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From Rock Bottom to Rock Solid: Tapping for Abundance

Written by: Nick Ortner

Imagine starting your own business from scratch – the research, the work, the sweat, the long nights, the courageous investment of your OWN money – and helplessly watching as it’s all ripped away from you.

Can you just feel the Frustration? The Heartbreak? The Anger? The Resentment?

This is the story of Victoria Draper, and how she went from defeat, disappointment, depression, and anxiety to being victorious, joyful, and abundant.

“Even though I had experienced a certain amount of success and achievement according to most standards, everything still felt empty and pointless,” she explained.

Several years ago, she walked away from a business she had started, due to a legal battle, and the heartbreak and drama of that lingered inside. Then she took an office job because she wanted the stability of a paycheck and weekends off.

Victoria played small for a while. “But sitting in that law office with a nice view, I got so ‘good’ at my job that it became easy and mind-numbing, and I started dreaming again and thinking of what kind of new business I could start. I didn’t act on anything because the lingering fear was still inside me from the loss of the previous business. But my boss noticed that I was smart and she started loading up my desk. When another employee quit, I absorbed her entire workload. It was too much.”

So Victoria signed up for The Tapping Solution for Financial Success and Personal Fulfillment program.

Not much happened right away, but soon she noticed things beginning to move inside her. “I took the course to heart and literally tapped on everything.”

“There were waterfalls of tears at times, shifts that made my body shake or sweat from anxiety as I broke through.” But Victoria kept tapping and began seeing changes. 

“I felt more confident. I started to believe that maybe I could start my own company again.” She had a confrontation with her boss at the office and she stuck with her truth. She was called in the next day and let go.

“I kept tapping on the fear about how I would bridge the gap between leaving my job and starting my business. I had never applied for unemployment and used to judge people who asked for it, until that moment when I realized it’s just a tool and it’s ok to accept help. So I did, and it bridged my six-month gap. Thank you, tapping!”

Victoria began to watch her life unfold. “I’m definitely more confident and self-assured since I started tapping. And I can soothe myself instead of looking to others for advice or answers or reassurance. I actually know that I’m ok and safe, always.”

Many of Victoria’s friends and family commented that she seemed much more grounded and relaxed. “I felt the shift in my energy on a level I’d never known. Instead of me feeling like an abandoned child desperate for attention, I’m an adult who has choices about where and how and with whom I want to spend my time.”

With the inner changes, Victoria started seeing how her relationships improved. “There’s more balance and harmony with my relationships. And I’m able to let people fuss and have bad days and not absorb their issues; I don’t need to fix or save them.”

She started healing family relationships. As a child, Victoria faced abuse, neglect, sexual assault, and other painful dramas. Her mother was a particularly challenging person in her life.

“After tapping, I started to get a clear picture of my feelings towards my mom and one day was able to say plainly to her, ‘If you want a relationship with me, it has to be good for me. If that’s not possible, that’s ok, because I’m ok, and I wish you the best.’ After that conversation, we’ve had some good moments and it’s an effort for her, and I just stay focused on harmony, clarity, and truth in my heart.”

With tapping, she also discovered a talent and passion for songwriting, which, ironically, helped her reconnect with extended family.

“I had just learned to play the guitar the year I started tapping. I posted a song on my Facebook page and one of my cousins saw it and contacted me. She said she played too, that I should come up and visit and we could jam. So I did.

That was my first visit home in over 15 years. That first night, we played bingo and drank tequila and laughed and there was none of the bad feelings I had from my family before. I started to see that I actually had an abundance of family and that clearing out old pain was allowing for new good feelings.”

Tapping also helped Victoria move forward with her financial goals. With money coming in from her new business, she bought a nice new car and moved into her own two-bedroom apartment by the beach.

She was able to write an e-book and even start a second online business. This soon led to profits of more than $40,000 per month. At her prior job, that was what she made per year.

Victoria credits tapping as a huge factor in her financial success. “It was so profitable so quickly because I tapped on everything and worked through every issue I faced. If I had to make a sales call and was nervous, I tapped. Then I called, sometimes tapping while on the call, and each time I made the sale.

Anytime I was doing side work or inventory or writing a script for my seminar and got stuck on what to say, I would tap, and find the solution, and move on.”

Things just keep getting better too! Because of her success, she’s now a consultant to others, helping people start their online businesses and get flown around to serve on mastermind panels and speak to groups on life success.

One of her greatest joys and accomplishments now is her new book and online program called “Winning Words Winning Life” that was inspired by an idea to bring full circle the journey of the last few years since learning about tapping.

You can pick up a copy of her book here!

Since her tapping journey involved using words that gave her feelings a voice, she felt like a lightbulb went off when she realized that her tapping and choosing words to process those feelings had moved her through to a new greater truth of her worth and value and personal power.

So, it was very clear what her next mission was to be. She would write a book that helps people understand the correlation between the words we speak and the results we see in our lives and to use this knowledge to empower ourselves and others with the power of our words.

She still taps and shares tapping with others. However, now she incorporates her Winning Words into the process and enjoys seeing the full circle of healing and life and growth come together in a new way.

Victoria is living her ideal life.

One of the best parts is that she enjoys an abundance of time. “I play tennis, play guitar, go out to see live music, and have lots of quality time with my dog at the beach. I travel and visit family whenever I want.”

She is able to be there for others when they’re going through tough times. “I listen and am present for them. Sometimes I tap and sometimes they ask about tapping and sometimes it’s just about being present. But most of the time, me just living my life and following my dreams has inspired those around me. So the quality of life both for me and my loved ones has improved, and that’s fun.

I am so very grateful for tapping and can say that 100% I’ve experienced a real and massive shift into Financial Success and Personal Fulfillment. Thank you tapping!”

What a stunning success story! Thanks for sharing, Victoria!

If you too would like to experience a similar shift in your finances and personal fulfillment, get started by getting your free ebook below.

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Until next time,

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

Do you think a similar story is possible for you? Comment below on how you’d like your life to improve so that we can encourage you. 🙂

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9 Comments on this post

  1. Melody says:

    I love all
    Of you for the awesome tapping topics you send out to
    Tap on . I know where I
    Was before tapping and it’s called ahhhhhhh overwhelmed lol now no
    Matter I’m feeling or dealing with , I always have your tapping solution to turn to and feel so much better In 5 min . Love love love you all !!! Thank
    You !! So happy your all
    In my world !!

  2. Laurie says:

    So awesome thank you for sharing. I find as long as I’m tapping, anxiety, self doubt and guilt are subsiding , as well ,I am finding ideas and intuition are stronger on how to better communicate with family of origin and my children. Thank you so much for sharing .

  3. Dee says:

    How long did it take for these changes ?

    • Nick Ortner says:

      Hi Dee! Victoria definitely started seeing changes during the 7-week course while she was taking in. And if I remember correctly, I think her business started taking off over the next few months. But everyone is different, and I think it really depends on how committed we are to not only our dreams but also releasing the past. 🙂

  4. Nancy says:

    What an inspiring story! Thank you for sharing it. It’s good to hear right now because I’m in overwhelm and find myself dawdling rather than staying focused. So many good things are opening up and I’m at the edge of my tech comprehension- so even logistics are getting to me – but I can tap through this — you have reset my intention for the day!

  5. Judy says:

    I believe in tapping. Check out Nick Ortner

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