Louise Hay Talks Tapping

Written by: Nick Ortner

I will always remember my dear friend and mentor, Louise Hay. A few years back, I flew out to sunny San Diego to spend some time with her. Louise used Tapping in her own life and achieved amazing results. I had the opportunity to tap with Louise privately, but in this video, originally filmed for our Tapping World Summit, she was brave enough to tap on camera so that we could share it with you!

I’ve got to tell you… what Louise shares in this video is real, vulnerable, and extremely moving!

You can watch it here:

Louise was an extraordinary woman, for so many reasons. She sold over 50 million copies of her book, “You Can Heal Your Life“, which has been translated into 30 languages.

She was also the founder of “the” publishing house in the self-help world, Hay House Publishing, and produced countless written and audio publications that have enhanced the lives of millions of people around the world. The list goes on and on.

But none of those “achievements” define who she was, because the real magic in Louise was her love for life, her love for the world, her love for YOU (yes, you!) and the joy and beauty she spread. So you can imagine my fond memories of spending time with her in San Diego, especially in front of the camera so that we could share it with you.

Enjoy the video and make sure to leave your comments below.

Until next time…

Keep Tapping!

Nick Ortner

Has Louise touched your life? Please leave your comments below. I’d love to read them!

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  1. Name (required) says:


  2. Maha says:

    Mind-Body connection means that our thoughts, feelings and beliefs can positively or negatively affect our biological functioning. In other words, our minds can affect how healthy our bodies are! Rad this book in Gujarati at iMusti.

  3. Anne Gossett says:

    As a matter of fact it is because of this very video showing up in my email (and me being a huge fan of Louise’s book) that I first was introduced to tapping, and you, Nick, back in March of 2017. I saved the email for a week or two, thinking I would check it out when I had a chance. I must have watched it 10 times after that. I couldn’t believe I had never heard of EFT. This was a priceless life changing email, that I am thankful that I didn’t delete without watching. I didn’t know why I got it, as I wasn’t signed up for anything of the sort. It felt meant-to-be. Yay! Thank you Nick for all you do!

  4. Paul Hilliker says:

    Thank you for that Nick. I was great

  5. Kim forward says:

    Such a wonderful woman, so inspiring

  6. Jeannick says:

    Thank you so much too give the opportunity to listen Louise and share this moment of tapping and feelings.
    I practice tapping for a few months and it helps me in my life to accept and release childhood problems.
    It is amazing

  7. kerry says:

    What a lovely interview. Louis is such an elegant kind woman. Her books have helped me so much, look forward to tapping with affirmations.

  8. says:

    Fantastic video so lovely to see Louise working with you it’s reminded me how important it is to TAP thank you so much . J

  9. Louise Hay Talks Tapping – The Tapping Solution Blog says:

    […] Louise Hay Talks Tapping is courtesy of: […]

  10. merry jane says:

    I love the tapping thank you. I forgot how good I feel.xo

  11. Pat says:

    Finding relief from pain from tapping. Most encouraged to read a comment that said tremors may not be neurological !

  12. Pat says:

    Very Helpful & Informative! Thank You Pat G

  13. Clare says:

    I am in Uganda, Africa. Thanks very much Nick. A good friend of mine, Irene introduced me to tapping one afternoon as we relaxed by the lake side. Later I stumbled upon the tapping solutions website at Facebook. I have been guessing how it is done, now I know. No excuse for not tapping my way to a healthier, happier and successful me.

  14. Holly says:

    Played the video several times, very helpful for me. Thank you Nick and Louise❤️.

  15. Ruth says:

    Thank you. Just thank you.

  16. Geoconda says:

    Louise and Nick what a team. Love you Louise you are an amazing being. Nick I’m also a procrastinator and I will be tapping from now on whenever I feel that I’m procrastinating. Thank you for the gift!

  17. Freya says:

    I love Nicks commitment to tapping, one constructive point, it could be good if when he spoke he said “I” more than “we” do this or that, it is good to own our own behaviour, and some times you say we and it doesn’t belong to who you are talking to, and it can feel off… Just a thought, I love people to assist me on points. And Louise well, she is my hero, I love her she is even more beautiful now than when she first started, her work has been life saving literally for me over the years, I was given her book when it first came out, and always have at least three copies so I can give one away at the right moment…. It was lovely Nick asked her to lead the way with the positive, and as I was joining in the tapping having had childhood abandonment issues, it was a beautiful shock with her words as she said about our Angel…. Tears flowed right away, and my heart was pounding, a sign of the truth in my body feed back… Years later when I met my natural mother who was distraught about giving me a way,, I told her because of her action I had met God and the Angels, I have been so blessed with Angel connections and assistance…. Thank you Nick and Louise… Much love to you both. Freya xxxxxx

  18. Mary Susan Praitano says:

    Thank you very much Nick. You are so calming. I love Louise as well. I have several of her books and angel cards. I absolutely love this. I remember in my late 20s after my parents passed I was in invited to AZ from ppl who also moved here from NJ. Well the relationship didn’t work out , although I am still in AZ trying to work on myself. Louise your story was the beginning of that process. I was introduced to tapping by an friend who lives in Tucson who went to naturopathic medical school. I absolutely love it, however I cld not take direction from her because, well I guess like lots of city folk from Jersey say the F word an awful lot. I also did not like her trying to convince me of Buddha or other philosophies that were not in harmony with mine. So I was all tapped out from that friendship, and of course through out the baby with the bath water. The bottom line is that I absolutely love and welcome this technique and love the way it works.
    Mary Susan Praitano

  19. G.G. says:

    Thank you so so much! I received several emails from The Tapping Solution and I was busy arranging some writing on Windows Word Pads that I wrote for a book that took me 21/2 years and some months longer to write. I worked hard on it. Thought it would never come to an end soon but now it finally has and I am uploading it on some flash drives to mail to people that want to read it and I want to prove to them that I finally wrote it, 🙂 and share it with them that way so they can read it on their computer or lap top screens since printing it on my HP printer was a disaster and the format of the word pads did not come out very well on many of the pages and then the printer smeared ink and kept printing the same pages over and over and I had no idea how to correct that. So I stopped the printing idea and finally thought of the flash drives idea. I am not well educated about all the printer and computer stuff nowadays. Oh well! I like Louise Hay’s books very much so I was happy to see her name on one of your Tapping emails that I received this week. I even thought to myself that I wish I could see her somehow and hear her talking and etc. I finally laid my book work aside and made myself open up The Tapping emails and I was very happy that one of them actually had a video of her talking to the young man who is telling us about Tapping. I just watched it and I am so thankful that my wish to see her was answered tonight! I enjoyed the video very much. Thank you both for helping me in my life nowadays. I appreciate this video very much and all of the ones about Tapping that I have received ever since they first started arriving the days or weeks before this bunch arrived this week. I look forward to watching them all….. over and over as long as they last in my email box.

  20. Marg says:

    I enjoyed this video with Louise Hay immensely and the tapping technique as well. I have followed Louise for sometime now and think she is mazing.

  21. Meenal says:

    Loved the combo?

  22. Susan says:

    Thank you for this generous gift.

  23. hildegunn says:

    Very enlightening!

  24. Anne Culkin says:

    Your words came at just the right time.

  25. Ruth Cerrato says:

    Nick, Thank you

  26. Lorraine says:

    Even though I’m agoraphobic I’ve worked all my life and carried Louise’s book with me, whenever everything hurt so much…she has helped me so much, and to know she suffered as she did, while I love her even more…and I am so very sorry. So I’ll also tap it away and tap away that very pain

  27. Rebecca says:

    So amazing, having been abused as a child myself, this aloud me to address my specific pain. I have been aware of my angle since childhood so this Truth spoke to me. Tears flow freeiy and I am more free.

  28. Maria-Guadalupe says:

    I have seen it twice and I will see and listen to it many other times.

    Listen to you Nick is just wonderful: the way you explain and express your ideas is fantastic I can feel until here, at my place in Berlin, Germany your energy…

    And then listen to Louise, is also a beautiful experience.

    I am practicing tapping everyday and I have very good results!!!

    God bless you both!!!.

  29. Sage Ouchark says:

    She was great and I loved the pulling out the toxins and the affirmations all in one!!!!

  30. Nancy Georgieva says:

    Thank you for this inspiring video! Louise is amazing woman! 🙂

  31. Rebecca says:

    This is so beautiful! Louise is has such an amazing spirit, she makes me look forward to being 86 🙂 and thank you to Nick for all hour work 🙂 I’m so so thankful to you both.

  32. Esther says:

    Thank you both for tapping on a pain that is so strong on my neck and shoulder. I will use your words plus adjustment as I am causing this pain myself. I have a very debilitating tick of flexing my neck and hope to cause it to GO. Thank you .. Thank you! I am very grateful to you and my Angel. Esther

  33. hanlon says:

    Hi Nick, Thanks for this video.
    I also would like to read the interview. Do You have a transcript of it?
    I would very much appreciate that. Greetings, Hanlon

  34. Drpvprabhakar rao says:

    It is scientific

  35. robert m. says:

    wonderful stuff! got in touch with that all we really want is love, we loved others and wanted it back and unfortunately didn’t get it because they were unable to do so at the time… victims of abuse themselves i imagine! Then, sadly, we learned not to love so much and so completely. yo protect ourselves and stay away from people or use them without really loving them back, so sad!! but now we have a way to reverse this process and become loving people again and to help others become loving also, how wonderful!!! love to you guys, thanks for putting yourselves out there to help others and help yourselves. much gratitude! peace…

  36. Harry Fernandez says:

    It was wonderful Tapping with both of you. felt great. Thank you again

  37. Chance says:

    Refreshing reminder, all is! And, is well..::)
    Thank you both for your honest, spirit affirming journey shared..!!

  38. Lorraine says:

    Very powerful.

  39. Shamim says:

    Thank you and thank you again. My angels brought me to your presentation today.
    I tapped with you Nick and Louise. May you both be blessed.

  40. Soder says:

    It’s really wonderful and inspiring. Tapping is simple but yet so effective in healing process be it emotional or physiological. I love the script that Louise recited. Thank you for sharing.

  41. Loma Davidson says:

    Thank you so much Louise Hay and Nick Ortner. This is such a heartfelt interview on a subjects I truly believe in – tapping and affirmations.

  42. Debbie says:

    Just received your link to this video this morning. I am just getting introduced to tapping but I did tap along with the first half of this tapping session and the feeling of release I experienced was very noticeable. I look forward to looking at both books, You can Heal Your Life and The Tapping Solution. I hope this will help me not only with my most recent trauma, but with things I have been carrying throughout my life. Thank you!

  43. Carina says:

    Love this. Am such a fan of Louise Hay and also enjoyed the film “The Tapping Solution”. As Louise mentioned, I too had a lot of resistance on tapping at my first meeting with it, as well as extreme amounts of resistance to doing mirror work, but hey as everyone else experiences, who actually practise both mirror work, affirmations as well as tapping, it’s worked miracles for me and my self esteem. My sincerest recommendations to everyone! Just do it and watch the progress unfold…..

  44. Anita says:

    Always enjoy the tapping segments.

  45. Marie Julian says:

    I’ve been using tapping to help me deal with my grief over my husbands sudden death and everything connected with the unresolved issues in our relationship . I have been much better able to handle the day to day challenges of learning to live life in an alltogather new way with out my partner of 35 yrs and find that on those many occasions when I’m suddenly on the verge of tears in a public place, I can very simply take a few deep breaths,begin gently tapping,( I’ve never once had anyone address or question what I was doing) and talk myself into a more calm and collected state.
    Thank you so much for giving me this safety line.
    I read about this in an article written by your sister and purchased the book the same’s been a blessing to me and to several friends whom I’ve shared it with. I want to be trained to help other people to use these techniques to better their lives and surcumstances.

  46. Victoria says:

    Wow Thank you so much Nick & Louise….for some reason when Louise did the tapping with the angel affirmation tears and emotion just welled up from”somewhere” will be doing this affirmation with tapping a few more times to try and figure out whats going on. Thank you 🙂

  47. soren says:

    WOW, Simply wow Thank You Nick Thank You Louise 🙂

  48. Jenny says:

    So lovely to hear and see you Louise again I feel overwhelmed. Than you nick for both your input and th tapping

  49. TRAUTE says:


  50. Jeannie says:

    I love Louise Hay’s messages and loved seeing her tap with you. Personally I am looking to tapping as a help for me to get out of a slump of depression and unemployment. TO move on to my next phase whatever that may be, without fear. I just purchased The Tapping Solution Book and look forward to feeling better. I practice positive affirmations and tapping with it just makes it stronger. Thanks!

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