Things change FAST…(this is funny)

Written by: Nick Ortner

I’m sure you had a good laugh watching this short video. I love the way they casually converse trying to figure this whole “internet” thing out. And now, of course, the internet, email, Facebook, Twitter, iPhones, iPads, Skype, is as normal as it gets!

Beyond bringing a smile to your face today, I’m sharing this video because I think it helps remind us that the world is changing so rapidly, and change that is that rapid tends to put new demands on ourselves and our lives.

The real question is, how are our souls, our spirits, our inspirations, that deepest part of us…keeping up with this change? And look, I’m not a technophobe, I love this stuff! But I also recognize that when I’m checking my email on the phone, just to see the latest little thing that might have happened or that needs to be handled, it might be going too far.

I recognize that perhaps it’s time to take those moments, to breathe, to tap, to access those parts of us that long to be acknowledged.

So if you find yourself moving a little too fast, being overwhelmed, running from thing to thing, take just a few minutes and do the short tapping round below. It’s not always about that huge, life-changing breakthrough (though it can be). It’s often about finding that space, that gap, that moment to CONNECT. To connect to ourselves, our family, our friends, our purpose, our planet.

Tap and see what happens…you’ll be surprised at the beauty that springs forth when you do so.

NOTE: Doing the short tapping rounds below can take as little as 60 SECONDS! Give yourself that time now – you deserve it!

If you’re not familiar with the tapping points and process, you can see a short video explaining it here.

Tapping Script
Tapping Points

Karate Chop: Even though I’ve been going too fast, I deeply and completely accept myself

Karate Chop: Even though I’m too busy and overwhelmed, I chose to relax and let it go now

Karate Chop: Even though the world is moving at lightning speeds, I chose to slow down now
Eyebrow: I’ve been going too fast
Side of the Eye: With way too much to do
Under the Eye: It’s hard to even take a breath
Under the Nose: With so much responsibility
Under Mouth: And so much to do
Collarbone: I’m too busy and overwhelmed
Under the Arm: And the world is moving too fast
Top of the Head: Moving too fast… Keep tapping on those same “negative” or “truth” phrases until you find that space, until that deep breath kicks in and your body begins to relax. Then move on to some positive phrases…

It’s safe to slow down
Side of the Eye: It’s safe to release this anxiety and stress
Under the Eye: I don’t have to rush
Under the Nose: Everything will get done in its perfect time
Under Mouth: I chose to let go of all this anxiety
Collarbone: And feel safe in my body now
Under the Arm: Feeling safe and calm in the world
Top of the Head: Feeling safe and calm in my body… right now

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

Do you have any fear or anxiety about our changing world? Comment below!

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  2. Judith says:

    A lovely way to close my day and release my worries!

  3. Cathy S. says:

    Thank you for this blessing.

  4. Emily Barrett says:

    Thank you for continuing to give and share valuable truth and FREE resources with others.
    Much appreciated..

  5. Diane C says:

    Aloha and thank you Nick. This is perfect for the senior individuals I have been introducing to. We are a go, wonderful to have this tool which will make the introduction more permenante. Happy Fathers Day? Don’t know if you are one yet but all good men are worthy of being fathers of change. Aloha Diane C, author

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