Behind the Scenes of “The Tapping Solution”

Written by: Nick Ortner


The following video is a “Behind the Scenes” look at the making of the documentary film, “The Tapping Solution” Recorded live in front of 220 people at The Tapping Experience event on August 1, 2010. Featuring Nick Ortner, Nick Polizzi and Jessica Ortner

(note: the video is long so please give it time to load after you click play)

What did you learn from this video? What inspired you? How can you apply the lessons behind making the film to your life? Comment below!



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43 Comments on this post

  1. Becki Noelle says:

    I really appreciate so many things you guys said here about going after dreams… And one particular thing that sticks in my mind is, “enthusiasm is contagious”.
    I think I’m going to find a way to watch the movie! Yes, I watched behind the scenes before it actually seen the movie. Thanks in advance 😉

  2. Angie on Yorkes says:

    I’ve just finished watching The Tapping Solution for the second time in as many days. After watching it the first time, that night when I went to bed and listened to my evening meditation, I also tapped. It might be coincidence (and still early days), but I’ve had a better relationship with my father since.

    The second time I watched it, I tapped all the way through the movie as well as took notes on thoughts and feelings that came up for me – I look forward to how tapping through my thoughts and emotions will pan out for me and what will manifest in my life…

    Thank you so much for putting your everything into the making of this wonderful movie. Without which, I still wouldn’t know what EFT or Meridian Tapping was or how to go about using it to make a difference in my life.

  3. wendy says:

    I just want to tell you all how much I loved this little video. I honor each of you and your ability to be real and share your heart and soul, in a raw way, on film for the benefit of others. You make me proud to be a Healer/Helper. Sending you all BIGASSHUGS. WB

  4. daniel says:

    it is not importent to have skills to do someting
    as long as you have the inspiration that you want to do it
    and you belive that you can do it

  5. Susan Mann says:

    Just got back from my first trip to Europe and I was trying to catch up on my e-mail. Came across this and decided I could listen while I did other things. So glad I did! My knee started hurting when I was on my flight to Italy and the pain continued throughout the trip. I was relatively new to tapping so I didn’t think about doing it-how I wish I had!! I just spent time tapping and realized what the under lying issue is. I feel better already. The only down side is that it now feels well enough for me to go up and down the stairs from the laundry room! Thanks for keeping the message going about energy realignment and believing your intuition.

  6. Doris says:

    Hello, when I looked at this video a thought came into my mind. I always prayed to get all those bad spirits (devil) out of my body. But with doing tapping I became aware that these were just thoughts that hindered me from doing things (negative thoughts, believes etc.). Thank you very much for giving me a tool to get red of all this.

  7. Steven Stanley says:

    WOW, I have been so stuck & just tired of doing & going nowhere. Midway through this video I suddenly had a feeling of don’t give up. Where I am going from here is unknown but giving up is not an option. Thanks so Much.
    P.S. I am a 10 yr survivor of HIV
    Steven R. Stanley

  8. Ripeka Wiki says:

    So humble and soooo inspiring. I have watched the tapping solution and was amazed. I have procrastinated but realise that I must make that time available to myself to help myself. Thanks for this inspirationable video.

  9. Keala says:

    I am so happy that I finally can tell you how much I am grateful for your work. I watched the movie and read the book and I tap every day. Since a year I am also a member of the Insider club.
    The last 3 months have been extremely challenging – I had to move 3 times- and only Tapping kept me sane and without getting sick. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I tap everyday the ” Surrogate Tapping” that Jessica gave us and I ” survived!! !
    Also the Tapping for ” Addiction to anxiety” and ” The Fight or Flight- Tapping “, you can not imagine how grateful I am for them. They are part of my daily ritual. I can handle stress better because I know I have the tool to transform any situation! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Watching the video to-day was very touching and so valuable in many ways, so inspiring for me, I guess the impact on me is greater than I can see in the moment.

  10. Antoinette says:

    I love tapping! I love your work. I’ve shared my 2 copies of the movie with family members and friends. 2 of them purchased their own as well. I’m looking forward to sharing the movies and the process with more people as I start to build a practice. Behind the Scenes inspires me, too. My biggest first lesson is to just take the next step to where God is leading you. Amazing things, miracles can happen when you step out in faith. Thank you all for staying true to your path. I’m anxiously awaiting the recording of the training as well as your next offering of it. I won’t miss it again!

    You Rock!

    Continued blessings,

  11. Charlotte Sainz says:

    Thank you Nick, Nick and Jessica for having the courage and fortitude to bring this marvelous technique to all of us now. Your story offers inspiration and hope in a world that is sometimes dreary and filled with hopelessness. It offers each and everyone of us the opportunity to change our reality! It is a part of living and life that we do have the ability to change.
    Thank you again for teaching us and allowing us to “Tap Into” the realm of change!

  12. Jodi McDonald says:

    Hey Thing One, Thing Two and Jessica!!

    I was the participant in the movie healed of fibromyalgia and issues with success. And yes…I’m still doing great…no signs of fibro! THANK YOU!!!

    Watching this brought tears to my eyes, and made me remember how wonderful each one of you is. I do believe I must be your biggest fan (well, next to your families). Love you all! I’m so deeply, deeply grateful for the healing you brought to me, and for the life-changing days that have propelled me to where I am now. I have now developed my own tapping system and will be holding my first certification workshop for new practitioners beginning this weekend. I’ve come so very far, due to your love, compassion and persistance. No words will ever be enough, but I just want to keep singing your praises. You are incredible, talented, and so caring and I am forever indebted to you.

    I just thought I’d pop in and say hello to everyone and to let your audience know I’m doing great. Love and hugs, Jodi

  13. Mirtha Medina says:

    I found it reassuring to see your conviction and your passion in going after what you wanted to do and to achieve it, it is truly inspiring, thank you and congratulations!

  14. xavier.vercaemst says:

    Hey lenght of movie is 44:33 – divine guidance 🙂
    Great stuff you guys!!!

    Big eft hug!

  15. Janice Gagnon says:

    Thank you guys for sharing more about this. Like you said, it has a life of its own and the message will get out! I had a great thing happen this week when my knee was really hurting and I could hardly walk. I was upset and a bit angry with my body but decided to tap on it and later on the pain had gone and my knee wasn’t bothering me any more! That’s the first time I had something so concrete happen to me with tapping! Then I tried it last night when I had watched a rather intense movie and was attacked with fears. I prayed and I tapped on it and it cleared it. The thing I have gotten out of this so far is that I CAN face my greatest fears and deal with them with this tool instead of just trying to hide them and hide FROM them. Thanks so much for all you’ve shared!

  16. Christine says:

    I forgot to mention how inspiring I found this video. I haven’t gotten “The Tapping Solution”, but I will now. Thank you.

  17. Ros says:

    Thank you! I have been doing bits of tapping for quite a while. But I think all along I have had an attitude that ‘this will be great when I need it’. As I watched you talk about making your film I think part of me was thinking ‘well that’s fine if you have a great dream in life, but I don’t’. But then at the end when Jessica mentioned about just turning up each day and doing what she loves and not worrying about the bigger picture and I found myself in tears. I suddenly realised that I have such hang-ups about the fact that I don’t feel I have a goal and I don’t know where I’m going in life. So I’ve been sitting here and tapping and crying and wow it has released a lot. Now I feel it is OK just to enjoy each day and enjoy where I am in life. And that is such a blessing. Thank you all. I really will keep tapping.

  18. Christine says:

    About not sharing the tapping w/ people who will be negative, I have a funny story. I have a friend w/ whom I talked about EFT for a long time and she was pretty negative about it. One day she confided in me that she got very nervous and flustered if she tried to talk to any guy that she was attracted to. Since she is very cute and, in my experience of her, seemed able to talk to anyone at any time, I was really surprised by this. So, as a joke I told her what she needed to do next time she met a guy like that was to start tapping, but I demonstrated it, exaggerating it to the point that I was literally slapping the points on my face and taking very big, deep, gulping breaths and to say to the guy while she was doing this that she was just so nervous she needed to do this to calm herself. My friend found this so funny that she repeated the joke to a couple of people, demonstrating it the way I had, and what do you know? She never had the problem after that. In fact, she met her boyfriend after that, someone she says she never would have had the courage to talk to before. And she is an avid EFTer. So you just never know.

  19. jerry fukida says:

    cannot hear Nick polizzi…

  20. Nick Grimshawe says:

    Thank You for a really inspiring look into the process that went into making the film. I learned that I need to learn more about tapping and find ways to introduce it to more people.



  21. Carol Kraft says:

    So many moments that are precious in this short behind the scenes.
    I am so taken by your completed authenticity in this process of creating , the willingness to carry on even when you did not know what your were doing. I am such a perfectionist , so afraid of failing if I don’t know how it would go and get easily discouraged. Tap Tap! Love that story Nick sitting beside his grandma and doing something he has not done before, editing. So sweet, ordinary and phenomanal.
    Doing it without attachment to outcome….thanks Jessica
    Having a passion that is contagious……Lots of work and tapping here for myself.
    Best of all the reminder to get back in and tap.
    Thanks guys. Youth with hope!

  22. Eva Wilhelm says:

    As I was watching this, I remembered that I haven’t seen the few copies of the film I bought. Well, they are all gone! I know that I gave them to people to watch and none of them came back to me! So, this is a good thing but now I don’t have a copy and I feel like watching again!
    EFT changed my life and I talk about it to people all the time, and yet, at times I get this: “Yea but you have to believe in it for it to work”. You can’t make the listen if they can’t hear. But I know that EFT is amazing and I wish for everyone to try it on everything!
    I think you are wonderful!

  23. Jean says:

    About just getting a few words and then it stops:
    Realize that it takes awhile to “set up”
    Just start the video and go do something else for a few minutes.
    When you see the gray line get way far ahead of the blue line, then you can go back to listening comfortably and completely.


  24. Natalie Hill says:

    Wow, I thought I was inspired by you all before, that was nothing.

    I especially liked hearing the way you began this project with an idea, no funds and no skills. Look what you created from simply an inspiration, Nick. You’ve helped how many people with that original thought?

    But I think my favorite part was Nick Ortner saying that if something doesn’t work, just try it another way. And another way and another way.

    Thank you all for having the courage to tap through your limitations and for creating the valuable resources you continue to create.

    Love you guys!

  25. Judy says:

    I only learned of EFT when I heard Nick being interviewed by Sonia Ricotti during her teleseminar couple of weeks ago. The film was also recommended by Kristen Morelli. I have suffered chronic back pain for many years. I have had several spinal fusions and neurostimulator implanted with very little relief. After tapping along with your audios, I have already experienced some pain relief. I am so looking forward to receiving the film and the book. I can not begin to tell you how grateful I am for the work you all have done and continue to do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  26. Karen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I loved the movie — and I am a filmmaker! I was so excited to witness your naive process and your enthusiasm for learning, morphing into a beautiful, wise, intelligent project. I loved hearing about how something that “sucked” is now regarded as a gift. I appreciate your passion and I trust this WILL be as big as the Secret! And thank you, Jessica — I’ve been listening and working with your surrogate tapping recording a lot lately and LOVING it!

  27. Anne says:

    Hi guys,

    Thank you so much. I have not watch the the whole movie, just a few minutes of it. I am going through so much right now in my life and to tap on my issues. I am a smoker and so very much want to stop!!! I notice my thoughts are so negative about my self. Financially I am not in a good place and I need to find another way to make money, helping people is what I want and make a difference. I so identify with Jessica about feeling lost. I feel sick in my soul about life. I ordered the free ebook on this site. Can you send me the movie? i might of received it already, just can not find it. Also, I do not have that much support in my life. I wondered if you can suggest where to get more support. Thank you for all the great work. Anne

  28. Sandra - Emotional Healing says:

    Awesome. I love behind the scenes footage.

  29. maureen says:

    the behind the scenes video only plays about 1/3 then stops
    thought you’d like to know …

  30. Jocelyne says:

    I truly admire your perseverance and I applaud your authenticity.
    Please keep up the good work. You are helping so many people take back their power to heal themselves. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

  31. Patricia McNally says:

    This is simply amazing!!! and Amazingly simple!!! Thank you all for following through on this even though doing so was tough . Keep walking your talk. You were meant to do this and get it out to the Universe and you are not done yet. A million THANKS

  32. E says:

    Mike Kresloff,
    Please don’t give up! For someone experiencing despair, the hardest part is getting motivated to start. If you could use some help, you can get it over the Internet or the phone from experienced EFT practitioners, as well as Matrix and TAT. Despair is not the truth – it’s just a goad to delve into your own magnificent and completely unique self! Explore the magic. We need you!

  33. Karen Cheetham says:

    It showed me that anything you truly desire can happen-the big part is you go with the flow and pursue your dream and work to make it happen regardless of what you have to do to get the ball rolling. It will unfold, take action and there will be no obstacles that can hold you back if you dont loose site of your dream

  34. Leonie says:

    What I love about you, Nick, and you too Jessica – is your passion, purpose, integrity and commitment to make a difference in the world – and to be willing to GIVE it freely.
    You are both so real – which is so refreshing in a world of people coming from “what’s in it for me at the expense of others”. You just mentioned Simply Raw – can you talk more about that?

    Thank you for all you give to the world.

  35. Joanne says:

    I think we all make assumptions at times that those who have achieved great success have either had access to a huge budget or had it handed to them on a plate. The truth is that the end result often looks like it was so easy because we don’t see what is happening behind the scenes. It is great to hear your story about reaching your goals through determination and overcoming your own fears and limiting beliefs. Very inspirational and very touching – thank you xxx

  36. Jo says:

    Tapping is amazing. It’s simple and effective. It works in so many different ways. Good on you for spreading the word, because more and more people need to know about it, even if they don’t know it yet. You took a huge leap of faith doing “The Tapping Solution”. If you could bottle that faith, you could all be billionaires! And that’s what I took from watching the video. Have faith in your dreams.

  37. jan hart says:

    working with energy medicine is my life passion and I love the machine I work with , but there are many times that I need EFT to move my client profoundly and quickly..I love the movie and it is heart warming to see young people with so much knowledge about the truth of foundational health as all 3 of you are..great job! great guts! and great results!! thanks for taking the risk…more blessings to you, Jan Hart

  38. Lu says:

    That was so true about not giving or sharing it with people who will taboo it. That negativity lives on with you and is a definite downer on something that is actually exceptionally good. Ok so that is their life, you have to let go of them and let them live it in the best way they see fit. You can however, share the positivite end results (yours) by yr example and sooner or later you will be asked, wow, Hey, how did you manage to motivate yourself to get where you are now..?? And that is your moment.. but still be careful..whatever the reaction, you can tap on it.

    Thanks a million to, Jessica, Nick and Nick P….you guys rock, to be sure!!

  39. Tabb says:

    Movie doesn’t run smooth, it keeps buffering.
    You can only get four or five words at at a time.

  40. Barbara says:

    I was at the August conference where you recorded your “behind the scenes” story of the making of The Tapping Solution. The film and the workshop by the same name have been great motivators and life changers for me. I so appreciate your drive and determination to make tapping a force in our culture. What you’ve been able to do is an inspiration to those of us who hope to keep this idea of healthier and happier living through tapping alive and growing in the world.

  41. Cheri Valentine says:

    This is so inspiring!! I love how you tapped through this whole process and just blasted through the limiting beliefs that would have stopped this project. EFT is amazing and I am so grateful that I experience the blessings every day for myself and through the people who allow me the gift of sharing it with them.

    Cheri Valentine

  42. Kirk ( says:

    I (re)learned to follow one’s passion and to take chances. Jessica’s story about posting flyers inspired me. My favorite lesson behind the making of the film is Nick’s advice to try something different when what you try does not work. Thanks, everyone, for recording and posting this video!

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