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Money and Spirituality – A Common Dilemma

Written by: Nick Ortner

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All too often, incredibly smart, caring people with amazing ideas and talents for transforming the planet hold themselves back from earning money because of a belief, either conscious or unconscious, that it isn’t spiritual to earn money.

Or maybe that if they earned a lot of money, that they would somehow be corrupted or “bad” in some way. They may also believe that you can’t be a good person and wealthy at the same time – that you somehow have to do something bad to become wealthy.

And unfortunately in this day and age, it’s all too easy to turn on the news and hear about corrupt businessmen and politicians who have done something unethical to earn money. Sadly, there is not enough news about all of the amazing wealthy people that are changing the world in powerfully positive ways.

Even though the times have changed, so many Tapping practitioners are still facing issues around not feeling that they should be charging for what they do, even though they are helping so many.

This limiting belief that earning money is not spiritual has not only held back healers like Tapping practitioners and coaches but SO many others in a wide range of industries.

Let me start off with a simple statement of fact that is important to note…

There are examples of both people doing unethical things to earn money in the world, as well as people earning money doing amazing, completely ethical things who are serving the world.

Money itself is not the determining factor in whether a person is good or bad.

If you disagree with that statement in any way, I think it’s worth taking a look at where your beliefs on money have come from and how they’re affecting you.

Take a moment to think about your beliefs around money and spirituality…

MoneyDo you think you’d still be a good person if you had a lot of money?

Do you worry that you would somehow be corrupted?

What do you think others would think of you if you had a lot of money?

Do you think it’s right or fair to earn a lot of money for helping people?

Should you be paid if you’re working on helping people or other spiritual endeavors?

These are all important questions.

Let’s look at two scenarios that address this issue:

Case Study #1: Excited Potential Tapping Practitioner

Mary works for a financial services company as an administrative assistant. She makes $45,000 per year, has good health benefits, and feels generally secure in her job. Unfortunately, she doesn’t enjoy it one bit. Every other Friday she has her paycheck direct-deposited into her bank account, and along with her husband’s salary, it makes ends meet.

She never has to ask for this money. Every year or two she gets a small raise and she continues onward. The subject of “money” rarely comes up for her with regard to receiving it from her employer. She doesn’t question the work they do or the profits they are earning but is content to get her paycheck.

One day, Mary discovers EFT Tapping and is THRILLED with the results she gets for herself and her family members. She does more training, gets her hands on all the free resources she can, and begins to become quite proficient at Tapping. She dreams of helping other people, but she just keeps doing “free” sessions.

People even offer to pay her because they are delighted with the results, but she just “doesn’t feel right taking the money.” She believes the work itself was so much fun, so rewarding, that money shouldn’t be involved. More and more people start coming to her, and she quietly exclaims to herself, “How I would love to do this full time!”

But when she sits down with her husband to discuss the subject of her leaving her job, the math just doesn’t add up. Her husband says, “If you charged $75 per hour and had three clients per day, for 50 weeks out of the year, we would be around your current salary, including benefits, and other perks.”

“$75 per hour???” Mary says. “There is no way I could charge that, that’s not right at all. I would feel completely uncomfortable.” Her husband replies, “Do you think what you’re providing is worth $75 per hour?” Mary reasons, “Well, people do get amazing results faster than anything else they’ve tried. I worked with someone just the other day who had spent 5 years in therapy, and over $10,000, and we collapsed her issue in one session! But… It still wouldn’t feel right. I just can’t charge for this…”

So there, sadly, the story ends. Mary’s limiting belief about receiving, about charging money for her healing work, leaves her at her unfulfilling job. The consequences of this belief are profound.

And not just for Mary, but for the hundreds of people she could have helped… If only she had been able to accept the fact that money – that the energy of money – is a reality of this earthly experience, and that learning to ask for it and accept it when providing healing services could change the world.

Are you a “Mary”? How many “Marys” could be out in the world right now, changing lives on a daily basis?.

Case Study #2: A Dream, a Vision, and “Money”

The first case study was hypothetical, though I’ve seen real-life examples over and over again. This next story is as real as it gets… because it’s my story!

Just over ten years ago now, I had the dream, the inspiration, to make a documentary film about Tapping. I had seen the results in my life and the lives of my friends and family over and over again, and felt that the world needed to know more about this! Mind you, I had NO experience in film-making, NO equipment, NO staff, just the dream… But I set off to make the film anyway.

I was committed to the vision and the dream, but I was ALSO practical about the financial side of it. You see, to make the movie, I had to invest $150,000 of money I didn’t have! I put it all on credit cards and credit lines, maxed out to the hilt. Then I went to friends and family to borrow money and to work on the film. Jessica Ortner, my sister and one of the producers, and Nick Polizzi, my close friend, director, and editor, worked for nothing for over two years.

They too were committed to the vision, the dream, the experience… But they also knew at some point that the film would have to be financially feasible to be rewarded for their efforts, and so they could pay back the credit card debt they had also accrued and been able to continue in this work.

I WISH that when I came up with this idea, I could have called the mortgage company, the credit card companies, the local grocery store, the insurance company, the car company, the phone company, the electric company, the heating company…

And said to them, nicely:

“Dear Sirs, I’ve just come up with a fantastic idea that I truly believe is going to change the lives of millions of people around the world. I want to share the knowledge about an incredible technique and do it in a documentary format, so people can see real results that they could use to change their lives. It will truly be for the betterment of humanity, and I’ll even give you copies of the film when it’s done!”

Then they could have said to me, “Great idea Nick! We’ll stop charging you for everything you need to live, so you can put this plan into action!”

Unfortunately… The game doesn’t really work that way, does it?

So if I was to make it work, to pay back the $150,000+ (the final budget of the film), to be able to sustain myself and my family, I simply had to make it financially feasible. Which meant I had to do everything I could to not only create a superior product (and fortunately the reviews on our website and show that the end product is powerful and changing lives), but I also had to do everything I could to SELL it.

Oh! Another dirty word! SELL!

Ugh… Icky… Dangerous…

No, it’s not. It’s a reality.

If I wanted to make this whole dreamwork, I simply had to be able to sell the film, and sell other things. Otherwise, I’d have to be like Mary, and go back to a “job.”

What were the results of my choices?

Because of all of the work I’ve done helping others, I’ve been able to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to organizations I really believe in – like Project Light which is using EFT with genocide survivors in Rwanda, the Veterans Stress Project which uses EFT with war veterans, the Unstoppable Foundation which is building schools in Africa, and the You Can Thrive Foundation which is helping women in NYC who are dealing with cancer.

I wouldn’t have been able to do ANY of these things if I had thought that it wasn’t right for me to make money or that it wasn’t spiritual.

The truth is that I think I’m a more spiritually grounded and honest person now then I’ve ever been. And I feel that I’ve done more to help people around the world in the last couple years then I did in the 10 years before that, all while making more money then I’ve ever made before. Whether you have a business or a job, every day you have little decisions where you can choose to do the right thing to earn money, or you can choose to do the wrong thing.

For example, for my business in a mostly “online world,” I have the choice to sell products and courses in a way where I’m educating people on what I’m offering, and then giving them the choice as to whether it’s right for them or not. Or, I can choose to use techniques that are manipulating to convince them to buy.

I’m literally faced with that choice nearly every day. And if you’re in business or have a job within a company, you have similar choices every day. You can choose to do things in a way where your goal is to help people and serve them while making money, or you can do things in a way where your focus is on making money first.

But ultimately, how much money you charge or earn is not the issue.

If you’re doing things in a way that is serving the world and helping others, then you deserve to have as much money as you want!

So you see, it all “works” when everyone gets in alignment with the energy of money. When we stop bickering about someone “selling” their healing skills, or how it should all be free. I’ve been saying recently that the BEST thing that can happen in any industry is for people to figure out how to make BILLIONS of dollars doing things that serve humanity.

If you have ideas and a passion for something that helps others and helps yourself, then don’t let anything stop you! Don’t hold back your unique gifts from the world. You deserve to have everything you’ve ever wanted. 🙂

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Are you ready to tap those limiting beliefs away?

Is it OK for people to make a lot of money?

Are you finally ready to unplug from what the rest of society tells you and blaze your own trail?

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Much love,


What limiting beliefs might you have about money or selling? Share your comments below.

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75 Comments on this post

  1. Xuan Nuong Lam says:

    Hi Nick. I am interested on obtaining a video for tapping for Financial Success. Please tell me how can I order it and the costs of the video. Thank you. Xuan Nuong

  2. Jane Millynn says:

    great work thankyou,

  3. Anne Culkin says:

    Hi Nick
    The Tapping Solution is Divine intervention for me as it highlighted where I have been going wrong all these years. I just have to work at it.
    Anne Culkin

  4. K. Joyce says:

    I needed this. Thank you. I am an artist. I am GOOD. Its very very uncomfortable for me to charge for my work….especially people that I know. I want to learn how to overcome this . I am almost losing my home right now….and I am READY to start tapping and believing in myself.

  5. maia says:

    Nick, Thank you SO much for shining light on a topic that creates Huge roadblocks and speed bumps for people all over the planet. Clarifying that money is not the problem, but rather our beliefs about it, creates space for new thinking about money and the way it impacts How big or small we individually live our life, and therefore the affect of money in the world.
    You are a fantastic Light worker on the planet. Thank you for all you are and all you do! Maia

  6. Isabel says:

    I think this was a very important issue to raise. And so cool of you to bring up Nick! 🙂
    I think that many have been brought up to believe that wanting money is not a good thing. And that wanting = greed and greed = selfish and selfish = bad.

    I honestly think, and feel, that everyone is deserving of a good life, and having money to provide for your family, eat well and healthy, travel, inspire and be inspired is very much okay! The universe is an abundant place and there is truly enough for everyone.

    If “Mary” feels that she wants to give away help that’s also fine, if however, it would make her happy, as the story goes, to do this everyday and for a living, it does become necessary for her to actually get paid. And she could, as the story goes, help so many more people, than if she had to take on a regular day job on the side! Now she could chose, as I know other EFT practioners have done, to make it cheaper for students, elderly people or people without jobs, I know EFT practioners who even offer to do it for free for people that cant afford it, on case to case basis. But it isn’t selfish or greedy to want to get paid for the work you do, even if it is healing. You get paid for everything else that you do, nurses and doctors get paid too and this work is just as valuable and life changing! ( I am not an EFT practioner- just to be clear, but I use the tecniques!).

    I think this belief also stems from another belief: that you are selfish for wanting things for yourself. I believe that we are supposed to love ourselves just as much as we love others, and we should treat ourselves with the same love and respect, as we wish and intend to give others.

    Basically, instead of looking at this as a morality issue, it’s looking at what is your intention. Isn’t it a wonderful world, when our intention is to spread as much healing and love as possible? If we can make a living while doing it then how can that possibly be a bad thing? Do it for free if you can and want to, but in my opinion it doesn’t make you a better person than one doing it and earning a living on it simultaneously.

    And as for the worlds unfairness issue, I can only say that there is a huge need for consciousness elevation and healing for changes to happen, and each and everyone of us are co creators of this world, and have a very direct impact on all the lives that we touch. And we can make personal, every day choices that help the planet. The more work that can be done to heal, spread love and non judgement the closer we are to creating a more just world.

    Thank you Nick and Jessica for the wonderful work you do and the light that you spread! <3

  7. sophie frost says:

    Hey NICK, I am a huge fan of you and Jessica. I loved tapping with you both live. I really enjoyed it very much. I need lots of help financially and also suffering from lot of stress at the moment.
    I thank you both for tapping. At the moment I have a long way to go. I hope tapping will help me now and always. thank you again.

  8. Dana says:

    The study at Berkeley is unnerving at best and deeply disturbing at worst. How are we to overcome, with or without tapping, our biases about money, if the ‘you’re rich i.e. your a jerk’ factor seems to happen even in a ‘pretend you are rich’ scenario????

    Others here have commented about injustice and inequality in the world; not to mention the fact that if even more people become wealthy it will make even more ecological problems for the planet.

    Wealth is a relative state. There are people in the world who don’t even have clean water, or plumbing, heating/cooling, refrigeration…much less the electricity to run all those basic things; they look at someone who is considered poor by our standards, as extremely rich.

    I think the problems good and decent, but non-wealthy, people have around money are complicated as well as deep and we need a series of taps to address this labyrinthine issue.

  9. Jennifer says:

    First of all, I think that Mary, that exited Financial Services employee, SHOULD continue NOT CHARGING for her services. If the people she helped liked her services and wanted to pay – she should direct them to donate at one of her favorite CHARITIES. That way, everybody is happy! and Mary still retains her integrity (“She believes the work was so much fun, so rewarding, that money shouldn’t be involved)”.

    It is perfectly allright for someone to share what they learned with others – without bringing money into the equation.

  10. Flora Elmore says:

    Nick, I will be sharing your blog with my intuitive arts students. So many of them Reiki practitioners to Intuitive Readers have been programmed in some way to believe that they must suffer for their money or they have to work extreme hours to “earn” a living. I am constantly asking them where did you pick up the idea that you are not worthy or that this has to be hard?? Thank you for the great article and I will definitely be sharing it.

  11. Cynthia says:

    YES, i am ready!
    YES, I can!


  12. Ken says:

    I firmly believe that the Universe has unlimited abundance and there is enough abundance out there that everybody can have some. But if we use our prosperity to help others then this is where the real reward lies, and the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a contribution during your short stay on this planet

  13. Avis Lyons says:

    I appreciate all that you do to create a better world Nick, Jessica, and the team. I use tapping for everything and think it is essential for my well-being. I spread the word. Haven’t tapped on money/finances yet, begins today. Wishing you all continued blessings.

  14. Carl Tambeau says:

    Awesome post Nick – I am in the Personal Finance Niche and have often thought why would I charge for Financial Coaching when the information is all over the web but your article makes it very clear. This is my passion, I have a lot to offer people from a coaching point of view. Thanks for sharing, I will be pointing people back to this article.

  15. Rachel Dutilly says:

    Dear Nick, After having been a Catholic nun for 26 years you can imagine all the limiting beliefs I had about “money”. I am no longer a nun but the self sabotaging beliefs I had with regards to having money, needing money, wanting money and getting paid for services etc were many. I’ve started tapping around money issues and things are changing ! Thanks for all the work you do. Blessings to you, Rachel

  16. Sue Westwind says:

    Just as we must “face the negative” with Tapping in order to heal our root traumas, we need to face the fact that our planet is not sustainable with everyone living as a millionaire, even if that was possible. I beg you to look below easy assertions about helping humanity and changing the world–don’t assume that’s the goal of everyone, even EFT practitioners. You have certainly walked your talk with Rwanda and Newtown. But you know deep in your heart, Mr. Ortner, you are playing on the dominant urge here, one to which we are indoctrinated early and often: to be happy and feel esteem we must amass money and consumer goods. Whereas many indigenous cultures teach individuals to find their worth in giving away what they have, especially taking care of the young the old and infirm. It’s not enough to “fix your finances” in a vacuum. Could you speak more about the need for justice? For a global perspective in terms of our collective survival? You and yours are smart and kind-hearted. I know you can do this.

  17. Terrie says:

    great article. I love to tap when I feel stressed, and then notice after a few minutes that I’m not stressed anymore… I’m ready to start tapping for money to help others and for weight loss. Thank you so much for changing my life with EFT.

  18. Violet Lanthier says:

    Hello Nick. I am a big fan of the work you and your family are doing. I took part in the summit and tap regularly. I have confronted many unconscious thoughts that were holding me back in many ways in my life.

    With this piece about finances however there is something missing. Please look at the work of Berkley Scientists . There is strong evidence that having more gives us a sense of entitlement and makes us want more. Even people with strong values are changed by having more.

    What I love about your work is that it takes me to my core beliefs so I can then challenge them. But if we are hardwired to enjoy being one up …. I don’t know if tapping can make me or anyone else change our physiology.

    I look forward to your comments.
    Sincerely and with gratitude

  19. Mary says:

    Thank you Nick. Here I am another Mary feeling like it is not right to charge for healing work. I will keep tapping to clear what is stopping me.

  20. Great. says:

    Agree totally. Tapping really helps in so many ways. Bought the book co-authored by the 2 doctors in Australia – from Perth and Sydney/Adelaide? Read many times and have been tapping away. Always eager to introduce it to all those who come into my life – the young and the old and all in between. I am so passionate to share. Glad to note people like you are introducing it on the internet. I learn best by reading and now via audio, video, etc. I self-taught myself to swim via a book and by watching my daughter being taught by a swimming coach! I used to be so afraid to get into the water.I overcame so many fears since then. I am reminded of the great Canadian doctor who “discovered” tapping as a cure after trying so many other therapies to help his patient overcome her fear of the water!! Siva

  21. christine korb says:

    Awesome technique and
    thanks for introducing it to me,
    your generosity..thanks!
    It’s the real deal~as ‘they’ say~
    and i am doing my best to ‘work the tapping program’..
    all takes time, patience abounds and also
    Gratias, merci, danke, etcetcetc!

  22. bhaskar thakar says:

    During this time i am requiring a hand some money for my smooth life.
    Please tell me while doing Tapping what i should tell.

  23. claire feltus says:

    Article fair and honest. And encouraging.

  24. Jenn says:

    Thank you Nick, great article. I am an RN certified in holistic nursing. I have recently added EFT to the modalities I work with. I am seeing amazing results. I also sometimes still feel guilty about charging people. Time to go do some more tapping myself!!

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