Cheryl Richardson from The Tapping Solution

Written by: Nick Ortner

Cheryl Richardson from The Tapping Solution:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

What insight or idea did you get from these videos that you can apply to your life today? Let us know below!

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  1. Davidthice says:

    Interesting reading!

  2. Shel says:

    I had an online acquaintance on Aol many years ago.
    I was going through a rough patch in my life at the time and this person was extremely adept and quite knowledgeable with this tapping. We did several sessions online and he coached me through. Although I didn’t thoroughly understand the technique, it did seem to help me. All I can remember about this person is that he was a male, and somewhat older than me.
    When I saw this video on fb today, I was like, Oh my gosh!! I had totally forgotten about my experiences with this from many years ago. Thank you for sharing it. Shel.

  3. Mayadene says:

    I find EFT tapping the most rewarding for clearing emotional discomfort from upsets , failures, disappointments, betrayal ,etc when my life is not going well. Although, the current situation continues to exist, the altered emotion makes it easier to relate to the reality of the 0riginal problem. Listening to Cheryl Richardson’s video tape 2, I identified with greater understanding the imp0rtance and value of acknowledging what is going on inside of me. By affirming that I deeply and completely love and accept myself I am validating ownership and acceptance of the existing problem no matter what it is. It makes it easier to let go of the beating on the head or digging a hole to bury myself in. I have also found it to be easier to be free of self- incriminating blame. Having gained this insight, it is easier, although still somewhat painful at times, to now continue to work towards a positive solution without the emotional and painful entanglements.

  4. Jim says:

    I glad most find tapping very helpful but personally I’ve tried it for years without seeing results . I have tried Faster EFT and the ‘long versions’, and even sought out a professional who used it in his practice to be sure I was doing everything right, but still after consistent and dedicated practice, see nothing in the way of results. Not everything works for everyone

  5. Amos says:

    What Cheryl says about getting and keeping our energy selves in balance is very true. In my experience, I have seen where when I have looked at a particular obstacle and worked at understanding then removing it, things get a little easier. The down side for me is that when that obstacle is gone, I do not build that vacancy with positive materials and as such I find that I instead create other opportunities for negative obstacles to fill that space. I hope that as I continue to use EFT that I will learn and nurture the positive experiences needed to truly give me freedom.

  6. Nicole says:

    Thank for that wonderful video. I love to watch Cheryl. What a nice setting with the red flower. It is relaxing, it is like EFT a loving experience. It motivate me to practice more, to use it more with people around me.
    Have a Happy New year. Long life to EFT.

  7. Tanis says:

    I found the suggestions on how to introduce EFT very helpful and I intend to impliment them in my practice. Cheryl comes across as believable and sincere. Something I hope to attain in my practice. Thanks for the great suggestions.

  8. -jodi says:

    reiteration is a good thing. i’ve been listening and learning and using EFT since yeeears ago – but not consistently. each time i go back to it, i “hear” more and believe more and use it more and feel better.

  9. Jim says:

    I just bought you movie hoping it reveal whatever it is I’m not doing right, because after years of trying it , I still get nothing from it.

    Last year I even looked up a local doctor who uses tapping to observe the way I do it to be sure I was doing everything right. Unfortunately I WAS doing everything right ….

    Are there some people who just do not respond to it ? I do believe all the success I read people have with it but am afraid it isn’t the answer for everyone.

  10. Sherry says:

    Cheryl Richardson said that by accepting our negative feelings about a person or situation means we can now release them. The key word here was accepting. Have read a lot about the EFT process over the past year or so, and have practised a fair bit, as well. Her simple statement was kind of a Eureka moment for me.

  11. Nosizwe says:

    I love the results from tappingf and have been using it with my young sons and the results are wonderful I like how CR explains it and with such dramatic stories…..
    Thanks for making these recordings available to us.

  12. Soňa says:

    I have taken an instant liking to Cheryl and that is I think the main thing: whatever comes from her is welcome because one simply trusts her.

  13. Maureen says:

    Cheryl is a wonderful and comforting speaker. She has a lot of credibility through the wonderful work she has done. I think she is an asset to the world of tappers.

  14. Kathleen says:

    In part 2 you mentioned Fibromyalgia. As a Lightworker & healer myself the results for others is marvelous, yet I have yet found how to clear 10 years of FM/CFS. Could you email me an opening statement so I can get started on MYSELF please? I know that this is NOT the truth of my being and I wish to SOAR. 😀
    Thank you

  15. Jim says:

    I’ve tried tapping for years with nothing to show for my efforts. I was so sure it works and the problem was the way I did it that I looked up a professional of the technique for a two hour session to be sure I was doing everything right.

    One year later …. I still have yet to see anything from it. I have no doubt it works for many , but obviously it doesn’t for some.

  16. Sami says:

    Hi, I really liked the idea of accepting specific parts of myself: “even though… I deeply and completely accept my FEELINGS of… ” as I have noticed that so many feelings of ours go unnoticed… that I personally am so little aware of all those feelings surfacing in me… I am much more aware of my thoughts than feelings, I notice…

  17. E.R.L. says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with Tapping. I have a burning question.
    On the EFT practices, we use the eyes movements and the humming. On the Tapping practices, it appears that this part of the technique is not used. If I “don’t” use the eyes movements and humming, am I going to get the same results? Is there any material or article available about the effects of such eyes movements and humming? I believe there are a lot of people that might have questioned that too. Your answer will be very appreciated. Thanks. E.R.L.

  18. George Astles says:

    I had my 95th birthday last March and while my health is fine, some bed sores that I received from a one month hospital stay a year ago last Feb are healing now even though they have been treated every day since I was released from the hospital. I have the DVD “the tapping solution” and have been using for two weeks, today I learned the benefit of writing it down. Tapping is great!

  19. george stein says:

    I have been doing eft off and on–I am making efforts to overcome the resistance.
    I have made some progress and this video just gave a GOOD REASON to do Eft every day.


  20. Jerome Tilghman says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful insights of EFT. It made me feel better and more self confident just listening to the videos. Cheryl has a blessed way of explaining what EFT can do for us. Thank you!

  21. Ruth says:

    As i watched, my comment in f ull agremnt beause this happend alot in my exprince
    even now and my con clusion is, this is and will be the fastest way to the healing of the emotions,

    And all the plasent path of life will not elued many including myself as i have seen ,
    Thank you.

  22. Janice says:

    Cheryl’s message was very empowering, I feel. It encourages me to keep at it and to perhaps share about it with friends. As she said, there is nothing to lose. So far, as I am new to tapping, I have started to find I am much happier in myself. I have been feeling under a cloud for so long, and waking up uninspired, and it has lifted! I am feeling much happier and wake up feeling like I again have a purpose to life! I had another mother at my daughter’s karate class say that meeting me was an answer to her prayer that God would show her a sign that everything would be okay with her kids and that things would get better. I shared that I had 8 children and she thought I looked so good! She is a single mother of4 and had been discouraged and I helped to lift her up because she thought if I, as a mother of 8 could survive, so could she!

  23. Liz says:

    Cheryl really cemented the understanding that by naming and “love and accepting anyway” those feelings you dont necessarily like you can then release them…that makes so much sense… the feelings are there anyways…what we resist persists as they say

  24. Liz says:

    Everytime I listen to these videos I learn more and my understanding grows. I am practicing the tapping techniques, learning about the energy field and how the body, soul, and spirit work together.

    Most people do not make any connection between thoughts or proper foods and physical health. I am finding much encouragement to continue this path from your website.

    Thank you, Liz

  25. Audrey Robbins says:

    Amazing! I am eighty five and have practiced EFT for about 12 years on a hobby basis. I have been unable to unseat the embedded feeling of being lower class and natural unworthiness because I look like and am “like” my father’s family according to my mother (first conscious memory, age four) and my brother continued the practice the rest of his life. They were blatant and open in actions and verbally in the privacy of our home. In public they were subtle and exceptionally clever. They treated my mother’s only sister in the same manner. You would think since as a four year old I was aware she was not talking to “me” and the characteristics were truly not applicable to the relatives I would be protected from long term damage. Wrong. Anyway your short videos hit something and when tapping using your thoughts I came apart emotionally. This will be interesting. Thank you.

  26. Debbie Lattuga says:

    I am an expressive artist and have used EFT on myself and my family. I just created the connection between expressive art and EFT. Both of them connect you with your true feelings and lets you integrate them into your being. And by doing that, you become whole.

    Thank you!

  27. Elizabeth says:

    Ever since I heard about EFT a long time ago, I’ve always wanted to make the leap from bookkeeper to EFT practitioner. But how could I, a bookkeeper, begin such a transition? How would I prove my credibility? I’ve doubted myself long enough. Watching these 3 videos brought my intentions back to the forefront, and I hereby state my intention to begin helping people with EFT and actually getting paid for it.

  28. Donna says:

    I think I gained a bi of new insight as to wordage to use.

  29. Jim Hallett says:

    What a wonderful promoter for EFT. Cheryl not only conveyed great energy and beauty in her presentation, but I like the focus on applying it to physical health issues. More of my exposure to EFT has been related to emotional issues or beliefs, but I can now see some additional incredible applications. Just from a presentational point of view, the background for her talk was very appealing with the beautiful flower, the window leading to a nice Spring background outside, and the pleasing color of the walls, not to mention Cheryl’s nice smile and tone of voice. Thank you!!

  30. Annie says:

    Hi, These videos are superb. I am a practitioner and teacher of EFT in a little town in the U.K and am fighting with a wall of frustration at the moment about peoples closed minded attitude and in the case of my family, complete refusal to even give it a try. Tap tap tap……..Cheryl I found your words about keeping on going in spite of peoples ridicule very very encouraging and supportive.
    We are indeed pioneers and one day everyone will know and understand about this incredible tool. Thank you. t

  31. Dr. Phoenix says:

    A breath of fresh air & Divine innner-g! I love it!

  32. Bill says:

    Acceptance exposes resistance and does not reinforce it but rather allows for one to focus on dealing with the resistance.
    What’s so is what is so and must be acknowledged before it can be changed and or dealt with.

  33. Barbara Moore says:

    Thank you so much. I appreciated your thoughts and would like to know if you have any kind of script or thoughts on how to lower chronic high blood pressure with EFT? I know most, that a lot of the high BP is because of stress ,and or, anxiety. I have tried to help it myself with what I know about EFT but realize that I am still learning. I must not be getting to the underlying reason for the BP being so high.
    Thank you for putting out your videos. You have inspired me to try harder.

  34. Jeannie says:

    Loved the two videos. Even though I know with my head the information Cheryl shared with us, she touched my heart with the clarity, simplicity and powerfulness of the message, and the invitation to try it some more. Of course, I have places (like most) where I feel stuck, and I realized anew, that the blocked energy is linked to lack of self-forgiveness, lack of self-acceptance and self-love. I will try her words, “Even though I . . . , I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.”

    Thank you so much, Cheryl, and to Nick for passing this on to us. Appreciation +++

  35. judith says:

    Wonderfully succinct, articulate and graceful presentation of benefits and uses of EFT. Cheryl makes the process sound so very natural and do-able. Even her little examples demonstrate how easy it is to approach whatever needs attention. I’d love to take a seminar or workshop with her. Meanwhile, I want to be able to be as comfortable and natural in introducing EFT to clients as she is on this video. Thank you, Cheryl!

  36. Sandra says:

    My concern is that we try to rid ourselves from wrong thinking; so by accepting the nagative energy is that not defeating the purpose?

  37. Elizabeth says:

    Just Brilliant! Good understanding of Energy Pathways and how our body can be effected by influences around us……

  38. Lena says:

    It really struck a chord with me. It gave me the thought that by accepting a less than desirable trait about ourselves, it could allow the energy of it to flow through us as opposed to being stuck in us. Interesting.

  39. Emit says:

    Bravo, and thank you for the wonderful information. EFT is the best discovery in these stressful,demanding and confusing times.It must be taught starting inkindergarden all the way to college! To dare is to do it,so thank you Cheryl and company.

  40. Suka Chapel says:

    Thank you. Reinforcement of not being perfect or following a specific model is very affirming. Saying “I have a little technique. It may seem strange but…” is often easier and less threatning than trying to sell EFT.

  41. Ruth Sheffi says:

    Tapping has filled me with wonder ever since I started getting “Tapping” e-mails . Thank
    you very nuch for the above clip. Have you any information on curing CATARACTS with
    Tapping ? I am 71 , been diagnosed as having cataracts and am supposed to have them
    operated , This includes having plasti lenses implanted.
    Do you know of antone who has restored their eyesight without surgical interference ?

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