Financial Success

A Necessary Shift in Perspective

Written by: Nick Ortner

I’m writing today about something that I feel is CRITICAL regarding the future success of Tapping and other healing modalities and which could have a profound impact on YOUR life.

It’s a bit long, but it could completely change your future and our collective future – I mean it. 🙂

I’m going to ask you to take a close look at any thoughts or feelings this email brings up because they are vitally important.

So what’s this huge topic?

It’s the idea of business and money being involved in the “healing” world.

Somewhere along the way, someone, maybe it was parents, teachers, the government, friends, who knows…came up with the idea that it’s wrong to charge or make any money when working on healing or helping people.

And this belief is destructive to no end.

Let’s look at two scenarios and see how this belief is so harmful.

Case Study #1: Excited Potential Tapping Practitioner

Mary works for a financial services company, as an administrative assistant. She makes $45,000 per year, has good health benefits, and feels generally secure in her job. And while she doesn’t enjoy this work one bit, every other Friday she has her paycheck directly deposited into her bank account. Paired with her husband’s salary, it makes ends meet.

She never has to ask for this money. Every year or two she gets a small raise and she continues onwards. The subject of “money”, rarely comes up for her with regards to receiving it from her employer. She doesn’t question the work they do or the profits they are earning but is content to get her paycheck.

Mary discovers EFT Tapping, and is thrilled with the results she gets for herself and her family members. She does more training, gets her hands on all the free resources she can, and begins to become quite proficient at tapping. She dreams of helping other people, but she just keeps doing “free” sessions.

People offer to pay her, they are delighted with the results, but she just “doesn’t feel right taking the money”. She believes the work was so much fun, so rewarding, that money shouldn’t be involved. More and more people start coming to her, and she says quietly to herself, “How I would love to do this full time!”

But when she sits down with her husband to discuss the subject of her leaving her job, the math just doesn’t add up. Her husband says, “If you charged $75 per hour and had three clients per day, for 50 weeks out of the year, we would be around your current salary, including benefits, and other perks.”

“$75 per hour???” Mary says, “There is no way I could charge that! That’s not right at all. I would feel completely uncomfortable.”

Her husband replies, “Do you think what you’re providing is worth $75 per hour?”

Mary, “Well, people do get amazing results faster than anything else they do. I worked with someone the other day who had spent 5 years in therapy, and over $10,000, and we collapsed her issue in one session! But… It still wouldn’t “feel” right, I just can’t charge for this…”

So there, sadly, the story ends. Mary’s limiting belief about receiving, about charging money for her healing work leaves her at her unfulfilling job.

The consequences of this belief are profound.

And not just for Mary, but for the hundreds of people she could have helped… If only she had been able to accept the fact that money, that the energy of money, is a reality of this earthly experience, and that learning to ask for it and accept it when providing healing services can change the world.

Are you a “Mary”? How many “Marys” could be out in the world right now, changing lives on a daily basis?

Case Study #2: A Dream, a Vision, and “Money”

The first case study was hypothetical, though I’ve seen real-life examples over and over again. This story is as real as it gets, because it’s my story! Just over two years ago now, I had the dream – the inspiration – to make a documentary film about Tapping. I had seen the results in my life and the lives of my friends and family over and over again, and felt that the world needed to know more about this!

Mind you, I had NO experience in film-making, NO equipment, NO staff, just the dream… But I set off to make the film anyway. I was committed to the vision and the dream but I was ALSO practical about the financial side of it.

You see, to make the movie, I had to invest $200,000 of money I didn’t have! I put it all on credit cards and credit lines, maxed to the hilt. Then, I went to friends and family to borrow money and recruited friends and family to work on the film. Jessica Ortner, my sister and one of the producers, and Nick Polizzi, my close friend, director, and editor, worked for nothing for over two years.

They too were committed to the vision, the dream, the experience. But they also knew at some point that the film would have to be financially feasible and that they would be rewarded for their efforts. They needed to be able to pay back the credit card debt they had accrued to be able to continue in this work.

I WISH that when I came up with this idea, I could have called the mortgage company, the credit card companies, the local grocery store, the insurance company, the car company, the phone company, the electric company, the heating company…

And said to them nicely, “Dear Sirs or Madams, I’ve just come up with a fantastic idea that I truly believe is going to change the lives of millions of people around the world. I want to share the knowledge about an incredible technique and do it in a documentary format, so people could see real results that they could use to change their lives. It will truly be for the betterment of humanity and I’ll even give you copies of the film when it’s done!”

Then they could have said to me, “Great idea, Nick! We’ll stop charging you for everything you need to live, so you can put this plan into action!”


The game doesn’t really work that way!

So if I was to make it work, to pay back the $200,000, to be able to sustain myself and my family, I simply had to make it financially feasible. This meant I had to do everything I could to not only create a superior product (and fortunately the reviews on our website and show that the end product is powerful and changing lives), but I also had to do everything I could to SELL it.

Oh! Another dirty word! SELL!

Ugh… Icky…Dangerous…

No, it’s not. It’s reality.

If I wanted to make this whole dream work, I simply had to be able to sell the film, and sell other things. Otherwise, I’d have to be like Mary, and go back to a “job”.

We’ve been able to donate over 8,000 copies of “The Tapping Solution” and that only happened by selling it to other people! A while back we ran a “Pick Your Own Price” special, where thousands of people were able to buy the film and companion book, at not much more than “cost” for me. And we were able to do that because other people bought it at full price, if not more! (Some people paid more than the full price, to support other people and donate more copies!)

Over the holidays, we donated thousands of dollars to our favorite charities as well. Good things are happening!

If you haven’t seen the documentary yet, you can pick up a copy here. (Yup, I’m selling it to you! I’m trying to convince you to buy it! LOL.)

In Summary

So you see, it all “works” when everyone gets in alignment with the energy of money. When we stop bickering about someone “selling” healing, or how it should all be free. 🙂

If you’d like to get your energy in alignment, I’d recommend starting with this free webinar I put together for you.

I’ve been saying recently that the BEST thing that could happen in the healing and personal growth world is for someone to figure out how to make a BILLION dollars spreading this information.

Why? Well, that person would then be able to put a television advertisement right after the one for the drug companies! Right now, we can’t do that. But we need to figure out a way to do so and we need to stop attacking ourselves and those around us for trying to “make money” in this field.

So, your blog questions for today are…

What limiting beliefs might you have about money or selling?

Are you ready to tap those away?

Is it OK for people to make money in this field?

Are you finally ready to unplug from what the rest of society tells you and blaze your own trail?

Comment below!

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

P.S. Make sure to share this post with your friends and family those who could use a necessary shift in perspective, especially those involved in the healing arts! 🙂

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  1. Terry says:

    The tapping is wonderful and is so helpful. It releases you from many blocks that hold you back from limiting beliefs that you might have. Receiving money for any of the healing arts is a wonderful energy exchange. Everyone has the right to be healthy, wealthy and happy doing what they love to do if it is for their highest good and the highest good for others!

  2. elyse says:

    Somebody had to say it. Well done for talking about the “m” word! My most profound spiritual work in the last year has been improving my relationship with money.
    I’m a teacher and practitioner of reflexology. I’m doing important work that I totally believe in. I’m happy getting paid for what I do, that’s what ensures that I keep on doing it.
    I am grateful for discovering tapping and inspired by all the wonderful, wise people involved. Keep on making lives better! You’re doing a great job (and deserve every cent. LOL).

  3. Amer says:

    Hi, wonderful range of comments, thanks to all of you. The range of your comments leaves me thinking: what exactly is the issue? Those that charge for there services make a charge, those that are able to give freely or at reduced cost do that. The only problem to me is if any body in those camps either feels guilty about what they do, or feels the people in the other camp is undermining or devaluing what they do. Please get over it! Thanks to people like Gary and Nick and all the others in front line of these healing techniques, you have the knowledge to help you chill and accept, start tapping!
    Love Amer xxx

  4. aurel chaoul pelleg says:

    You’re right it is about balance and about energy. Energy takes many forms all forms and all those different manifestations of the same energy are relevant to all existence to all beings. There will be healers who will work for money there will be healers who will work for other forms of energy. The people are that feel comfortable with paying for healing there are people who will accept a healing only when money is absent as a form of energy. There are as many doors to the evolution of humanity as there are humans. it is perfect to feel comfortable with receiving money for an effort you make in the direction you believe is improvement. It is perfect to feel comfortable with other forms of energy received for an effort made in the direction one believes to be improvement. Encourage people to feel comfortable we whatever their hearts intuition instinct and intelligence indicates them for they are unique and their solution their balance is unique. a story of my own : a young woman who believed energy medicine, EFT and other Meridian techniques are the birthright of each human being like reading and writing. she refused to go private insisting that her knowledge and capacities are to be of national importance and her salary for teaching in the School classes of children that knowledge should be paid by the government and the integrated into what we consider as obvious. In the refusal to deny her intuitive instinctive discomfort with the marriage of money and healing she has transformed the concepts of many around her and created a new perspective for many who this world of energy medicine was a parallel world.

  5. Amanda says:

    Hi Nick,

    I agree with your post and you put your point accross really. I think you have successfully combined giving and receiving and that is what I try to do. I also admire Gary for his genorosity and loving spirit. I will always appreciate the gift he has given and the time he has invested in getting EFT out to the world but as you say he charges for his book and DVDs (and rightly so).

    I have spent a lot of money and invested a lot of time learning about EFT and tapping. I bought all Gary Craigs DVDs and then trained to level 3 standard. I have bought and read lots of books on energy healing and related topics and each year do further training courses and this all costs money. I listened to every interview during the Tapping World Summit (thank you Nick and co!) I trained to become a Life Coach and learned NLP which works brilliantly with tapping. I have done this to make sure I give good value for money and keep up to date with any new techniques I may wish to incorporate into my sessions. I have also spent time and money on my own healing journey and blocks to abundance (and still on the journey!)

    I am committed to and passionate about energy healing but I need to eat!! I charge a fair price for my sessions and I am always happy to give some extra time to close a session or talk on the telephone to clients or people just ringing to find out about tapping. I tap for family and friends and then teach them to tap for themselves. I have given greatly reduced priced sessions when I know someone is not able to pay full price, but I always make a small charge. With the amazing (and fast) healing results tapping brings how can this be unfair? Charging money does not make Practitioners greedy, it is all about balance and the exchange of energy and love.

  6. Anita Casalina says:

    Thank you Nick! This is so important. Think about how much money the majority of our society is willing to pay a medical doctor, because they believe that person can help them. Then, even if they get no relief at all, they still have to pay…and usually a lot!!

    Keep inspiring the Tapping Community 🙂
    Anita Casalina

  7. Rachel says:

    Dear Nick,
    Happy 2010 to you. I have multiple avenues and don’t know which one to pursue. I was a Mary before, who GAVE AWAY alot for nothing in return. I felt good, however I was poor and I did suffer, becoming homeless for a period. I suffered emotionally as well and still am trying to recover the self-esteem I lost. I really appreciate your determination and enthusiasm, as it matches what I have been trying to accomplish with the ideas I have. I am doing all the work solo and with a very active 8 year-old, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. I have just made a huge physical move, from Los Angeles, CA to Delhi, CA. Please if you could, write to me at 16385 Delhi Avenue Delhi, CA 95315. I tap infrequently right now. However, I have specific goals that I want to achieve this year. Right now, I am typing from a computer at the library, as I am still working on getting a home computer up and operational. My name is Rachel Rizal. Thank you so much for anything you can provide.

  8. barbara says:

    Hi. I listened to the Tapping World Summit for free… was so awesome and wonderful, that I immediately went on and bought it, because I didn’t want to lose the sessions after the Summit was over. I know EFT for about 5 years now, and I listen to Carol Look and Rick Wilkes all the time on their podcasts. I read the EFT newsletter from Gary Craig routinely. I salute what you are doing, Nick and Jessica. It is such a valuable resource, and can indeed collapse decades old problems in a very short time. Keep it up!

  9. Berkeley Wilde says:

    I have been offering an income based sliding scale for my work for a while and it realy works. More information is available on my website.

  10. Peta Gwyther says:

    Hi Nick,

    this really hit a chord -I am that ex-administrator – setting off down the path – I have returned to college and am learning the whole method behind meridian therapies intending to specialise in reflexology and eft and feeling the guilt thing. Its making me want to sign to up more and more training in the belief that if I have more pieces of paper to say I’m really good then I wont feel bad about charging. Thankfully we have and amazing tutur who is an ex-practitioner and knows the whole show and can guide us to the path we choose – but the conflict is still there. Yet – I happily pay for my EFT sessions – even when the money (and it often is!) hard to come by – as it improves and continues to do so , my life, my hope and my realities.

  11. Ki Mansson says:

    For me it is obvious that you must charge money for a healingsession as well as for any other way or job where you invest your energy. It is all about balance. An other funny thing is that people appreciate the result more if they have to give something for it. Think of the doctors, the specialist who charges 400$ for a session is often much more estimated than the one who carges only 80$.I have heard people say: “how come that he is so cheap, perhaps his is not so skilled?” That about doctors.
    Anyway, money is energy and what is given away has to come back for the balance, and balance is the most important issue in everything. EFTcreater Gary Craig teaches economi and healing in a wonderful way in his DVDs as well.

  12. Lily says:



  13. Luc P.intens says:

    Hi Nick, thanks for the chalenge.
    My opinion and experience is this: money can only be freeing if everyone has (enough of) it. To me, the only true abundance is planetary. I can only live (w)holy when the whole world is the hole whirled. No, just kidding. I mean that if you wish to make people happy with money, you sure may start by making me happy with your money.
    Money always comes from someone. True abundance is realy something else than having lots of cash. The need for having money in the bank has a lot to do with FEAR. Fear of not having enough in the future, fear of the future. Living in abundance and grace will come if we all GIVE, if we all use our talents for the highest good of all, and share everything we have and can. Then we are free. That’s how I live, and it works fine. It doesn’t mean I hate money, I love it. It has its own spirit. I love to honour it and bless it with right use. When we allow ourselves to be open-hearted and open-handed, giving our money as our guidance tells us, tithing, to charities, individuals or whatever, then we all naturaly prosper.
    It’s good to free ourselves from our fears with tapping, but when we’re done doing that, we are only ready with the personal level. It means we then are ready for the planetary level. And there we free each other.

  14. Aileen says:

    Hi Nick,
    Interesting you should send me this mail. I have just advertised to hold a 2 day workshop on EFT and am arranging others to follow. I to have decided to do what I am passionate about instead of just working for money. It is thanks to tapping that I am achieving this and I am soooo excited to have made that great big leap. As large chasims can’t be jumped in a number of small jumps or you fall in, there comes a time to take that great big leap of faith and I am so proud of myself for doing just that. I know it is going to work for me as i am not having any doubts and if any arise I will tap them away. Many thanks for all your support.
    Love and Light Aileen

  15. chantal Cooper(Australia) says:

    I have no qualm about practioners charging money to cover all their business expenses. But I do find some objection when they charge like a wounded bull and somehow forget their ideal of helping people. What if there are people who really need help but are so poor financially that they cannot afford to pay for the help they need so badly. I was once told “if I am positive the Universe would supply my need” and I agree sometimes miracles do happen. But also one has to be realistic, that sometimes the charges are far too exorbitant and only the very few well to do can afford to pay their overblown charges. The bottom line is that there has to be a balance when fixing charges for services rendered.

  16. Royd- NZ says:

    Nick and everyone,
    I have just read back over some of the comments made and I feel that there is some confusion here around healing and spirtuality…… in many cases we are healing using the bodies naturally occuring energy feild… it is a physical, measurable, electrical force that is so much a part of who we are that it effects our solid, and therefore more measurable parts (joints, organs, muscles etc)and our emotions. If we can and are healing such physical parts, as a physician does, how is it spiritually wrong to charge for it? Do doctors or naturopaths feel wrong about charging?

  17. Royd- NZ says:

    Hi Nick,
    Great blog. It has opened up a hornets nest for some people.
    Nick, I am just starting a part time EFT business, I will be full time later this year. My full time job is in sales, selling to locksmiths. Locksmiths know how to charge for their services…… 100% mark up on the product they buy from me plus whatever they value their skill and training at… in New Zealand its something like $75 -$80 an hour plus travel time plus call out fee. Fit good quality locks so you don’t use locksmiths too often!
    My point is, if we have done the training, watch the DVD’s, put the time into ourselves, value our skill and ourselves, then we can charge for our services. We are providing a baluable service to society.
    If some still have a problem with this, then ask your client to pay what they would pay to visit their hair dresser. If they pay $150 each time they have their hair done, you’ve done ok for your hour or so of working with them, if it’s only $50, then thats ok too.
    Personally, $75 sounds fine to me.
    All the best to you all,

  18. Eileen Madder says:

    Hi Nick,

    I am a newbie to tapping. Was introduced to it less than a year ago. I am grateful for your work( and your sister’s!), that of Brad Yates, Carol Look, recently Margaret Lynch and throughout it all the pioneering work of Gary Craig was referenced which I also have availed myself to.
    Just before Christmas I was directed to a site in which Gary announced his retirement.

    Point to all of this, I read in Gary’s blog how disenchanted he had become with people making money from tapping and helping others .

    My point, and why I write today, is that I was somewhat taken aback by his comment and your email today allows my thoughts towards same to be heard.

    No disrespect intended…Gary’s comment just did not sit right for me.

    I am so grateful to all of you for continuing to share with me the magic of the tapping world and grateful also for letting me pay money for same.

    Paying for services rendered is simply one way a satisfied client can say….thank you….which I do to all of you more times than you know…

    All of you as well, have offered a healthy balance of free material as well.

    Continue to do what you do in the tapping world and take good care…and I mean financially..of those who depend on you. It goes beyond deserving…you have more than earned it.


  19. Marypat Lee says:

    You are absolutely right…at sooooo many levels! Because we are gifted, experienced, or just plain passionate about what we have learned and want to share it, we want everyone to experience it. I use EFT for all my clients…whether it is Bioenergy Healing or Intuitive Coaching and get great results. One of the things I do is offer one day a month of Free Bioenergy sessions. In that I am able to quiet the doubt that I am TAKING to much for myself. I have invested a great deal of time and money into becoming the diverse healer I am. I do not feel I deserve it…I feel I have earned it!
    Congratulations to you on the great success and may the abundance flow in all areas of your life!
    Marypat Lee ( I am not a certified EFT practitioner – therefore I have not charged direct for that…but that is a goal for 2010!)

  20. Liz Jupp says:

    Correction above, Nick’s response to Cindy was (Jan 5th 10.28pm).

  21. Liz Jupp says:

    Hi Nick, This is a valuable group conversation I think. I am a group psychotherapist in the UK and I plan to pass on a 6 page version to colleagues crystallising the points that catch my attention as summarised here.
    Starting with Teresa’s concern, (Jan 5 2:01pm) ‘Please don’t milk EFT…’ and the very interesting response from Nick (2:17pm) that suggests the DVDs will still be available from either The Foundation Library for $150 or the Honours Library for $210, and that the manual is still SOLD on Amazon. That is good news. Then jumping down to Cindy (Jan 5th 7:17pm), and I did appreciate the warmth in Nick’s reply (9:42pm) to her, Cindy raises the hope that there continues to be affordable and free EFT training available after Gary Craig’s website, closes in March. The internet is a terrific source, I find. This morning a tapping treasure dropped through via my email, ‘Our Thoughts Count…’ from Carol Look, which considers, ‘Negative thoughts can ruin a perfect day in no time at all…’ see Newsletter issue 124. Rue Hass runs monthly free teleclasses at In the UK all the masters I think have their own websites and many have newsletters with other links, see Judy Byrne, Jaqui Crooks, Gwyneth Moss, Ann Ross, plus Linda Wood – who, though not a master she came just after the Masters training was disbanded, hasn’t stopped presenting her unique contributions around surrogate tapping. Linda, and all the EFT masters mentioned here with many more have written chapters in ‘EFT and Beyond’ published in 2009 by Energy Publications Ltd. which if you can afford nothing else is my number one recommendation for developing knowledge of some of the tools and practitioners at the cutting edge now.
    Five other response I’d like to mention.
    Many of my colleagues use a sliding-scale of fees charged to clients, similar perhaps to how Nancy Polites (Jan 5th 5:51pm) works. Russell Cunningham (Jan 5th 10:16) mentions an early lesson which made me smile! Haven’t we all sometimes gifted something to those who already have more than they seem to indicate? He says, “ ‘We paid for the dress and the holliday’ was our common thought.” There are some people like this here in Brighton.
    Ros (Jan 5th 7:44pm) writes of the importance of charging, ‘…I ask more of myself and I am forced to define what I offer and sometimes more importantly what I don’t offer so that I don’t mislead my paying clients and they can make informed decisions.’ I agree. Tod’s (Jan 5th 3:28pm) sister raises a very important concern of mine. ‘…what happens when an inexperienced practitioner runs into a truly ill person? IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO WORK WITHIN OUR COMPETENCE, and to be suitably insured where necessary. Much as I would like to conduct groups openly and make them widely available to those who are interested, using a meridian tapping and group dynamic approach, I have to be mindful of the safety for the group as a whole aware of issues for people individually and may well ask each to agree to a Statement of Responsibility. For the uninitiated, not every prospective client behaves as we might imagine. Glenn Ackerman (Jan 5th 11:21pm) shares some wisdom about this.
    I regard this discussion as training for free, stimulating and thought provoking. Much gratitude to everyone.
    Liz Jupp from Brighton, UK

  22. Henry says:

    this is all well. By my own experience a fee has to coffer my expences and provide me with a basic income. If I want to become rich, well, then this is not the right profession for me. Working with people and to help them improve their own life gives me more than money can do. And I do agree, life becomes worthless, if it is centred around money.
    Money is not the goal / direction of my life, it is well down the rankings.
    And, greatfulness creates more happiness…

  23. Sally says:

    I totally agree with you! I am so glad you are hosting this conference. This energy needs to be released into the masses. I also am an energy healer. Through numerous personal circumstances in my life I do not have any source of income except through the “work” that I do. I could get a job with a steady paycheck, but it would not be fulfilling and I would not make much more than I make now. I work part-time (with clients) with most of my time being used to gain new clients. I have no back account to fall back on, no ability to get any credit. All I have is myself and my energy, so marketing is done very creatively. I have been working on building my clientele so I could sustain myself for over 6 years now. I live very modestly and still am not able to make a living, but I am determined to continue. I will perservere and not give up (I was a stay at home mom for over 25 years, and was thrown into being on my own). I will be coming to this conference! I have a deficit every single month, and right now have a negative balance with no money. I know I will be there! I don’t see it, but I know this is something I need to propel me to the next level. Anyone who wants to comment negatively I would just say to them it’s not for you, so walk away…don’t rain on our parade who really feel this is what we need and a tremendous blessing. I am also believing to bring my son with me. We have just started a new business together and I believe we both will have changed lives after the conference. I know I am called to help “MILLIONS”, I am excited!! I have been and have seen clients who do not have an ability to pay for things. I can tell you from personal experience the things that I really “needed” to receive or attend that I had no money for…everyone of them came to me, either through money, gifting, or whatever means. Either the money or a way to do it without the money. I didn’t get everything I “wanted” to do. There is a big difference here between what we need and want. I have also seen people who will sit and complain to you about how they don’t have money for your services, and in the next sentence will talk about their vacation or shopping trips. It all comes down to our choices. There are a very small slim few who have absolutely no resources for services, but the majority of the people who complain and say they have none “choose” to spend money elsewhere. There is a mindset around not only from practitioners who don’t feel worthy of charging but the general public who doesn’t feel we are worth what we do charge. I feel it all boils down to selfishness. People will spend money on and invest in meaningless things and/or things they want, i.e. spend $85 for a concert, etc. I worked with a girl once who didn’t have a job, lived on assistance, really desperately needed my services and had “no” money to pay me. At about our second session she was talking about getting a new tattoo. I don’t believe the tattoo people would work for free, or anyone would ever think to ask them to. I think because we use services that change emotions and energy it’s not something tangible to take home. You can’t put your new changed life in a box on the mantel to show off. The ones who truly want help will find a way, the others want us to fix them and don’t place a value on how profound of work this can be. So I guess my comment is to all of you who keep posting what about the poor individual who can’t afford it. If your services are what they need; or if you are one of those people in need of help…you will find a way if it’s what you need. You may “want” it, but it’s not what you need. We all need to slow down and think, not only about ourselves but others. My greatest desire is to help others. Instead of saying we shouldn’t charge because of poor and poor whoever why not change the mindset to I can charge and than will have the ability to share my abundance with others. I came across someone who said she desperately wanted my services for her young son. I offered to barter with her, gave her my card and all I asked was that she call me. That was 2 years ago…I’m still waiting for the phone call. So the lesson here is to look within yourself. If you are having strong emotions from Nick’s post on either side, whether you “feel” it or not…this conference is for you! Maybe you need to tune into your “feeler” to find what you need not want! See you there!!

  24. Julie-Anne Mullan N. Ireland says:

    Thank you for putting this message out here, Nick! Reading through all 76 of the posts and the post gives me such a good vibe of the honesty, integrity and personal worth of the EFT community as represented here. I’m proud to belong to a spirited group of individuals who think about what they do, care about their work and want to aehieve results. This is major! No matter that each one has a different take (I’ve been averse to tapping for abundance until today!) on whether and how much to charge, the point is that to consider, reflect and act on our best thinking is okay. The outcomes represent proactive service to community and self. So what if one persons vibration attracts money easily and another has to struggle with establishing a fee. The main thing is that no institution whether medical, pharmaceutical, security or political can honestly said to ‘own’ integrity, ethical practice and a place on the healing highrise as much as Energy and Meridian therapists/practitioners who have coined this lovely quirky concept of being “EFT’ers”. Thank you for what you do – it is timely, personable and carries with it the vibrancy of youth!

  25. Kim Schaefer says:

    Thank you for your incredible movie. I watched it last Wednesday and have been using it daily several times a day. Recently diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica, I went from being as fit as a 30-y/o (at age 5l) to feeling like a 90-yr old woman. I have been in so much pain at night especially that I couldn’t imagine going on living. I refuse to take Prednisone. I was taking 2400-mg of Ibuprofen a day and after two days of tapping, I got down to 800-mg.
    Each night the pain is still bad, but has improved dramatically. I was not able to do anything and now for the most part of the day, I am functional again. I realize that my physical symptoms are a direct result of my extreme emotional state leading up to my body crashing.
    The Tapping Solution DVD is worth a million dollars to someone like me. I know that I too have trouble asking for money. Since I am an Herbalife Distributor, that is not a good thing. I can’t wait until your next movie comes out “Turning Passion Into Profit”. Thank you for your honest sharing. I appreciate it immensely. Very Sincerely, Kim Schaefer, Kauai, Hawaii

  26. Becca Pronchick, CPCC says:

    Thank you Nick for your honesty, your courage and for all that you are offering to the world. I have experienced much personal healing, both physically and emotionally over the past two years since I learned about EFT. I certified and now include tapping lessons with everyone, whether they are coaching clients, attending a yoga retreat or a free workshop. I charge well for my services and also appreciate and offer free introductory lessons. I am currently enjoying Margaret Lynch’s “Secrets of Intentional Wealth” program with great results. I’m with Russell Cunningham who commented, “let’s all make heaps of money to enrich our world!”. With love & gratitude, Becca Pronchick

  27. Lorraine Debnam says:

    I have no problems now with charging for my healing. I’ve been a therapist for 19 years and have had to learn to value myself financially as well as internally.
    However Tapping about my limiting beliefs around money has helped move me on from the ‘I can only charge this amount’ to ‘this is what I value myself and my skills at’. There is a difference, a big difference. And its where your belief about money keeps you; you may be very happy with a satisifactory income and your beliefs about being rich, dont fit with your belief about being okay. We have a whole stack of historical and cultural beliefs about being rich, then again you might want to be rich and charging others to get rich fits well, but maybe those who struggle with being rich and good, could use money to do good stuff with. The true value of money is the change you can make by using it and to use it you need to aquire it.
    If people are happier not charging thats fine by me, but give free sessions because if fits with your beleif about how you WANT to live your life and notbecause you dont beleive in yourself.

    Good luck and happy tapping to all
    Lorraine Debnam

  28. Steven Garland says:

    I do not think it is right to charge. Granted if it is free, people will value it less. The point is that I do the process for my own growth.

  29. Dena says:

    All thought provoking comments on a touchy subject. Several of the EFT Practitioners listed in Gary Craig’s directory indicate payment only required if the client gets results, an interesting approach to the process. Our society assumes that paying large amounts of money to highly trained people will result in healing and that the responsibility for the healing is with the drs. What rubbish. Yes, we need to charge and overdeliver in our services, so people leave feeling good, and feeling self-empowered, not dependent on fancy degrees on the wall and high prices. We all need to take our power back and EFT is the way to do it.

  30. Sharon says:

    I just got a eureka moment when I read that how much you charge reflects your self worth. I thought I was the only idiot who was not charging but I can see there are many. I have, today, made a pledge to start charging this new year as the help and support I give justifies me to charge money for my sessions. For those who still do not want to charge clients, then here is a suggestion – ask him/her to help you out in situations where you need help i.e it could be websites, plumbing, painting, advertising, referrals etc. Charging strangers is easier than charging friends/family members so ask them for referrals.

    Nick you are really an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  31. Lin says:

    Hey, Nick – great you brought up this topic. Yes, money exchange is absolutely necessary for this work! I and my client, both of us, express how much we honour ourselves and a life in total balance. There is giving and receiving – they both work together.
    Enjoy your visions and their realizations – and, of course, charge for the commitment and passion you manifest in this reality- Love, Lin

  32. Linda says:

    Hi Nick and other people reading this,

    I agree with what you say. It is more then OK to earn money by doing a good thing for other people and for the world. This has made me look in to some of the Internet Marketing principles (Marketing used to be a dirty word for me, tap, tap, tap,…) And it has been a hard nut to crack putting marketing and spirituality together.

    Now, after reflecting and tapping on it a lot, I came to the conclusion that doing marketing in an ethical way is impotant for me. There are some marketing techniques that involve lieing to people, tricking people in to buying, bombarde them with mails,…. and even with a lot of tapping, this stil doesn’t seem right to me. I don’t think that the sale justifies everything, just because you sell something you think is ‘good’ for somebody. People still have the right to decide what is good for them and shouldn’t be pushed or tricked.

    At first it got me really angry, when I saw spiritual people do this (tap, tap, tap). Now I think, it is just something I choose to do differntly and leave it be. By reading everything here, I justed wanted to add my opinion here.

    About EFT itself: I think it is really important that the basic information on how to use EFT should be completly free for everybody. This is the strenght of EFT, it is so simple anybody can use it. And it works. This is why it is spreading around the globe so fast. (there is no cleaver martketing magic doing this, in my opinion). But if you add value to basic EFT, like coaching, asking the right questions, your time,… I don’t see why you shouldn’t charge for that. I always ask myself the question: what value do I add here? And then decide what it is worth. Then I do the marketing: just letting people know what I do, talk to them, and if they welcome what I offer, we have a match. That’s howI blend marketing with spirituality.



  33. Shirley van der Laar says:

    Thank you for your article. Yes I absolutely agree with payment for services, but having said that I do appreciate all the free information and help I have received over the last few months. If I had had to pay for all that up front I would not have persued it as the perception would have been that I could not afford it and I could not have achieved what I have so far. Thank you all for your generous spirit of giving. Much love, Shirley

  34. Wal Heinrich says:

    You are right. I’ve often said the same sort of thing about the billion dollars. I often check the Forbes billionaires list and so far I have not seen anyone in it who has made their money through self development or healing although I at least expected Tony Robbins to make it, but no. I predict that the first healer to achieve a billion in this way will make the second billion easily. And I am sure that many of the hundreds of gurus that have been telling us about The Secret and such things (for decades some of them) have had the billion figure in mind but they have failed. How? Why did they fail? Why are they still failing?

  35. Cecille Thomas says:

    You are so on point–thank you for having the tenacity to say it!

  36. Marcia says:

    Get yourself to a Millionaire Mind Intensive. Absolutely…the best way to get rid of the stinkin’ thinkin’.
    T. Harv Eker knows whereof he speaks.

  37. Glenn Ackerman says:

    As an EFT pro with vast experience, let me tell you that if you don’t charge for your services , you will attract needy people who have 1000 issues to work on and will suck your energy dry. I wonder if it is a coincidence that the people I did not get results with , did not pay me for the session and they felt they wasted their time and I felt frustrated and less then positive from the time I spent. I have an agreement with God. if anyone around me is suffering or needs help, I help them. If someone calls me and is suffering and needs help and can’t pay, i will help them through their emergency just to be of service. They vow they will pay me when they get on their feet but it rarely occurs. I do keep leverage on them and make them think I am doing them a huge favor so they will follow through. I am tough in this regard. This is part of their healing. If they lose the vibe of overwhelming graditude to you , the APEX factor kicks in and then you are taken for granted. If you don’t believe me , work on some broke desperate people and you will see. There is a reason why they are that way. A word to the wise.
    Be generous to people and that includes yourself as well.

  38. Laura says:

    Excellent post – thank you! Sadly, I have put my EFT business on the back burner for now – too many people demanding everything for free that I got burnt out. I love EFT and I love coaching people but I need to make a living obviously – just like other healers such as doctors, psychologists, therapists and so on. So thank you so much for making this post.

  39. Gwen Orwiler says:

    Nick: As a former director of a small non-profit (the least paid director of a non-profit in all of Seattle!) , then a Realtor in the hey day, and after the market “shifted”, now I’m living my DHARMA as a Life Coach in my first year of building my biz. I’m a tapping fan, but not yet trained. It’s on my to do list… (My husband was in a car accident –rearended–two major surgeries and out of work for over a year! Finances and credit scores are shot at our house w/ a stack of medical bills! I sooo appreciate what you have to say!! It’s so true — I’ve been struggling with my own limiting beliefs re: exactly what you are talking about and YES I’ve been tapping away about it. So much better!! But I totally support what you are saying! Who made the rules that because we do good work we must live in poverty? And yes, with the amount of money being spent on lobbyists to fight health care, Mary shouldn’t feel bad about charging $75/ hour!! From this moment on I’m a big fan of yours! And when I start making more money, and the house and car payments are made, I promise to buy the documentary!!! Keep up the great work!!! Gwen

  40. Russell Cunningham says:

    Hi Nick, When Verena and I started our practice nearly 10 years ago we charged only $50 per hour and at first were afraid to put our charges up. Man, I’m glad we cleared that one.
    If we hadn’t Id still be “stuck” in a job that didn’t suit me, probably manefesting a range of health issues (Like our bodies tend to do when we don’t move foreward.) And most of the thousands of people who have benefited from our EFT workshops, coaching and therapy would still be struggling.
    An early lesson came for us when one client, a single parent with drug issues who we had been treating at a discounted rate, cancelled 2 sessions without notice. A few weeks later she flounced in showing off $270.00 dress that she had bought in while on holidays Noosa! At the time couldn’t afford new clothes or a holliday.
    Verena and I looked at each other…. “We paid for the dress and the holliday.” was our common thought.
    Since then, each time we increased our charges two things happenned
    1 We attracted more clients.
    2 Our clients achieved better results.

    So why would charging more give better results?
    What we charge reflects our inner self worth and shows this self worth to the world.
    We’ve all at some time bought something cheap and later regretted it becalse it lacked quality. Many of us have also seen something we thought we wanted, then seen a low price and thought ” It can’t be any good. Must be cheap junk.”
    So when the price “hurts” just a bit we tend to value the product or service more.
    Before starting our practice I wanted to resolve my own issues. I flew interstate and paid big $ to get what I felt I needed. To do that, I maxed out my credit cards and borrowed from friends. I really wasn’t comfortable about that, but because it hurt a bit financially I made sure I took responsibility and followed through. The results transformed my Health, relationships and finances.
    Even back then (1998) I couldn’t imagine being able to resolve my financial and relationship issues working with someone who was earning less than me and wasn’t in a good relationship. That’s why a significant part of our EFT Level 2 & 3 workshops includes working on money issues and being comfortable at “Selling” your services.
    Does that mean you have to be greedy? No. Of course not, we still do monthly free workshops, and I’ve been known to tap or do hypnosis with people I meet on trains, planes, shopping centres, wherever. And having the money allows us to support good charities. You can’t give what you haven’t got.
    So lets all make heaps of money with tapping and with whatever other approaches you enjoy using. Its much better to making money doing something that enriches our world than something that degrades it. With tapping everyone benefits.

    Wishing you all a happy, healthy, prosperous and loving new year.

    Russell Cunningham

    Director – Australian Institute Of Self Development.

  41. Shirley says:

    Hi Nick,
    I am enjoying all the comments to your great blog post almost as much as your post. 🙂 I was just having a conversation about charging for spiritual services yesterday. It was in light of the problems James Ray is having with the sweat lodge deaths in AZ under his watch . Right after the tragic deaths, he sent out an e-mail to all on his list stating he was going to continue with business as usual so as not to compound the problem of people paying for workshops or events and having them cancelled. (I guess he didn’t realize he could refund their $$!) The Ray attitude feels dirty to me and it feeds my own disdain for mixing “God and mammon” as the Bible says.

    In addition to that issue, I think it is hard to charge money for esoteric services when we don’t have initials after our name. But when you realize how much astrologers earn for a reading, it doesn’t make sense to restrict ourselves in asking for a fair exchange for sharing our understanding/knowledge of the healing arts. However, if we don’t label our work “healing” then people aren’t as likely to equate it with medical services. It is more a teaching service to relieve stress and provide tools to achieve spiritual and emotional goals. Right?

    I appreciated what you said about being abundant financially and how it enables us to also give abundantly, which increases our own spiritual and material abundance. If we just focused on that part, I think we could break out of the “Mary feeling not worthy enough to charge” syndrom.

    I love the work you are doing and the spirit in which you and Jessica are doing it. Thank you,

  42. E L Taylor says:

    Great issues, Nick. Here’s the heart of the matter, as I see it. For just about anything you can name, product or service, you pay money and you get something you intend to get for it. If you go to a restaurant and order a meal that never comes, you don’t pay for it. If you take your car to a mechanic and they don’t fix the problem, you can take it back for a re-fix. And so on —with the one HUGE exception of health care. If you go to a doctor to be cured and they don’t cure you, or they make you worse, you pay anyway. If you go to a healing practioner and they don’t solve the problem you came for, you pay anyway. As someone dealing with cancer, I can attest that I have paid a whole lot of practioners who have not healed the cancer. I am not blaming them – ‘though of course I wish they’d been able to help. No one in my position would object to paying $1000 for a 1-hour session if they were healed! Isn’t it time we began considering a results-oriented pricing system for health care???

  43. Rani says:

    @ Margaret
    I do not give reiki away free.. there is always an exchange, but money need not be the only exchange… I never advise my students not to take money. I find myself more comfortable working in a place where the “fee” is fixed rather than me quoting the price.. you see what I mean? I was re-reading wht I wrote and I do understand why you must have found my comments odd LOL… But all the comments above have been nothing but helpful.. So THANK YOU for all your comments.. they only help me and my perspective…
    Love and light,

  44. Ros says:

    Hi Nick
    Thank you so much for having the courage to start this conversation. I am fascinated by the level of emotion that money evokes! The point I want to make is that in my experence as a life coach it is extremely important to role model what it is that I want to pass on to my clients. This has challenged me as i too have had many of the concerns/issues expressed by others in this blog. However I have now come to see that in my situation, not charging clients has a number of associated messages and integrity issues that I am not comfortable with. If i don’t charge for what I am offerring no matter what it is, how can I encourage people to charge for theirs. I have noticed a shift in my level of personal responsibility in what I am delivering when I charge compared to when I don’t (this i believe I would never have known without comparing experiences). As Margaret Lynch includes in her tapping program – it is about who I have to become in order to ask for payment (or put another way meet my bigger financial goals). I wonder if this is what people are weighing up. I know that for myself charging clients and having money goals have made me a much better person and life coach. I focus on doubling the value I am offerring my clients in creative ways, (discovering more about myself and my God given talents) i ask more of myself and I am forced to define what I offer and sometimes more importantly what I don’t offer so that I don’t mislead my paying clients and they can make an informed decision. The way I now see it, the clarity that charging clients ultimately created has benefitted my clients immeasurably and i believe I now actively demonstrate more respect for them and myself. I notice that my fee paying clients invest a lot more into the process themselves (self-reflection, honesty and time) and therefore get a lot more out of it. In some ways not charging is not showing them the way out of self-defeating or compromising patterns (I cannot live with that), not offerring clients the opportunity to demonstrate to themselves that they are of value and not addressing the issues associated with committment. Don’t get me wrong I give a lot of services and information away for free and enjoy that immensely but I choose what i offer and how I offer it – factoring in formats that are less expensive where appropriate.
    thank you for the opportunity to join in this wonderful conversation.

  45. Cindy says:

    I, too, was lucky enough to start tapping just when the world summit came about. I skeptically listened and was amazed by the results. I have been talking to SO many people about tapping and trying to encourage them. I bought “Try It On Everything” immediately after the summit. I work with an EFT practitioner and I paid to join the Tapping Insiders Club. I also bought an abundance download on line. I have spent money on tapping . I hope someday to be able to incorporate it in to my work and make some money doing it!
    When I saw the seminar being offered in March, I got so excited! Then, I saw the price. I had a horrible reaction to that price. The first thing that came up for me was, Gary is retiring and now EFT is going to become out of reach. No more gatekeeper. I kept that reaction to myself because I felt that it was MY conditioning and MY issues about money that was coming up. I also felt bad because there is no way that I can spend that for a conference and I would love to attend one. However, I was willing to accept that perhaps it was my issue. Now, you are asking for our opinion about charging and this is my response. For your sake, I hope you sell out your seminar. For my sake, I hope that there continues to be affordable and free EFT training available. Thanks for asking.

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Hi Cindy,

      Thanks for sharing your reaction, it’s an important one to note, and here’s how I would approach it: Not everything is for everyone, and that’s OK! There’s been times when there’s been plenty of things that are out of reach financially for me, and I’ve learned to look at them and appreciate them.

      If I see a car on the street that I want to drive, but can’t afford it, my response now is to appreciate it rather than condemn it. This particular seminar is really great for people that want to focus on their business and taking it to the next level, so it might not be for everyone. And the wonderful thing about free will and choice is that the people that it’s best for right now will choose to attend and others won’t.

      I remember when I first went to a Tony Robbins seminar 10 years ago, I put everything on a credit card. It was money I didn’t have but I knew I had to go. If you saw what I ended up putting on a credit card from all the different conferences, you’d gasp! Now, I wouldn’t advise that strategy for everyone, but for me, it worked and made a tremendous difference in my life.

      If anything, what I hope people realize from this discussion is that the best thing we can all do is take the “emotional charge” out of the situation, the beliefs, the discussion. Let people do what they want to do, without feeling anger, hurt or resentment. If someone charges something that you don’t think is worth it, don’t buy it! If you don’t like an offer, delete it. But do so with love and appreciation for your feelings about it and the intention behind it.

      All too often we are WAY too quick to judge and form immediate opinions. When you find that happening, use it as an opportunity to tap. 🙂

      I hope this helps.

      much love,

  46. Janet Thompson says:

    What a “topical” topic. I am really struggling with this on the consumer end. It seems that everywhere I turn, people are trying to sell me something in the health field. Without naming names, I have two good friends who are positive that what they are selling (both in MLM situations) are the best, the only, the way and the truth (to coin a phrase). I believe wholeheartedly in tapping and in EFT, but I think the general public is so braced against being “sold to” as I am, they don’t trust what they hear. I know I don’t…AND I hate the feeling that someone is trying to sell me something. This is what I am coming up against right now.

  47. Ute says:

    My five cents;

    Money does not grow on trees and my passion to help people who need help mean that whereas I agree that my “services” deserve a renumaration there are just not enough people there who have such funds.
    I try to get resources from entities that allow for parts of funds to be used to support people in need. Such as Nick’s promotion to purchase a book/DVD combo to allow someone to get a free copy etc etc. I have purchased a couple of copies of the DVD/book package to enable donations to people who cannot purchase these items and desperately need these resources.
    Flipside of helping others for free is that I do not have the financial resources to access the help I need to maximise my resources and look after me let alone all the other people.
    On the other hand, I do have a home and a car that is reliable (far from new but does the job), food on the table and access to water etc and I still can help other people for free.
    The canundrum persists…….

    Ute – Australia

  48. Eva Wilhelm says:

    Well, it is my story, too. I have been quite a successful massage practitioner 10 years ago and gave it up for a more lucrative position in education. Although, I like the steady income, I feel trapped. I have also just given up a network business because of the constant ‘contrast’ when selling. I have not found a way to resolve this for me. People, friends tell me how good I am with treatments. Now I have found tapping with amazing results, it would be great but I don’t dare because I am afraid to be poor! Yes, I am ready to tap my fears in this area away! It feels a bit as if this might be the change in my life I have been (secretly) looking for.

  49. Fiona McCallion says:

    Hi Nick and all

    You certainly opened a can of worms, Nick! Lol! Good for you.

    Here’s my take, for what it’s worth.

    First, I’m also from the UK and can say that, although the National Health Service is free at the point of service for many, we are all paying for it – doctors and nurses are not donating their services for free. They are being paid. However, because these services are free at the point of service, people do tend to think that they are free … and often abuse them

    Second, you are absolutely right – alternative/complimentary therapists have *huge* money issues. We spend all that time, effort and money learning our therapies and then have serious problems charging for our time and energy. It took me several years to get over that … but the result is that my clients actually value what I’m giving them and they don’t take advantage.

    Third – and here’s another can of worms for you – we can be at our most effective as therapists only when we do our own work. How can we, for example, help our clients ask for a pay rise at work when we are not willing or able to ask for payment from our clients? The two are parallel issues. Further, how can we help our clients past issues of respect, when we don’t respect ourselves enough to place a value on our work?

    To those who suggest that the poor, who need our services the most, can’t afford them and that’s why we don’t see them – I suggest that the poor don’t come to us very often because they don’t know how to take responsibility for their own health and thus they prefer mainstream health services. I do know this from my own experience, having offered group work for many years at very accessible prices – and this is also the experience of my friends and colleagues.

    Until we are willing to place a value on our work, we will never be taken seriously by clients *or* by the health industry. Why would they take us seriously if we don’t?

  50. Nancy Polites says:

    Hi Nick,
    I’ve been tapping for 12 years now, and am an EFT/MTT Practitioner I’m very proud of the marvelous results my clients and I have attained from this still-cutting-edge-groundbreaking technique. For some stupid reason, because it’s too easy, simple and …. free…..some people just don’t jump on it and use it to change their lives. I do my best to be patient with them and continue to remember Gary’s statements: be persistent and repetitive. I know that that is truly what makes it work! Makes changes! Grows us!
    So here’s what I do: I have no problem charging what I am worth, what my delivery and skill and art and craft are worth. I am not just an EFT Practitioner but a whole person with many areas of expertise in multiple fields that I share with others. What I am worth is what people will pay for my services….what it is worth to them. However, I always leave room in my practice for sliding-scale clients who need a hand up right now, haven’t the financial resources to pay, and can and will use the help. This is how I balance my practice and I feel it works for my integrity and philosophy. Oh, yes, I also love doing the work that I do — and spreading the word is my passion! Thanks for listening…..

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