What if he hadn’t made that mistake?

Written by: Nick Ortner

This past Saturday, I had something simply extraordinary happen to me.

On a beautiful, crisp September morning, I was walking in New York city on my way to speak at the Hay House Writer’s Workshop. Reid Tracy, a dear friend and the President of Hay House was to my right, and his friend Charlie to my left.

About two blocks away from the Javits center, Reid made a mistake, telling us to take a right…

And that simple mistake…made something really astounding happen.

Now, before I tell you what happened, a little context to this story. The walk from our hotel to the Javits center is a straight shot down 11th Avenue. Not a single turn, about 10 blocks south and you hit the Javits Center, a huge building that you just can’t miss.

On top of that, I’ve probably walked this same route a good ten times over the past couple of years, staying at the same hotel and speaking in the same place. Reid, who said we needed to turn right, has likely done it 20 to 30 times.

So what he did, and the fact that I followed him, made NO sense. We walked halfway down the block, and I could see the water on the Hudson and said, “Reid, this isn’t the right way. Don’t we just keep going straight?” He quickly agreed and was surprised with himself that he had turned right, but we got back on the main avenue and quickly forgot about it.

It wasn’t more than 20 seconds of walking when a lady ran up to us, “Are you Reid Tracy?” she said. “Yes,” he quickly answered. “Are you Nick Ortner?” she said as she looked at me. “Sure am,” I replied. She introduced herself, “My name is Hannah and I was just watching the tribute to Wayne Dyer last night and saw both of you on there! Oh my god…I can’t believe you’re here right now…” she continued.

Now, at this point, I thought it was someone going to the workshop, because we were just one block away from the Javits center. Being recognized at a workshop you’re running isn’t that surprising! Haha!

But what she said next floored me, “I live down that street,” she said as she pointed down the street we had mistakenly gone down, “and I saw you turn down the street, thought I recognized you, and then have been chasing you for half a block to see if it was really you!”

And then it got even crazier…

“Nick,” she said as she stared into my eyes. “You literally saved my life. Five years ago, I was online reading about how to drink anti-freeze in order to kill myself. I had heard it was an easy way to go, and I was done with life. Somehow, I stumbled on to one of your tapping videos, started tapping right there, in that moment, and felt a tremendous sense of relief. I tapped ALL night long and for the next couple of days. It transformed my life, gave me hope again and in the past five years, everything has changed.”

She went on to tell us about the amazing work she’s doing now, helping others heal, using sound healing, tapping and more. We chatted for a few more minutes, gave each other a big hug, and we parted ways.

Charlie, Reid’s friend who was joining us on the walk down said shortly after, “Wow…is this a regular thing that happens to you guys???”

We laughed and began talking about how bizarre it was that we took that right turn, because if we hadn’t made that “mistake” none of that would have happened. I’m still processing the beauty and magic of that experience, and all of its implications.

But here are my quick take-aways from it for you:

1. There are no accidents. Why did we take a right? Why did we make that simple, silly mistake? Why that block and not the block before or after? Clearly, something beyond us was happening here, to set up this magical occasion.

2. You never know who you’re helping with your good work. What I get to do on a daily basis is a blessing 1,000 times over. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share this life-changing technique with the world, to help others heal. The fact that somehow, something I did made such a profound difference in Hannah’s life, literally saving it, is beyond me. And truly, it is beyond me, because it wasn’t ME that did this, it was HER. She found her way to healing her deepest wounds, I was just there offering a helping hand. Remember, every good deed you do in the world has a profound ripple effect, one that we don’t always get to experience the way I didon Saturday.

3. Our lives can be magical, if we allow them to be so. Reason and logic can certainly serve us, they’re important and shouldn’t be simply discarded. But boy, do I love magical living and thinking! Life is fun when we allow, notice and embrace the synchronicity, thechance encounters, the small signs and guideposts along the way. Allow the magic into your life!

Comment: What does this story bring up in you? Do YOU believe in synchronicity?

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  1. Beverly O'shea says:

    What a heart-warming story. It truly reinforces the fact that we are not alone and that there is a greater power guiding us in all that we do. Thank you for sharing such an inspirational story. Keep up with the work you do. We need so many more like you. Blessings.

  2. Gail Marie Goodin says:



    Judgment can be such a cruel way to be taken down, if and when allowed in the absence of a strong pull forward of FREEDOM!!

    I love the service of this story; the generosity of those sharing; and the possible outcomes for many!

  3. Brenda says:

    This is a great story. I walk around with my eyes wide open looking for miracles daily. I am also hoping to see a sign from the universe about what I am meant to do next with my life. Last year I closed my business to be a 24/7 caregiver, for the second time. I did this in 2004 and then again last year. Now that chapter is over and I feel adrift. Very uncomfortable feeling for me. People say to be patient because I am grieving. I get that but it feels like an excuse.

    I have been tapping and following great leader in this field like you since 2003. I have taught and used it since day one. I wrote a small book for caregivers and how tapping can help them, like it did me.

    I have read your book and I have met Pamula Brunner. She said I should be tripling my prices and she didn’t even ask what I charge. I am sorry, this is wondering off target.

    Thanks for the story and thanks for the reminder of faith in hope

  4. Jane says:

    Yes, I believe in synchronicity. My life has been filled with miracle moments.

  5. anne says:

    I totally believe in synchronicity. It happens so often with me that I look forward for the next time. It’s a strange feeling of ‘making sense of it all’ that has nothing to do with logic.

    One of the many curious experiences I had: I was having a chat with a neighbor. Suddenly, for no logical reason, I told her I had to go. I went home, picked up my cell phone and walked up the street. I turned left at a main street intersection and walked passed a four storey scaffolding.
    This was a Sunday morning and the street was almost empty except for a few stores that were opening up.

    As I passed the scaffolding I heard a loud crash, bang, bang. . I turned around and there lay a man who had just fallen from the top of the scaffolding where he was repairing bricks. His chest was ripped open from the fall.

    I opened my cell phone, dialed 911 for an ambulance, talked to the man so he would not fall asleep, told a store owner to get a fresh towel to cover the man who was shaking uncontrollably.

    As soon as the ambulance came I left. I was calm through the entire scenario, as if I was supposed to be there for him. (which I obviously was).

    I have many stories like that, and interestingly, time loses it’s rigidity. I act, often, before something happens, so that I can be somewhere at the right moment.

  6. Sam Michaels says:

    Thanks for a great post-Nick. I have used your teaching for years with much success.
    I am ordering your new book today.
    Thanks for being a Difference Maker to the masses.

  7. siri says:

    The most important thing you said here Nick is: Our lives can be magical if we allow them to be.

  8. barbara says:

    I enjoyed your story, I do believe in synchronicity.

  9. Donna Rae says:

    I think we should always help without it coming back to us, and hope that that it gets passed on. But boy, doesn’t it make us feel good, and humbled when, as in your case, you hear how that help has impacted.


  10. Jim Katz says:

    Yes, this sort of synchronicity happens all the time. A day when I don’t notice at least one ‘happy happenstance’ just means I haven’t been paying attention!

  11. Choury says:

    Thank you Nick. I’m a big follower of yours. I’ve used tapping in my couseling practice. To be perfectly honest, it works exceedingly well with pain and anxiety issues. Once I get the client in a calmer state I can do more of the psychological work that needs to be done. I too am an author, i wrote a book about my relationship with my father who was very abusive to me as a child and the miracles that had to happen in order for me to forgive him. But more importantly, there were the miracles that happened after I forgave him. You see he died three weeks later, but it was after his death that he did his greatest work. If you’re interested, I would be glad to send you a copy. It’s available on Amazon. I hope you have the time and interest to pick it up. It’s a short read but very powerful – it’s called: THE MESSAGE – A sons journey from skeptical cynic to spiritual counselor. I wish you continued success!

  12. Doris Tillman says:

    Yes, yes, yes, I love synchronicity! Thank you Nick (and Jessica) for all you do and for this GREAT story.

    Tapping has helped me enormously – was just talking about it last night!

  13. Kathy says:

    I do believe in miracles and this just goes to prove it! Nothing happens by chance it is destined by the divine.

  14. Malathie says:

    I got goose bumps! I am in tears! Three years ago you changed my life with your Tapping World Summit ( 08th May 2012). Thank you so much. I am so grateful! You are blessed!

  15. Kathleen says:

    Yes I am a firm believer in Synchronicity and each time I hear an amazing story like yours, it reinforces that profound belief.

  16. Josephine Civelli says:

    I was just telling someone today about the synchronicities in my life and how I listen to them.
    I do not allow my head to argue and belive in guidance but one has to be open.
    I have never regretted listening to my intuition.

  17. Tsering says:

    Thank you Nick for sharing. I just needed this small reminder that we are all taken care of when we trust and let magical synchronity happen. Now i will go on tapping on my broken back! Love to you and your sweet family <3

  18. Name (required) says:

    Before last year’s Hay House event in NYC i “randomly” saw Dr. Wayne Dyer when he was lost on 55th avenue, I was inside the juice store he was trying to find. It wasn’t well marked but when i cheerfully walked out saying hi Dr. Wayne!!!! Okay I was beyond cheerful – I was ecstatic – he realized where the store was.

    I’ve met Waybe at his events at least three times, so he vaguely recognized me (I have a distinct look) and we have Dr. Michael Beckwith as a friend in common. Wayne offered me two front row tickets to the entire event, gave me a $100 bill, and called Michael Beckwith on speaker phone right there (to confirm i was legit). The Rev’s infamous laugh at the mention of my name made both Wayne and I grin. Last time I’d seen Wayne I was shy and didn’t tell him how much I loved him and hadn’t asked for his phone number, and how much he’s changed my life, and when I told Rev Michael this he said well why didn’t you say you knew me? I told him I didn’t like name dropping but that if I ever met Wayne again I’d try it. As Wayne disappeared down the street a strange number called me. I answered and it was Dr. Wayne confirming the spelling of my name for the VIP list. I still have his number in my phone. Dreams do come true.

    I was flooded with gratitude at that exchange, as I had the chance to connect with Wayne several times that weekend one year ago. Somehow it made his passing more intense and less sad all at once. Because of Wayne I also got to meet Nick that weekend! Woohoo.

    Laura Mitchell Wilde

  19. Bluecat says:

    l asked new gardener next door lf he could let me park – and he very klndly moved hls. Asked hlm what he dld – as lady down road needed work done, He sald malnly decoratlng and any odd jpbs, gave me hls card. A new frlend was movlng house ln very dlfflcult clrcumstances – l gave her hls card ln case she needed help as her decorator was not golng to flnlsh. Turns out thls (very nlce) guy has been a tremendous help ln many ways. l just knew l was to pass on hls card – as he came across as so pleasant and ultra-rellable. Also wlll need some help myself. He was deflnltely sent to us.

  20. Deborrah says:

    I absolutely believe in synchronicity. We come full circle when we can thank someone for their help or intervention.
    It also motivates us to follow our calling and pay attention to our soul.

  21. Claudio says:

    yes, I believe in synchronicity, but it is very hard to my logical mind to believe in your tappingsystem ( I am an engineer)

  22. NETTIE FORD says:

    yes I did like the article and Nick you are so inspiring,what a beautiful
    beginning for today as I was feeling a little down.thanks.

  23. Win Culpeper says:

    I do believe in intuition and sometimes unexplainable leads. Last week, I was driving home from my local shopping area when I too had an urge to turn right instead of left. In my mind I wanted to see a friend’s house, that I heard was up for sale. My friend for over 20 years had passed over a year earlier. I was sadden and I knew that there was nothing there for me to really see. I knew that his property would look overgrown and upkept. However, when I arrived the lawn was manicured. It was beaming, just like my friend Tom always kept it. With mixed feelings, I drove up the drive. I had been told that his widow had moved when the house went up for sale. As I stopped my vehicle to turn around Tom’s wife opened the front door. She came out to greet me. She said, thanks for coming. She invited me to sit on the bench beside the garage that Tom had built, She said, I am so happy and amazed that you remembered Tom’s birthday. You know it is today…. that is why you are here? I had to admit, that I did not know why I was here nor did I know it was his birthday. However, we spent 45 minutes celebrating my friend while talking of him, as we sat sitting in the warm summer breeze. As I left, she whispered, thanks for coming to Tom’s birthday party, In closure, I followed a strong urge, with no known reason. The results were monumental in connecting once again with a friend from the past.

  24. Hilary Duckett says:

    An amazing encounter. Thank you for sharing it. My ex-husband/great friend and soulmate dies last Tuesday, quite peacefully and without needing morphine, So I am hoping his preparation for leave us was uninterrupted and his spirit is now free and happy. I know I will have sad moments, but at the moment feel so relieved and happy for him. Kind actions by other people who showed him love and consideration were so lovely and it has made me so grateful.

    I shall miss Wayne Dyer, as millions of others will too, but feel happy that his passing was handled so beautifully by his family and Hay House. I stayed up to watch his Tribute (I live in England) and have watched The Shift a few times since then. I’ve also purchased some of his audio cds.

    You’re great people doing great things. Thank you.


  25. Maria says:

    Thank you Nick,what a beautiful story! There is no accidents what so ever.
    Life is so precious! Thank you again.Quantum Love

  26. fariba says:

    Thank you Nick, you made my day, great story

  27. Peter Harding Kent Uk says:

    Back in the early nineties I had what would be described as an NDE that was totally transforming. Since that time I trust my intuition (Guardian Angel?) one hundred percent. and follow it. Synchronicity/signs are happening all the time, we just have to be open minded, pay attention and be brave enough to turn a deaf ear to what logic/sub conscious tells you. Logic would have got you to the centre quicker, but you wouldn’t have bumped into Hannah…and she wouldn’t have bumped into you.

  28. Gail says:

    Rather than calling it synchronicity. I have called it “magic”. As a recently retired teacher, I have tried to instill in children over the years to look for the ‘magic’ in every day. Often they will share with me those unexpected moments that make them smile! I believe the hand of God leaves messages / ‘magic’ for all of us every day that we miss in our rush of life. Children have the unclouded vision to see and believe in those unexpected moments that make one smile – may they always have those eyes to see and hearts to believe.

  29. Rosa says:

    Yes, I do believe in synchronicity, but I don’t know how to make them happen to me. I would love to experience that kind of magic.

  30. Chi-Cha Russo says:

    Love this story – totally believe in synchronicity! Thanks for sharing!

  31. Ann dennis says:

    Thank you nick you are a remarkable fellow enjoyed your story
    I have used your tapping techniques lately on a flight from Adelaide to Melbourne helping a lady with toothache and two others with sinus problems the plane went quiet as I spoke as I finished they thanked me said they were pain free so I took the opportunity to tell everyone your website
    One of the ladies wrote a note and gave it to me as we got off the plane she said she was a clairvoyant and this is my path
    My husband suffered from PTSD and he would not listen to me . He has since died just over a year ago the effect of his chemo for throat and lung cancer I felt very powerless funny how our paths are so different
    I have 2 copies of your book and pass them around to people who need help.
    Keep doing what you do we love you and Jesica. Your daughter is beautiful congratulations
    With your help we can save future generations Ann dennis

  32. Linda says:

    I’m a strong believer that ‘Things Happen For A Reason’…though I admit, there’s been times where I’ve held onto that belief with white knuckles! I love it when I can think back to different times in my life, and reflect on the way different things had happened…and as I do, I get to experience these ‘A-HA’ moments, when I can see, (and understand) WHY things played out as they did.

    There’s a book called ‘When God Winks’, which states that there aren’t any ‘coincidences’…meaning, there’s a purpose to why things happen as they do.

    For me, this belief gives me inner-comfort…knowing there’s a positive power working on our behalf.

  33. Jeanine says:

    I don’t know what I believe. Since my husband died 2 years ago, there isn’t much I believe in. He was my friend, my soulmate, my husband and father of my children. Its difficult to miss someone so much. I knew him 53 years, we would have been married 49 years. No amount of tapping can ease that heartache, that pain

  34. Rose says:

    I love these experiences! They bring tears of of joy to my eyes every time! Keep on sharing… It will continue to fuel the power of our ability to create our reality.

  35. Danielle says:

    I totally believe in synchronicity! My best moments have been born out of synchronicity.

  36. Sharon Hodson says:

    Nick, thank you for changing many lives and your generosity in giving of yourself. Yes, I believe in magic moments of synchronicity, they happen for a reason if we remain open to receiving.

  37. Janet Blees says:

    We never know how we have affected others, unless we happen to hear it later. My husband put his hand on someone’s shoulder, as if to say, “I am with you; I understand.” And that message got through. That man told our preacher that my husband made his day, or even his week, and that simple gesture made that man want to go on living, and keep trying, even though his wife had just died and he had no reason to live (he thought). He went on to have a successful career and find another good wife, after some years.

    We taught a friend how to tap on her back pain problems. It seemed that she wasn’t really “into” it, and that it had no effect on her at first. But later, we saw her and she was healthy again, with a full life happening!

    We live in Hawaii. There are signs that a beach is not safe sometimes. One day there was a bad rip tide, but I never saw the sign. I swam out further and further, having no fear. Finally I realized that I was too far out, and that there was nobody near me. I prayed, and I almost drowned. Then, suddenly, there was a “surfer dude” who rescued me. He came out of nowhere! He knew I was in trouble with the rip tide carrying me further and further out to sea. But had he not come along, I wouldn’t be writing this now! I’d be dead. That was in 2009.

  38. Peg Fields says:

    This makes me sooooo sad. My son who hasn’t talked to me n many years came to my mother’s house where I was over the weekend….. I think I messed up. ??????I smiled and takes a second to the youngest grandchild n then headed to the garage to finish washing my car. I should have talked with him or sometimes g. Idont know. But as I washed my car I continued to send love to all of them from my heart. It is a sad time.
    But I’m glad for your good moment. And thanking the gal whose life you saved.
    Many thx Nick n Reid. Peg.

  39. Dr Anne Harris says:

    This has confirmed to me a similar experience I had last Saturday.
    About 2 months ago me and my husband were looking for a stately home that belongs to the National Trust in Oxfordshire. We spent hours looking for this place which is signposted nationally. We never have problems finding places.
    Last Saturday we were in the area of this place we had look d for 2 months previous and Google earthed it so we could definitely find it.

    We were at Lord William Morris house which was part of the Nuffield Trust. Lord Morris who invented the Morris car was a great philanthropist and one of the wealthiest men in the world. He set up an organisation called The Nuffield Trust that bequeathed monies for medical research amongst other charitable donations in relation to health and wellness.
    As I walked out n the house out of the blue I suddenly remembered that in 2001 I was a beneficiary of that trust receiving £3000 in order to do research with children malnourished in Africa. We had 3 young children at that time and were as poor as church mice so would not have been able to carry out the research without this money. On completion of my Masters degree my first major job was in Sri Lanka post tsunami working with children affected by tidal wave.

    On my way out of the building we popped in to look at Lord Nuffields car ( tiny little garage) where 2 Sri Lankan people were also observing the vehicle. Unfortunately the national trust tends to attract mainly middle class white people ( they are attempting to broaden their market) so thirst visitors were rare to this sort of establishment.

    When I told my story to the volunteers at the stately home they were thrilled to hear of where and what had happened to monies this great benefactor had left as a legacy. There is no follow up to monies donated. As a consequence they have asked me to write in my story which includes science and tapping with my patients n order to start a website lion forming people of what happens to the monies

  40. Raina says:

    Lovely story indeed! Yes, I do believe and thrive in synchronicity!

  41. Hazel says:

    Yes, I do believe in synchronicity, as I have had so many incidents to prove it. Thanks for relating those events……helps to confirm the definition of others.

  42. Kathleen says:

    “There Are No Mistakes”. Everything happens for a reason! Coincidence is Gods way of remaining anonymous.

  43. Shari Thompson says:

    Nick, I so fully agree with you and have been seeing this synchronicity in my life regularly over the past month since my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This was so overwhelming for me that the only thing I could do is to allow it to crack my heart wide open. What happened next was totally unexpected. All the love and light from the Universe flooded in! I have been literally floating on the love and support of my friends, neighbors, and colleagues. It was always there, I just never opened up enough to let it in! Many blessings to you! Shari

  44. Edward Power says:

    You took “the road not taken”, Nick. I can imagine Robert Frost (my favourite American poet) quietly chuckling between the lines of his poem as you took thar right turn. I bought your book, The Tapping Solution,, complete with DVD, some time ago, from The Book Depository in the UK. I’m really just starting into it now, with great hopes and a heart open to wonder. I suffer from osteoarthritis and, worse than that, trigeminal pain. I hope EFT may do for the latter illness what medicine cannot do. Thanks

  45. Michael A. Olson says:

    Tapping knocks holes in the walls of our mental prisons!

  46. Donatella says:

    I am astonished! Thank you for sharing this experience, it’s true that we know nothing as to what happens after we talk and even think in a certain way, which surely contributes to the well being of the human gender. I am a group counselor in psychosynthesis, and use EFT as a brilliant technique for transformation. Thank you and Jessica for all your special work, God bless you both!
    Love, Donatella

  47. Anna says:

    Ah, but Reid didn’t make a mistake, did he? It was just that a higher guardian being had control of the wheel for a few important minutes. What an inspiring bit of divine harmonisation! A very humbling and beautiful experience, surely.

  48. Michael A. Olson says:

    Our understanding of our time-space existence
    Is very superficial if we just rely on our senses and mental reasoning. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. It is not that God is in all things, but that all things are in God, but God is infinitely more. We are surrounded by and immersed in the Divine Porential of WHOLENESS, but we do have free will and can think that we control things and we do to an extent, but that includes making mistakes which are learning experiences if we allow them to be. We are never really alone, but we are ONE with God or source if we allow ourselves to be.

  49. Charlotte Birch Pedersen says:

    There are absolutely no coincidences. 2 days ago small magics happened in my life also, daily magic so to say. I am in west Denmark to help my mother empty a summerhouse she has just sold. I am unhappy as I have spent 55 of 58 years there by the ocean etc. My dearest friend in North Denmark has just bought a house with her partner 2 km away!!! She didn’t know the area and that I knew it so well . So while in the summerhouse, she invites me over. Our common friends, a couple came by, also fro north Denmark. We know each other from a high school 38 years ago! And there we sit and have tea together!
    Earlier I told my mother I had forgotten my stick which I walk with when I am tired (diagnose MS).
    One friend say” Hey Charlotte I brought the stick you forgot last time we met (2 years ago).” “My stick? no thats not my stick! Thank you anyway, It comes in handy now that I forgot mine”
    So to play a little with the creative Source or rather it with us. Maybe the whole setup was that we met for lunch in the countryside 125 km away from our normal places, exactly us 4, because my friend was to hand over a stick which serves me well these few days. Cosmic humor I call it and love it.
    Yesterday I felt emotionally sad for the change of era as I love to stay at this place in the countryside, full of natures happenings, by the sea etc. Same day my lovely friend offers me that they build a small annex for me to stay in when I am back from Portugal where I presently live. The farmer who helps my mother offers me to put my car in his driveway when I come for visit (how does he know I come back?) and the neighbor to my mothers summerhouse whom I played with as a child and rarely speak with now offers me to come and stay in his small annex when I am there. 3 in 1 day and all said with compassion. I am absolutely being watched over and very grateful.
    Something else happened that touched me powerfully. Yesterday there was eclipse fully covering the moon. Millions of stars was on the sky. I asked for a clear sign to tell me that I will recover very much more health wise. I counted 5 shooting stars and satellites, but nothing like a clear sign. I enjoyed the panorama 4.30 in the morning for 45 min and wanted to go back to bed when a very big and clear shooting star appeared and after it had died away the “tail” was still very clear. I took that as a clear sign from my father and Wayne Dyer 😀 Namaste

  50. Kathy Littlemore says:

    Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason becomes apparent quickly and other times it takes longer.
    I am unpacking from a cruise and while we are unhappy with the cruise line for recommending this cruise when we were specific about our desire to see polar bears in the wild. They had other cruises they could have recommended with a greater chance of seeing polar bears. Still we did see two adult bears and a cub.
    But on this cruise we met people. One offered guidance for my husband in his final MBA paper. He had been unable to find published works for citation on a topic he is passionate about and was searching for another topic. Now he has direction on where to look.
    Another passenger shared a story about a health issue my husband has. He has returned home ready to address this.
    While we thought it was a mistake to be on this cruise…it was indeed a gift.

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