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A Necessary Shift in Perspective

Written by: Nick Ortner

I’m writing today about something that I feel is CRITICAL regarding the future success of Tapping and other healing modalities and which could have a profound impact on YOUR life.

It’s a bit long, but it could completely change your future and our collective future – I mean it. 🙂

I’m going to ask you to take a close look at any thoughts or feelings this email brings up because they are vitally important.

So what’s this huge topic?

It’s the idea of business and money being involved in the “healing” world.

Somewhere along the way, someone, maybe it was parents, teachers, the government, friends, who knows…came up with the idea that it’s wrong to charge or make any money when working on healing or helping people.

And this belief is destructive to no end.

Let’s look at two scenarios and see how this belief is so harmful.

Case Study #1: Excited Potential Tapping Practitioner

Mary works for a financial services company, as an administrative assistant. She makes $45,000 per year, has good health benefits, and feels generally secure in her job. And while she doesn’t enjoy this work one bit, every other Friday she has her paycheck directly deposited into her bank account. Paired with her husband’s salary, it makes ends meet.

She never has to ask for this money. Every year or two she gets a small raise and she continues onwards. The subject of “money”, rarely comes up for her with regards to receiving it from her employer. She doesn’t question the work they do or the profits they are earning but is content to get her paycheck.

Mary discovers EFT Tapping, and is thrilled with the results she gets for herself and her family members. She does more training, gets her hands on all the free resources she can, and begins to become quite proficient at tapping. She dreams of helping other people, but she just keeps doing “free” sessions.

People offer to pay her, they are delighted with the results, but she just “doesn’t feel right taking the money”. She believes the work was so much fun, so rewarding, that money shouldn’t be involved. More and more people start coming to her, and she says quietly to herself, “How I would love to do this full time!”

But when she sits down with her husband to discuss the subject of her leaving her job, the math just doesn’t add up. Her husband says, “If you charged $75 per hour and had three clients per day, for 50 weeks out of the year, we would be around your current salary, including benefits, and other perks.”

“$75 per hour???” Mary says, “There is no way I could charge that! That’s not right at all. I would feel completely uncomfortable.”

Her husband replies, “Do you think what you’re providing is worth $75 per hour?”

Mary, “Well, people do get amazing results faster than anything else they do. I worked with someone the other day who had spent 5 years in therapy, and over $10,000, and we collapsed her issue in one session! But… It still wouldn’t “feel” right, I just can’t charge for this…”

So there, sadly, the story ends. Mary’s limiting belief about receiving, about charging money for her healing work leaves her at her unfulfilling job.

The consequences of this belief are profound.

And not just for Mary, but for the hundreds of people she could have helped… If only she had been able to accept the fact that money, that the energy of money, is a reality of this earthly experience, and that learning to ask for it and accept it when providing healing services can change the world.

Are you a “Mary”? How many “Marys” could be out in the world right now, changing lives on a daily basis?

Case Study #2: A Dream, a Vision, and “Money”

The first case study was hypothetical, though I’ve seen real-life examples over and over again. This story is as real as it gets, because it’s my story! Just over two years ago now, I had the dream – the inspiration – to make a documentary film about Tapping. I had seen the results in my life and the lives of my friends and family over and over again, and felt that the world needed to know more about this!

Mind you, I had NO experience in film-making, NO equipment, NO staff, just the dream… But I set off to make the film anyway. I was committed to the vision and the dream but I was ALSO practical about the financial side of it.

You see, to make the movie, I had to invest $200,000 of money I didn’t have! I put it all on credit cards and credit lines, maxed to the hilt. Then, I went to friends and family to borrow money and recruited friends and family to work on the film. Jessica Ortner, my sister and one of the producers, and Nick Polizzi, my close friend, director, and editor, worked for nothing for over two years.

They too were committed to the vision, the dream, the experience. But they also knew at some point that the film would have to be financially feasible and that they would be rewarded for their efforts. They needed to be able to pay back the credit card debt they had accrued to be able to continue in this work.

I WISH that when I came up with this idea, I could have called the mortgage company, the credit card companies, the local grocery store, the insurance company, the car company, the phone company, the electric company, the heating company…

And said to them nicely, “Dear Sirs or Madams, I’ve just come up with a fantastic idea that I truly believe is going to change the lives of millions of people around the world. I want to share the knowledge about an incredible technique and do it in a documentary format, so people could see real results that they could use to change their lives. It will truly be for the betterment of humanity and I’ll even give you copies of the film when it’s done!”

Then they could have said to me, “Great idea, Nick! We’ll stop charging you for everything you need to live, so you can put this plan into action!”


The game doesn’t really work that way!

So if I was to make it work, to pay back the $200,000, to be able to sustain myself and my family, I simply had to make it financially feasible. This meant I had to do everything I could to not only create a superior product (and fortunately the reviews on our website and show that the end product is powerful and changing lives), but I also had to do everything I could to SELL it.

Oh! Another dirty word! SELL!

Ugh… Icky…Dangerous…

No, it’s not. It’s reality.

If I wanted to make this whole dream work, I simply had to be able to sell the film, and sell other things. Otherwise, I’d have to be like Mary, and go back to a “job”.

We’ve been able to donate over 8,000 copies of “The Tapping Solution” and that only happened by selling it to other people! A while back we ran a “Pick Your Own Price” special, where thousands of people were able to buy the film and companion book, at not much more than “cost” for me. And we were able to do that because other people bought it at full price, if not more! (Some people paid more than the full price, to support other people and donate more copies!)

Over the holidays, we donated thousands of dollars to our favorite charities as well. Good things are happening!

If you haven’t seen the documentary yet, you can pick up a copy here. (Yup, I’m selling it to you! I’m trying to convince you to buy it! LOL.)

In Summary

So you see, it all “works” when everyone gets in alignment with the energy of money. When we stop bickering about someone “selling” healing, or how it should all be free. 🙂

If you’d like to get your energy in alignment, I’d recommend starting with this free webinar I put together for you.

I’ve been saying recently that the BEST thing that could happen in the healing and personal growth world is for someone to figure out how to make a BILLION dollars spreading this information.

Why? Well, that person would then be able to put a television advertisement right after the one for the drug companies! Right now, we can’t do that. But we need to figure out a way to do so and we need to stop attacking ourselves and those around us for trying to “make money” in this field.

So, your blog questions for today are…

What limiting beliefs might you have about money or selling?

Are you ready to tap those away?

Is it OK for people to make money in this field?

Are you finally ready to unplug from what the rest of society tells you and blaze your own trail?

Comment below!

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

P.S. Make sure to share this post with your friends and family those who could use a necessary shift in perspective, especially those involved in the healing arts! 🙂

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  1. Shira says:

    Dear Nick,
    I enjoyed every minute of the Global Tapping Summit and want to take this opportunity to thank you and Jessica for all your hard work.
    I think your blog is right on target, and I have shared it with a colleague in the healing arts (neither of us is professional) who insists it is “immoral and improper” to take money for healing. I hope it helps him understand that a flow of energy (which is all money is!) is necessary, plus a fair exchange for services rendered and received. In addition I am convinced that gifting the facilitator for a healing actually helps make the healing more effective.

  2. David Greene says:

    The Christian Bible say’s ” A good servant is worthy of his hire.” Also there are other stories about “not muzzeling the ox.” In other words don’t deprive it of it’s incentive to work. there are also other statements that make money out as evil. What’s my motive is a good question? Am I stepping over the line into greed?

  3. Julie says:

    I agree, and it’s something that I have struggled with, it doesn’t seem right to charge in a way, especially coming from the UK, where healthcare is mainly free of charge. On the one hand, I wouldn’t like for EFT not to be available to those who can’t afford it, but on the other hand, these same people can usually afford to spend the same sort of money on a hairdo, and also some seem to not really value something that is given away as much as when they have to pay. Still an area that I need to do a lot of tapping on I think.
    Slightly off the subject, but has it occured to anyone else that there is a huge number of people (and therefore energy) against whose interests it is to have a healthier population – doctors, healthcare professionals, drug companies, lawyers – the list goes on, is there perhaps a large energy field keeping people sick?

  4. julia says:

    Hi Nick
    I have been using EFT/TFT/EMT etc since 1996 – I am a hypnotherapist and EVERY client that comes thru my practice does EFT. Most are blown away by it and use it. I have been able to change peoples lives significantly using this method and they know up front what my costs are. I just don’t attract people who aren’t willing to pay for my services. 85% of my practice is from referrals. I also do a lot of pro-bono’s. I deserve to be paid for my services and my clients are more than happy to pay for them. When you give your services for free then it isn’t always respected. It’s like “well it’s not costing me anything so it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work” this is not the type of client you want. I absolutely love what I do and I want clients who WANT to make changes to their lives – not tyre kickers.

    thanks Nick
    Julia, Melbourne Australia

  5. Joan says:

    I am glad that you are talking about this issue. The question I have to those people who feel it is wrong to charge for a service that heals or helps others is, do you feel doctors should provide their services for free? or How do you feel about doctors charging for services that actually is hurting and killing people through drugs, surgery and just covering the symptoms instead of getting to the root of the problem? I too feel a bit guilty for charging for helping others but I am getting over this because I realise that I have a mortgage to pay and other bills too. Why should I give my time and talents away just because people need them? Lawyers and doctors are needed everyday, and I haven’t met too many of them that give away their services, instead they charge more than most other industries. So yeah, it is time for everyone to realise that money is necessary to pay our bills so please be willing to charge for your services/products and be willing to pay for services/products that can help you and don’t feel that people should just offer them for free because you need it. If everything was free, we’d be in heaven…we’re not. Instead we should feel good about providing a great healing service or product and realise that it is okay to receive equal value (money) for equal value (service). I think most people want others to feel good, right? So, what better way to help others to feel good than by buying their product or service? If you agree, perhaps you might click on my name and check out my valuable product. If you purchased it, it would make me feel good. 😉

  6. Kim says:

    I am 100% happy with people making millions of dollars doing what they love! Especially when it involves helping others. What I hope is that we can all make millions of dollars doing what we love while including the poor. I don’t see a dichotomy here but I see the potential for a dichotomy, IF people begin to get wrapped up in the idea that volunteerism and helping others without money is “bad”. I currently work with homeless youth, most of who are homeless because of bad family situations. The more enlightened individuals, we have to spend time with these kids, the better. I see that the more monetarily and emotionally successful we all are, the more we have to give to those around us. So yes, let’s make millions of dollars doing what we love and lets share this with people who have yet to achieve this.

  7. Joni Stone says:

    Hi Nick, want to thank you for all the good work you are doing with Tapping.

    I want to acknowledge that there are many of us who do agree with you. Its not a phenomena specific to healing, though I do get where that comes from. We’ve seen it in our web site design work and photography. Because we do find so many “free” things on the internet and we have become such a Walmart economy, if its not cheap or free I’m not paying for it. Many of us are suffering in our work since it is no longer viewed as worthy of “money” or financial exchange. Even though no one would ever ask a plumber or grocer to provide “free” anything.

    For example, with my creativity workshops I will usually offer some scholarships or hardship support. I realize that not everyone is working now and yet everyone can benefit from personal growth workshops. I will usually ask for some form of exchange, could be a handmade item, baked goods just something that shows that this workshops or event has value to that person. Reiki Master Dr. Usui discovered this to be true, when he gave away his healing with no exchange, the healing did not take long term since value was not placed on the work he did. When he started to insist on some exchange appropriate to the person offering it, he saw that people benefited longer from the healing.

    For anyone giving away their services, think carefully since this sets a precedence that your services or products do not have value. Better to offer payment plans, hardship support, or a “sampling” to see if it resonates with the person looking to try it.

  8. Judi Crook says:

    Hi There All Dear People Who Are Reading This,
    Listen and look deep in to your minds and hearts, and realise that this issue of money exchange, all comes down to our Self Worth, whether we can ask for money or not. It can also relate to having a pauper state of mind, there is never enough. It is a journey that we can all take some time in our lives ,some way or another. And until we deal with these issues through EFt or other means, it will never rest easy with us charging for our services. Rather than providing Light and Information to the world we will be hanging on to your gifts rather than sharing them, all for the sake of being confortable with asking. Do we not all want the same thing? do we not all want to help people out there, crying out for our assistance? their lives are precious to them, and to us, and they will pay anything to find health, peace and harmony. Do we not all remember being just like them at some time in our lives, crying out for help? As I write this message, I realise I am speaking to myself more than you, and will now make a resolution , to change my way of thinking. When it is all said and done, are we not exchanging one gift for another??? And we all know when the time is right, to give a little more here or there.
    Wishing you all well, in Love and Light Judi NZ

  9. Kolly says:

    Hi Nick,
    This is so weird that you are posting “me” with Mary’s story. Excepting that I do feel that healing modalities are extremely valuable and definitely worth paying for, I find it next to impossible to ask for money. When I do, I wonder if I am asking too much/too little??? Do my fees say something negative to the client?? If I am asking too much, am I chasing clients away and if I am asking too little, do people not take me seriously??

  10. LJ says:

    First of all, you and your sister have been exceedingly generous with your tapping information and I am deeply grateful for being able to take the ride with you these past few months. If at this pint you need to start making more money at it, go for it. Your ”price point” will select the people you are going to bring into your life to help you financially.

    As for me, to the extent we can share freely, this is what I idealize and do. But your title said it all. “A Necessary Shift in Perspective”. There is no need to rationalize or justify further. You need more money? So…go for it! You’ll figure out what is the “right price” to charge.

    And don’t think for a moment that the people who need healing that can’t afford what you or others offer aren’t going to get what they need. They will indeed get what they need as they are open to it. Healing will come in some way to those who are open to it. “Mary’s” refusal to charge for tapping sessions and thus her need to keep her current job is NOT going to leave hundreds or thousands out on the streets broken and bereft. They will simply find the way that they are open to and that they can afford. Tapping is a great part of the human healing story but it isn’t the whole story by any means. I’ve done a LOT of self-help work in my life; gone to various types of therapists, done hypnotherapy, tapping, “Touch for Health”, good nutrition, read books, seen movies (even movies not intended to heal but did), listened to CDs, watched and studied the PBS gurus information, studied with Ramtha, Abraham and my Sunday School teachers, subscribed to free newsletters. It’s all great. Some I paid a lot of money for. Some were inexpensive or free. What all of these endeavors showed me is that healing is generated from within.

    Good luck with whatever you chose to do. Keep me on your mailing list. I’d like to keep up on what you’re doing. You do it SO well !

  11. Gene Bridgers says:

    When I am involved in healing, I always feel God is the healer. I fell healing is a spiritual activity. That is true for me as I pray, or as I apply Reiki, or as I apply tapping. Doctors heal and they charge lots of money. I may thank God for guiding me to a good Doctor, but I rarely think spirituality is present in the healing they offer. If you get into charging for healing, you might find the Doctors objecting to your infringment. If you think you are the healer because you guide the tapping, then you might find out God is watching too. For me, I will gladly donate my time, talents and other resources to helping others. When you charge money for healing, you will find it reduces your level of spirituality.

  12. Maureen says:

    Hi Nick,

    I have had money issues that I wasn’t even aware of. In the last 2 days I have realized I’m addicted to debt, my family were always in monetary strife, my former husband spent so much of our money and I had to work hard to have enough money to keep the kids clothed and fed and a roof over out heads and since the miserable divorce I’ve made bad investment choices which have put me in a large amount of credit card debt.

    The catch 22 is that with the economy the way it is I can’t borrow enough “bulk” of money to pay it off at a reasonable rate yet I’m paying huge amounts of interest and could easily afford to pay one payment instead of 3 so I guess I now have to retry to figure that one out.

    I have an EFT practitioner that I tap with on a fortnightly basis although that may have to change to monthly due to the afore mentioned problem so when we get together on the 14th I can get to the nitty gritty of why I need to feel good by immersing myself in debt. Should be an eye opener that one.

    I have cleared away so much “stuff” since I started tapping in about August I should weigh 50lbs lighter with all the stuff that’s been cast away .

    I look forward to this development and I certainly charge for my cleaning services and don’t feel at all guilty as I do a great job and my clients are really grateful for it so when I put my fees up there’s no hassles.

    Bye for now, Maureen.

  13. Jivana says:

    I agree with you Nick that we deserve to charge for our services and, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for putting together the World Summit. It has made a Huge difference in my life. I’m feeling excited again, and I hadn’t been for a few years and sure enough, all kinds of opportunities have come my way. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  14. Samantha says:

    I think that this is incredible and so very timely! I actually feel pretty good about the whole idea of paying for or selling things that help heal, but I seem to have a block to actually selling myself and the healing I can offer the world. Any ideas on how to get through that barrier? I know that I have a lot to offer (and am quite sure that there’s a lot more than I’m actually aware of), and I want to help. I even started a new company, but its growing slowly (and I am very thankful that it is growing!) and I really want for it to be sustainable so that I can do it “full time”.

    I L.O.V.E. everything that you guys do and appreciate so very much all of the information and resources you have put together. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  15. tod says:

    Hi Nick- you said, “Somewhere along the way, someone, maybe it was parents, teachers, the government, friends, who knows… Came up with the idea that it’s wrong to charge or make any money when working on healing or helping people…” It was Christ who said, ‘freely you have received, freely give”. He charged nothing for healing and helping others. God gives this knowledge freely, and we are to pass it onto others. With that said, St Paul also said, ‘a workman is worthy of his hire’, and he would take donations or ‘tithes’, though I seriously doubt he charged a set fee. To me this is a tricky area. You (generally speaking here) dont have any official education or training. No letters behind your name. This can be a problem in charging proffessional prices. I have a sister in law who’s a psychologist. She charges plenty for her clients. SHe uses hypnosis and is learning EFT. She claims these alternative routes are terrific and vastly important…for the average person But she wonders what happens when an inexperienced practitioner runs into a truly mentally ill person? This is where knowledge and education comes in. If I charge $75 an hour and end up really screwing up with some poor individual, what then?
    To me, in my personal opinion, I would do it this way. I would help any and all who want help. I would leave it open to them to donate what they felt it was worth to them. In this way the poor are not intimidated and will come, whereas they wont if I charge $75. Also, you might find you make far more than $75 an hour overall as the wealthy might be so grateful that they gratefully overpay…alot. Like one person said earlier, if someone has spent 10 grand over years for help, and you help them dramatically in 1 or 2 sessions, you might be grossly harming yourself by having a set fee as the person could joyfully give you many times that. I just am concerned that if you charge professional prices that you may have to one day deal with the problems that professionals have such as lawsuits, ect. Maybe just leave it open? Let it be known you gladly accept donations, and give the same heartfelt service to those who cannot pay and those who can pay. Just my personal thoughts, that’s all.
    BTW, we love your DVD and donated it to the local library.
    Thanks so much for making it. Great work!

  16. Neall says:

    Hi Nick: As you indirectly point out the idea of charging money for helping others overcome health issues has many aspects not all of which are immediately obvious. It is easy to understand that this condition, at least in part, is in response to self esteem issues but I believe there are other hidden issues that are not as easy to identify. What is often missing in many of us is a sense of “I can.” Although we may be born with a strong sense of the “possible” we are instilled from birth with the idea that we are victims of our limitations. I suggest that most often the best of our skills and abilities are taken for granted and those areas of lesser skill become the focus of our parents and teachers. Out of love or fear or both they want us to be secure and to “fit-in.” Apart from the “Golden handcuffs” of $45,000/yr., Mary’s issue and an issue among many of us is the feeling sense that we cannot achieve our dreams because we are limited in our abilities. I have the privilege of working with cancer parents many of whom are teaching me that “I can” is a major part of their recovery. Perhaps we should all be tapping to; “Even though in the past I have believed in my limitations (or ______ fill in the blank) I now choose to deeply and completely believe I can do this.”

  17. Adrianne says:

    Hi Nick
    Have just listened to the MP3 ….We live in the UK …Will it be recoreded and can we buy it ?????
    I am sure something can be done for us outside the USA PLEASE Thanks

  18. Kathi says:

    Hi Nick!

    I am grateful for what you and other EFT-ers are doing out there and support the idea of fair compensation for your work. I’ve learned a great deal through the “free” stuff and continue to practice what I’ve learned with some fabulous results. I would love to see insurance companies cover EFT because being a retired teacher, I honestly can’t afford $75.00 an hour. I think that a lot of people are in the same situation. Yet, the service you are performing is very valuable, and if I had the money, I would gladly pay it. (I’m tapping on my abundance issues!)
    Thank you, Kathi

  19. Margo says:

    I agree completely, Nick. Have seen the same issue reversed in following a Native American Shaman’s teachings. People loved him and he had his basket out quietly, and they barely contributed gas money! Shocking. It’s really very simple: the necessary belief is to give to the source of your good! For me it’s Grandfather Bear Who Talks Much of the Cowlitz Tribe, and it’s also the price of the programs that do me so very much lifechanging good!

  20. Adrianne says:

    Hi Nick
    WOW could not agree with you more ……
    if Doctor’s , pharmacutical companies etc can make money out of healing? and helping people why not us??? ..just beause it’s not recognized by the massess!!! …and this from somebody that was in the medical field for 25 year’s. First as a OR scrub sister and paramedic …the funny thing is/was that allthough I allways wanted to be a nurse …when I did qualify I allways felt that something was missing. I also did not allways see eye to eye with the so called correct medical healing and drugs. Have allways been against drugs in any form ( as our bodies were not ment to absorb drugs and don’t. As you can imagine this used to cause great friction

    I allways mainted that so called medicine only did 10% the rest was up to the ” mind ” and the person that this was the ” miracle healing ”
    When we moved to the United Kingdom 5 yar’s ago. I could not get registered as a nurse and that was the best thing that could have happened to me. As a result because of ” The Secret ” ..Bob Doyle and through his program Carol Look, Brad Yates etc and later you and Jessica and your program I found my ” Life Passion ” by studyging and becoming a Health & Wellness Coach and helping friend’s and family through working with them and using EFT BUT and here’s the big BUT I was a Mary… in that I found it very difficult to ask for money for my service’s. I had to do a lot of tapping and still do to clear the blocks to actually charging for my service’s I am getting there but it’s taken some time to get my mind set right.
    Also we had to live eat and pay the bills.
    After all we are really helping people look at their lives in a differnet light and actully giving them hope and healing compared to treatments and drugs that just lead to the next more expensive treatment and drug with no results

    So yes let’s get the mind set changed ….the intention is out there and it will happen

  21. Keith Taylor says:

    Hello Nick,
    I do not see the problem, should one exist in the first place. If people want to heal others without charging, that is their prerogative, just as it is the right of those who want to charge for their healing services to do so. People must make up their own minds about what they want to do and may not be dictated to by others. In a perfect world we would all freely share our skills and talents with love the only motive, but unfortunately, this does not pay the bills. Our societies revolve around money and very few people have discovered a way to get along without it. Until the day comes that money is removed from the equation of living, some people will have no option but to charge for their healing talents. Doctors do: I have been charged for services that brought me nothing but the most undesirable side-effects to the drugs I was prescribed and it was up to me to refuse to have a thumb amputated becasue it had become necrotic due to a snake bite. I took my thumb home and treated it myself using honey as a dressing. Four days later it was almost completely healed, so the doctors were of no help in that case, but I still had to pay them for the faulty service they had rendered! I see no problem with charging people for a healing technique that actually rids them of their ailments. If people are morally affected by making others pay for healing, a simple answer is to charge those who can afford to pay and do pro bono work for those who cannot raise the money. That should settle the question.

  22. Margaret says:

    I find Rani’s comment rather odd. I can understand people’s reluctance to take money for what they think should be valued above crass issues, but in my Reiki training there was no question about it–we were instructed to always be sure we received payment. I realize there are many “branches” of Reiki, but I don’t know of one that says practitioners should offer healing for free. We certainly are willing (as we should be) to pay for our training in whatever healing modality we want to practice. So to say that you feel you don’t “know enough” means that either you didn’t complete your courses satisfactorily or that you don’t have confidence in your teachers. Either way, you can resolve the problem and feel as if you deserve compensation for your services.

    I sincerely doubt that anyone would expect to receive a healing massage or a psychic or astrological reading for free. Why should it be otherwise with Reiki and EFT?

  23. Julie says:

    I have no problem with people making money healing and helping others in these types of fields, but there is another side to this that I’ve rarely seen addressed. Often the people who need this most can’t afford it. It becomes very exclusionary. It’s like all the courses for creating financial abundance; If you can’t afford the course you can’t become financially abundant which is to teach you the things you need to know so you can afford the course.
    So the answer I usually hear is, well, when you’re ready you’ll find a way or if you really want it you’ll come up with a way to afford it etc.. There may be some to this, but often all people in this situation need it just a little foot up so they think it is possible. Maybe if there were other modes of “payment”, ie. trade etc. Another thing, you read “this is affordable to anyone”, that’s just a stupid statement. Who determines what is affordable, obviously not those that are struggling just to survive.

  24. Margaret says:

    Hi Nick
    I have no problems charging for my services, I am totally on the same wavelength as yourself and your colleagues who will hosting the seminar. I am unable to be there in there flesh but will be with you all in spirit. Hopefully it will be recorded and I will be more than happy to pay for the recording! The work you all do is fantastic and the very fact you make it into products enables people like me in the UK to get it too. ~Wishing you an abundant and extraordinary 2010.

  25. Glenn Ackerman says:

    Hey Nick,

    Good post. Here is some heads up real world info for all the potential “Marys” out there. After working on almost 100 people and studying Gary’s videos intensely and feeling confident in my skills, I decided to go for it and try to make a living full time as an EFT practitioner. I advertised and spread the word and got my clients get results and were satisfied about 75-80 % of the time. (50-60% is amazing!) There will be people who don’t respond no matter what you do for them. Most only wanted one session to “try it out” . I had a business going but I found out 2 things that I want to share with you. Although I did get some referrels from clients, I was surprised at how most people don’t share or talk about it afterwards for whatever reason. There were weeks when I was busy and weeks when I wasn’t. Because people got results fast in many cases , they did not feel the need to come back so I spent half my time trying to get new clients booked. Ending my first year doing this going into the holidays , Nov and Dec , business dried up and put me into a panic ,where I became my own client. My recommendation to anyone thinking about getting into the business is to start PART=TIME and have another source of income or a spouse to support you until you have more bookings then you can handle and have money saved for slow times so you don’t become your own best client. Good Luck !

  26. Sharon says:

    Great post. I used to be a “Mary”. Then I accidentally stumbled across the practice of asking. It was really by accident. I had just purchased a book, brand new in the store, when the next day I got an email with the same book being offered but with bonuses that looked really good. I emailed the party in charge and asked for the bonuses since I already had the book. I was so excited to get a “Yes” to my request and also an explanation that the author teaches that in the book. I hadn’t even read that far, LOL! This was the first time in my life I’d ever asked for something of this nature.

    Since then I did business coaching with a well-known person who appears in The Secret who also taught the art of asking and suddenly just that one little change boosted my businesses. I started to hear “Yes” instead of “I’ll think about it” or “I’ll get back to you”. People started buying!

    When we have the ability to change people’s lives through our products or our health practices (like EFT of course!) we have an obligation to charge for them. When people get free they will not respect us as much and will not value the results as much as when they are paid for. How many free ebooks are sitting on my computer unread? Too many! The ones I paid for had a better chance.

    Thanks Nick for a great lesson…one I wish I had learned a lot sooner. I hope many others will learn from it TODAY! Now, off to the link…..

  27. Eleanore Duyndam says:

    Breathe in ….Breathe Out…receive money…give money…there’s a rhythm and flow.

    Time to get into the flow!


  28. Francesco says:

    Very Interesting



  29. Gary says:

    Nick, my Vedic astrologer does not charge a “fee”, but accepts what the Hindus call “dana” (or “daan”), which does not mean “donation”, per se, but can loosely be translated as “a fair exchange of energy”. The point of view is that, if you received value from the process, then you should compensate the practitioner in kind. It’s up to the client to decide what that value is. The practitioner remains neutral about the amount involved.

    Practitioners who literally charge nothing for their services need to be aware that they are doing a disservice to their clients. The operative principle is, “you don’t get something for nothing”. If the client pays nothing, his subconscious mind will not value the process, and the benefit that could have been gained will probably be blocked. Paying even one penny for the service obviates this possibility.

  30. Diane says:

    I do not have any problems with people making money in this healing field (honestly). Prior to tapping, I have been ‘ healed’ with the help of a talented chiropractor. He had no issues with charging for his talent. He is well aware of tapping and is very excited about the possibilities.

  31. Mary MacIntyre says:

    Hi Nick,
    You are so right about $$ and balance. I attended the Tapping Summit, and have kept tapping since. Usually I am tapping about health and emotions. However, I need to open up some of those abundance doors. Last year I had increased my writng income significantly, and then the company closed their doors. Recently, I have found another company to write articles for.
    This is relevant as my dream to support myself as a writer didn’t skip a beat. Soon I will have several blogs and more places to publish. Although the last few months were far from easy, and I had a few rejection slips…I can see that I can prosper at writing!
    Keep up with your bold adventures, and thanks for all you do! Mary MacIntyre

  32. Rev. E.M. Camarena says:

    As the saying goes, if the laborer is worth his work he is worth his keep. There is nothing at all wrong about either working for money or “selling” if the product is honorable. In the case of Reiki for example, the rule is that it is NEVER done free of charge. I look forward to spreading the word about this documentary and the practice of tapping in general.
    I am with you 100% on this.
    Rev. Eliot

  33. Mary says:

    Why shouldn’t energy healers get paid for what we do? Doctors get paid (very well) for “healing”. They write prescriptions for drugs that can cause major side-effects, anything from dizziness to death. To hear about these possible side effects, all anyone needs to do is watch TV for a few hours and pay attention to the commercials for these drugs. Mary, in your Case Study #1, after the client had spent $10,ooo and still was not “cured”, collapsed the client’s issue in ONE session. How many prescription drugs actually CURE the problem? How long does the client or patient need to take these drugs? In lots of cases, maybe most, for the rest of their life, while still suffering from the side-effects! So how does the doctor combat the side-effects? In many cases, with more prescription drugs. How many follow-up doctor appointments are required, to monitor the effects of the drugs? Consider the payments and/or co-payments for all of these visits. Believe it or not, I am not criticizing doctors. They do what they know–what they are taught.
    But as we know, MTT can, in lots of cases, collapse the issue in only one visit. At most, several visits, then it is GONE! With NO side-effects!
    My point is, comparing the two above scenarios, which is the best, easiest, most effective for the patient/client? Considering all that MTT can do for the client, why should anyone feel guilty about accepting money for her/his services? We are doing a great service, feeling great about being able to help and being able to support our families, at the same time.
    Other helpers— ministers, nurses, consultants, etc. get paid. Why shouldn’t MTT therapists?

  34. Teresa says:

    I think with tapping being in its infancy – to give it credibility – and to get it out there – how Gary Craig has done it giving so much info for free – or at the lowest possible cost is still at this point in time go the way to go.
    I only started tapping about two months ago with wonderful results. If I would have come across expensive courses and hype with The Secret in written in bolded letters somewhere in the print I would NOT have explored it, never! – and so not gotten the great results in my life. btw I love The Secret film and book – please understand what it is I am saying.
    I think you are going in the wrong direction at this point in time. When I recommend EFT to people I say “hurry up and check out Gary Craig web-site before it goes down.” I shudder at recommending it in the future – from what I have seen happening out there now. I have spent hours on-line exploring EVERYTHING and so I am well informed about what people, beginners, will find in the future when they keyword EFT.
    Please think about that.

    Thank you very much

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Hi Teresa- thanks for the comment. I’d ask that you take a closer look at some of what this post brought up to you. I suggest in my post that practitioners should feel good about charging and that people need to make money, and to you, that seems like “milking” EFT.

      Last I checked Gary Craig SOLD his DVD sets, as is his right. (The Foundational Library sells for $150 and the Honors LIbrary for $210, I think they’re a good value, but still being sold). You say he offers it at the lowest possible cost, but that’s simply not the case. (and that’s ok!) 🙂

      The printed version of his manual is SOLD on Amazon, it’s free to download (as is much of what we offer, free ebook, free audios and videos Jessica creates), but something like a book, or a dvd set simply has to be sold.

      take care,

  35. Nan says:

    As a student of Christian Science, this topic has much relevance! For those not familiar with CS, it was founded by Mary Baker Eddy, who wrote ‘Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures’, which we study along with the Bible. As adherents of this Science, we choose spiritual healing over the typical medical model, although it’s our choice, not mandated by the church. That said, when we encounter a difficulty that doesn’t yield to our own spiritual work, we call a Christian Science Practitioner for ‘treatment’–these helpers do charge for their help; they charge a daily fee but if a problem doesn’t improve quickly, that fee is lowered. Mrs. Eddy established & wrote a by-law requiring payment; she felt ‘…the worker is entitled to compensation’…and anyone who helps his fellowman, by lifting him/her out of their difficulties certainly has WORKED! Gratitude is wonderful but it doesn’t pay the bills…besides haven’t we all noticed that anything we acquire as a ‘freebie’ is many times not respected or taken seriously. If your work in EFT isn’t worthy of payment, doesn’t that send a subtle message that it’s not very valuable? Those who choose to provide a service should absolutely be compensated for it regardless of what others may think…

  36. Margaret M. Lynch says:

    Nick, this article kicks ass! This is something that needed to be said – in the honest, straightforward and incredibly BRAVE way that only you can deliver. When just one Mary under-values themselves, especially in the healing arts, thousands of people are deprived the gift of Mary’s unique brilliance. When just one Mary totally honors their brilliance and deserving, she gives thousands of people permission and inspiration to do the same. This is the essence of healing far beyond any one technique. Thank you for this! xo Margaret

  37. PC Nicholas says:

    You’re right. Everyone knows that physicians and specialists in Western Medicine are paid highly for seeing a client just for 15 or 20 minutes. Yet, I find for energy healing, many people think it should be free or be subsidized by government or private health plans. (Canadian perspective) I, myself was doing it for free for a while.
    As an RN, I was paid well when working with the Disease Model, however, as I have transitioned to the more effective Wellness model which EFT is part of, I see the quicker, lasting results but definitely not the Remuneration. I have re-mortgage my home to pay advertising and living expenses because the results of my energy healing and EFT therapies gave me hope.
    EFT tapping on myself re: abundance issues resulted in two self-published historical novels which have been selling well. Now, I am waiting for one person to buy movie rights, then I will be able to pursue my practice in the techniques of tapping, energy medicine and qigong.
    My website has not attracted any clients. Instead clients have been acquaintances, referrals and some resulted from reading of my novel.

  38. Edna Bowen says:

    Hi Nick,
    I agree that there has to be a balance between service and money.
    Those who have a problem with understanding that exchange could benefit by tapping out their self-worth and money issues.
    With gratitude, love, and blessings,

  39. Lauren McLaughlin says:

    My husband and I charge $75 an hour for an EFT counseling session and are often given a check for more money than that. We also give seminars on a suggested Love Offering basis and engage our audiences in “borrowed benefits” by working with one or two people directly. The seminars often opens the door to some for private counseling. Being able to help people who have not been able to help themselves is very Spirtually rewarding – and sometimes we are guided to give rather than charge – but we have no qualms about charging for being an instrument that creates miracles. Being paid simply makes it possible for us to do more to help more people, more of the time.

  40. Debbie says:

    Hey Nick!

    I loved what you wrote on your blog today! You are spot on and YES people should charge money for healing services such as tapping. Thanks for saying it so well and also congrats on the success of your documentary. Happy New Year!
    All the best

  41. Dij says:

    It seems our society has always valued the entertainment, be it sports or the movies, and don’t hesitate to discuss the values or worths of individuals in those fields. We also almost worship their actions, words and follow their thoughts and lead whether they know anything about the subject or not. It seems easy and safe to let ourselves be led into watching others live their lives…thereby making a waste of ours by not attending to our own thoughts and deeds. So, by returning focus to ourselves almost seems selfish! We feel guilty for not paying the preacher, for not paying the healer. After all, our history supports the thought that a “pure” person is not poor in spirit but truly is poor in physical attainment.
    I am Mary above. I don’t feel worthy to give up a profession to perhaps make money off of helping others. What if I am NOT good enough, don’t know enough. I don’t want to live the poor life as I have in the past…and past lives. I understand fully the fear of that position. My passion is the healing arts that I am afraid to leap into doing!
    The true reality is that one doesn’t get back until one gives. PERIOD! I can’t expect my healer to fully serve my needs until that person is capable of being whole…in body, mind and finances. The nation’s economy is proof that we have things mixed up.
    As we move toward better payment (or energy exchanges) for those that provide valued services we need to contemplate fully what is a valued service. I have unplugged the football, basketball games. I have quit going to marginal movies and don’t worship the words of the mighty celebrity. I have to take back my power and set the example to myself and those around me that those helping me must also be true and help themselves. There are vast fortunes that could be made by the shift in “valued services”. By changing the mindset of each person…and enabling them to think for themselves…the shift would be drastic and swift. I truly think the time is coming where many are realizing that the one that will save them is not “someone else” but themselves…and that alone shifts the “values” to those that give them the best advantage to be the “best they can be”.

  42. henna a says:

    I’ve seen this doc. Many times i cant believe the opposing knowledge included in it. I mean we can actually heal ourselves? :O
    Totally shocking and contrary to mainstream propaganda of the “magic pill”.
    So true its doesnt add up if people in this field dont charge.

  43. Dani, Insights Foundation says:

    I attended the amazing free world summit, and encouraged my associates to listen in. I work with several modalities for Trauma Recovery – EFT is the most effective. We have a program to train staff working with trauma victims in shelters. We are working to develop accounts that will pay for our out-reach programs so we can continue to offer free services to those in need.
    The work that ‘Try in on Everything” is doing has been of great help to our non-profit.
    We also are working towards certifying “Positive Living Strategists” to continue our work and be able to create income steams to assist in overcoming financial woes. Support the Cause.
    Dani Martin – Insights Foundation

  44. Dan C says:

    Watch the movie, reading the book, done some experimental tapping, not sure what the results are. Not ready to jump in with both feet yet. I will continue to tap for 2 specific aspects. One physical and the other related to tapping and weight loss, I have not tapped for that yet.

  45. Jodi says:

    Hi Nick!
    Wonderful to read your story of success. I’m very excited that you will be joining with others to teach people how to follow their passion AND make money all at the same time. I remember when I first told Jessica I was becoming a MTT practitioner, I also balked about charging too much. In time, however, I realized that was making a statement about my own value. I now have a successful practice of my own and even my own energy healing system. I often tell my clients, “Stop wanting and start expecting.” Those two words have drastically different implications.

    Congratulations on your accomplishments. I, too, agree that if enough of us come together to promote alternative healing modes, we can get the word out to more and more people. I’m jumping on the bandwagon to promote tapping in every way I can, because, like you, I’ve witnessed the incredible changes in peoples’ lives due to removing those non-serving programs. Best of luck in your new endeavor! Say hello to “the gang” from me!

    God Bless–
    Jodi McDonald (yes, one of the participants in “The Tapping Solution)

  46. Karolyn says:

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for addressing this hot topic! I heard Eric Pearle talking about this same issue and your examples really drive it home! I suppose people can share this wonderful healing modality for free if they so chose, but if they want to do it for a living for gosh sakes let them do that! If you hadn’t accepted the financial risk to put this out to the world we wouldn’t have the excellent film you produced and all the other tapping resources you provide. Many of which are FREE!!! I want to support that and the easiest way for me to do that is to give you money so you can do more good in the world! Think of it this way, for the price of 10 lattes I can get your DVD and share it with others. I’d rather give you my cash than Starbucks anyday!

    People get what they pay for – literally. If there is no investment, as Eric Pearle said, a healing can’t occur. I don’t care if its a casserole or cash my clients pay me, but there should be some energy exchange that feels fair. If people have a big charge around this then my thought is they probably have some great material to tap on! Keep on keeping on!

  47. Leah Hackett says:

    I too have those same limited beliefs but from the perspective of the customer. It’s fine to make money doing something so rewarding and life changing, but what about those that need help and just cannot afford the rates charged for these alternative healing sessions?


  48. Evelyn Abston says:

    Yes, I believe we are entitled to be for our healing services. Money is just another wonderful exchange of energy. This is something I have worked on a long time and little by little I am breaking down the barriers. I now live in a home filled with love, peace, beauty, artistic creativity and abundance. I work in my perfect job, I do video spots for the company I work for. It all works. If we live in an abundant world then there is enough for everyone in every form of expression including money. It is a joyous thing to pay for something with cash it is instantly exchanged for goods, services or a good meal in an opulent restaurant or going to the theatre and seeing a play that fills me with wonderful emotions. It is a soul-filled experience. And something I can only experience in this way, in my physical body for which I am very grateful. Money is fun for myself and others. it is a nice way to give and a nice way to receive. A friend once called Money “fun tickets”. I now find that when I am open to recieveing money. It comes, when my fear of it comes up, I block it. But I am here on earth and I can keep opening up to the loving, joyful receiving of money. and it appears at the perfect time. The more we embrace money, the more we will bring in money and it will help our economy. Visualize seeing your own money tree and when you take some more money instantly grows in it’s place. It is fun.

  49. Rani says:

    Hi Nick,
    I am DEFINITELY A MARY… I could so well resonate with what you said about Mary. The only thing is I do not think it is wrong that people charge money for healing, but I cannot do it. I dont know why, but I think it is because I fear that I love my art so much that i dont want it to be bogged down by mundane issues of Money. But like you said, that is a reality when we are in this plane. I so want to get rid of this fear of losing my passion if I put a price to it! I am a Reiki Master and an EFT practitioner. Well, I cant really say am a practitioner, but I have been trying all the meridian points on so many of my friends and relatives and have had amazing results. At times I am guided to use EFT instead of Reiki, and many a times I use it together. Off late I have been wanting to do this full time, but just like Mary, I hesitate! and i do recognise that it is because of this hesitation that I give people the impression I do not know enough. One can never know enough , but I undermine my self by hesitating this.. am sure EFT will help me.. so yes I am looking forward to that seminar. Reading your story, all along, I envied you and the thought that came was “wow you are so lucky” . I guess I am paying too much attention to money huh?
    Anyway, thank you for your story. I was just talking about this aspect earlier in the day with my Reiki teacher and friend. He is like you, who believes we are doing a service and that we should charge. Again I agree, but when it comes to me, I feel I dont deserve to ask for money…
    Thanks again.. waiting for your seminar!!
    Regards and love and light

  50. Rebecca says:

    Since I started tapping like crazy on issues around Money I have realized that my issues in charging others for helping them was about me not valuing myself and what I have to offer. Plain and simple. As I have worked on increasing my own inner net worth… I feel great about the idea of charging other people for offering them something of great value, AND I feel great about giving and sharing too and creating win-win-win situations for myself and others. We can do both.That which you do send out into the world comes back to you…and then some.
    Also if people don’t make some investment into what they are getting…they are unlikely to value it.

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