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This Is What the Path to Abundance Looks Like

Written by: Nick Ortner

I want to share an inspiring story about a woman named Nancy.

Over a period of twelve months, Nancy took one simple step after another toward improving her work and finances.

By taking those steps, she’s completely transformed her life, work, AND finances.

Nancy’s Life Only One Year Ago…

It was only a year ago, though, that Nancy felt stuck. Stuck in debt, stuck in her “boom or bust” business, stuck in financial overload and to-do list overdrive with emotional burnout.

At the time, all she wanted was to find a better way to “get by.”

Ever felt like that? Like work and financial success are the impossible dream?

We’ve all been taught to work harder and work longer. Many of us have changed jobs, even careers, but still, financial security seems out of reach. Even success, when it does come, isn’t always fulfilling.

It’s exhausting!

The cycle continues until finally, you end up feeling like Nancy, resigned to dreams so small, they can barely sustain you.

After years of working in her own business as a sobriety coach, Nancy had achieved what looked like success.

She’d been through “boom” times, when her income was peaking. But they always seemed to be followed by another “bust,” when her income dipped to a dangerously low level.

Her income would be up, then down, over and over again.

It’s a pattern so many people have experienced, and as the years go by, that financial roller coaster ride can get pretty frustrating!

And for Nancy, even the “boom” times didn’t feel good. As a sobriety coach, she would often get called in after an intervention had been staged, and then be left to work with clients who didn’t want her help.

Her work, business, schedule and finances – all of it was draining her of energy, passion, creativity, and well-being.

That’s when Nancy signed up for The Tapping Solution for Financial Abundance and Personal Fulfillment.

How Nancy Used Tapping to Change Things

Nancy began using Tapping exercises to quiet the anxiety, fear and other emotions she was feeling.

She also began to do something she’d been too afraid to do in the past – step back and take an honest look at her career, her finances, and her life.

It’s a practice most of us avoid when we feel powerless around our finances, work, and success. We put blinders on, and try to keep moving forward. If we just do more, we think, or do more faster…

What happens, though, is that by depriving ourselves of the opportunity to take an honest look at our lives, work, and finances, we also lose out on the chance to make important changes that bring us personal fulfillment as well as financial success.

As Nancy shared,

“I was hoping to find a quick fix to fill the bottom layer of the monetary hole I’d been digging for decades… My commitment to playing small was well disguised by a career that involved celebrity clients, exciting external perks and the illusion I worked for myself. The truth is, I had very little freedom and was exhausted from the constant chaos, travel, and toxic situations. Tapping helped me through my denial.”

When Nancy signed up for our financial course, her business once again fallen into a “bust” cycle. This time, though, she didn’t panic.

Think Big, Dream Big

Instead, she began to face her work and her life with a new energy and awareness. With Tapping helping to quiet her anxiety about the future, she also began letting herself dream big again. Not just about “getting by,” but about resurrecting the larger dreams that got her excited about the future.

Just two years earlier, Nancy had written a book that she knew would help people. After finishing the book, she’d had the idea to share parts of the book on social media and then run a contest where readers get to suggest a title for the book.

Using the tapping exercises in the course to work through the paralyzing fear, excuses, insecurities and limiting beliefs that had prevented her from taking action, Nancy created and launched a new website for her book within weeks.

Soon afterward, readers from around the world were suggesting titles for her book!

Noticing the miracles that were occurring in her life, and in the lives of many others in the program, Nancy decided to become an EFT Practitioner – and that one change transformed her entire coaching practice!

“I am now supporting clients who are ready and excited about making empowering changes in their lives. I exit sessions with more energy than I started with.”

Through the course, Nancy was also able to release her shame about the debt that she’d accumulated over many years.

Financial solutions and new sources of revenue also began to appear – and more keep coming!

One year later, her entire life, financial situation, and outlook have changed.

“For the first time in my adult life, I am optimistic about my finances… I’ve also transformed relationships, learned to say no, set healthy boundaries and honor myself. I have never felt more confident, free from my old “stories” or available to receive all the good that has been flowing my way. After two decades of studying personal growth, I can honestly say this is THE course that changed my life.

How You Can Get the Same Results Nancy Did

As I mentioned, we’re offering the Financial Success and Personal Fulfillment program RIGHT NOW, and if you’re ready to transform your life like Nancy has, I hope you’ll join us!

Or, if you’re just checking things out right now, perhaps this ebook will help.

Start Tapping Today - Free Guide!

Discover the 103 disempowering beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving the money and success you desire.

Nancy is just one of the many people who’s gotten incredible results from Tapping.

As Nancy said, “This course will truly change your life, if you let it.”

Until next time,

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

Can you relate to having “boom and bust” times in your career or business? Comment below!

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1 Comment on this post

  1. Cindra Rainbow says:

    Thank you Nick! I remember last year finding out about The Tapping Solution because of this Financial Success & Personal Fulfillment 7-Week Program you offer. I cannot thank you enough for that! Tapping has helped me so much!! and I share it with everyone. Such an essential tool!
    Your topic on this blog is sooo interesting 🙂 because I developed an oracle card deck three years ago that I literally call “Path to Abundance” and have given readings to many people with great feedback on its accuracy. The cards have come through my personal experiences of finding abundance in my life, and then the intention that I have for the cards is that each individual will receive the message they are most needing to start taking the steps towards abundance that can apply to all areas of their life. Your Tapping message that you share is key to each message that comes forth ~ I feel it gives the ability to take a step forward easily, to help start each person onto their path to abundance.
    I thank you and the Angels!!

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