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Money and Spirituality – A Common Dilemma

Written by: Nick Ortner

All too often, incredibly smart, caring people with amazing ideas and talents for transforming the planet hold themselves back from earning money because of a belief, either conscious or unconscious, that it isn’t spiritual to earn money.

Or maybe that if they earned a lot of money, that they would somehow be corrupted or “bad” in some way.

They may also believe that you can’t be a good person and wealthy at the same time – that you somehow have to do something bad to become wealthy.

And unfortunately in this day and age, it’s all too easy to turn on the news and hear about corrupt businessmen and politicians who have done something unethical to earn money. Sadly, there is not enough news about all of the amazing wealthy people that are changing the world in powerfully positive ways.

Even though the times have changed, so many Tapping practitioners are still facing issues around not feeling that they should be charging for what they do, even though they are helping so many.

This limiting belief that earning money is not spiritual has not only held back healers like Tapping practitioners and coaches, but SO many others in a wide range of industries.

Let me start off with a simple statement of fact that is important to note…

There are examples of both people doing unethical things to earn money in the world, as well as people earning money doing amazing, completely ethical things who are serving the world.

Money itself is not the determining factor in whether a person is good or bad.

If you disagree with that statement in any way, I think it’s worth taking a look at where your beliefs on money have come from and how they’re effecting you..

Take a moment to think about your beliefs around money and spirituality…

MoneyDo you think you’d still be a good person if you had a lot of money?

Do you worry that you would somehow be corrupted?

What do you think others would think of you if you had a lot of money?

Do you think it’s right or fair to earn a lot of money for helping people?

Should you be paid if you’re working on helping people or other spiritual endeavors?

These are all important questions.

Let’s look at two scenarios that address this issue:.

Case Study #1: Excited Potential Tapping Practitioner

Mary works for a financial services company as an administrative assistant. She makes $45,000 per year, has good health benefits, and feels generally secure in her job. She doesn’t enjoy it one bit, but every other Friday she has her paycheck direct-deposited into her bank account, and along with her husband’s salary, it makes ends meet.

She never has to ask for this money. Every year or two she gets a small raise and she continues onward. The subject of “money” rarely comes up for her with regards to receiving it from her employer. She doesn’t question the work they do or the profits they are earning, but is content to get her paycheck.

One day, Mary discovers EFT Tapping, and is THRILLED with the results she gets for herself and her family members. She does more training, gets her hands on all the free resources she can, and begins to become quite proficient at Tapping. She dreams of helping other people, but she just keeps doing “free” sessions.

People even offer to pay her because they are delighted with the results, but she just “doesn’t feel right taking the money.” She believes the work itself was so much fun, so rewarding, that money shouldn’t be involved. More and more people start coming to her, and she quietly exclaims to herself, “How I would love to do this full time!”

But when she sits down with her husband to discuss the subject of her leaving her job, the math just doesn’t add up. Her husband says, “If you charged $75 per hour and had three clients per day, for 50 weeks out of the year, we would be around your current salary, including benefits, and other perks.”

“$75 per hour???” Mary says. “There is no way I could charge that, that’s not right at all. I would feel completely uncomfortable.”

Her husband replies, “Do you think what you’re providing is worth $75 per hour?”

Mary reasons, “Well, people do get amazing results faster than anything else they’ve tried. I worked with someone just the other day who had spent 5 years in therapy, and over $10,000, and we collapsed her issue in one session! But… It still wouldn’t feel right. I just can’t charge for this…”

So there, sadly, the story ends. Mary’s limiting belief about receiving, about charging money for her healing work, leaves her at her unfulfilling job.

The consequences of this belief are profound.

And not just for Mary, but for the hundreds of people she could have helped… If only she had been able to accept the fact that money – that the energy of money – is a reality of this earthly experience, and that learning to ask for it and accept it when providing healing services could change the world.

Are you a “Mary”? How many “Marys” could be out in the world right now, changing lives on a daily basis?.

Case Study #2: A Dream, a Vision, and “Money”

The first case study was hypothetical, though I’ve seen real life examples over and over again.

This next story is as real as it gets… because it’s my story!

Just over ten years ago now, I had the dream, the inspiration, to make a documentary film about Tapping. I had seen the results in my life and the lives of my friends and family over and over again, and felt that the world needed to know more about this!

Mind you, I had NO experience in film-making, NO equipment, NO staff, just the dream… But I set off to make the film anyway.

I was committed to the vision and the dream, but I was ALSO practical about the financial side of it. You see, to make the movie, I had to invest $150,000 of money I didn’t have! I put it all on credit cards and credit lines, maxed out to the hilt.

I went to friends and family to borrow money. I recruited friends and family to work on the film. Jessica Ortner, my sister and one of the producers, and Nick Polizzi, my close friend, director, and editor, worked for nothing for over two years.

They too were committed to the vision, the dream, the experience… But they also knew at some point that the film would have to be financially feasible to be rewarded for their efforts, and so they could pay back the credit card debt they had also accrued and be able to continue in this work.

I WISH that when I came up with this idea, I could have called the mortgage company, the credit card companies, the local grocery store, the insurance company, the car company, the phone company, the electric company, the heating company…

And said to them, nicely:

“Dear Sirs, I’ve just come up with a fantastic idea that I truly believe is going to change the lives of millions of people around the world. I want to share the knowledge about an incredible technique and do it in a documentary format, so people can see real results that they could use to change their lives. It will truly be for the betterment of humanity, and I’ll even give you copies of the film when it’s done!”

Then they could have said to me, “Great idea Nick! We’ll stop charging you for everything you need to live, so you can put this plan into action!”

Unfortunately… The game doesn’t really work that way, does it?

So if I was to make it work, to pay back the $150,000+ (the final budget of the film), to be able to sustain myself and my family, I simply had to make it financially feasible. Which meant I had to do everything I could to not only create a superior product (and fortunately the reviews on our website and show that the end product is powerful and changing lives), but I also had to do everything I could to SELL it.

Oh! Another dirty word! SELL!

Ugh… Icky… Dangerous…

No, it’s not. It’s reality.

If I wanted to make this whole dream work, I simply had to be able to sell the film, and sell other things. Otherwise, I’d have to be like Mary, and go back to a “job.”

What were the results of my choices?

Because of all of the work I’ve done helping others, I’ve been able to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to organizations I really believe in – like Project Light which is using EFT with genocide survivors in Rwanda, the Veterans Stress Project which uses EFT with war veterans, the Unstoppable Foundation which is building schools in Africa, and the You Can Thrive Foundation which is helping women in NYC who are dealing with cancer.

I wouldn’t have been able to do ANY of these things if I had thought that it wasn’t right for me to make money or that it wasn’t spiritual.

The truth is that I think I’m a more spiritually grounded and honest person now then I’ve ever been. And I feel that I’ve done more to help people around the world in the last couple years then I did in the 10 years before that, all while making more money then I’ve ever made before.

Whether you have a business or a job, every day you have little decisions where you can choose to do the right thing to earn money, or you can choose to do the wrong thing.

For example, for my business in a mostly “online world,” I have the choice to sell products and courses in a way where I’m educating people on what I’m offering, and then giving them the choice as to whether it’s right for them or not. Or, I can choose to use techniques that are manipulating to convince them to buy.

I’m literally faced with that choice nearly every day. And if you’re in business or have a job within a company, you have similar choices every day. You can choose to do things in a way where your goal is to help people and serve them while making money, or you can do things in a way where you’re focus is on making money first.

But ultimately, how much money you charge or earn is not the issue.

If you’re doing things in a way that is serving the world and helping others, then you deserve to have as much money as you want!

So you see, it all “works” when everyone gets in alignment with the energy of money. When we stop bickering about someone “selling” their healing skills, or how it should all be free.

I’ve been saying recently that the BEST thing that can happen in any industry is for people to figure out how to make BILLIONS of dollars doing things that serve humanity.

If you have ideas and a passion for something that helps others and helps yourself, then don’t let anything stop you! Don’t hold back your unique gifts from the world. You deserve to have everything you’ve ever wanted. 🙂

Start Tapping Today - Free Ebook!

Discover the 103 disempowering beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving the money and success you desire.

Are you ready to tap those limiting beliefs away?

Is it OK for people to make a lot of money?

Are you finally ready to unplug from what the rest of society tells you and blaze your own trail?

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Much love,


What limiting beliefs might you have about money or selling? Share your comments below.

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  1. janet y devore says:

    I believe that there is more than enough money for everyone. I am tapping about that happiness about having more than enough money. I am happy, healthy, blessed with a feeling of the grace of God’s abundance. Be like a field of wild flowers, like the stars shining bright at night, like the rays from the Great Sun in the sky, like the earth with a big smile, that says money is on the way to you and you and you. Just tap along and saying the words from your heart.
    Thanks to you Nick and to your sister Jessica
    I believe that tapping works.
    Janet says, September 10,2013

  2. Compton says:

    Thank you so much. We, most of us have been taught so many things about money and it has turned into beliefs about money and who and how much of it we should have. I say, have as much as you can even count and as much as the bank will accept. I love money and I love earning it for doing what I love and I think was put on this planet to do. I have supported and helped so many people have clarity, balance and a sense of well being. Money is simply an exchange of my gifts and talents for some money and whenever I desire, I can do my work for free, however, people love being able to pay for what I do because they see and can FEEL the value. I love tapping and have been doing it since Gary Craig gave it to us all. Thank you so much, Nick. Your work is invaluable and so well needed. Be well and stay loved,

  3. Janet DiTroia says:

    Amazing Nick, Money is an energy like everything else. The key I believe is to be happy on the inside, accept and love yourself and take proactive steps to increase your wealth. Much of the world has it backward, they think that if they make the money they will then “BE HAPPY”. TRULY,a misunderstanding. Just that simple shift will help to change your world around!!
    God Bless..

  4. Helena N.I.Kristiansen says:

    Dear Nick
    You are so right.
    Allmost all have some imprinted believes
    about money, some even from childhood!,
    perhaps not even aware of them?!.
    I am so gratfull for you!!!.
    You may ask why?
    Because 10 years ago I saw a program
    on television about a guy who suffered
    from fear of heights!.
    A practictioner tapped on him,and 10 minutes
    later he was cured, he had no fear anymore?!.
    I totally forgot, until I saw you with Louise Hay,
    Youtube, tapping one of her old isues away.
    I was blown away, it never came to my mind
    that it could be used for more than fobias,
    so I did’nt react on it, back then.
    But becauae of a foot injury on work, have
    Not walked properly for a year!.
    I was using Louise Hays you can heal
    Your life, and there you were! :-))
    I use tapping all the time.
    It helps with the pain a lot, and also a lot of
    Other things.!!
    Lot of gratitude hugs, I would not have Foundation
    Tapping if not for you and Louise, cause I would
    not have known what to look for, names ect.
    Helena from Denmark

  5. Russ Rogers says:

    Thanks, Nick ! CLEARLY, you ARE a “Soldier for Truth” !! You have demonstrated a True Desire to help UPlift ppl and EXPAND our Minds, and I will speak for many when I say: “we need MORE ppl LIKE you” !!! Now, go make some babies, boys, so there’ll be some more Little Nickies coming along later ! 🙂
    more Power To you, Bro !
    ~Russ Rogers

  6. Ainne says:

    Hi Nick
    Both articles are good to read. I’m so pleased you have been so successful at delivering “The Tapping Solution” to so many people. I love money & I love sharing it too. I occasionally come up against people saying being paid for healing is unethical & I point out one is being paid for their time regardless of what they are doing. After all one has to pay for all other services so why not the time given for healing. I wish you well in all your work & Jessicas’ too & the whole team. It is obvious it is done with love.
    Peace Love & Light

  7. Sue Westwind says:

    I’ve been a follower of this point of view for some time and incorporate tapping into my coaching practice, and of course it has been huge in my life. But at my core, I’m experiencing a growing dissatisfaction with this line of thought for one reason. I simply can’t wrap my mind around the fact that huge, huge populations around the world have so very much less than “we” do, and yet we are constantly on the make for more money. We in the US are 5% of the world’s people, yet using 40% of the resources. It seems our hearts should be pointed toward helping those others toward not only learning tapping for trauma, but basic (and green) survival and justice issues.

    Ok, leave that aside for a moment, there is a very logical end to all of this. Our planet is a place of finite resources. Should we encourage our privileged few to become more moneyed, which invariably means using up more resources? How do you NOT go into overdrive amassing consumer goods (many which deplete or toxify the environment) with more money at hand? Most ecological experts say we cannot continue this way. The climate problem is the obvious example of this, and clearly there is a direct cause and effect between profit-obsession and global warming.

    I wonder if we wouldn’t be more productive to encourage tapping for the joy of simple living, unplugging from an extremist consumer society…not implicitly encouraging ourselves toward more money at any cost.

    Because true spirituality is understanding our connectedness, not grabbing ever more for the self. Also–when we consider the state of the Earth (which includes us) we certainly have to run a certain kind of number on ourselves to block out the inevitable catastrophe in progress. We are losing between 200 and 2,000 species of plant, insect, bird and mammal species per year: don’t they matter?

    So my question is: what is the point of having more money? Is it to do good? Can you trust that everyone tapping is so evolved to know and do that, that they will give their money to help others and save our very home, especially when that message is buried in the Get Rich Quick nature of the material? I’m not so sure. I love tapping, but hope that there is room for questioning and dialogue.

  8. Sonya says:

    Hi Nick!

    Of COURSE it is right for people to make money for helping people. It is not “black and white” though. I think one can strike a BALANCE (as you do, I can see) between charging a minimum amount for helping those of us who cannot YET afford to pay you as well as we should, and charging normally what you need to live well and help even MORE folks.

    There MUST be that exchange in ENERGY (yes, money IS a form of energy) for the circle between, say you and me, to keep happily spinning.

    Thank you so much for all you do, and may you and your family be very blessed always,

  9. Glen Laity says:

    Thanks Nick for your great book. It is just great. I have just completed my EFT Level 3. I am a much senior citizen lady and am excited about the prospect of helping people heal again, after a very prolonged period of ca. and whilst bed ridden I discovered this thing called “Tapping”. I too have the block about charging money but understand an energy needs to be exchanged so why not money!
    Love your articles – I am not computer savy to experience other social media, but I enjoy the internet.

  10. GoofyGramps says:

    As an ordained clergy person, it never crossed my mind that money and spirituality were mutually exclusive of each other. Perhaps that’s because I worked in retail sales earlier in my life. In order for a supplier to remain in business, the business must make a profit for the building, display centers, electricity, water and let’s not forget salaries. I am very new to EFT. I’ve encountered it through a good friend. For me the experience of meridian tapping opens the soul. If, as I learn and grow, I have others who would like help, I believe it is appropriate to ask them to compenste my time. The same thing happens in the work I do as a clergyperson. It’s important, I think, to honor the gifts and talents we have. To me that includes being compensated.

  11. Bobbi says:

    I don’t feel as if I deserve it. I have worthiness issues

  12. Lynne says:

    Hello everyone,
    I have signed up for the course in tapping for money issues. In looking at my feelings about money, I realized that a very prominent feeling I have carried all my life is resentment. I have deeply resented that powers/people outside myself control the money that comes to me. First it was my mother telling me that we couldn’t afford things I was passionate about such as violin lessons, dance lessons, or having my terribly crooked teeth straightened. Then it was landlords who set the rent so high that I had nothing left at the end of the month. It was powers in the background at work who determined my raises (I’m an admin for a government contractor). Even though my bosses think I’m terrific and give me very high ratings on my performance, management above them and/or the mandatory union I’m in determine my pay. AT&T determines the outrageous amount I pay just to have internet access, etc, etc. So I did a couple of extensive tapping sessions on my resentments. I think it’s gone! I feel completely neutral about these things now! I’m looking forward to doing the lessons in the upcoming weeks! I am an independent travel agent on the side but I have done no business. We only get commissions for cruises, hotels, and cars. But I don’t know anyone who buys this type of expensive travel. I want to open myself to meeting people who have money and who regularly buy cruises, etc. I’m 61 and will retire in a few years. I’d like to do the travel business full time from home and I’m hoping these tapping sessions will help me get this going! Thank you, Nick and Jessica!

  13. C Flores says:

    Hello Nick, Thank you very much for your article. I liked it very much. Your words touched my heart because I think this is a solution for all my problems.
    I couldn´t finish the presentation “How to Create an Abundant, Stress-Free, Financial Future Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible”. If it is possible, it could be very important if you present it again, to get strong basis in Abundance.
    For me, that my English is not the best, this is a wonderful video to understand the tapping program.
    God bless you for open my eyes with tapping.

  14. Anita says:

    I have just signed up for the 7 week course. I have high hopes for the benefits of tapping for my financial prosperity. I will repost after the 7 weeks with a follow up. Pray for me.

  15. KIMBERLY says:

    I have a hard time finding the words to express how this made me feel. It’s as if you knew me. Quite the inspiration!! I’ve been helping friends and strangers for twenty some odd years through various forms of healing hands and look forward to the next twenty some odd years with the help of people like you to help me grow and expand., Thank you so much. GOD BLESS YOU

  16. Gwendolyn Scott says:

    Many thanks for the reminder that it’s what you do with money that makes you good or evil. Helping people have sustainable landscapes fulfills me, being a Master Gardener equally so, but it’s volunteer, which is safe. Time for me to see this differently. Many thanks for giving me the tools to work on this.

  17. Lil Foreman says:

    Nick, Your money and spirituality article is another shining example of your commitment to empower all whose paths you cross. My husband and I participated in your free
    money and spirituality webinar and were so excited! We kept thinking about how we could manifest the finances to take the 7 week course. Then, as if by magic, you offered the most generous payment plan and we were able to afford the course and signed up immediately! We both looked at each other and our enthusiasm and gratitude soared! The bonus tapping mediation that we received after signing up for the course is life changing! A special thank you to your sister for this amazing tapping meditation. My husband’s job is ending in the next few weeks as the company is closing it’s doors. We have been using this tapping meditation for the last 7 days and 4 of our friends have asked to have my husband send his resume as they want to pass it along to hiring managers they know in my husbands field! And a few days ago, one of these friends called to let us know he already hand delivered the resume for a job my husband had just applied for online! We both have released blocked energy through this tapping (tears poured down may face after the first and 2nd time we did this tapping meditation). My husband & I also have been blessed with a deep sense of peace about our finances. We are amazingly looking forward with excited anticipation about how God/Universe is helping us to manifest our hearts desire to be financially secure & financially abundant to take care of our family and be able to pay it forward to use our abundant finances to help so many others!!! With all our love, deepest gratitude & appreciation to you Nick, Jessica and your family for creating The Tapping Solution and your kind and most generous way of doing business–the most altuistic way of doing business!! Love & light & abundance of joy, Lil & Dan

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks Nick fro your thought provoking article on money and spirituality.
    In general I see money as a physical form of energy exchange. I am a Massage Therapist. My problem is I do not value my energy output as much as I give credit to the energy value of the person I am offering my service to. Consequently, I undercharge and go over time giving more of myself…….it is easier for me to give than to receive…….I need to tap on that!
    I am not very successful at selling either myself or products. I depend on satisfied clients to refer others to me. I have attempted to sell Health products in the past, but met with lots of doubt, resistance and rejection mainly because of the price of the products even if they experienced positive results in a trail period. I began to feel I was imposing on people rather than offering them solutions…….I need to switch my attitude!!
    I am looking forward to tapping my way to a more balanced view of “energy exchange”.

  19. Ward Schofield says:

    Hi Nick,
    I really enjoyed your article, especially the part about sharing your unique gifts with the world, as I believe “thats what its all about!” Have helped some friends and family with Tapping and it has helped them a lot (even though some don’t want to believe it)
    Still learning and loving it ,thanks again and all the best

  20. roger wilfert says:

    Nick , you are so right, there are so many people & causes I would love to help. I have been self employed many years but only just scraped through partly because I didn’t charge enough for my services. Now I’m 64 & living on benefit in England ,my country, with no savings or property. I’ve got excellent health & good friends , but am longing to contribute much more. I’ve tried tapping but not noticed the slightest change. I am not cynical but generally optimistic.

  21. Marvin says:

    Hi Nick. I am your real life Mary, I had tried one fantastic modality after the other, with minimal results, then I met your sister and my whole life started to get better and better so I began to share what I had learned with other sickly, miserable broke people and they had miracle after miracle happen in their lives and each time they tried to pay me, I said NO. I still won’t charge $75 hr. YET, but I won’t reject My blessings anymore, Thank you and please thank Jessica for me, I am beginning to live my dream…

  22. Guillermina Tovar says:

    I think that the world needs many good people. For example, in my country we are living in a bad way. The government is imppossed and it’s terrible to know we can’t do anything. Here, if someone tries to make good things, the rich and corrupted people don’t permit that. I believe it would be important that those people read about tapping and try to tap away with their bad things, but meantime I’ll try to put in practise your advises.
    I wish you the best and I hope to know more about you.

  23. Admilson Vitalino says:

    Hello Nick, I really enjoyed the article and I agree to it. I’m still learning about tapping but I feel it really works and that many people could be helped through it. I’d love to be part of a project for helping paople and also make my living too. Sometimes I don’t know what to do. I guess I must keep on tapping for some more time. Congratulations on your great work. Hugs

  24. Charles says:

    Hey Nick,
    I have many limitation beliefs about money that were programmed into me by people who seemed to need my money more than I did. We do live in a world of limitation, if that were not so it would not exist. However, it is also a world of continual change drawn from the unlimited Source. I see tapping as a way for me to overcome self limiting beliefs and possibly have more pleasure and creativity in this “glorious mystical adventure”.

    Thank-you for your work, Charles

  25. kc says:

    Hey Nick
    Thanks for the wonderful article. This is an issue/question I’ve been tussling with myself for ages. These statements “There are examples of both people doing unethical things to earn money in the world as well as people doing amazing, completely ethical things that are serving the world to earn money. Money itself is not the determining factor in whether a person is good or bad.” really seemed to strike a chord with me and somehow made a deeper connection than “money is simply a tool”. Thank you for writing this article. I desired to take your course, however at the moment, money is an issue (hahaha), I’ve taken too many mary routes.

  26. Ushonah Hutchings says:

    This is just so timely for me. I have just been invited to hang some of my art in a practice space where workshops are held and have had a lot of emotional mud stirred up when the money conversation came up. Tapping is helping unravel the quagmire and release blocked energy so I can allow abundance to flow to me with Grace and ease. Thanks Nick and Jessica x x

  27. Jenny says:

    Thank you Nick – your message is so inspiring. I am in exactly that place that you describe and feel the sense that as of this moment it will all change. Thanks to both you and Jessica for the wonderful Tapping World Summit which is an abundant source of learning and inspiration – and an example of your generosity of spirit and leadership in the world of tapping and energy healing.

  28. A.B.L. GUPTA says:

    I agree hundred %.When “Energy” is converted to money then both together bring name & fame and make the person successful in life. It happens,provided the activity is primarily performed with the motto of well being of the people and earned money is kept on flushing for the service of Humanity.It should not get stored,otherwise,there are chances of one becoming Egoist and here starts the fall of a moneyed man ,as the Scriptures say.Money if earned through wrong means leads the person to commit more & more crimes,but your technique,it appears, keeps the practitioner free from Ego & Greed. If that happens it is excellent.Since I am the beginner,the technique is under study at the moment till amazing results are discovered.According to Vedas,Spirituality has very high concept.It means the Being to get rid of moving in the cycle of Birth & Death once for all.This is extremely difficult.

  29. Sabrina at MyMiBoSo says:

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder Nick that “money is NOT evil”! It’s just a tool – a simple one really – to represent what we value. And if we truly value our own gifts, it’s so lovely to allow others to show their appreciation using this simple tool :).

  30. Trudy says:

    For many people initial knowledge of money comes from the beliefs of the family.These believes are past on to the children. In addition to believe are the early experiences with money that a person remembers.These two things greatly affects in our view of money. We carry these briefs and views for a life time.Many times we have negative beliefs and feelings about our experiences with money.Hopefully, tapping will remove negative beliefs, feelings and blocks that do not allow the flow of money.

  31. Mikki says:

    Hi Nick
    Great article. And, once again, the gut-wrench-reaction was a 10+!!!. The underlying issue is one of a lack of self worth, and that seems to be the case in all blocks and/or self sabotage behavior..Getting to it will be interesting.
    Thank you

  32. Claude says:

    Hello Nick!

    You have expressed exactly what I think and what I have always thought about money. Very early in my life, I have discovered that any worthy solution to a problem should be good for the individual, good for the couple, good for the group and good for mankind. I have been reading your articles, watching your seminars etc…and so far your words and behaviour as well as your sister’s have been highly ethical. I am glad that we are now about to tip over into the new paradigm and you are really helping to reach the “critical mass” that will allow this to happen on a very large scale. It rekindles my optimism.

  33. Lila says:

    Thank you so much for another timely story. Growing up with the false beliefs about money has been detrimental to my finances and kept me small. I am now at a point in my life that I believe I will become a great money manager and am confident that I will always work for a greater good. Tapping has been the best tool and I tell everyone going through hard times about the Ortner’s and Tapping. Although still working on the financial abundance, I am confident that I will find work that is both rewarding and will live a life beyond my wildest dreams. Thanx so much for all your help and for being so generous in sharing your talents with me and the world.

  34. Rita Balaam says:

    Thanks Nick.

    You continue to inspire me. Keep up the good work and I will keep up my tapping.

  35. Eureka Morrison says:

    Dear Nick and Jessie,
    A life long belief that one is not good enough, let alone good enough to charge has killed off many of my ideas. Right now I’m working on something magnificent. On an intellectual level I’ve realised I don’t have to be ‘perfect’ before I’m able to help another human or animal. Your course is going to be my breakthrough on an emotional level. I can’t wait to start. And again, from the depths of my heart, gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. God bless you and your family. Much love and respect. Eureka xxxx

  36. joao says:

    This is just talkingng, I don´t believe if anything works for one must works for others , each story is particular, i need and appreciate help
    , but sincere, I challenge you to prove it really works.

  37. lynn says:

    Hi Nick,
    I am a holistic Massage Therapist for over 20yrs I have many qualifications but have always felt unjustified to charge what I really wished to do. I have trained as an EFT practitioner but due to a house fire and having to move out of the house for 3 years, I haven’t used it. With your seminar’s and summits I am back using it.
    I look forward to charging a healthy price for my Fantastic services ( ha ha) Thank you ever so much. 🙂

  38. Ron Forzani says:

    (Web site in works expect within weeks.) Thanks for this article. If you want more money, then some limiting belief is likely in place. Sometimes it may be very subtle and we may not be fully aware of what it is. Tap it away whatever it may be.

    Ron Forzani – 3 July 2012

  39. Nancy Griffis says:

    Nick –
    Thanks for this blog post and the Tapping Solution 7 week course for all things financial. The post is thought provoking and stimulates all that juicy money-related material that has been silently operating below my radar. This post is also a timely terrific preparation for the 7 week course. I became aware of a bunch of items, issues, emotions and beliefs to start tapping on using the wonderful tool you introduced during the webinar last week – the Tapping Tree. (What a fantastic device to work with! I’ve already shown it to several people.) Thanks to Jessica as well for the recorded tapping protocol.

  40. Stacey Cox says:

    Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for all the wonderful information you provide. I am gearing up to work with PTSD and Trauma survivors. I now work with Women’s abuse issues. This is my passion I am a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Stacey Cox CH and EFT Practitioner

  41. Tim says:

    SOO excited for the 16th to start the financial workshop!!! SO excited at reaching those dreams that reward me and help others!!

  42. Jan says:

    Hi Nick, I’ve been back and forth over the problem of earning and lately, not earning money for a long time now. I’ve had people take advantage of me and I’ve felt stupid about it. I’ve also had people who really needed the work I provide and who have figured out ways to pay me.
    I am sure there is a piece of some old idea in me that is hijacking my ability to earn more and I haven’t managed to uncover it YET. But I trust the tapping and the meditation I do and am also taking other steps to do things that will earn me income. I am so looking forward to tapping with you. One thing I have learned a long time ago and it still seems appropriate to share it: money is neither good nor evil. It is simply what it is used for that can be those things. It is more a measure of a person’s time spent in exchange of their life for it and the quality of that life. I learned a long time ago that money doesn’t stay long where it is not respected.
    Thank you for this great article.

  43. Marg says:

    I am an artist. Actually I like money. I like the way it feels coming into my hands or bank account. But —- I probably have bought into the voices from past that say artists don’t make a lot of money. Do something else with your life, yadda yadda. I obviously have bought into that and bundled it with a lot of other issues. Actually the “starving artist” is a myth because if the artist is wallowing about in survival issues, all those stress hormones are roaring about in his/her system and creativity takes a vacation. I have signed up for the 7-week course and expect to unravel a lot of “stuff” and pursue my passion from a place of plenty. ……………..thanks

  44. Jess says:

    Hello Nick,
    I like how you said, “If you have ideas and a passion for something that helps others and helps yourself, then don’t let anything stop you. Don’t hold back your unique gifts from the world.” We understand that the work we do is a huge benefit for our county, and love our business, regularly blessing our work’s success, all of our clients, and our staff. I feel we do deserve success and financial abudance, but do not always see the income that backs it. However, I have a friend (who thinks tapping is goofy so she refuses to do it) that gets upset when people come to her regarding financial abundance and use the wording “I deserve” – she always snaps back, “So how is that working for you?” Have you heard this before and is “deserving” really that bad of a word?

  45. Yana says:

    Thank you!:)

  46. Emily says:

    Dear Nick,
    Thank you, the art. is very helpful I have to tap deeper as it goes many lifetimes back, not so simple.
    I am very sorry I missed the webinair although the change was given to listen during the week end and again I missed the opportunity. That deep does this blockage goes.
    With kind regards, Emily

  47. Alvida Ahmad says:

    Opra Winfrey said that money make you more of what you are,if you are generous andkind and like to help people it make you do more.
    I want to thank Jessica i am now goin through quite a financial challege and with the tapping
    i do feel a sense of peace.
    I have meditated for 40 years but with the tapping it put me in a deeper place.
    thank you.

  48. Marlyn August says:

    Hi Nick,
    I am in – I’ve signed up and began tapping. Loved the article. Your writing is clear and direct – you tell it like it is. Another illustratin is the story I tell about MotherTheresa taveling the world to raise money to do her “good works.” It’s not the money that is corrupt – it is the people and how they used money.
    More money does more good in the world.

  49. Amrita Tezla says:

    Hi Nick,
    Thank you for the e-mails. I just LOVE tapping! In my opinion it is the single most effective tool for whatever we want to change! It’s incredible! I couldn’t see this webinar on abundance – it would not play. Would have liked to see it as I’m about to ‘unleash my creativity’ on the World!
    🙂 Also just want to say that I love Tapping People! You are all so cheery! Thanks

  50. Shelly says:

    Hey Nick, thanks for this great article and the case studies, they are really helpful. I also attended the webinar and thought it was amazing! I am going to sign up for the 7 week course too as I am getting tired of not being able to have enough money etc because of limiting beliefs put into me by my parents, family and friends. I am definitely ready to tap these away for good as it is now my time to shine! I also have limiting beliefs about spirituality and selling and would definitely love to tap these away too. I do think that it is OK for people to make a lot of money as I now know that the universe is an endlessly abundant place and have been tapping to this everyday for the past month! I am so ready to unplug from what the rest of society tells me and to blaze my own trail, I can’t wait to start working with you and to finally achieve what I was meant to achieve! Thank you so much for everything that you do, you are amazing and seriously I cannot thank you enough. Keep up the good work and spread the love 🙂

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