Chronic Stress is Killing you, but EFT Can Help

Written by: Nick Ortner

All stress (and stress relief) is not created equal.

Did you know that some stress is actually good for you? In small amounts, stress can improve brain function, make you more creative, help you get fit, lower your risk of breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, and lots more.

It’s chronic stress—the “stress overload” you feel day in, day out—that’s silently but systematically sabotaging your health and well-being.

Here’s the thing, though. You’re smart. You exercise, get your 7 hours of sleep, do deep breathing, yoga, meditation… You’ve even logged hours on the couch (the therapist’s couch!) trying to get to the “root” of your stress.

woman tapping over chronic stressBut still, you feel its effects. Even worse, this stress-related disease shows up everywhere you look.

So what gives?

The Answer: Like stress, not all stress relief is created equal.

Stress isn’t just in your head. Stress is also physical. (There’s loads of scientific research proving this, by the way.)

Until stress is fully released, it stays lodged in your body and in your cells, running rampant, putting your health at risk.

Still unconvinced? The health-damaging effects of chronic stress are scientific fact.

Here’s how stress damages your health (and your life, relationships, waistline, and more) in 13 sad steps

1. You think about something stressful—work, money, relationships, family, whatever’s bothering you.

2. Your amygdala (in your mid-brain) senses danger.

3. Your amygdala helps to initiate your body’s fight-or-flight response to stress.

4. In “fight or flight,” your body releases adrenaline and the “stress hormone” cortisol, diverts blood away from your digestive tract, leaving you less able to digest food and absorb nutrients AND more likely to gain weight.

5. In this physiological “crisis mode,” you’re more vulnerable to pain—from chronic illness, arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, stomach upset, and more.

6. In this state of heightened physiological “alert”, your brain’s creative center is deemed “non-essential” and shuts down. Down goes your problem solving, your creative skills, your intuition.

7. You feel increasingly irritable, isolated, and impatient. Your relationships suffer.

8. Stress affects your sleep. Your metabolism slows.

9. Your body secretes even more cortisol, wreaking more havoc on your digestion (and waistline), increasing your blood pressure, and lowering your immune response.

10. After releasing too much cortisol for too long, your body goes into “adrenal fatigue.” You feel depleted, exhausted, and depressed.

11. You no longer have the energy to adhere to your exercise routine, your healthy eating, meditation, yoga. Migraines, insomnia, stress-related hair loss, chronic pain, and any number of other issues become regular parts of your life.

12. Battling low energy, you can hardly focus at work, and elsewhere. Your relationships suffer.

13. Your depression deepens. You (and your body) are STRESSED OUT.

Typical “Quick-Fix” Stress Relievers

  • Alcohol
  • Food
  • Television
  • Shopping

And while you may feel better, it’s often only until the next morning or credit card statement.

What about aerobic exercise, yoga, or meditation?

Relieving Chronic Stress with Yoga40% of the population exercises for 30 minutes, 1-4 days per week.

NO debate here. Exercise is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity promotes the release of endorphins, known as the “feel-good” neurotransmitters. These make you “smarter” and more creative by increasing blood flow (and oxygen) to your brain and acts as “meditation in motion,” providing mental and physical stress relief.

The reality: However critical, it’s hours, even days after that stressful meeting with the boss or that fight with your spouse before you can seek out the solace of your running shoes. (If you have that healthy habit…)

38% of Americans use “complementary and alternative medicine,” which includes yoga, meditation, and other natural stress relief.

Again, NO debate here. These practices provide powerful stress relief, increased focus, creativity, and lots more.

The reality: Yoga and meditation provide significant stress relief and other benefits that yield significant results in weeks or months with regular, frequent practice. Many who try meditation give up too soon because they feel it’s “not working.”

What about psychotherapy? Does “talk” therapy provide lasting stress relief?

A study performed by Dr. Dawson Church, Ph.D. and Dr. David Feinstein, Ph.D., measured cortisol levels before and after treatment.

Research on Chronic Stress83 participants were divided into 3 groups: the 1st group received an hour of Tapping, a practice that combines “talk” therapy with acupressure treatments; the 2nd group received an hour of psychotherapy (“talk” therapy); the 3rd group (control group) received no treatment.

Results: The 1st group demonstrated a 24% decrease in cortisol levels; the 2nd and 3rd groups showed no change in cortisol levels.

The reality: Psychotherapy alone relieves stress, but over a long period of time. The immediate benefits of psychotherapy don’t register in your body, where excessive amounts of the “stress hormone” cortisol still run rampant, putting your health at risk.

Where’s the REAL stress relief?

Tapping, the practice that produced a 24% decrease in cortisol after just one hour, blends Western psychotherapy or “talk” therapy with Eastern wisdom about “meridian points” or acupressure.

It acts fast and you can use it anytime, anywhere. It only takes 5 – 20 minutes.

Because it accesses your emotions and body simultaneously, it provides powerful stress relief, lowering cortisol levels faster than most traditional and alternative stress relief methods.

Study findings show that Tapping balances activity between the sympathetic and parasympathetic regions of your brain, producing “a neutral emotional state,” the gold standard of health and wellness.

“Tapping gives you the best of both worlds, body, and mind, like getting a massage during a psychotherapy session.” – Dr. Dawson Church

The science behind it:

The sympathetic region of your brain

Prepares your body for vigorous physical activity, speeding your heart, dilating pupils, contracting blood vessels, reducing digestive secretions.

In a perpetually active “stressed out” state, you’re more vulnerable to heart disease, high blood pressure, insomnia, weight gain, irritability, and impatience. This is what chronic stress looks like in the early stages.

The parasympathetic region of your brain

How Chronis Stress Effects the BrainPrepares your body for relaxation, cell regeneration, and digestion by slowing the heart, constricting the pupils, stimulating digestive secretions, and dilating blood vessels.

In an overactive state, you suffer from depression, weakened immune response, fatigue, and diminished motivation. This is what chronic stress looks like over time.

Your Takeaway

“High sympathetic/low parasympathetic ratios have been linked to both psychological and physiological disorders and may, in fact, “be the final pathway linking negative states and conditions to ill health.’” CREDIT: Dr. Dawson Church, Ph.D. and Dr. David Feinstein, Ph.D., “Modulating Gene Expression Through Psychotherapy: The Contribution of Non-Invasive Somatic Interventions”

EFT Tapping regulates activity between these regions to achieve balanced activity and optimal health.

Study findings show that EFT Tapping is “substantially more powerful” than diaphragmatic breathing at lowering cortisol.

Extra Benefit #1: Relief from the excessive cortisol and adrenal fatigue – your body and mind re-balance. Your energy is restored, you sleep better, feel healthy again. This revitalizes your metabolism and your body is again able to heal itself.

Extra Benefit #2: The rapid and comprehensive body/mind stress relief you get from Tapping normally takes hours, weeks, or months to achieve with meditation, yoga, “talk” therapy, and other treatments.

Extra Benefit #3: If you already practice meditation, yoga, affirmations, and others, Tapping can enhance the benefits of those other practices by lowering your cortisol levels much quicker, promoting even deeper relaxation “on the cushion” and beyond.

So, what does it all mean?

Chronic stress is sabotaging your health and well-being, making you more vulnerable to depression, disease, and worse.

EFT Tapping quickly relieves chronic stress on physical and mental/emotional levels.

One of the easiest ways to get the relief you’re looking for is with The Tapping Solution App!

With over 100 Tapping Meditations readily available on your mobile device whenever you need it, it’s like carrying a personal Tapping Professional around with you wherever you go. 🙂

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

Download The Tapping Solution App today!

What did you learn in the post above? Is chronic stress affecting you? What stresses you out the most? Are you committed to changing this?

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369 Comments on this post

  1. Trudi says:

    Nick Ortner, thank you so much for this really useful article on the effects of long-term stress, the damage, and alternative solutions!

  2. Aileen Miller says:

    Tapping works wonders for stress and many other conditions.

  3. Juan says:

    Fantastic information !. Why enxiety is not mention is it one & the same? I have been diagnosed with chronic generalize enxiety…… I have had this condition since childhood ; it stop me from achiving all I could have achived……

  4. Donna says:

    Hi and thanks for your continued contact. Application of EFT has rendered me less stressed. The detailed information about cortisol reduction through EFT is very helpful in reducing my occasional resistance I have about tapping. It may help convince some of my very skepticl friends to try it as well.

  5. jeannette says:


  6. jeannette says:


  7. Robyn Hope says:

    Is chronic stress affecting me ?
    Oh, is it ever !
    I suffered from it all my life due to very damaging childhood experiences, but it wasn’t until cancer surgery last year that I found myself with debilitating Adrenal Fatigue.
    I was introduced to EFT a year ago and am familiar with your book – don’t need to be convinced that tapping works – I don’t care how it works – it just does !
    I tap almost daily – even when on the train, when no one is looking. I keep saying to myself: I DEEPLY AND PROFOUNDLY LOVE, ACCEPT AND FORGIVE MYSELF – NO MATTER WHAT !
    No more powerful words have ever been spoken.
    Thank you much – forever tapping – Robyn:-)

  8. Never heard of this before! says:

    I have never heard of tapping before, and would be interested in learning more. I am a senior who has had a LOT of stress the past 5 years, and it’s having its effects on my body. Any info you can send will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and keep up the good work (I read ALL the comments!!!!)

  9. Rosanne Feneley says:

    Even though I’m very skeptical about EFT, I have been using it for the past 7 weeks and am persisting with it.

    So far, what I have noticed in myself is that I’m dealing with a potentially extremely stressful event in my life with a greater sense of inner peace, calm and acceptance.

    Although I’m not totally sold, plus doubtful that EFT could be a panacea for all ills, I will persist with it and continue to observe myself over time.

    Thank you for this great article, that brings the science to EFT. It makes it more credible.

  10. doug says:

    Just reading about STRESS makes me more stressed !!!! I am totally serious, and not trying to make a joke.

    I have read all your information, listened to the videos and yet I AM FROZEN !!

    I do not know why. I do know I am , and have been under an incredible amount of stress each and every day for years now. I am talking MAJOR stress in every area of my life. Loss of job. Loss of relationship. My life was threatened. I have no friends and have not had any since I was about 12 years old. I have no family, or any kind of support system.
    I am depressed, can’t work, have very limited funds left, have NO ENERGY what so ever to the point of needing at least 2 naps a day and coffee, just to keep up right.

    What pisses me off the most about myself is I have no ability to take action. I have a free pass to a gym yet I cannot do it. I can’t get started. I went there once and looked around and never went back.

    I cannot dispute your tapping is good, but i cannot get started. Its been sitting on my home page for weeks, yet I do nothing.

  11. Ruth says:

    What is the best opening statement to set up EFT treatment Please?

  12. Joan K. says:

    At long last a wonderful way to relieve chronic stress which is one of the most debilitating illness anyone can have. This was so easy to read and understand, I wonder why I took so long to get going; just the stress I guess. God bless you Nick from every tired out cell in my being. Look out world here I come….

  13. Laura says:

    Hi Nick
    I have a incresiing long list of food allergie including gluten, dairy, egg, yeast soy etc. Recent allergy test shows now I am also intolerant to fish,nuts,avocado
    spinach and zucchini. I am also dealing with Candida ovegowth which prevents me from eaing any carbohydrates or sugars, including starchy vegetables. My diet is meat and
    vegetabls allowed. I read that you were also dealing with food allergies, but now you are free of them. Is there a script more specific to food allergies. Was there anything else you were doing that was helpful. I have been to nine or ten different
    alterative practitoners without success. Please help me.

  14. Laura says:

    Hi Nick
    I have a incresiing long list of food allergie including gluten, dairy, egg, yeast soy etc. Recent allergy test shows now I am also intolerant to fish,nuts,avocado
    spinach and zucchini. I am also dealing with Candida ovegowth which prevents me from eaing any carbohydrates or sugars, including starchy vegetables. My diet is meat and
    vegetabls allowed. I read that you were also dealing with food allergies, but now you are free of them. Is there a script more specific to food allergies

  15. Eileen says:

    I have been suffering with extreme pain from trigeminal neuralgia for over a year. At first I tried tapping but as the pain got worse, tapping on my face and head just made the pains a lot worse. I’ve been trying just on my body and hands but I’m not having much, if any success. My stress levels are now through the roof, the weight is going on and I’m permanently tired and irritable. I can’t even go for a reasonable walk as the vibrations of movement make the pains a lot worse. I’ve been trying meditation which has been working, usually, whilst I’ve been doing it but I’m back to where I was within about 20 minutes afterwards. This doesn’t help my stress levels either. However, I am trying to stay positive and I’m still tapping, even if I can only say words inside my head when talking hurts, and I’m still trying to meditate, pains permitting. I just don’t want this to win!!

  16. RuthieT. says:

    Dear Nick:
    I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease four years ago, but it has progressed very quickly. I really believe that stress is the underlying “culprit” here as when I walk, even when using a cane or a walker, the thought keeps running through my head, “Each step is a potential disaster.”
    I have tried tapping to counter that thought, as well as helping me get over my physical symptoms, but so far to no avail. Now several years ago, I had a very sore shoulder; but after tapping, the pain went away, so I know tapping works.
    Can you please help me.

  17. Christobel Llewellyn says:

    I am only just realising how much stress I ‘ve been under and how much I hold in my body. I live with my husband who has bipolar.

  18. Ione Douglas says:

    I’ve tried tapping a few times in the past with other people leading it and each time I’ve found it extremely helpful, but whenever I try to tap on my own I get lost for what to say, what words to use. I have had chronic stressors affecting me throughout my entire life, starting from growing up with a severely phsychologically damaged and destructive mother, and then everything that has spun off from that. There always seems to be too much to tap about, I find it hard to choose what specifically to tap around, then what words to use, then by the time I might have got something figured out it’s time to do something else! Advice please?!

  19. Irina says:

    Dear Nick,

    I am Irina from Romania, Hellooooo!
    I read your book; It’s really great and I want to practice this therapy.The book was translated in Romanian language, I would say great. …I will resume reading book …. I put countless signs in the book because I found myself in many cases described.
    It’s great to be able “to make clean” in your mind and in your body!
    Your book is a great help to many people.
    Many, many thanks!
    I will strive to apply what I have read.
    All the best, JOY!

  20. Pauli says:

    I think this TED Talk is really interesting on the topic of stress. Watch it:

  21. LC says:

    Yes, this made a LOT of sense to me. For about 2 years I’ve bounced between being in a state of shock and depression….shock from how my husband treated me and was grossly disloyal to me (while I THOUGHT he was just the opposite, all the while he declared his unwavering love and devotion to me!) He filed for divorce and got it 1 1/2 years ago, yet he calls me regularly saying “our story is not over”, etc. etc. In spite of the denigration and disrespect I’ve experienced, I STILL think of him all the time and cannot see how I can ever be interested in another. Only a week ago I was diagnosed with a weak heart…when all my life I’ve been “healthy and strong as an ox”! I expect these situations are intimately related, if not a blatant cause & effect relationship. Help TAPPING!

  22. linda graham says:

    I have an insurmountable stressful situation. I have a 92 year old mother and a husband with Parkinson’s disease. That is very stressing. I stay with my mother all of the time.

  23. Donna says:

    I’m 65. Over the last 15 years I have experienced the death of both parents and a sibling, my husband’s affairs and eventually our divorce, losing my job and home, and great debt. I am digging my way out but the resulting stress resulted in clinical depression (now under control), and my doctor diagnosing adrenal depletion and esophogal ulcers. I was in a bike crash (yeah, I was racing) that resulted in a crushed collar bone and foot surgery, so no exercise, gym, or bike riding for the last 7 months has left my body out of shape and with an extra 15 lbs. Yikes! I could sure use some tapping to support my determination to get back on my feet and back to my Argentine Tango lessons! I want to go to Argentina to dance one day before I am too old! Thank you, my friend, for teaching me about this great technique!

  24. Peta says:

    Not all people are aware of Eustress or the normal stress r the good stress.

  25. Alexi Bracey says:

    With day to day stress, a “quick” fix is surely tapping, whether at a stop sign while waiting for the light to change or waiting for the dry cycle to finish. When I remember, and I keep post its to remind me, it becomes a daily ‘good” habit. Thanks Nick for the great article and all your work promoting tapping.

  26. Bhagi says:

    My stress is chronic right from birth with terribly mismatched parents, a mother who was a perfectionist and would tolerate nothing less, through adolescence and young adulthood when I married an older man. Life in general was intolerable since he had a violent temper, and this got worse through the decades till he was diagnosed bipolar. He also went away for over a decade to work in another country and I was left to fend for myself with 2 small children.
    Now I am sole caregiver to my old tormentor so I don’t need to say more I think.
    The stress over the years has made me weaker, overweight and on a short fuse with anxiety most of the time.
    I have become a recluse, never leave home if I can help it. Please advise.

  27. Nicola Girffin says:

    Wow this blog post hits home. I am suffering from long term stress and yes my hair is falling out and I’m overweight etc etc
    I’m new to this but it sounds great – so I’ve ordered the book and am reading my free 2 chapters.

    I have had 3 rounds and do feel considerably less stressed and more relaxed (which was a thing of the past)

    Thanks Nick for giving me some hope as all else seems to have failed!

  28. Sharon says:

    I am so pleased to hear you are reaching out once more to the vicitims in your community. I am sure alot of old wounds came up. My prayers go to those involed and affected by all this recent violance.
    I struggle with anxiety, stress, pain and am a cancer survivor and have been trying to use tapping to get control. I would love to be free of all my meds, and return to the person I once was.
    If their are any free tapping sessions or sites I could go to for stress I would love to know.
    I look forward to futher updates and enjoy following Jeccia on facebook.
    Thank you.

  29. Rose Bird says:

    I have just started EFT to relieve chronic stress and depression that I have been suffering from over the last 3 years. as yet I have not really benefitted from this but I feel committed to keep going as I know that in my particular case it is not going to work immediately..However I feel I am putting down the foundations and the benefits will follow . I am incorporating tapping techniques into my everyday life and very hopeful it will succeed.

  30. Rick Carter says:

    Chronic Stress used to be significantly unknown even into the late 60’s and later 70’s. In church we were taught worry was a sin and as one gets older stress is bad like sin! It’s bad for everyone because it seems to take away too many of my now moments if I let it. What I do for it is I try to recognize when I start to wear my shoulders up around my ears or my hands are clenched even a little. these are just a few of the things I try to observe and then do some deep breathing or tapping with the few routines I know! Each time I do catch myself it seems to happen less and less so my precious moments are saved to be enjoyed and give me smiles! The thing that stresses me most is trying to keep my necessary medical treatments related to my workplace injuries. I cannot take any kind of pain relievers now so I must rely on my acupuncture, chiro and massage mostly. Periodically I need PT as well when pain most affects my mobility over a period. I have found this to be helpful over the past couple years and I have to work on it every day! I wish you all out there great hope and peace! Rick

  31. Shyamala Shukla says:

    I have learnt that stress is an indication of illness…when one is in stress and off stress both affects one’s health…I am a meta medicine healer and it says that when a person is in stress it accumulates water and during off stress it releases water from the body which is healing crisis and during this time a person falls ill…so according to me stress itself is an indication to illness..if no stress no illness.

  32. Sandy Marcell says:

    It shows me that we have an awful lot of control over our bodies and our health, and often western medicine is not needed

  33. Maggi says:

    I’m a psychotherapist :)I do see quite profound changes in my clients but I agree with you -Tapping is Fast and Immediate. When I first became aware of EFT I thought it was new age ‘stuff’ but I tapped along at the TWS with you last year and I was really impressed. What was so attractive was that I noticed you were using the language of psychotherapy so it was really convincing. So I’m sold ! I’m about to jump ship – well I’d really like to incorporate it in my work but I don’t know how to cut through the protocols of the service I work in! … and we’d all be out of work…..:)

  34. Marlene says:

    Tapping has created for me a physical touching technique that reminds me everytime I do it (twice a day) to focus on what I am commited to having. It is a physical way to remind me that I am solving a psychological problem. the ensuing strenght of tapping give my body an energy similar to chakra points, that I am releasing something important that has moved from my mind to my heart. I am different glady and stronger.

    Thank you. M.M

  35. Reina says:

    You are definitely talking about me !!
    I used Tapping a long time ago, but now you have inspired me again and I will start Tapping today relieving my stress, hoping also to lower my bloodpressure !
    Thank you !!!

  36. katherine says:

    As usual your helpful article on stress is helping me a lot. I practise often, and wish I could practise even more. Must make time next year to focus on the tapping technique every day.

    My gratitude to you.

  37. Neall Calvert says:

    This is the most succinct and relevant statement on stress that I have read in a long time. Well done.

  38. M HUGHES says:

    I found this very interesting because I suffer from an auto immune disease known as Sarcoidoisis which tends to show up as immense pain in my head, neck and shoulders – I have been using diet at a means to fight back against this as I know that I have several food intolerances which tend to make my symptoms worse – whilst I know that stress plays a large part in my illness and I have been using yoga and meditation to help combat it I find that the use of tapping and the fact that it could begin to work so much faster really interesting
    Many Thanks

  39. Andrea Scott says:


    Thanks for this explanation of how tapping ultimately relieves stress. I’ve noticed that since I’ve been consistently tapping when I’m aware of feeling stressed my energy has shifted. In fact I’ve experienced some challenges lately and quickly identified solutions to the problems.

    Tapping changes everything. My life has been totally transformed since I tap regularly.



  40. Diana says:

    I have been tapping for a year now. I tap whenever I feel I need help but also regularly just to maintain equilibrium. I think it has helped me enormously.

  41. Kamala says:

    Thank you for your contrubution to the people.This has realy helped me. I was going through physical and overload of work and stress this has helped me wonderfully.
    I was introduced by change people here in dubai and I then went on the internet and followed you.I am recommending to my freinds, family and patients. I will use it for my Good Samaritan project.
    thank you. keep up the good work. Kamala-

  42. Kaz says:

    If we used tapping to release past life trauma how would this affect our spiritual learning experience and what would we then draw into our lives?

  43. Barbara Vinogradov says:

    I was born into a very stressful family enviroment which set me on the adrenaline overload.
    Singing career (strain on adrenals) widowed early…3 sons to educate alone…suicide of son.. My children are very attentive but live overseas and also my small granddaughter. I have pushed through these events. but now I have Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue. Was diagnosed years ago as a depressive. Don’t believe it.! I just have a rather sensitive nature. I feel my condition now is result of the unresolved grief of these events. Meditated (TM).) for many years had psycotherapy.I do Rekii…have been tapping for 2 years and know this is the answer but need a little help on how I tap for Fibro which is pain all over body.Central Nervous System malfunction. Sorry about history but relevant. Thank God For you!!! Regards…..Barbara Vinogradov


  44. Melynnda* says:

    The 13 sad steps really make it clear. Thanks!

  45. Julieta says:

    Hi Nick, your observations are so true. I suffer fibromialgy and I am aware of what caused it (over stressed brain) and as you list I have tried many approaches (I am still on yoga and walking everyday, ) I am only 37 but my possibilities were very reduced. Found a pair of counselors who taught us tapping (I participate in a fibromialgy group at a hospital). As an engineer I usually distrust “magical” cures, but since it was not going to hurt me, I did the tapping anyway. It was awesome how I could easily shift the pain and then eliminate it. Then I came to internet for an understanding of the physics involved, and now it has became a daily habit. In a couple of months only with 6 group sessions and my youtube surfing I have increased my energy a lot. I am happier, I stopped taking my antidepressive and soon hope to stop taking pregabalina (which I am on the minimal dosis).
    I also stopped drinking coffe and caffeine beverages, reduced salt, reduced fat..introduced this healthy habits two years ago, but the results were very gradual
    🙂 Muchas Gracias, desde Buenos Aires, Argentina

  46. Diane Boisjoli says:

    I must say I fit your descrption very well. I have done a bit of tapping but I think I need to start taking it more seriously. I am so fed up of the pain and the fatigue. I am not used to feeling this crippling fatiuge but it is a year now. Time to get rid of it for good. Thank you for giving so freely of your information.

  47. fathimath says:

    i think tapping is a divine gift from above. thank you for introducing it to us humans, am going to try it. introduce it to my family, friends and relatives. to whoever willing to try. my god bless you always. hugs

  48. Janice says:

    This sounds totally amazing. Its like knocking on your own door to get inside.

  49. Karen Marrington says:

    Hi Nick, your blog post about the negative results of chronic stress was so succinct and the best and simplest summary that I’ve ever read of how chronic stress affects us! I have experienced EXACTLY each step and symptom that you mentioned and have been struggling with getting back to normal for literally years–it’s been an uphill climb!
    I’ve just recently had a huge, difficult and stressful experience regarding my work so I was off right at the time of the Tapping Summit and I truly wouldn’t have been able to get through these difficulties without having embraced and utilized Tapping! It was perfect timing and I was able to listen to each session and take notes and I got so much out of the Summit. I look forward to receiving my CDs, notes and downloads from the Summit Thanks and cheers, Karen

  50. Jeanene Rosenvall says:

    I will say that there is nothing better for your body, mind and soul than tapping! 2 years ago I was involved in a fatal car accident with my parents, daughter and myself, my parents were killed on impact and my daughter broke her C2 and suffered many internal injuries, for myself I broke my back and suffered many internal injuries, after it happened I was not sure I was ever going to regain my composure to go on in life. I then decided to tap and help myself through a challenging situation and to my surprise I was able to cope with this tragic situation . I knew I had to do something about how I was feeling because life just goes on and you have choices to go on or give up, I made the choice to use this most amazing method that changed my outcome from doom to “I can do this, I am not going to sit down and cry I am going to stand up and walk” and I did and I still use it instead of therapy and I will always use EFT!
    Thank you so much for your knowledge and devotion in helping people accomplish goals and overcome so many trials in our lives in such a most fullfilling way…..
    Jeanene Rosenvall

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