What Tony Robbins Taught Me

Written by: Nick Ortner

I know Tony Robbins needs no introduction. However, if you’re joining us from a country or are new to this space he is a motivational speaker and mentor to many.

Tony Robbins has been known for the past thirty years as an inspirational/motivational speaker, writing books, leading packed seminars around the country, and coaching Presidents and celebrities alike.

In late 2002, after reading his books and listening to his tapes (yes, tapes!), for several years, I decided to attend a weekend event of his in New York City.

Lessons Learned

I went by myself, following an ad I saw on the streets of New York and a gut feeling that this was something I needed to pursue, and the weekend was simply transformational. There’s a lot I can write about what I learned that weekend, but the primary breakthrough for me was taking responsibility for my life. It’s easy to believe that life just HAPPENS to us, but it’s not until we recognize that we are at CHOICE, every moment of every day, that things truly change.

12 years ago Tony taught me that and much more, and it has made a massive difference in my life. So it was a special day when I got to spend some time with him at his house in Florida. Tony and I had connected a year earlier when he heard about our work in my hometown of Newtown, CT, and what we were doing to help those struggling from the tragic shooting here. We spent the past year touching base and talking about how we might work together, and this meeting intended to further that discussion.

We got a lot done and I’ll be reporting in the coming months about what we’re doing together, but today I want to share three simple things I learned from being with him, and which you might find helpful in your life. They all start with “P” and you can apply them to your life in minutes.

What Tony Robbins Taught Me


You’re probably familiar with the outsized physical stature and presence of Tony. Standing 6’7”, with massive hands and feet, muscles that at 54, still look rock-solid, it’s easy to be impressed with his physical presence. But that’s not what Impressed me most about him, it was his emotional presence. Coming off a 5-day event he runs called “Business Mastery”, he could have easily been drained, distracted or simply just a little tired. But his engagement was laser-focused, taking copious notes as Dr. Leyden (the director of The Tapping Solution Foundation) and I spoke about what we were doing.

He wrote so furiously, while maintaining eye contact and asking penetrating questions, that I longed to see what that notepad actually said! Tony was WITH us. There was no doubt about it. Listening, caring, and looking to go deeper, to get beyond the surface of the discussion, to innovate, collaborate, and create magic in the world. His incredible presence energized us, helped us think bigger, clarify our vision.

Your takeaway: Being present to someone is the greatest gift you can give them. When you’re talking to someone, talk to them. If your phone buzzes in your pocket, leave it be. If you find your mind wandering to other tasks and responsibilities, bring it back. Be here now. Not only will you change the quality of your experience, but people will also notice and appreciate it in ways you can’t even imagine.


Tony talks a lot about his absolute devotion to what he calls “priming”. For him, it’s a commitment to 10 minutes of daily meditation, which he says usually stretches to 25-30 minutes, but he keeps his goal small so no matter what’s going on, he can achieve it on a daily basis. This priming is the time for him to focus, relax, and envision his day and his life. And the result is obvious. He’s able to be PRESENT because of this PRIMING!

Your takeaway: Set a goal, start small, to spend 5-10 minutes a day doing something to “prime” yourself for the day. Tap, meditate, try yoga, whatever it takes to mentally prepare for the day, and feel good.


When you’re running 12 companies, publishing a #1 NY Times bestselling book, doing media, and being in-demand around the world, there are a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. It would be easy to become harried, to rush people, to have worry lines on your face, but Tony was the exact opposite. Calm and relaxed, joking around as his wife walked by moving some outdoor furniture pillows, playfully teasing his brother-in-law in the kitchen, giving us big hugs – he was having FUN. You could sense his joy for life, his joy being with others, his joy in being of service.

Your takeaway: Find places in your life where you can have a little (or a lot) of fun. Can you find ways to work, to focus, to be productive, AND have fun? What can you do to bring some joy and playfulness into your life?

To learn more about Tony Robbins and the influential work he’s doing around the world, visit

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

Has Tony Robbins influenced your life in any way? Let me know below! And what do you think about the three “P”s? Tell me how you can implement them in your life today.

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  1. Steve says:

    Thank you, Nick. I read one of Tony Robbin’s books in the 1980’s in which he talked about the idea that our feeling state (depressed or happy, unworthy or confident, etc.) is reflected in our body posture and gestures. That was nothing new to me. (We slump if we’re feeling depressed; we walk with our head high and body erect if we’re feeling confident.) Then he said that this feeling state/body posture connection is a two-way street. Not only does our state affect our body posture, but if we consciously choose our body posture, we can change our state.
    When I first read this, I walked around in my living room trying this out, assuming a “caved in” body posture and noticing how I felt, then assuming a head high, body erect posture and noticing how I felt with the change. The state change between the two was very clear to me. I felt totally different (and better) when I chose a more “positive” posture. Now I had an easy way to change my state!
    I love Tony’s 3 P’s and though I hadn’t heard Tony use these words before, I practice the essence of them as much as I can!

  2. richard bauman says:

    discovered tony in the late 80s and I got and continue to get many of the things you experienced and others. The biggest thing was being able to be in control of my personal and business life during times of turmoil. It let ME remain calm when all else was falling apart.

    I look forward to this new partnership and think it will be a great pairing.

  3. Pam says:

    Nick, like you, I listened to Tony Robbins’ tapes and read his work – and my biggest takeaway was the importance of taking responsibility for your life. I was blessed to have found this work in my early 20’s and decided from that point on – I was NOT a victim. I worked through a serious eating disorder, finished my Masters degree, changed jobs and met the love of my life after this. And I’ve never looked back!

  4. Bill Cavazos says:

    Tony’s infomercials and his first book ‘Unlimited Power’ back in 1987 changed my life forever. I always apply his change through action when I need a boost or an overall surge in life. Thanks Tony..

  5. Sue says:

    I LOVE Tony Robbins! What an inspiration he is to the world. His life path is extraordinary, and he has devoted his life to helping others.
    I try to do his morning routine, but has found myself recently hitting a wall with my new business. I found myself stuck, and the morning routine not bringing me a glimpse of what I was looking to achieve. I started tapping, and have discovered many buried emotions of incidents passed. I am now tapping daily to clear my emotional past, in order to pave the future path of my dreams.
    So, thank you both. God bless!

  6. Cindy says:

    Thank you for the article, Nick! Great timing, as I step into a new career path. I have heard a lot about Robbins, but have never read or listened to him; I just never made the time, and I was very successful in my career as a corporate negotiator and political/government budget/policy/communication wonk, and a single mom…simply meaning I was not open to more. That has all changed with leaving behind that past career, and beginning a new one as a writer. I bought the Tapping Solution about a year ago and that has helped with releasing, the fear of letting go and stepping forward; I am grateful for your willingness to share your knowledge.

    This morning I faced a huge procrastination issue that once overcome will lead to a huge leap in my new journey. First on the agenda, tapping! Second, thanks to you, reading as much of Robbins that I can find on the internet, while I ordering a few of his books/tapes(lol)! It’s time to move…as Yoda says, “There is no try. Only do or not do!”

    Have a blessed day of love and laughter, Nick!

  7. Pechez says:

    Tony Robbins has been influencing my for many years. Now in my 60th year when I find my I am reassessing on a continuous basis to grow, the lessons have grounded me in principles that distinctly separate me from the pack! He has a poise, persistent spirit and intensity that has stood the test of time. It is important to take time to structure you day with a time of peace. I communicate with many people and stopping to encounter their energy and give them your full attention is always appreciated. Oh…and playing…something I do naturally everyday; especially when I go to the gym. Laughing and smiling a lot, playing music and teasing the youngsters!

  8. summer craig says:

    Tony is very inspirational indeed. Anyone who can not only get me to read a book about money(his latest book The Money Game) but even enjoy it and start acting on all of his super advice, has got to be REALLY good.

    thanks Nick for recommending Tony’s book, you are both super

  9. Sara says:

    I like Tony’s 3 P’s. I bought some of his tapes from a used bookstore recently. Now I am more eager to listen to them! Nick, I also admire you and your sister for all the Tapping skills you’ve taught me!

  10. Anne-Marie says:

    Hi Nick,

    Your newsletter about the three P’s came at the right time today. I’m having a difficult time in a relationship with a friend. Your e-mail, made me realize I’m probably taking things too seriously. How about trying a little playfulness for a change, I’m telling myself. That might just lead to changes in the dynamics between us. I will go out tomorrow with the idea of having a good time – not with ironing out all the difficulties that we are experiencing. Just a change in point of view can be all that is needed. This is encouraging. Thank you very much.

  11. Richard says:

    I am presently facing a health challenge. I am scheduled to have open heart surgery on April 30th. 2015. To replace an Aorta valve and repair an anurisim on the ascendening Aorta with a shunt. My intention at this time is to get my body as healthy as I can to not only survive this procedure but to come out fired up for a new begining. Therefore your articles of postive energy and focus are very helpful to me at this time. Thank you.

  12. Catherine says:

    Thanks Nick.
    Yes, these 3 points are vital. It’s like a confirmation for me in how i strive to be and do.
    Love your writing style.
    For your generosity in sharing, i thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Always going forward.

  13. Shu-Lin says:

    Here are my interpretation of Presence, Priming, and Playfulness:

    Presence: If people truly love themselves, they will be able to love others. Hence, they will be present whenever they are with others.

    Priming: A chance to listen to one’s inner voice through any form of meditation. Our true selves are born with innate wisdom. We need to recapture it.

    Playfulness: Following one’s passion, it will never go wrong. As people will do their very best and have lots of fun with it, when they do something they love.

  14. Janice bride says:

    Tony Robbins, is truly amazing. I went to high school with him and saw his inspirational journey. He really speaks the truth. He’s been an inspiration to me. The article is very useful.

  15. Marty Ritzke says:

    What an awesome article, like so many others of yours. I have to agree with everything you share with others. Regarding the 3 P’s of Tony Robbins, they’ve been an integral part of my life. I have been using Tony’s information since 1990 with fantastic results. In addition to his 3 P’s I also add 3 more P’s to my life, Patience, Be patient with yourself, and others in all you do. Persistence, Be persistent with your endeavors. Keep trying to achieve your ventures to spite difficulties you may experience. Preparedness, Be prepared for whatever happens in life. Be ready to capture the moment, meet new people, share a laugh or information with others, even help others in time of need.

  16. Fan says:

    I love the author, Tony Robbins. He is awesome in his enthusiasm, his joy and love of life, and his sharing of his experiences and knowledge (even though it earns him a good income, that is his due). When I was younger I practically sleep with one of his books, hoping that by holding on it I would gain something akin to just a tiny bit of his exuberance. Alas, it never came. But holding that book did give me some comfort in some difficult times, hope, it gave me hope, so the book was worth every penny. Thank you Tony Robbins.

  17. Thom says:

    Tony’s great! It seems like one of the few guru’s that can evolve himself and his stuff does not get old. I still listen to his Personal Power and PowerTalk tapes and converting them from Tape to MP3.

  18. Tom Battaglia says:

    HELLO NICK, i have read his books, and am now reading your book on Tapping. He and you are very much alike. You both are Guides to life fulfilment , sharing a profound gift with all you touch. Continually opening doors to enjoying our potentials. All of your dedication inspires us to achieve all that is good and meaningful. Keep on keeping on, i’m wishing you limitless blessings! Tom )))

  19. richard bauman says:

    Started listening to Tony Robbins tapes in the late 80s. Tony was 1 of several new motivational speakers and I enjoyed them all. I got similar results you talk about. Over all listening to Tony made me laugh and be less serious all the time and let me be more focuesed in my daily business life. My children used to listen intently as we would drive someplace. They were young at the time but they seemed to follow along. My son has since gone on to a sucessful career in racing, not being afraid to go live the dream.

    I look forward to the new partnership. \

  20. Betsy Muller says:

    While I’ve never studied directly with Tony, observing his work over the years and working with the same book coach he used for his first book, has given me great respect for him. The bottom line is that Tony has mastered energy and how the invisible world creates the visible and material. Those muscles are also part of that energy mastery (although maybe there’s a 4th p – Pushups?) Looking forward to whatever you cook up together knowing it will be well worth checking out. Great article!

  21. Sterling says:

    nice article…the three Ps are a good reminder. I was/am/have been a follower of Tony since the early 80s and have taken a few of his seminars. You left out (probably didn’t have room for) the early story of Tony…which relates to the most powerful lesson I’ve learned from him. Early on…Tony was living out of his car…a Volkswagon, I believe, then a very small apartment. He was a pimply faced kid, awkward and confused…when he discovered NLP.

    He mastered it…embodied it and using it on himself (a good lesson…take these powerful strategies and apply to self), propelled himself onto the world stage…and the rest, as they say, is history.

    The thing I learned from that story is that…no matter where one is in life, no matter what’s happened, no matter how bleak things seem…we can decide to take control of ourselves, we can decide what we will think about life, we can decide to take action, however small to begin with, and continue, consistently to take action. We are in control of our own personal destiny…that is what Tony taught me.

  22. Bonnie McLean says:

    When I lived in southern California in the 80’s I did several seminars with Tony Robbins. They impacted me a lot. I learned a lot about how limited we think we are from our conditioning. The most profound experience were the two fire walks with him. Once I was able to walk across hot coals, I knew that I could break other barriers in myself and in my life.

  23. Cindy Ryan says:

    Mr Robbins a great motivator. Ordered his tapes early 90’s. WOW!!

  24. Nancy says:

    Yes-like you I had his tapes. I had just gotten a job @ 44 due to my husband leaving. GOD was looking out for me. It was Executive Director for a non-profit. I had been a chicken farmer had 3 daughters at home & 1 grandson. I couldn’t even spell executive–I had to look it up. Needless to say Tonys tapes–OG Mandino & -Dennis Waitly were my constant friends. They all helped me for 20 years.

  25. Delcie says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights. I have listened to Tony often for many years. His positive nature is contagious and is so very helpful. That old saying, “If the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. This journey is full of adventure and you both add good thought.

  26. Cheryl Edwards says:

    Thank you the 3 ‘P’s . I love Tony Robbins and want to do one of his course one day. I do use EFT to help myself and find it beneficial. I already get your emails and really enjoy reading them.

    thank you very much for taking this kind of work out there.


  27. Fay Palmer says:

    I like to add playfulness in the emails I write using the wonderful variety of words in the English language

  28. Anya Goette says:

    I believe that a few minutes of meditation in the morning help me with
    being “present” during the day, Tony’s ability to really focus on the
    people he is talking to is enormously important.
    And some playfulness, as he calls it, is a great feeling.
    Thank you Nick for sharing your thoughts with us.

  29. John Crockett says:

    Studying Tony’s work, starting in January of 1990, major turning point in my life. I’ve done 12 fire walks, Mastery, want to integrate, collaborate, to get people to improve their dietary choices & beliefs about creating, re-creating vibrant health, to slash pseudo-health care costs by 90 – 95%, to build robust natural immune / defense systems so dis-ease cannot co-exist.

    We can co-create a much better world. We need to break people free from ‘learned helplessness’, from being brainwashed by predators & psychopaths, the pharmaceutical & cancer industries. You can Google “re-creating vibrant health” Our beliefs & thoughts are like a giant magnet attracting to us what what we focus on.

    Let’s collaborate & co-create a much better world, and enjoy the process.

  30. Kim says:

    Funny, I’ve been thinking of Tony Robbins for a week or two. So, universe just gave me a sign through you – – – I’ve got to read one of his books, pay attention to how he works with you all, or . . . something, but now I know and I’m open to exploring. And it could be that it made me pay more attention to your site. By the way, I’m a nurse case manager and do telephonic work with Medicaid members with chronic pain. They get acupuncture, massage, or chiropractic services through our program. I often encourage them to research EFT and, if it’s for depression or anxiety, talk to their counselors about it. It’s nice to be able to offer up free, non-pharmaceutical, self-guided options. Thank you!

  31. hermann says:

    Thank you very much, Nick. It is always energizing to read or listen to whatever comes out of
    New England made by the Ortners.
    I listened to Tony Robbins since the eighties whenI lived in Calgary, just DYNAMITE, and that in
    Presence of Tony ! , that happens when you are travelling on an uplifting H i g h w a y .

    Cheers, hermann

  32. Keel Wheless says:

    Presence, Priming, Playfulness – Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.
    Presence – I’m in front of inquiries each day. I’ll challenge myself today to see if I can “energize” them through my presence. Increase in sales coming?
    Priming – Nice. For me, writing 3 p ages each morning is a habit I am trying to redevelop. The idea came from the book, The Artist’s Way. I find that it “primes” my mind by dumping all the thoughts I have onto pages. Clears my head. Helps me focus. Actually has resulted in ideas and more creativity. Actually did this once upon a time while in the job market. Great therapy too! Priming is good. Thanks for sharing that one!
    Playfulness – Yes! If I’m not having fun, I’m doing something wrong! This one does come a little easier for me! I believe you can change the culture of your company in a positive way with playfulness!

    Great stuff! Again, thanks for sharing!

  33. Cheryl says:

    I started with Tony Robbins with his very first book–and tapes–and have followed him ever since. he made a tremendous difference to me as I created my business. His Power Talk! series turned me on to Wayne Dyer and Deepak, and from there, I have lived and loved the world of self-improvement. But most of all, I love the way Tony has evolved right in front of us, and how he shared that evolution with us. He is a great gift to the world and I I am glad you got to work with him Nick. I can’t imagine anything more motivational than Tapping and Tony!

    I know whatever you do will help the world.


  34. Diane Racine says:

    I’ve carefully read and copied the 3 “P” ‘s in my personnal note book and will surely make them part of my everyday ritual. Thanks Nick, your suggestions are an important part of making my life better.

  35. Sandee Friedland says:

    Thank you Nick for sharing your experience with Tony. I did my first firewalk weekend in 1983. l went from being a single mother on welfare to owning a real estate franchise in a few short years. Tony is the single most influential teacher in my life. He taught me not to be a victim and take control of my life. His mantra at that time was “if you can’t you must!!!!” and to this day l live by those words. l attended all of his seminars including the firewalk weekend, certification in 1989, Date with Destiny at his castle in La Jolla CA, and proceeded to joined his staff to help assist others have a similar experience at firewalk weekends and benefit from his teachings at various seminars around the country. lt was extremely rewarding and l met a lot of awesome people who l am grateful to have in my life to this day. Thank you again Nick for reminding me how important Presence is in my life and l am happy there are people like you in this world who are willing to share the spot light and help others to excel and improve the quality of their lives.

  36. Kathleen Kelly says:

    Tony Robins started me on this wonderful self discovery journey back in the 90’s (yes, on tapes) and two things stuck: the past does not equal the future and what a fantastic woman I am. I came to EFT and you Nick, and I now have taken full responsibility for me and have a way to help others too. Thank you Nick and Tony. 🙂

  37. Heather says:

    I always at least look when you point out people and their work, but so far I’ve only purchased Dr. Wayne Dyer (and now) Tony Robbins’ books, directly from your email invites.

    Dr. Dyer’s books was life-changing, and I’m hoping Tony’s will make that new changed life fun and powerful. Because those are the words I think of whenever I see Tony Robbins. Talk about a powerhouse!

    Anyway, thanks, Nick, for your non-competitive approach to health and happiness. Witnessed firsthand tapping’s magic year ago. But it has been due to your simple approach to it that I’ve taken it into my life as a vital everyday tool. More to come with it, I’m sure.

    Finally! I first became aware of Tony Robbins when I watched the amazing Shallow Hal, the film he nearly stole the show from Jack Black and one of my top 5 all-time films to this day. What a message it still (maybe even more) offers–about true love and beauty.

    I’ll always link Tony Robbins with that film. Which I think represents him perfectly–so powerful yet allows us to laugh at ourselves too!

  38. Mark Goodacre says:

    In 1989, I saw Tony Robbins on TV & was immediately impressed with this guy. At that time, I had just been through a very difficult time in my life. ( Just getting out of federal prison after doing 5 years on a drug conviction, plus loosing my wife, my home, & nearly my sanity over the whole thing ) So in 1993, after watching him for a couple more years on TV, I finally went to a weekend event he was having in the SF Bay area at the airport Hyatt, I think it was. It was truly amazing ! His presence was truly unbelievable. I just will never forget the “fire walk experience” We went out at first, & watched his crew building this big fire out of oak wood, & I remember thinking; “There is no way I am going to do this” Well, by the time we we came back out again, there was no way I wasn’t going to do it ! I just remember like a couple thousand people walking across the front lawn of the Hyatt chanting “Yes! Yes! Yes! and away we went. One of the most transformational experiences of my life. That’s when everything shifted for me. All this negativity I had just sort of “melted away”.

  39. Sheryl Bishop says:

    I am enjoying the 3 p’s by:
    playfulness: enjoying my various daily exercise routines with amazing gym & yoga instructors, the nature surrounding me on walks alone, friendship with friends who walk with me and myself as I swim alone in my bliss.
    Priming: My meditation, scripting and visualizing the day and week and month ahead,
    being present with all my students, clients and those I come into contact with each day…..I had lost that after moving with all the stress of the international move, but after reading your article, I am now ready to be there consciously in the present for all I serve, and hopefully, interact with.
    Thank you Nick

  40. Nola says:

    Thanks Nick for those insights concerning Tony Robbins. The “takeaway” comments are particularly helpful. I will print this out and put it into my day book for easy access.

  41. Kathy says:

    Tony has always amazed me with his drive, intensity, focus and creativity! I have listened to many of his tapes and seen videos. I know if I apply his techniques, I’ll improve my life…Thanks for the 3 P’s…reminded me of things I used to do when I was more successful. I still have fun and playfulness but need to start meditating daily again and sticking to a healthy evening schedule.
    Tapping has helped me also, in several ways. Once it changed my feelings and outlook with just 2-3 rounds.I think it is helping my $ income when I combine it with affirmations and visualization. The one very important area I have not seen results in is finding a life partner or long term lover. Can you help?

  42. Brigitte Sütmuller says:

    Thank you so much for this article, dear Nick!
    No, I did not know Tony Robbins yet – but I soon will 😉
    Reading it I discovered that I am on a good path myself – still I can do better!
    I feel your loving and caring encouragement whenever you share your experiences!
    Recently the Universe has created a lot of extra time for me, which financially I could not really appreciate. But instead of feeling sorry, I now choose to take this time as a gift and go on writing my book, which I had put into the lowest draw years ago, thinking: ‘who on earth is waiting for what I have to tell?’…
    If ONE can use my experiences to make his or her life better – I am a happy woman.
    And if not – I still am a happy woman, because writing it down is a healing proces for ME.
    With gratitude and loving care, Brigitte

  43. Paul's want says:

    I too listened to Tony’s tapes when. I was a young mother wanting a bit more out of life. Through the tapes I was inspired to go to college when my kids were in school. When it got hard raising kids on my own and going to school full time, I would pop in one of the tapes into my Walkman and made it through one day at a time. I took it day by day until I graduated. I went on to get a Master’s in Sports Psychology, am a certified Nlp Master Practitioner, hypnotherapist, have been doing tapping with my clients for the past 17 years, doing EMDR as well. And have a second Masters in clinical Social Work. After doing Tony’s Fire Walk (twice) I got over my fear of flying. I owe all of this to purchasing his Personal Power tapes. Not too shabby.

  44. Irene Walk says:

    In March 2014 I went to ‘Unleash the Power Within’ with Tony Robbins in London. And after I came back I started with the 7 week program for Financial succes from Nick (and finished it, all the way).

    My whole life changed for the better after those two experiences. I’m already a Life Coach and I will start with the EFT program in the Netherlands at the end of February to become an EFT-practioner also. WIth that, everything I learned from Tony and Nick, comes together in my life and job.

    And talking about playfullness?? I teach people to hoolahoop in my coaching workshop ‘Coaching in Motion’ 🙂 and that’s a lot of fun and also an amazing tool to learn other people about focus, positive thinking, making choices and how to ad more playfullness in their lives!!

    Thanks for the great article!!!

  45. Sharon Cramer says:

    Loved your 3 P’s. Will definitely print out and put into practice!
    Thank you, Sharon

  46. Marc Prokop says:

    Thanks a lot for the comments on your meeting with Tony Robbins.
    Excellent advices !!!

  47. Judith Rivera Rosso says:

    Thank you, Nick, for telling the world about your experiences and inspiration from Tony. Many years ago, when Tony was just starting out, my husband flew him (as a pilot, not an angel) in a small plane to one of Tony’s first modest speaking engagements. Yes, it’s true that Tony had his beginnings and did not start out as the mega-human we know him as today. Later on, my husband and I worked with the Robbins Research organization and now, after moving to Italy, I am a Certified EFT practitioner applying many of the concepts that I learned and continue learning from Tony, into EFT, with results that continue to touch my heart. And thank you for clearly summarizing your personal experience with Tony into those 3 P’s. I’m sure that Tony also benefited greatly by spending time with you! With much Love and Gratitude for all that you do, Judy in Italy xoxoxo

  48. Sue says:

    Thanks for the reminder about meditation. I have been low lately and realiaed I have let this slip. Fun is so important. Off to do my meditation. Then dancing tonight for fun. Thanks again

  49. Ronald Kaufman says:

    I trained with Tony over 20 years ago, and because of his inspiration, I quit my job as an executive in the entertainment business and became a seminar leader. Some of my topics are “Presentation Skills,” “Negotiation,” “Job Interviewing,” “Stress Management,” and “Goal Setting/Motivation,” for organizations such as Microsoft, Hilton Hotels, Dole Foods, and government agencies. I’m also the author of the book “Anatomy of Success,” which is on communication skills, goal setting, self-esteem, persuasion, and motivation. In addition, I donate workshops to nonprofits that serve youth, the homeless, and the unemployed. What I got from Tony changed my life, and now I’m able to do the same for others.

  50. Laurel Goren says:

    Tony taught me 10 years ago that with focused intensity……….I am incredibly strong and can make any thing happen. He helped me reshape my life and regain my self identity after a marriage.
    I ran 3 blocks to a (5 day) seminar after lunch repeatedly with high intensity in my mind saying “I have to talk to Tony ” about a morning exercise we had done.
    I literally ran into the room filled with 2 thousand people. He was onstage ..calling MY name, my team screaming at me to get on the stage and he made me win a signed skate board on the wheel. I did have the opportunity to talk with him later………
    When I remember to “make my move”…I am incredibly powerful……….and I use it carefully and positively. (smile) He is the “gift that never stops giving”

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