensible person
    Use your words and don’t be nervous
    You can do this, you’ve got purpose
    Find your medicine and use it.”
    (from: Nahko & Medicine for the People)
    I’ve been strongly guided to offer my EFT services to a group of people, who are going through a very challenging situation recently.. However, I kept hesitating, because I didn’t want to appear pushy, or insensitive, or marketing in any way. The story you just shared, could have been from Heaven itself, gave me multiple clear messages to get out of the way, offer my help and trust that whomever needs my support will be able to find me, and any other responses are just what they are.
    Thank-you so much for this amazing story! Thank-you for all the ways you and Jessica continue to contribute to our world. And most of all, C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*LA*T*I*O*N*S to you and your wife for this precious BE*ing…your new daughter June. May We All Be Blessed in Every Way!
    Dr. Suzanne Lerner

  18. Bev says:

    What a lovely recount of your experience Nick. Synchronicity, it’s all part of a bigger plan 😉

  19. sylvia ressnick says:

    synchronicity is wha guides my life when I allow it to. I am just amazed each time I do as it is probably the single most amazing aspect of life there is, Just think about it; without any conscious plan or effort things simply come about to better our lives. The trick is to recognize these small incidents and remember to be grateful for them.

  20. Barbara says:

    This happening was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing

  21. jean says:

    Thank you for sharing this story.Every thing happens for a reason.

  22. Lauren says:

    I love your take aways, Nick. They touched my heart in a personal way for my life and my work. Yey! Here’s to no mistakes, magic and making a difference…. even if you don’t know you are.

  23. MaryBH says:

    I completely believe that everything happens for a reason. Whether it is God, fate or serendipity(one of my favorite words and movies). I have a history of depression and some suicide attempts, so talking to people or just keeping friends is a challenge. Most people don’t want drama in their lives. I was at a nice store and there was a lady selling her new line of jewelry that was quite expensive. The owner came up to me and introduced herself and could see my whole life on my face. She started telling me how hard her life had been and creating this jewelry has saved her. She picked up this beautiful Amber bracelet that had the word “live” attached to it and she said “this is for you”. I couldn’t believe it. I just started bawling. I told her that everyday it is a struggle for me to keep living. It was such magical moment. Definitely divine intervention.

  24. Aureny says:

    Jana is my daughter, Nick, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful work
    I am also receiving your mails and read what had happened, although she had already told me about this chance meeting.

    In Spanish we pronounce the J as H.

  25. LisaLindlauSmith says:

    So as luck would have it,I went to an art exhibit very far away from where I live. As I was enjoying my lunch,my soon to be ex was also there with a date. I was with friends. My friends very loyal and loving were soooooo upset that I would see him and likely be really upset.But funny thing was, I was ok with it. It is an ending to a 27 year marriage and the divorce isn’t going great,whose does? But I was ok with it.I stumbled onto Tapping a few months ago and it changed my life in one night. After doing the forgiveness tapping only once,I feel like I can move on and have even if only a little. I plan on doing it again,alot.Sure seeing him was not pleasant but it showed me I am moving on .And I wasn’t too sure about that.Yes it is odd the way things happened but it was good to realize I have my life back. If that chance meeting didn’t happen I might still be doubting myself.Sometimes you have to thank your angels or the universe for the “wrong”things!

  26. Cheri says:

    Oh, yes, Nick, I believe in synchronicity, so much so that when I met my boyfriend two years ago I said to him “get used to seeing amazing coincidences, as it happens around me all the time.” Daily!
    I must thank you for the email links to the Wayne Dyer Tribute, your interview with him, and The Shift. I was doing his online “I Am Light” course when he passed. After watching half the tribute, I came came across an orange dahlia (silk flower) resting alone on a patch of grass under my street sign on my Sunday walk. The next day I watched the second half of the tribute and when I arrived at my first client’s home, she pointed behind me and said “look at that butterfly.” You’ll know what I’m referring to. I told my friends at the spa today about the orange dahlia found in an out-of-place location and within an hour an orange fall bouquet was delivered to us. In the flow, or on a high-flying disc (Abraham) it’s all just so cool and not at all hard. Even the loss of my husband to a man and the emotional struggle I went through with what transpired was all orchestrated by me when I posed to the Universe “I’m in a good place for you to point me towards my purpose, just don’t burn my house down or make my kids sick.” When I meditated to get through that time, I found my purpose, which, like most of us, is simply to be the best version of you that you can be and found that everything I wanted can come my way. Thank you for being there, Nick!

  27. Kurt Kohl says:

    A heart-warming and inspiring story, Nick, thank you.
    I’ve experienced synchronicities all of my life, yet each is accepted with deep gratitude and awe for the creator. Occasionally there’s cause for laughter, for he/she has a sense of humour too. Makes me feel profoundly looked-after, cared-for and very much loved by the All That Is.

  28. Janet says:

    Yes I believe things happen for a reason at all times, like your experience you wrote about.,
    I also want to thank you for coming into my life even though I am many miles from you, but tapping has improved my life dramatically both physical and emotional I have your book, plus receive regular e-mails from you .You are a great person

  29. Dolores says:

    I do not use the word BELIEVE. it is an inner KNOWING that synchronicity or whatever word you want to call it exists. God is there all the time and shows up in many ways to show us what to do to wake up to the presence that is all around with the unconditional love.
    Dolores (Montreal)

  30. Terry says:

    Yes! Today I ran into a woman I know who is in town because she’s undergoing medical tests for an unexplainable sudden reaction to the sun, causing her much pain and worry. Worst, she cannot go outside on a sunny day and she’s always been athletic and strong. In her 70’s and born with spinabifida, she always has a zest for life in action. She came to my office for a Feldenkrais lesson because I just happened to have an opening this afternoon. I taught her tapping and watched as her anxiety went from an 8 to a 4. And she’s the type who will continue on her own until it’s down to a 0! We also looked up her symptoms in Louise Hay’s book and she will do the affirmations suggested. I know it’s no accident that our paths crossed today. Thanks Nick!

  31. Ann says:

    As a person who tries to follow the life and teachings of Jesus, I often call that kind of synchronicity grace — maybe even “the grace of the moment.” It’s pure gift. We can’t make it happen. We’re blessed by it as, through our faithfulness to what we sense we are called to do in this life intersects with another life – and healing happens. What a lovely story. Thank you for sharing it and for making the tapping so available. Blessings …….

  32. Debbie Susnjara says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing this heart warming story. I love when these kind of miracles happen to any of us. It is wonderful to feel the energy and hope that we can truly bring to others and this planet. We are so blessed.

  33. Aleema says:

    Some years ago I also found you,Nick, on the WEB. Tapping has also served me well. I am grateful for all you do! All the people at Hay House are amazing! In the last 5 years I have read through most of the authors that Hay House brings to the public. The effect is unpresidented. I share all I find. I have spread this work all around. Thank you is not sufficent. You are changing lives and ultimately the world. We certainly are in need of change.
    Many blessings,
    Aleema Shakoor

  34. Susie says:

    What a fun happening! Love the magical moments that show us what a connected and supportive love field that surrounds us. I’ve been focusing on remembering to trust, hold good feeling thoughts…not letting fear and anxiety be the conductors! Well on the weekend the phone rang, and for various reasons this pushes my anxiety buttons, so I took a breath in, and out saying to myself “it’s all good…” Imagine my delight when I looked at the phone handset and it literally said ” ALLGOOD!!!” Yes, lol, it was some “ALLGOOD home maintenance” sales call. Love it!!!

  35. Karen Greer says:

    I absolutely believe in Synchronicity! I have believed that for many years. It has never been so alive in me than these past few weeks when I’m going through a break up of a relationship that has been about a year in length. I am feeling so support by the Universal Energy/Spirit. There have been articles like yours and others, that I just serendipitously happen to come across, conversations with close friends, guided meditations that help me, and the most engaging has been Brene Brown’s newest book, “Rising Strong”. It has the best description that I have ever read about dealing with the
    emotional aspects of who we each are in this life. I feel greatly supported as I face the reality of this man just “wanting to be friends” as opposed to being able to work “issues” through. Again the synchronous support from the Universe has never been so alive in me! I feel so blessed.

  36. Sandi Martin says:

    I am a HUGE believer in prayers, and have been almost my whole life. I am often commenting I will pray for you or similar. Last night a friend of mine from High School, and I were chatting on Instant message and she mentioned her brother had been hospitalized, as well as the brother’s son in law on the same day and the same hospital, same floor. Before we ceased chatting I mentioned that I would pray for them and she made the comment that she KNEW all would be well with me praying! I was stunned and put question marks on to which she repeated the sentence. I have not even shared this with my Husband, yet. I was/am surprised. Years ago when I worked with a small center and worked doing healings, I had similar responses, but this was the first in about 35+ years. I think it ironic to find your message of the wrong turn and the outcome, today! Thank you! Praise God! Sandra

  37. Guillermo says:

    Thanks for sharing Nick! I believe in synchronicity! definitely! In my personal story I have a lot of them, the way I met my wife, some friends, some times I get a phone call by mistake, I could see the numbers or birthdates related to persons that are pretty close to me, like my spiritual mentor, best friends or not so good to me, I could almost see those weird coincidences among them… I keep working on me, on letting go the resistences, learning to surrender, trying to do the tapping, still not a habit, still not so convinced that this is for me… thank you Nick!

  38. Carole Lange says:

    There are no chance meetings! The Lord is sovereign. Just like I am learning to Tap, it was not that girls time to leave this world. The Lord gave her a second chance!
    Thanks for sharing!

  39. Doris Engstrom says:

    Your energy is amazing and your stories (how you touch people’s lives) is a testament to your heart and soul!

  40. m landon says:

    Yes. Sometimes to my mind’s relief an other times to my mind’s great chagrin, I’ve seen enough synchronicity to believe. And I dance with it every week as a yoga instructor. I don’t choreograph elaborate class plans in my head. I know better. But since I know my classes tend to flow better with a theme. I simply ask (of the great, mysterious matrix of intelligence) the night before or sometimes before my own practice the morning of a class and then let go. And when I least expect it (often soon after my controlling mind has begun to doubt), some image or phrase or even pose will bubble up to my awareness and I’ll hear the inner “yes”, and just follow that lead, letting things fall naturally into place, watching a class unfold that inspires all.
    On occasions when the mind impels me to come up with something, I’ll often draw blank, feel bleary and blocked. …eventually letting go again. And often those will be the class meetings in which, for instance, no one shows up, and the universe seemed to be telling me to put my energies elsewhere, or it will be a meeting in which a new student, a family or a person with special needs will attend, and anything I planned would not have served their needs.
    It’s such a lovely reminder…

  41. Jo Lupton says:

    I do believe in synchronicity and expect and watch for it daily. It is so easy to become caught up in the events surrounding us that we don’t recognize this reality that often comes to us as a blessing in disguise. Thanks ever so much for yours Nick and Jessica’s contributions that reach many individuals all over the world. Wayne Dyer was and is a profound influence through his writing and presence.

  42. Carole says:

    ABSOLUTELY!! Everything happens for a reason. Just be open to it. Pay attention! We do have our angels with us.

  43. Samantha says:

    I used to whole heartedly believe in serendipity– somehow that door closed.. I’m on the journey to believe in serendipity, magic & everyday miracles again.. Thank you for your story

  44. Robin Thompson says:

    Yes, I have come to realize there are no accidents. I have seen this principle at work throughout my life and didn’t understand it or grasp it’s meaning when I was younger. Now, with a certain measure of maturity and perspective, I have come to accept synchronicity as a vital aspect of my life and further growth. It’s great to know that more experiences and opportunities for growth will be brought to me through the operation of synchronicity. And although I’m sometimes apprehensive about the future, I look forward to growing through the experiences that will unfold on my path in life.

  45. Robin Thompson says:

    Yes, I have come to realize there are no accidents. I have seen this principle at work throughout my life and didn’t understand it or grasp it’s meaning when I was younger. Now, with a certain measure of maturity and perspective, I have come to accept synchronicity as a vital aspect of my life and further growth. It’s great to know that more experiences and opportunities for growth will be brought to me through the operation of synchronicity. And although I’m sometimes apprehensive about the future, I look forward to see what will unfold on my path through this life.

  46. Fay Palmer. says:

    I was introduced to my future husband by my brother. Our birthdays ere the same. After we were married, we found our fathers had the same birthday. My mother-in law died on our birthday.

  47. Joanne Marie says:

    The Holy Spirit has no limits!

  48. Gayle says:

    Hi Nick,

    I so appreciated this story about going the wrong way and the lady you ran into.. I’ve had a few issues lately surface ‘out of nowhere’ and I will be tapping to see if it is helping. I’ve tapped before with you, a few times. Why I haven’t addressed this issue in the same manner is odd. Thanks so much for sharing this story!! I will keep you posted!!

    Have a wonderful day,


  49. Teresita Cuadrado says:

    Thank you for that Nick. I’m reading Wayne’s book I can see clearly now and it’s filled with magical moments like this. I love it and look forward to living my life in gratitude and joy for these wonderful signs from the Divine!

  50. Paula says:

    Heartwarming story. Of course, I believe in synchronicity. It happens all the time.

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