Free Tapping Meditation for Procrastination

Written by: Nick Ortner

Do you procrastinate? If so, do you know why? And do you know what it’s REALLY costing you?

Wayne Gretzky, the greatest hockey player of all time said, “Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases, and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.” Are your success and happiness suffering because of procrastination?

If you ever procrastinate and think that you’d like to change, then I have a wonderful video for you today – a free tapping meditation to get you moving right away! 🙂

Watch it now – don’t procrastinate! Lol!

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Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

Did this meditation help you to overcome procrastination? Comment Below!

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42 Comments on this post

  1. Connie says:

    The tapping technique is a wonderful process of meditation. The points of tapping on the body feels so good. I question why the tapping the sides of the hands seems to be excluded as the meditation continues? I have noticed that in other tapping videos, too. I also added three extra points to my process….by the jaw bone below the ear,( I clinch my teeth), both sides of front neck (thyroid area) and just below middle, center below chest bone or between ribs( I am always sensitive in that spot or fell anxiety there). Totally relishing in the positive responses from tapping that involves the body and mind. One of my best finds! Thanks Nick Ortner!

  2. Dora says:

    Thank you soo much! 1 of the reasons for avoiding the task is fear of greatness and responsibilities associated with it!

  3. Lene Grøn says:

    It was just what I needed now… I will listen to.. it again and take action on my new direction in life NOW! Thankyou very much!! I was stranded in my life.. with a cancer diagnose.. a tumor at + 6 cm to now + 2 cm.. and I’m ready to start progressing again because of this tapping session from you in my procrastination… today.. Lene Grøn, Denmark

  4. Mike says:

    Sorry, I meant to say I was directed to Mozilla Firefox (not Chrome) where the video did not appear.

  5. Mike says:

    The ‘procrastinate’ video appeared on Google Internet Explorer but when I saved the link to my computer then opened it I was sent to Google Chrome where the page opened but the video did not appear at all.

  6. Nancy Dunn says:

    Thank you showing up in my Life (once again) at the Right time to help me kick procrastination about moving forward in my life and career. I went from a 10 right to a 2! Thank you Nick! The Universe has such a gift in you and Jessica to send out to the world to help others in need. With deep gratitude from my Heart. God Bless. Thank you!

  7. Patricia Murrell says:

    thanks for reminding me I have great tools available to me and to use them!

  8. Lupita says:

    Love it! Thank you!

  9. Pat says:

    Very helpful for my decision making process today. It actually brought so much peace that I feel confident enough to get help or break the task up into sections.
    It costs so much to repair things so I am going to try more people. It was underlying tension making everything cloudy and indecisive. This was one of the best meditations ever. Thank you Nic

  10. Dorothea says:

    Thank you, Nick. Another Pearl !:):):):):)

  11. Name (required) says:

    I couldn’t even get the video to start! The screen doesn’t do anything, just a little three line animation thing scrolls along like it’s going to do something, but nothing happens and I tried it twice. Maybe the computer needs to be “tapped” for procrastination??


    • Nick Ortner says:

      Hi Randy. We are sorry you had an issue with the meditation. You may want to try opening the link in a different browser to see if that does the trick. If not, please email so our customer service team can assist you. 🙂

  12. Name (required) says:

    You are such a giving person!
    Thank You VERY MUCH for the Procrastination Meditation when I was about to loose it with a teenager in risk of flunking out of 11Th grade & a son, depressed graduating college that can’t get THE job
    …Your meditation for less than 5 minutes got me “out of the Funk” this morning.
    Really can’t THANK YOU ENOUGH!!
    Cohasset, MA

  13. Christine says:

    This video stopped playing mid way through.

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Hi Christine. We are sorry you had an issue with the video. If you aren’t having any issues with internet speeds, you may want to open the link on another browser to see if that does the trick. We find Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox tend to work well.

  14. pamela says:

    Great reminder…..such a home truth, thank you

  15. Kossia says:

    This was good for me, since I have been thinking about whether I am procrastinating re: my ongoing project, and, since my reaction to all of your statements, remarks, etc, that ‘verified’ procrastinating, verified that it was not procrastination from which I am suffering but overload from all the paraphernalia of ordinary living that limits the amount and quality of time that I am able devote to the project.

    So, I am grateful to you for helping me to evaluate appropriately the jagged blocks that make the demands that interfere with the work I love.

    I had been wanting to write to you about an adjunctive procrastination and perhaps get a tip or two about it, but my real project, which keeps my popping out of bed in the morning, zipping through bkfst & getting out before 8 a.m., with that I have no trouble, no hesitations, none of those suggestions, i.e., it doesn’t have to be perfect, that’s a given for me. It’s all the other stuff — life, for lack of a better word, those daily, monthly tasks that pile up and DEMAND attention that I cannot face. And, if I faced them first thing in the morning, when I am most awake, aware, creative, raring to go, if, as I say, i turn instead to the dross…..

    By the way, as you probably know, I am very not young and have been tapping for about a month, and the first day of the Summit, with Jack Canfield has changed my life.

    I don’t think of this as a Blog but as a direct message to Nick.

  16. Bonnie says:

    Thank you Nick, this was just what I needed. I really appreciate your tapping videos and love your classes.

  17. empresslaylah says:

    Greetings and blessings Nick. I so need to master the tapping solution. However am not able to mastered it due to lack of consistence which is in part due to poor internet connectivity over here in the hills where we dwell…
    I give thanks for the procrastination tapping program. Procrastination is my first name and it has cost me so much. Jah sees I needed this one in full. So a works presented it self . I happen to be visiting a sistren who has excellent connectivity so I was able to watch the video in its entirety with no buffing. What a transformation . I give thanks. One perfect love.

  18. Kim says:

    Thank you Nick!! This really helped me today. I am gonna start tapping every morning to help my terrible anxiety. Thanks again! Have a blessed day!

  19. Toby says:

    your tapping recordings have helped me tremendously. Thank you so much.

  20. Virginia says:

    I have been randomly “tapping” for over a decade, but this morning, the procrastination tapping with Nick Ortner grabbed my attention. I watched the video and re-experienced the power of this process. I felt my resistance lift and my excitement deepen. I felt restored, not only about this topic, but about life as a whole. Thank you for making a difference!

  21. Sheila says:

    This is a very useful video. Thank you sooooooo much.

  22. Martha Portilla says:

    Wow, through the process, I realized that procrastination is causing a lot of stress on my body and my physical health. I will keep listening to it this whole week. Thanks a lot!

  23. Lauren says:

    starting at a “7” ending at an “8” although the headache I started getting in the middle made me think I’d end at 10+
    thank you Nick, for bringing me to tapping and teaching me that this means I’m just getting nearer to the root of the issue, not going backwards and not needing to uh, procrastinate, dealing with/knowing this
    I’m going to work on the task I’ve been avoiding and let it take me to deeper understanding and freedom from being stuck and frightened

  24. Jeanette says:

    This was GREAT! Thank you.

  25. Heide says:

    Thanx, this feels so good, Nick! Your friendly encouraging voice helps a great deal, too. And I’ll share the link with people I think may want to use it. Who does not procrastinate?

  26. Roseanna says:

    Hi Nick, I enjoyed the tapping for procrastination very much. I got rid of the fear of doing my project during the tapping exercise I could see the end results vividly but my problem is that I don’t know how to go about making it happen. I’m stumped
    Love Roseanna

  27. Pamela says:

    Tapping puts me into a calm meditative state.
    As i thought about one area of procrastination, many more areas came into mind…hmm.

  28. Ann says:

    This was a life changing tapping for me. As long as I start and don’t procrastinate! My project is to clean out my full clothes closets. My mother was a single mom working to make ends meet, so we didn’t have many things including clothes. My friends would have all the latest styles but not my sister and me.
    So that is my issue with clothes. I keep everything. They seem to be precious to me. I see now that things don’t bring happiness. Happiness is an inside job. I will work on loving and accepting how I feel myself. I am starting on one closet today. I don’t have to finish it today either.
    Thank you Nick.
    PS. I love the pix of you and daughter befor the pool!

  29. jean says:

    Hi Nick, loved the tapping on procrastination, I’ve had a bit of a problem with this. Thank you again .

  30. Bren says:

    Beautiful. A very soothing yet energising post. Like so many others I appreciate and value the way you outreach your knowledge and tapping skills for the good of all. Awesome. Thank you and have a wonderful day

  31. Noelene says:

    I just love the way you express yourself and know just the right words to use in the situation. I look forward to being able to direct my thoughts to my problems in such a positive way. Thank you so much for sending out these videos.

  32. BITTY says:


  33. Yvonne says:

    Thank you!!! I sure needed this!!! You are a wonderful facilitator. God’s Love and Richest Blessings be with you and all the wonderful good you do for our world.

  34. Susan Tyrie says:

    A heartfelt thank you to Nick for this tapping mediation around procrastination. As always when I have to pack, in preparation to depart for foreign parts, I put the task off until I’m faced with a hectic last few days on the run up to my flight. There is so much to do getting the house and garden ready to be closed for three months that it overwhelms me. BUT this meditation, this time, is definitely helping me get to grips with the project and I feel much more positive and energised.
    So, thank you, with love from Su.

  35. Nattacia Hanlen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Procrastination has been a huge block to success in my life and I will continue to work with the ideas and suggestions for tapping on this issue.

    God Bless you and all the work you do!

  36. Mery1024@aol says:

    Nick, I started with an eleven and went down to a three with tears coming down. It all started back on 2012, and I had not noticed until now.
    Thank you, And may The Lord bless you. I will for sure keep tapping.

  37. Martha says:

    Good morning Nick,

    Thank you for this, just what I needed this morning.
    I have been struggling to really get into declutter the whole house .
    Always something else took priority.Well I better get at it!1

    I already feel better.


  38. Stacey says:

    Thank you Nick. I’ve been procrastinating for the past few months. Today, after listening to your audio, I am ready to go. I did the chores I have put off and now I’m working on my presentation. I’ve been practicing in front of the mirror – it’s my first presentation – but I’ve been tapping with you for over a year and I feel in my heart I’m ready. I’m so stoked.

    Please let Jessica know my favorite and most powerful tapping is the Surrogate. I listen to it every day! I love how she finishes with Love, Peace & Light. Sometimes I just tap on that when my heart & head feels heavy. Thanks to you both!

  39. Ammu says:

    Wonderful meditation! I’m raring to go now!

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