Painful Words: Tapping on Trauma for Pain Relief with Bobbie

Written by: Nick Ortner

“I wish you’d never been born!”

Sad kid alone at her birthday party

Those were the painful words that Bobbie heard from her father at her 5th birthday party, in front of her closest friends.

These were just a few of the terribly painful words she had to endure from her father… for years. This particular event, as you can imagine, was incredibly traumatic and continued to cause her pain decades later.

Pain Relief Video

Today I’d like to share a video that was released during one of our previous Tapping World Summits, which got an incredible response. If you missed it, then you’re going to want to catch it now. And if you’ve already watched it before, it will be a great refresher about the power of your mind, body, and spirit.

If you want to see what Tapping can do for you, then you’re going to love watching this video from a 3-day pain relief event that I ran. You’ll get to see Bobbie go through a powerfully emotional and physical transformation right before your eyes!

It will likely change the way you view yourself, your past, and your future.

Trust me when I tell you that you’re going to be glued to this video!

Just watch the first few minutes and you’ll see what I mean:


Dealing with Childhood Trauma

All of us have dealt with childhood traumas, where we felt hurt, upset, scared, angry, or any other painful emotion. Many of these events (either large or small), whether we realize it or not, continue to affect us today in our beliefs, our level of confidence, the emotions we feel, and so much more.

Take a minute to think back on your childhood…

sad-boyWhat event or events come to mind where you felt hurt, upset, scared, angry, or any other negative emotion? When you think back on these events, how do you think they’ve affected you today?

One thing that you might find interesting about this video is that it was filmed during a live event that was focused on the connection between our emotions and physical pain.

This video also demonstrates just how easily and quickly you can take the negative charge off of those memories, and how you can release the conscious and unconscious holds that they have on you.

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

Think back on your childhood… what event comes to mind where you felt a negative emotion? How do you think they’ve affected you today? Please leave your comments below.

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26 Comments on this post

  1. moffardo says:

    This means a lot thax

  2. Leona Wellington says:

    That was an awesome video and amazing work you did with Bobbie. I have done tapping and it has really helped me but I feel that doing it in a group like that is more liberating and power packed! Thank you for sharing this video,

  3. Sharon Weber says:

    Thank you Nick for sharing that I could totally Identify with her with my Dad and what he said to me when I was a child. He said the exact samething to me there was drinking etc. I will replay this again for myself.

    You are Awesome!!!!

  4. Amy says:

    What a joy to see you at work transforming a life. And to know this is what you do all the time.
    I thank you for sharing your gifts of healing with the world Nick.
    You are a light.

  5. Name (required) says:

    Also born into a dysfunctional I had and still have fears. Determined to become successful in life I pushed myself to go to school and became a workaholic. I did professionally succeed to a certain point but my internal system broke down. I had discovered that I had hoshimotos disease but wasn’t treated until mid thirty Every year I developed more painful body conditions until I was put on SS disability.
    I gave up on life and on any thing helping. I did buy the”tapping Book” but never read it. It’s a fear of another thing will fail me

  6. peggy says:

    This demonstration was clearly the most powerful way to witness the transformation from pain to empowerment. Blessings to Bobbie and Nick

  7. Rini says:

    “You never do anything right !”

  8. Scott 2 says:

    Transformational, thanks for sharing, & being who you are Nick (& friends)!

  9. Carol Jernigan says:

    My childhood was filled with all types of abuse from both parents. I’ve had much counseling, but I still feel the hurt. In addition, I’ve been tormented with physical infirmities which have taken a good portion of my life such as diabetes, kidney damage, and a barrage of side effects. Presently, my hair is falling out due to blood thinners and stress.

    Watching the tapping video leads me to believe that I’m still messed up each time I encounter another lifetime tragedy. JFK said that tragedies are to be learned from and not used as a way of life. Perhaps there is hope for my future and I won’t die soon.

  10. faithlyn says:

    Wow!! The tears wouldn’t stop flowing down my cheeks as i listen to bobbie story. I wad feeling her pain just as if i were the one going through it. What sn amazing break through, I’m so happy for her. God bless you bobbie.

  11. Hameed Alwi says:

    I am amazed indeed how 25 year old knee pain vanished. Was it permenant? I believe so. However, I have been trying for over one year almost every day but my palpitaions and arthritic pain and muscular tightness has not benefitted. Though I have not given up. I do not know what wrong I am doing in tapping.
    I wish all tappers success. May be my problem is not emotional!


  12. Julie says:

    I cried through that whole video as I was physically abused by my father as a small child until I was 14 when he died. He would bash me so hard on my head that each time I thought I would die. I protected my mum from him and would have died doing it if I had to. He told us we were useless and good for nothing and to this day I live that. I seem to pick men who are unavailable emotionally and my husband was verbally abusive and would always put me down. I was never pretty enough or skinny enough or smart enough. He left me when our child turned 2 and we got told our son had Autism. I have been a single mum for 10 years and live with depression.. All my friends slowly have disappeared over the last 13 years as I was single and my son was in the “too hard basket” for them to deal with! I feel very alone. Bobbies story certainly madee my chest feel so tight I couldn’t breathe in the beginning but after a river of tears I feel numb and breathing a bit better. I need motivation to keep tapping as I know it helps but then I go back to my old ways of thinking ……. I’ve had 47 years of practise I guess!!! Thanks Nick for your tireless work to help people like me in need :))

  13. Jennifer says:

    I had a similar trauma from my elder sister which haunted me for most of my lfe, until I learnt to forgive her recently .It has taken many years to do so but I have found peace on this issue at long last. Things still arise when I least expect it, but the hate now is minimised and I have learnt to live without fear..

  14. jenitter says:

    Yhank you Nick for sharing this live event with us you had with Bobbie. I could relate to it in so many ways especially a current situation that really got to the pint that I felt weak, because this was what my partner was telling me , so I started tapping with you and Bobbie to get rid of the negativity that was happening in my life, I reaized like what Bobbie said about her father, my partner was also feeling lost,so he needed to make someone else feel bad,but I claiming my life back,its not me its him,so I’m feeling sooo much better after doing the tapping with you and Bobbie….

    Thanks one more time.

  15. Helen Gurnhill says:

    What an amazing session that was . The light came back into that lovely ladies face and lit up her whole being .
    Great work , great job
    The wow factor continues ….

  16. bozz says:

    had goosebumps when i saw the video.. we all have our own painful memories that stops us from moving ahead and thiis opens the door to hope and knowning we don’t have to keep repeating the self destructive patterns in our lives. thank you nick once again.. i feel so hopeful that i can get rid of my demons and live a wonderful painless and productive life…

  17. Penny says:

    That was an amazing piece of tapping work and very brave of her to open up to everyone with something as painful as that . I have bought Jessica’s book and am reading it through before I attempt to do any tapping on myself , I am sceptical ,or was ,the video was very powerful and maybe there is some. Truth in it after all .Yes I have my own pain and Traumas ,and it’s true I am 65. And still have all the negatives inside me of no self esteem , guilt shame .overweight for most of my married life ,I have eaten my emotions all my life and am afraid to stand up to people any one even my husband , I am afraid to be me ,so yes I hope this book helps me ,I need to love and Beleive in myself and TRUST that people can help you if you Trust .

  18. Connie Freeman says:

    Love the work that you are doing. She took her power back. What her Dad said had nothing to do with her. It was his stuff. Hurting people will hurt others. I was so happy for her and so proud of her that she stayed with her feelings, and got the gift. All my Best..

  19. Kirsten says:

    This clip moved me to tears also – I’m so pleased for the lady that she did EFT and can now move on with her life, and allows love in now! It just shows again how powerful unresolved emotions are. I wish schools would teach these kind of techniques to children – more important than some of the other items on the curriculum!

  20. Patty Kussner says:

    This video brought me to tears because as the woman shared I was reminded of my own childhood traumas, fears, anxiety, neglect, feeling unloved, etc. I started tapping along with the women in the video to get familiar with the dialog and placement of fingers for tapping. I feel inspired to continue learning more about tapping to set me free of physical and emotional pain. Thank you for having the courage to share openly about yourself. It must be very freeing to release all that anger and hatred.

  21. Tapping says:

    This was an amazing story but didn’t surprise me. I seldom take the time for tapping but when I do, I’m always in a better place. I was also happy to see that she had some anger to release and that was part of the process which is very realistic for most of us. Thank you for sharing this!

  22. MARIA says:

    I had a bad relationship with my father and as I watched this clip, I had scenes that were simaliar and I could feel her pain, I cried through most of the session and am still crying. I will work on getting rid of the pain. I did not realize I was still hurting.

  23. BK says:

    What a brave and beautiful soul, as a long time student of EFT I just never tire of watching folks transform before my eyes, her entire being glowed as the love and light of her soul was finally able to shine

  24. Lynne Lingley says:

    As a therapist myself, I recognise the value of talking out the pain. I was lead to become a thrapist through my own pain and lack of ability to express my feelings. I still hold pain in my body and I know that use of the tapping method really does work. I intend to add this to my tool kit, heal myself and pass it on. Thankyou Nick and that beautiful lady, for this amazing demonstration. Lynne

  25. Leila says:

    This is such an awe-inspiring video.

  26. Virginia says:

    An amazing video well worth looking at and pretty much exactly what I experienced in my life. Different words and events but so similar . I have found tapping extremely helpful.

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