Wedding Bells and Tapping for Jet Lag

Written by: Nick Ortner

Wedding Bells and Tapping for Jet Lag. I know, interesting subject line, let me explain. 🙂

The Honeymoon and then…

A few weeks ago, on a somewhat sunny, somewhat cloudy (but no rain!) Saturday, I married the love of my life, Brenna.

Brenna and I (and I know I’m biased but…) have quite the love story.

It goes back fifteen years, and it involves tapping!

I know all the ladies want to hear it now, but I detail all of it and how this story can help you find the love of YOUR life or improve your existing relationship in my book. 🙂

So we’re skipping the love story for now and going right to the wedding, and to the honeymoon afterward.

We had the pleasure and fortune of being able to spend two amazing weeks in Italy, a time we’ll never forget.

What a beautiful country, full of history in ways I’ve never experienced before, amazing food and wonderful people.

It was everything I could have imagined and more and we were both on Cloud Nine.

That is until the LONG trip home and jet lag hit.

Tapping for Jet Lag

Fortunately, I had tapping to balance out my system, get grounded, and get back on my feet.

So… I figured I’d share a little tapping script for jet lag AND for general low energy/fatigue.

Even if you haven’t been flying, you can use this tapping script to raise your energy and feel better.

(If you’re not familiar with tapping, you can see a short video demonstration here.)

Tapping Script
meridian pointsTake a moment to tune in to your body. Take a deep breath… How does it feel? What feels out of sorts? Do you feel grounded? If you’ve been flying, try to determine what feels “out of whack” in your body. Rate this feeling on a 0-10 scale, 10 being the most intense. Starting at the karate chop point…

Karate Chop: Even though my body feels out of balance, I deeply and completely accept myself

Karate Chop: Even though I’ve been flying (or replace with whatever has thrown it out of whack), I choose to feel grounded now

Karate Chop: Even though something in my body and energy system feels “off”, I choose to realign right now

Eyebrow: This feeling of being out of whack
Side of Eye: My body feels off balance
Under Eye: For some reason, I’m not grounded
Under Nose: These disturbances in my body
Under Mouth: My energy feels off
Collarbone: And I’m choosing to balance it now
Under Arm: Balancing and strengthening my energy now
Top of the Head: Moving back into balance now

Back to the eyebrow: My energy feels safe and grounded
Side of Eye: I am in my body
Under Eye: And calm and at peace
Under Nose: Feeling calm, rested and rejuvenated in my body
Under Mouth: I ask my body to get grounded, in time and space
Collarbone: Right now
Top of Head: I ask my body to get grounded, in time and space…
Eyebrow: Right now
Side of Eye: I am in… (say where you are physically located right now)
Under Eye: And it is… (say the time)
Under Nose: Feeling calm, centered and grounded now
Under Mouth: Feeling the energy coming back to my body
Collarbone: It’s safe to feel good
Under the Arm: It’s time to feel energy
Top of the Head: Right nowTake a deep breath… and let it go. Tune back into your body.What’s changed?Do you need to do that Tapping a few more times to feel really grounded and centered?

What else came up that you can focus on? Keep tapping until you get the result you desire.

One quick note: In the script above, I had you say where you are and what time it is.

Obviously, that’s most helpful for jet lag, where your body is disoriented, but beyond that, I think you’ll find even if you haven’t been flying, that getting grounded in time and space will make you feel better!

Use this tapping script anytime you’ve been flying, or are just feeling low energy!

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

P.S. Pssst… I need your help… want to help me win some MAJOR brownie points?

Ah, thank you, you’re the best!

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So if any of these challenges might be facing you, consider contacting her for a complimentary consultation. (Tell her I sent you! Haha)

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59 Comments on this post

  1. Anita says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me a script to follow. I get anxiety trying to think up what to say for each point and that is why I don’t end up using it as much as if I have the ‘script’ to follow. So, again Nick it is tremendously helpful to get e-mails from you with the bonus ‘scripts’!

    With much appreciation and gratitude,


  2. lindy says:

    always enjoy learning new ways of using EFT.
    having the dialog to reference is truly helpful in understanding how to create the wording.

  3. Natalie Ritchie says:

    Hi Nick, happy,wonderful congratulations on yours & Brenna’s recent nuptials!! Wishing you both tons of love, happiness, laughter, new adventures & good health in the coming years.
    Cheers, Natalie :]

  4. Nusi says:

    i did buy your tapping dvd and follow all emails from you>
    i travel so much, and just now i did a few set of tapping.
    it helps a lot to make having more energy n grounded..
    can’t wait to read your book bot wedding bells
    Thanks Nick!

  5. Vinita says:

    Congrats on your nuptials. I try tapping on many issues. My close friend taught me. I was feeling fatigued now, and will try to use this script as I go to sleep.. My checking this Mail
    now is providential…. Thanks for being in my life with your healing presence.

  6. Sue Merritt says:

    Thanks, Nick! I enjoyed the tapping! And congrats on finding the love of your life!

    Best wishes,

    Sue Merritt

  7. anisa says:

    congratulation and all the best for the present for we are here and now the only place to be is in the present dont wish the time away .thank you for all your help i have gained a lot of insight from you blog and also from alex and jessica

  8. Denise Trottier says:

    Hi Nick,
    Congratulations on your wedding!!! I wish you both a happy and loving life…thank you for sharing the script for jetlag…this will be a great help…God Bless…
    Denise Trottier

  9. Karen says:

    Thanks so much for this. I am travelling to India soon and have written out all the tapping steps in my travel book. A lot of the time anxiety depletes my energy and does affect my enjoyment, and I have been quite anxious about all the flying, being able to sleep (or not!), staying in unfamilar places, even travelling with loved relatives. So it couldnt have come at a better time for me. AND I have been getting messages about tapping (your email was the fourth). I had prayed for help actually, about the travelling – also just getting out of the country – whew! Thank you again for all your work, and your great generosity for sharing it. And congratulations on your recent marriage, lovely to read about.

  10. Trish says:

    Hi Nick
    This jet lag tapping is fantastic! We are planning a trip from Australia to Italy in May 2013 and I am dreading the flight and jet lag, now I can start working on it!
    thank you

  11. Joyce says:

    Congratulations to Brenna and Nick!!! May you have a wonderful life together!!!

    I like this script because my energy is low and I am experiencing quite a bit of pain right now.
    I haven’t even done any tapping yet. Just after reading your script I felt already a little better.
    Thank you!

  12. Linda says:

    Hi Nick, firstly congratulations to both of you on your recent marriage.
    Your email was perfect because I am facing a five hour operation later this week and i will adapt this and see how i go. Will try some tapping prior to the op and of course after as soon as i am able to use my arms but i will still not be able to lift my arms and will have restricted movements for six-eight weeks? I will take a copy of this script into the hospital with me and was grateful to see it in this form. My body will be disoriented after anesthesia and getting grounded in time and space will make me feel better and cope with the pain!
    If you get to see this Nick, will it work if I skip the top of the head point?

  13. Stephanie says:

    loved the script for jet lag/flying what a great idea to use the tapping in this way, I would have never thought, and I plan to use it before I fly for times when I need “grounding”. thanks.

  14. Norm says:

    Thank you for continuing to Bless and assist the Harmonization of all in the world through Tapping. :-))

  15. cecilia says:

    Thank you Nick, very helpful!!!

  16. Angela says:

    Hi there

    Its wonderful to keep getting your hints and tips on Tapping for so many different situations – Thank you so much.

  17. Anne says:

    Thank you Nick! I will print this out and put a copy in every suitcase and travel bag I own. I never would have thought of tapping for jetlag, silly me.

  18. Lena says:

    Your work is excellent Nick!
    Your wonderful energy, your great spirit and your admirable generosity have made all scripts so helpful and tapping so light & easy. Thank you!
    Lots of wishes for the best of the …best in your common life with Brenna
    Keep tapping, loving & laughing!

  19. Lisa says:

    No jet lag for me but good for grounding. Thanks. Also, when I tried to access this page my antivirus said it had blocked a virus Exploit Blackhole or something like that. Just for your information……

  20. Karen says:

    Thank you for your wonderful tips on tapping. It really helps me to have examples and have it all spelled out for me.
    I appreciate all you do<3

  21. olivia gowest says:

    thank you nick, your mails are allways so much fun to read. please keep them that way!! but most of all the tapping you suggest is so amazing and it works so well. don´t we all need to be grounded from time to time..
    i truly wish you and your wife brenna happyness and lots of good laughter ( won´t be hard)..
    love and browniepoints

  22. Anne Barry says:

    That was wonderful Nick, just what I needed! Many thanks, Anne

  23. Nellie says:

    Thx for this lovely tapping solutions! And many Congratulations on yr marriage! I wish u and yr beautiful wife a lifetime of joy and fruitful happiness. I enjoy your emails and am sure yr wife’s health tips wld be refreshing too.
    Most of all the fact that u two hv found each other, looked after this love for 15 yrs and now celebrated it makes it so much more inspirational and cant wait to sneak in to more details of Your love story in detail.
    All the best wishes

  24. Paula says:

    Congratulations! All the very best to you both. I always enjoy reading your mails, great tips that I have passed on to my friends.

  25. Tony Finch says:

    Hi Nick,
    I am so glad i was sent to the Tapping Seminar, which i logged into from South Africa, and have been using tapping in my life ever since.
    I have lost my job and am finding it very difficult to be re-employed as I am 58 years of age, and with the strikes in South Africa it is just becoming more and more difficult.
    I tap every day of my life to remain sane and to prevent myself from going over the edge.
    I introduced it to my daughter and she now taps “for everything”.
    I was reading Helen Mc Connell’s remarks and how you inspired her to become a practitioner, what do you need to do this, I would like to do the same.
    If you get to read this message please let me know, because tapping is not well known it South Africa or should I say among my friends and family.
    Thanks for helping so far.
    Tony Finch

  26. Kelly says:

    Thank you for all that you’ve done and shared with the world. Your positive message and intentions are inspiring and a blessing. You’ve given, to so many, an awareness and light. Congratulations to you and your new wife. May you have happiness and joy that exists throughout all time and space.

  27. Barbara says:

    Congratulations on your wedding and best wishes for a wonderful life together. Thanks for being personal and playful in your emails Nick – it makes them much friendlier than any other list emails I receive… I always read yours. I really loved this script being in the email instead of having to click a link (I know it’s just one step 🙂 but because it was in the email I used it right away as I had just sat down to go through my emails and was feeling fatigued after a heavy exercise session, so I was definitely in the low energy category, but with a huge workload ahead for the day I needed a pick me up and the script was just perfect. Thank you for all that you give to us. It’s always appreciated.

  28. avril o brien says:

    Thank god I found you and tapping looking forward to you book

  29. Harsha says:

    Really it works…..the best thing to learn,I have dan level2 of EFT

  30. Jo Lindo says:

    Congratulations to you both and may you have many fulfilling years together. Your email was perfect because I am facing a 24 hour flying journey to the UK all being well. Sometimes I find the script difficult to put together so yours was a wonderful short cut and an idea which I will use regularly as being ungrounded is very easy for me with the work load.

    Warm regards to you both.


  31. Heidianne says:

    ThankU for sharing, it does ineed help – I need all the relaxing and feeling grounded again after a tumultuous and stressful past few years, kindest regards, Heidianne.

  32. Jean says:

    Thank you so much, I really needed some help with my energy levels. Congratulations
    and blessings, Jean

  33. Jean says:

    Thank you so much, I really needed some help with my energy levels.

  34. Molly says:

    I just love this! It’s easy to follow, you spelled it out, and it’s a tool I can pick up and put to use right now! Thanks, Nick, for sharing this simple gift with all of us.

  35. Nadia says:


  36. Susan says:


  37. Juliana says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Very helpful!

  38. Barb Herzberg says:

    Thank you so much. About to take a trip. I will put this to good use.
    Wishing you and Brenna tons of happiness.

  39. Michelle says:

    Thanks! Just what I needed after being unwell for a few days and feeling the after effects. Went well!

  40. Nancy says:

    Thanks! I needed that. I’m a stay at home, homeschooling mom to 2 kids. Been cleaning, refereeing, cooking, and schooling. I was feeling pretty stressed since I have company coming to stay tonite and I still have much to do. I feel so much better now. Looked at your email just at the right time. I was on the verge of a headache and screaming at the kids! Lol!

    Congratulations! Best wishes for you both!

  41. Wendy says:

    Nick, congratulations on your marriage! Wishing you both tremendous happiness, love and laughter for the next 60+ years! 🙂 Thanks for this tapping script, I just used it for scattered thoughts and overwhelm relating to work, and with just 2 rounds I’m feeling much more calm and focused.

  42. norma says:

    Thank-you Nick! Love You and Everything You Do. Thank-you SO MUCH for Sharing and Giving all this great stuff
    Sending Joyous Blessings to you and Brenna

  43. Pat Evans says:

    I am travelling to Canada soon, so shall put the jet lag script to the test. Thankyou.

  44. shabana firdaus says:

    tapping do wonders a best and cheap way to overcome our negative emotions the root cause of our all diseases

  45. Donna says:

    Thank you so much for the valuable info on tapping for energy and your wife’s FB page..both are right up my alley! Good info!! Congrats…you 2 are happy for you both! xoxo

  46. Rebecca says:

    Congratulations!! Wish you both the very best!
    AND… I Just (less than two months) got a new job with LOTS to learn AND it’s a night job. So two very big adjustments to make. Thank you for the jet lag tapping recipe. I think it’s just what I need. Thank you thank you!

  47. Marlene says:

    Nick- finally something for jet lag besides Tylenol! Thank you- it soulds so easy!
    I am using tapping to help get through breast cancer treatment with success.

  48. Dr F De Mopntesquieu says:

    La vostra Notte a stato molto bella. I ‘m sending my congrations; may your life be a rich one
    Dr De Montesquieu

  49. Chetali says:

    thank you so much for your wonderful tapping lessons…especially this one to combat low energy and helping one feel gounded and in balance was really good…you made my morning ..thank you and god bless u and ur family.

  50. Helen McConnell says:

    Hi Nick:
    I didn’t intend to post my comment to Facebook. Oh well! I can lighten up!
    Your work is fabulous! Several years ago, you and Jessica inspired me to become a Tapping Practitioner. I love what I do! Thank you for bringing Tapping to the world!
    Because of you, I am now aware of Project Light – an inspiration for my own dreams.
    Congratulations on you marriage to lovely Brenna. I can’t wait to read this real life love story in your book!
    Thanks for all you do!

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