Financial Success

A Necessary Shift in Perspective

Written by: Nick Ortner

I’m writing today about something that I feel is CRITICAL regarding the future success of Tapping and other healing modalities and which could have a profound impact on YOUR life.

It’s a bit long, but it could completely change your future and our collective future – I mean it. 🙂

I’m going to ask you to take a close look at any thoughts or feelings this email brings up because they are vitally important.

So what’s this huge topic?

It’s the idea of business and money being involved in the “healing” world.

Somewhere along the way, someone, maybe it was parents, teachers, the government, friends, who knows…came up with the idea that it’s wrong to charge or make any money when working on healing or helping people.

And this belief is destructive to no end.

Let’s look at two scenarios and see how this belief is so harmful.

Case Study #1: Excited Potential Tapping Practitioner

Mary works for a financial services company, as an administrative assistant. She makes $45,000 per year, has good health benefits, and feels generally secure in her job. And while she doesn’t enjoy this work one bit, every other Friday she has her paycheck directly deposited into her bank account. Paired with her husband’s salary, it makes ends meet.

She never has to ask for this money. Every year or two she gets a small raise and she continues onwards. The subject of “money”, rarely comes up for her with regards to receiving it from her employer. She doesn’t question the work they do or the profits they are earning but is content to get her paycheck.

Mary discovers EFT Tapping, and is thrilled with the results she gets for herself and her family members. She does more training, gets her hands on all the free resources she can, and begins to become quite proficient at tapping. She dreams of helping other people, but she just keeps doing “free” sessions.

People offer to pay her, they are delighted with the results, but she just “doesn’t feel right taking the money”. She believes the work was so much fun, so rewarding, that money shouldn’t be involved. More and more people start coming to her, and she says quietly to herself, “How I would love to do this full time!”

But when she sits down with her husband to discuss the subject of her leaving her job, the math just doesn’t add up. Her husband says, “If you charged $75 per hour and had three clients per day, for 50 weeks out of the year, we would be around your current salary, including benefits, and other perks.”

“$75 per hour???” Mary says, “There is no way I could charge that! That’s not right at all. I would feel completely uncomfortable.”

Her husband replies, “Do you think what you’re providing is worth $75 per hour?”

Mary, “Well, people do get amazing results faster than anything else they do. I worked with someone the other day who had spent 5 years in therapy, and over $10,000, and we collapsed her issue in one session! But… It still wouldn’t “feel” right, I just can’t charge for this…”

So there, sadly, the story ends. Mary’s limiting belief about receiving, about charging money for her healing work leaves her at her unfulfilling job.

The consequences of this belief are profound.

And not just for Mary, but for the hundreds of people she could have helped… If only she had been able to accept the fact that money, that the energy of money, is a reality of this earthly experience, and that learning to ask for it and accept it when providing healing services can change the world.

Are you a “Mary”? How many “Marys” could be out in the world right now, changing lives on a daily basis?

Case Study #2: A Dream, a Vision, and “Money”

The first case study was hypothetical, though I’ve seen real-life examples over and over again. This story is as real as it gets, because it’s my story! Just over two years ago now, I had the dream – the inspiration – to make a documentary film about Tapping. I had seen the results in my life and the lives of my friends and family over and over again, and felt that the world needed to know more about this!

Mind you, I had NO experience in film-making, NO equipment, NO staff, just the dream… But I set off to make the film anyway. I was committed to the vision and the dream but I was ALSO practical about the financial side of it.

You see, to make the movie, I had to invest $200,000 of money I didn’t have! I put it all on credit cards and credit lines, maxed to the hilt. Then, I went to friends and family to borrow money and recruited friends and family to work on the film. Jessica Ortner, my sister and one of the producers, and Nick Polizzi, my close friend, director, and editor, worked for nothing for over two years.

They too were committed to the vision, the dream, the experience. But they also knew at some point that the film would have to be financially feasible and that they would be rewarded for their efforts. They needed to be able to pay back the credit card debt they had accrued to be able to continue in this work.

I WISH that when I came up with this idea, I could have called the mortgage company, the credit card companies, the local grocery store, the insurance company, the car company, the phone company, the electric company, the heating company…

And said to them nicely, “Dear Sirs or Madams, I’ve just come up with a fantastic idea that I truly believe is going to change the lives of millions of people around the world. I want to share the knowledge about an incredible technique and do it in a documentary format, so people could see real results that they could use to change their lives. It will truly be for the betterment of humanity and I’ll even give you copies of the film when it’s done!”

Then they could have said to me, “Great idea, Nick! We’ll stop charging you for everything you need to live, so you can put this plan into action!”


The game doesn’t really work that way!

So if I was to make it work, to pay back the $200,000, to be able to sustain myself and my family, I simply had to make it financially feasible. This meant I had to do everything I could to not only create a superior product (and fortunately the reviews on our website and show that the end product is powerful and changing lives), but I also had to do everything I could to SELL it.

Oh! Another dirty word! SELL!

Ugh… Icky…Dangerous…

No, it’s not. It’s reality.

If I wanted to make this whole dream work, I simply had to be able to sell the film, and sell other things. Otherwise, I’d have to be like Mary, and go back to a “job”.

We’ve been able to donate over 8,000 copies of “The Tapping Solution” and that only happened by selling it to other people! A while back we ran a “Pick Your Own Price” special, where thousands of people were able to buy the film and companion book, at not much more than “cost” for me. And we were able to do that because other people bought it at full price, if not more! (Some people paid more than the full price, to support other people and donate more copies!)

Over the holidays, we donated thousands of dollars to our favorite charities as well. Good things are happening!

If you haven’t seen the documentary yet, you can pick up a copy here. (Yup, I’m selling it to you! I’m trying to convince you to buy it! LOL.)

In Summary

So you see, it all “works” when everyone gets in alignment with the energy of money. When we stop bickering about someone “selling” healing, or how it should all be free. 🙂

If you’d like to get your energy in alignment, I’d recommend starting with this free webinar I put together for you.

I’ve been saying recently that the BEST thing that could happen in the healing and personal growth world is for someone to figure out how to make a BILLION dollars spreading this information.

Why? Well, that person would then be able to put a television advertisement right after the one for the drug companies! Right now, we can’t do that. But we need to figure out a way to do so and we need to stop attacking ourselves and those around us for trying to “make money” in this field.

So, your blog questions for today are…

What limiting beliefs might you have about money or selling?

Are you ready to tap those away?

Is it OK for people to make money in this field?

Are you finally ready to unplug from what the rest of society tells you and blaze your own trail?

Comment below!

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

P.S. Make sure to share this post with your friends and family those who could use a necessary shift in perspective, especially those involved in the healing arts! 🙂

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  1. jan jones says:

    how can i become a tapping practitioner?

  2. Bailey says:

    I have a deep rooted belief that sales people are manipulative, and as a result, not to be trusted. When I do buy something, I feel as if I’ve purchased against my will, and sometimes, my budget.

    The belief that sales people are manipulative has a profound negative effect on my business. I’m an entrepreneur, and I’m not selling! Dead in the water.

    I know there are some bad people out there and some real sharks. That’s life.

    I would appreciate you making a tapping script specifically about clearing the belief that sales/sales people are manipulative. I’m sure the script will benefit a great number of people.

  3. Martyn Pugh says:

    my personal thought on this is yes you should charge for a service, I have looked at many ways of working from home over the years & learnt some harsh lessons on being conned. So if they can ask for say $25 for providing a “database of work opportunities” when in reality they just give you a list of websites. If you provide something that is of value & with tapping I say a very definate YES. Why shouldn’t you charge for it ?? if I invested the kind of money you have I would want to get it back unless of course money is of no importance in which case you either have enough money already or dont need it.

    The only downside to charging such a high rate means a lot of the poor people in the world miss out. But then there are ways of getting a watered down version of this information which I find pretty useful. Your Tapping world summit is free & very useful so that covers us for the time being.

    Anyway I would much rather see you get rich & happy than the likes or the Royal Bank of Scotland in the UK who seem to think its ok to charge customers fees for going overdrawn but when they were billions of pounds in debt the UK tax payers had to bail them out & now their workers get big bonuses.

    This is the very reason why I am glad that thanks to your summit I don’t worry about money anymore & realise there are more important things in life like my family’s love & affection.

    Best of luck in the future Nick 🙂

    thanks to you & Dax Moy for turning my life around


    martyn (Essex) (UK)

  4. Dr. Kirk Mahoney at says:

    Nick, you can be absolutely certain that anyone who criticizes you for charging for what you do has at least one but probably many counter-intentions or negative beliefs about money. If you want to challenge the money critics directly, then simply ask them whether they will do whatever paid work they do for no money or for some minimal amount that YOU will dictate. I suspect that every single one of them will say, “No!” But I recommend that you simply ignore the money critics. By the way, I had vacillated for a few weeks about ordering a copy of The Tapping Solution, but I just ordered one because of this blog post!

  5. mar says:

    Nick, I totally understand where you are coming from – I mean, doctors also charge money so why can’t eft practitioners if they want to? EFT is a respectable venture that has helped many. I also appreciate how much EFT folks donate and actually give things away for free – like you do with needy people and organizations. On the internet there are a multitude of EFT resources like MP3 files, PDF documents, EFT scripts, websites that give out so much meridian tapping help and techniques. Although I have purchased many excellent EFT products (like the Tappers Insiders Club or Carol Look’s stuff) to download into my Ipod, I have also amassed a lot of free and excellent EFT podacsts and guided tapping sessions for free! Even on YouTube!

    However, what I don’t like is the emergence of the quick sell sometimes even spam like marketing that a growing number of not so ethical and questionable EFT practitioners are peddling via emails or websites. It really cheapens the discipline of EFT (Gary Craig’s vision) – many of these folks I think come from the “Secret” camp and their nebulous claims of the Universe as a shopping catalog, get rich quick scenes, are kind of resembling the crooked snake oil sellers of old!

    These “secret” people are pushing practices which many of us are still trying to figure out what the real “secret” really is!

    So, yes please be respectable and ethical (and you guys are – so is Carol Look and all the fine folks you feature on the Tappers Insiders Club) but please be aware that the “Secret” camp is out there just to promise and to confuse and for them to get as rich as they can as fast as they can.

    Gratitude is the most important thing – that is what I would tell newbies – don’t buy into Secret spam marketing attitude- do tapping like you have taught us here.

    The other important thing is raising ones vibration towards the positive -once you know these 2 things then you will know the “secret” – use tapping to to do this.

    Thanks for what you and all the positive people that you and Jessica have introduced to us.

  6. Pam says:

    It’s odd that some people feel uncomfortable charging for helping & healing. Perhaps that’s just because Meridian Tapping is still an unfamiliar modality to many people. Other professionals in the healing arts usually get paid for their services: physical therapists, physicians & surgeons, acupuncturists, dentists, chiropractors, nurse-midwives, etc. As Meridian Tapping becomes better known (because there will become more practitioners of it), expecting & receiving payment will become the norm. Maybe the “Marys” don’t recognize that paid work can be something one does enjoy doing, not just a tiresome chore to chase a paycheck.

  7. Deborah says:

    Boy, has this opened up a can of worms! Having worked for CAmerica for 20 years before going out on my own, I have been able to look at this from a couple of different viewpoints as have most people. First of all, whoever said that it was SPIRITUAL to be broke! In the case of those in the alternative ‘healing’ fields, it is probably more imperative that they be happy, healthy, and whole enough to be a clear channel and have access to more of their higher power in order to be most effective working with clients – and how can they be that if they are operating through the lens of being BROKE! And whoever said that all of the money that one spends on training in ANY field does not qualify that person to present themselves to the public as a ‘professional’ (when they internally feel they are ready) and be compensated for their services! Personally I love paying for alternative services – it is my primary health care once I discern the practitioners I wish to have work with me. (And I have been tapping for about 10 years and am a Reiki master.) As with anything else, there is no guarantee of success. I have never met a doctor (md) who guarantees he will cure you! And because alternative therapy depends totally on the emotional mindset of the client, it is ludicrous to believe for an instant that any practitioner is able to identify ALL of the limiting beliefs, desires, etc., etc. that form the basis of most client issues and be able to resolve them in one or two sessions (remember the onion) – but does that mean that the practitioner should not be paid for what they are able to accomplish with any client? The most effective alternative therapy is often times the most subtle and does not show itself for a period of time so that unfortunately a client can say that the treatment was not effective but a month down the road they are a completely different person because of the work.

    I also agree that self worth is a huge if not the biggest issue here! If you do not feel that you should be paid for your services then maybe you should just pursue it as a ‘hobby’ and not clutter the field so that the ‘professionals’ have a more difficult time dealing with the environment the hobbiests have helped create!

    All of that being said, yes there are a lot of people right now who do not have the financial means to pay for all services and I believe it is up to the discretion of the professional practitioners who and how they wish to work with some of these people. I have been in situations where I could not afford to pay for someone’s services which I really felt I would benefit from and we have always found a way for there to be an equitable exchange.

    So I think that its really time to get off the pot on some of this stuff! The reason the issue exists at all is because of the Marys’ out there who can’t seem to make up their mind or deal with their own issues!

    (I’m off my soapbox)

  8. Oscar Sanchez says:

    Hello Nick,

    I know people have to charge for their services to be able to sustain themselves and as in your case to recuperate the money you invested to offer these products.
    However in my case I don’t have any money at all which is the reason I came into this area to see if anything could improve but I have limited myself to what is available free, I am 73 Years old, the only income I have is my social security check to pay all my expenses it was a bit better with my wife’s check but sadly she died last April.
    I have not worked since 2002 as I was dedicated to care for my wife sick with cancer I am looking for work now to help my finances and try to keep busy but my age is not helping.
    So I’ve been trying the tapping for several weeks but may be doing it wrong but again I can not afford to buy anything, I paid $39.00 for an Astrology report that told me I was going to get a job in late December to the end of January and I am still waiting for something there.
    So as far as you charging for your product I think is the way to recuperate your investments.
    I am sorry but I do not have the money to spend as I am going into my 401K every month for as long as I am able hoping that something happens before I run out of funds.


  9. Caitlin says:

    Wow!! Huge hornets nest. and so interesting that so many of us in the healing field even after years of doing much personal growth work are still stuck on the same old question To charge or not to charge?? And am I really worth it? and There’s not enough people out there for me to charge that kind of money?
    and yet we are all quite willing to go to yet another seminar or buy another book or download something of the internet to further increas our skills because we love it!! Its just that deep (maybe even deep deep down) we still don’t quite feel that we are good enough….. to get the clients …..or keep the clients……. or charge what we are really worth……..or be really successful. Guess what we are !!
    I’ve done the Journey training and Reiki and had lots of awesome life experience and learnt TFT and bought all the EFT dvd’s and have a library most people envy. I have also dabbled , dipped my toes into being who I really want to be and then I get scared and buy all the bullshit…The economy is taking a dip no one will pay for your services….. we live in to small atown/country to have enough people willing to pay for that etc etc We’ve heard it all before and believed it. Well folks I’m tapping my way into a successful career as a wellbeing coach. Lets all start believing in ourselves > We rock!! and the world needs more of us.

  10. Josee says:

    How would I phrase this to myself to quit smoking

  11. Angela says:

    Hi Nick
    I don’t think it’s that important whether you are paid money for your EFT or any other subtle healing modality you have to offer. What is important is that there is an exchange of energy. I am qualified in several therapies and very often it is those who cannot afford it who probably need it more than others. In cases such as these I always ensure that there is an exchange of energy in some way – they do something for me, make me a cake or whatever is appropriate. By doing this you avoid the build up of ‘gratitude’ and the ensuing ‘guilt’ than can arise in the client if there is no exchange. A very wise friend of mine told me when I first qualified – and we were discussing this issue – and I quote: ‘I tell people that they are paying for the investment I have made in my training in order to be able to offer them the skill – not for the skill itself’ This puts a different perspective on things and can help redress the balance and open the way for a monetary exchange. I do however, think it is up to the therapist to decide how things should be. Obviously if there are very strong blocks then it is up to us to work through them and EFT is an amazing tool and we are all much the richer – on many levels – because of it.

  12. Kate says:

    Hello Nick,
    I believe it is absolutely necessary that a 2-way exchange occurs in the helping / healing process. Energetically there is an exchange from one to another when healing or help is offered / given. The reciever of this healing / help is just that: they are the reciever which means that they have gained – however big or small. They are aware of this on many levels: conscious, unconscious, spiritually, energetically (call it what you will). They will become depleted, guilty, uncomfortable, embarassed, disengaged on some level… if they do not or are not able to offer an exchange in return for this help / healing. I am still in debate myself as to whether this has to be a financial exchange. I think it is important to take athe bigger picture into account and work on a case by case basis. Perhaps what is an equitable exchange for one may not be for another? Does the exchange always have to be a monetary one? These are questions that I am yet to answer myself. I have days of clarity and others where there seems so many variables. I am open to learning more and challenging myself on this.
    Warm regards

  13. Rev Frederick says:

    Ive been doing healing work for over 50yrs..for many of which I accepted a love offering..
    After much clarity of the question of what our work is worth. I readily agree that as in other traditional healing modalities,one doesnt hestitate to pay for either the visit or prescription.Be assured that there is not judgement against any of us who channel Source energy in service to others..Its all Good.

  14. Emily Page says:

    Yes… you did push my buttons… a little. But not nearly as much as a month or a year ago.. because I am tapping more and more on those limiting beliefs and those painful past experiences… and I am feeling so much more worthy and empowered as a result. And I am teaching so many others to tap.. and charging most of ’em. or Thanks, Nick… for the inspiration.

  15. Maggie Adkins says:

    Hi Nick
    What wonderful information – and so many EFT practitioners I have worked with in business mentoring have the same “Mary complex” you talked about. We all deserve good things in life and the sooner we get that, the more nurtured we will be – and the more nurturing we can be to others.

    I recently moved to what I call paradise – mid north coast of NSW in Australia. I wanted to rent until I got to know the area really well and some rentals – well, they’re not exactly my dream house. So I tapped on “Even though I don’t deserve my dream house, I honor and accept who I am.” I did this until a voice roared up within me and said, ‘I DO deserve my dream house.” Well, you can see the results if you visit me. Dream house is right – salt water pool, 8 acrea, close to beaches and town, private, old colonial restored – and I got it at a very good price after some negotiating.

    There are many different ways to use EFT in our lives. I’ve been studying and practising EFT for over ten yearss now and truly appreciate all the different voices and ways of working with EFT that you bring forward. Keep up the good work. And if you wanna come visit, I am in a very beautiful and luxurious dream house……….
    Maggie Adkins, EFT Master

  16. Josee says:

    Just wondering if you need to be a Certified therapist to use this therapy on people in Canada….It seems to be almost the same treatment I got for PTSD from a Certified Therapist.

  17. Sandra says:

    I agree with you.
    I am not a professional but have found tapping has helped me a lot.
    It’s information worth paying for.
    B.C. Canada

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