Funny Picture of Early Acupuncture Breakthrough…

Written by: Nick Ortner

A stunning recreation of prehistoric times has brought some new insights into the roots of acupuncture.

It turns out that acupuncture may have had earlier roots than we originally thought…  🙂

Hope that made you smile. 🙂

Have a wonderful day and keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

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65 Comments on this post

  1. Sophie says:

    Straight to the point! Lol xx

  2. Terry says:

    I thought this was just a pain in the rear before reading the comment.
    It’s very funny.

  3. Lynn says:

    That’s really cute! Thank-you so much for always sharing & caring!

  4. Nancy Goodfellow says:

    Very funny cartoon! I just had acupuncture for the first time. It was painless. Very enjoyable experience and I’m sure it affected my physicality in a positive way.

  5. Nadiya Day says:

    Thanks Nick – that’s made my day! Brilliant :-).

  6. Gary Powell says:

    Great! Send more!

  7. Nohemi says:

    Sure it made me smile…………Thanks!!!

  8. Rev. Donna Grace says:

    made me smile

  9. lynn katz says:

    So this is all the needle sticking begun?..interesting!!!

  10. barb says:

    wonderful thanks we all need to laugh

  11. Elenir Stein says:

    Me fez rir….simplesmente maravilhoso…!

  12. Thomas C. Raimondo says:

    Very funny indeed! I had to laugh. Very original.

    Tom Raimondo

  13. Doris says:

    Hello friends, I hope that the people who threw the needles, got what they disorved… ha, ha, ha

  14. Andrew says:

    Nice one Nick. It looks like the fourth spear down on the right was the one that cleared the meridian for the neck issue. 😉

  15. Geok Kee says:

    What an appropriate thought! I love the wit and humour and it so aptly puts the point across. thank you for sharing this. i look forward to more of such cartoons.

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